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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 January, 1905

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Friday, January 6, 1905


E.L. Nance made a trip to Sioux Falls Monday.

Ed. Johnson of Wilmont was in town Saturday.

Miss Della Swift arrived Saturday from Luverne.

Miss Julia DeVaney arrived from Esterville Friday for a visit.

Dr. Dieckhoff left Saturday for a visit at Waseca and New Richland.

Miss Albert of Mankato, spent New Years Day with Mrs. Rockwell.

Mr. Sanford of Cherokee, Iowa, visited with C.T. Tupper Friday.

Miss Maud Ager left Monday for a visit with her brother at Storden.

M. Mullen left Monday for a few weeks visit at Chicago and vicinity.

Miss Goldie Crever returned to the University after spending Xmas here.

Mrs. Sahlstrom of Bigelow spent New Years with her mother, Mrs. Beltgen.

Miss Nellie DeVaney left Friday for Del Rapids, S.D., after visiting here Xmas.

Charley Johnson returned last week from a successful deer hunt at Pine River, Minn.

Mrs. Frank Pepple and children and Miss Laura Pepple left last week for a visit to Duluth.

Alex Erickson came home from Alberta Saturday night. He has been engaged in missionary work there.

Ole Landberg returned Saturday night from Alberta where he went to attend the funeral of his brother.

Miss Austrom returned to her home in St. Paul Monday after a visit with her mother in Indian Lake.

Mrs. W.L. Clement and son left Friday afternoon for their home in Minneapolis after having a pleasant visit with her mother, Mrs. Dan Shell.

The station agent at Beaver Creek was robbed of all of the company's money Monday night and Tuesday morning baggageman, McCartney was kept busy sending guns to him for protection.

B.R. Crabtee, cashier for the First National Bank of Ellendale, N.D., arrived in this city Monday for a visit with his brother and family, returning to his home Tuesday morning.

The Sunshine Club would like to have any one who has warm bedding and clothing to give away to leave the same at the residence of Mrs. F.R. Coughran so that it can be distributed among the poor and needy.

R.W. Pritchard, the bridge foreman for the Omaha railroad company at this place, went to Alton, Iowa, Monday to superintend the building of a water tank for the company.

Chas. Linen who recently went to Kansas for his health is now in Texas.

Dr. Walker made professional visit on the Mitchill branch Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Virginia Matteson left Friday for a few days visit with friends at St. James.

Miss Dot Mott left Thursday for a short visit with Miss Lillian Morton of Rushmore.

Miss Anna Linen who went to Kansas for her health is not improving as is hoped she would.

A.G. Moritz, an expert stenographer, has been given a position in County Attorney Crandall's office.

T.J. McCall, wife, mother and brother were in the city Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. Bate returned to her home in Sioux Falls Thursday after spending Xmas here with Mrs. G.W. Lear.

August Gens, of Madelia, is in the city for a visit with his brother-in-law, E.L. Schwartz, and family.

Mrs. Forbes and daughter Bessie, who have been visiting relatives at Blue Earth, for some time past, returned home Tuesday morning.

Louis Lidberg has severed his connection with Swanson & Anderson. He will visit in the eastern part of the state a few weeks before resuming work anywhere.

George Tryan left Monday for Norcross, this state, where he will work as a farm hand the coming season for Jas. Bean, a former resident of this vicinity. George has many friends here who will be pleased to see him prosper.

Probate Judge Cory, united in marriage, Sunday, Dec. 25th, Clyde A. Seegmiller and Clara K. Free; Thursday, Dec. 29th, Walter L. Pigman and Martha M. Hoffmenter; Sunday, Jan. 1st, Harry Hart and Edith Richards.

Miss Maud Ferris, a niece of L.L. McCartney, was in the city a few hours Monday enroute to an Ohio college. After leaving Worthington the young lady was taken sick and was compelled to return to her home in Mitchill.

Clyde Seegmiller and wife, nee Clara Free, who were married Dec. 25th and have been spending their honeymoon at Sioux City, Iowa, returned to Worthington Monday morning. Mr. Seegmiller is a young man with a clean record and his many friends wish himself and happy bride, happiness with just enough darkness that they may appreciate the sunshine of each others life. About March first they will locate on a farm near Sanborn, Io., and the Advance will follow them to keep them posted on Worthington doings.

Dr. Rowland is numbered with the sick this week.

Miss Carter was a passenger on the westbound Omaha train Wednesday.

Lou Holbrook, of Wilmont, was visiting with relatives in the city Wednesday.

Miss Katie Morley, of North Dakota, is in the city visiting friends and relatives.

J.N. Holbrook, the auctioneer, went to Wilmont Tuesday to assist in a large public sale.

Wm. Beaton and wife and Mr. and Mrs. McCarvall, of Brewster, were in the city Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Martin.

Miss Jessie Cox, of Austin, is a guest at the home of F.M. Manson, this week.

Frank Gaiser left Monday with a car of his personal effects for Carleville, Iowa, where he will make his future home.

Mrs. H.F. Rockwell is still on the sick list, but we are pleased to report that she is rapidly regaining her former good health.

Mrs. B.F. Congdon was taken seriously ill Wednesday night and the last report we received the physicians have been unable to diagnose her case.

Henry Peters and wife, who have been spending the holidays with friends and relatives in this city and vicinity, returned to their home in Canada Monday night.

Albert & Rockwell report that they have disposed of their business interests in St. James and in the future will devote all of their time to their saloon business in this city.

When Miss Marie Steffins, who has been here from St. Paul on a visit, boarded the Omaha train Tuesday with a gentleman friend, they were given a shower of rice, their many friends presuming they were married, but relatives of Miss Steffins say the report is a canard.

Fred Goff's little girl is suffering with the measels.

Frank Day, formerly a Worthington jeweler, was a business visitor in the city yesterday.

Miss Clara Seeley, of Brewster, was visiting friends and relatives in the city Wednesday.

A.T. Latta exhibited Barred Plymouth Rock and Golden Seabright Bantams at the Luverne chicken show, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaton and Miss Alice, of Heron Lake, were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Martin Wednesday.

John and Joseph Hopkins and Mrs. James Martin, of Storm Lake, Io., were in the city Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Martin.

Miss Ethel Olson, of Brewster, was in the city over Sunday for a visit with her sister, Miss Coila, who is employed in Hart's Cash Store.

Probate Judge Cory gives us the following report of the record in his office. 52 cases filed, 33 administration, 11 appointment guardian, 8 insanity cases examined, 5 committed and three discharged.

The Misses Schuck, living three miles south of town, were very agreeable surprised by a party of friends from the city and surrounding country Tuesday night. All enjoyed themselves hugely and the affair was a complete surprise to the young ladies.

The two months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Potter was found dead in its bed Wednesday morning. The parents are heart broken as the child had not been sick previous to the night of its death. Funeral services were held at the Christian church yesterday.



Miss Mary Clarke, of Sioux City, arrived Monday for an extended visit with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. A. Hale.

Miss Robertson, of Little Rock, came up with her friend Mable James Sunday and is visiting at the Reese home.

The last leap year party of this year was given at the home of S.B. Bedford, Saturday night. A large number of young people were present and the enjoyable time each one had cannot be praised too much. Refreshments were served at a late hour and before going to their homes "A Happy New Year" was exchanged by everyone.

Mrs. Joseph Cowin, of Adrian, visited from Saturday until Monday with Mrs. C.N. Peterson.

The annual revival meetings of the combining churches, Methodist and Presbyterian, began last Sunday night. The meetings will be held at the Methodist church until Wednesday after which they will be in the Presbyterian church the remaining evenings of this week. The meeting are conducted by the Rev. Gillis and Rev. Thomas.

The Rushmore High School room opened Tuesday morning after a vacation of one week. This room began one week before the others on account of the time lost in September. The three new pupils that were enrolled are Jesse Ashbaugh, Katie Leazer and Addeline Rowe.

Rolan McDuggle, of Morningside college, spent the latter part of his vacation with his friend Anthony Malmquist.

Miss Grace Mitchell is visiting at the Schroedor home this week.

The Madrigal Ladies Quartette was listened to January 3, by a large and appreciative audience. The personnel consisted as follows: Bertha Pearson, 1st Soprano; Dorothy Nehbras [Nenbras?], Violin and 2nd soprano; Theckla Lealbourg, Reader and 1st alto; Christine Levin, Pianist and 2nd alto.

C.N. Peterson drove to Worthington Tuesday on business.


Mrs. Will Knuth is very sick. Her many friends hope for a speedy recovery.

Mr. Christopher slipped in some way while coming from Brewster, Friday. The wagon wheel ran over his leg; although no bones were broken it is in a bad condition.

Married -- On Thursday Dec. 29th, Miss Martha Hoffmeister, of Brewster and Walter Pigman, of Ewington. The young couple are well known in this vicinity and many good wishes will go with them. Mr. Pigman has rented the A.F. Lough farm.

Rev. W. Striepe who has lately arrived from Hermansburg, Germany, has accepted the call as Pastor of the German Lutheran church in Ewington.

Rev. Muelhauen, of Worthington, is holding revival meetings in Bethel Church this week. Presiding Elder Staple is expected the middle of the week to assist in the meetings.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Vandam, of Okabena were in town Thursday to attend the Spofford Gehrke wedding.

A large number of the people of Ewington and some from a distance gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Spofford to witness the marriage of their daughter Emma to Chas. Gehrke, which took place Thursday Dec. 29th, Rev. Muelhausen performing the ceremony. The young people have both grown up in this vicinity. Many congratulations and good wishes go with them as they start on life's journey together. Mr. and Mrs. Gehrke left Thursday evening on a short wedding trip to Montevideo, Minn. On their return they will __t housekeeping on the J.A. Mace farm in Ewington.

Indian Lake

Miss Tillie Larson left last Monday to resume her studies at Austin.

Mr. Moller left last Tuesday for Duluth, where he will be treated for cancer which has formed on his lower lip.

Miss Mary Anstrom left last Monday for St. Paul.

Messers John A. Saxon and A.J. Anderson were at Ocheyedan, Io., on business last Monday.

Miss Betty Edin returned to Worthington last Sunday after spending the holidays with friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. Guernsey was a resident of this town during the grasshopper visitation. He was also among the very earliest settlers of the place where he now lives. At the time he went there, there was no railroad near him, and for many years the settlers had to haul their grain about fifty miles to the nearest shipping point. Now things are greatly changed. They have railroads, good schools, good markets, and all the conveniences of found in [the rest of this article appears to not have been printed]


Geo. Britol is selling off his stock etc. as he see opportunity preparatory to moving to Pine county in the spring. Mr. Britol has been a resident of this town for a good many years, and his neighbors hope that good fortune may attend him wherever he may choose to pitch his tent.

James Guernsey, brother of Cole Guernsey, has been visiting here for about a week. His home is in Turner county, S.D., where he has lived for about 27 years. He was accompanied by his wife, and they seemed to have a real good time among their relatives and old friends
the older communities. Land with in a few miles of town in that neighborhood is held at about sixty five dollars an acre. [Don't know where this sentence is supposed to go; it was printed this way in the newspaper.]


Died at her home in Worthington on Jan. 2, Mrs. John Martin.

Deceased was born in Anabog Minaghan Co., Ireland, in November 1828 being 76 years and 2 months at the time of her death; her maiden name was Rose McCarville. She was married in 1857 to John Martin; eight children were born to them four boys and four girls of which four had died in their infancy. Mrs. Martin with her family emigrated to America hence to Brewster, Nobles County, Minn., in 1889 and for twelve years lived on a farm near Brewster and later on a farm three miles north of Worthington. During the last year of her illness she has lived in Worthington where it was more convenient to obtain medical aid and the rights of the Catholic Church, of which she has always been a church member. She was a kind and loving wife and mother ever administering to the wants of her loved ones. She was loved and esteemed by all who knew her. Her husband and four children survive her. The children are Katie Ma___ of this city, Mrs. J.D. McNab, of Brewster, Mike and Pat Martin, of Worthington, also five grandchildren besides a large number of relatives and immediate friends.

Card of Thanks

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the many friends and relatives who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of our wife and mother. -John Martin and family.

Card of Thanks

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the people who so kindly assisted me in winning the watch given away by I.T. Branigan. All who assisted me have my sincere thanks. -Miss Mae Holland.

Friday, January 13, 1905


A dancing school will be started this evening by Miss Plotts.

J.J. Kies made a business trip to Heron Lake last Tuesday afternoon.

John Darby and Mike Shanahan made a trip to Prairie Junction the first of the week.

Mrs. W.H. Blair, of Minneapolis, returned home Monday after visiting her parents of this place.

Miss Spjut [Spjot?], of Comfrey, Minn. was visiting at the home of Rev. Moberg between the holidays.

Jim Kane, a nephew of E.S. Smith, reached Worthington last Friday and enrolled in the city schools of this place.

The Manska Bros. have just recently opened a dray line and have their headquarters at the Tuthill Lumber Co.

John Albert, of St. James, is in the city filling the vacancy caused by Mr. Rockwell while at Rochester with his wife.

Joe Andry and won, who have been visiting in Iowa, spent last Tuesday in town. Mr. Andry is the station agent at Hartford, S.D.

C.S. Twining and wife, former residents of Worthington, and who now live in North Dakota, are making a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lawson.

Miss Clark, of Brookings, S.D., has been visiting friends in this city for the past few days. She reports having a very pleasant time while here.

Earl McBride, of Worthington, was a visitor from Friday until Sunday evening with Delbert and Wayne Garberson, east of town. --Sibley Gazette.

J.H. Bryon, supervising agent of the Singer Sewing Machine Co., made a short visit to their local manager here, Carolus O. Peterson, one day last week.

Seymour Norland, from near Worthington, was operated on for appendicitis by Dr. Moe at the hospital this week. He is making a rapid recovery. --Times, Heron Lake.

Mrs. Goff and Teddy returned Friday from their Worthington visit. Miss Maple Clark, who has been attending business college at Mankato, returned with them. --Slayton Gazette.

Knute Frauzen and Carl Nyberg made a trip to Round Lake Tuesday to look up the advantages of opening up a blacksmith shop there, but are yet hesitating as to the advisability.

Newton Fauskee, sheriff of this county has just appointed David Anderson jailor; Ira Mishler, of Worthington, deputy sheriff, and Geo. Slade, of Adrian, as deputy sheriff.

We acknowledge two copies of the Clarkston (Washington) Republic, edited and published by C. Murdock, Worthington's former merchant. Mr. Murdock's paper claims a circulation of 6000.

Mr. Frank Weller, of Mitchell, S.D., who has been east on business matters, passed through here last Wednesday on his way home. He says there is considerable snow all along the line east of here.

John Shanahan, the well known machine man of Worthington, and his wife, were guests at the City Hotel over night. They have been out to Madison Lake visiting Mr. Shanahan's mother through the holidays. --Mankato Review.

Wm. Hastings has been appointed janitor of the library.

Miss Geyerman, of Brewster, was a guest of Miss Damon last week.

Geo. Damon returned to the University last week. He is taking a course in dentistry.

M.S. Crandall and wife, of Sioux Falls, are guests of Mr. Crandall's uncle, C.M. Crandall this week.

A.T. Latta captured three first and one second prize with his high grade poultry at the Luverne show last week.

Mrs. Stanley Moore and sister, Miss Carrie Allen, entertained a few lady friends last week Tuesday. Whist was enjoyed, lunch served and a delightful afternoon spent.

A small purse was made up by the friends of Rev. Moberg and family and presented with New Year's wishes at the midnight prayer and watch meeting at the Swedish tabernacle.

Rev. Olof K. Moberg was unanimously requested by the congregation of the Swedish Tabernacle at their annual meeting to remain their pastor for the ensuing year, and the call was accepted, providing prompt and sufficient financial support is rendered.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rockwell went to Rochester, Minn., the first part of the week. Mrs. Rockwell was taken there and placed in the hospital for treatment. Her many friends here wish her a speedy recovery while there and her early return to this city. They were also accompanied by Dr. Dolan of this city.

In order to remove a decayed tooth from the jaw of a horse belonging to I.H. Thomas, Dr. J.N. Gould drilled a hole through the jaw and knocked the tooth out with a punch. The method may seem like cruelty to animals but it was the only way it could be done and Mr. Gould fortunately was qualified to do the work.

On February 14, 15 and 16, the Minnesota Retail Grocers' Association will hold its annual convention in Minneapolis, where it was organized nine years ago. About fifteen hundred members are expected to be present, and the opening evening they will be entertained by the wholesale salesmen at a smoker and vaudeville performance at the Hotel Nicollet.

On Monday evening a surprise party was tendered Miss Ellen Olson at her home by the Sunday School teachers and the members of the choir of the Swedish Lutheran church. They presented her with a book and also a neat sum of money as a small token of remembrance. She left Tuesday morning for St. Peter where she will study music in the Gustavus Adolphus college.

The daily papers of the twin cities question whether Senator Shell will hold up the appointment of J.E. King to a position in the Capitol. While Mr. King vilified Mr. Shell unmercifully when he was located at Adrian, yet we do not believe Mr. Shell would treat any one discourteously. He had an opportunity to hold up Mr. King's appointment once before but did not do it.

Annual meeting of the Swedish Lutheran Church held Jan. 3rd, 1905, for election of officers and the following officers were elected. Peter Thompson and E. Mahlberg reelected Deacons and P.C. Anderson elected Deacon for one year to fill vacancy caused by the death of Chas. A. Tellander. S. Kindlund and Nils Anderson elected trustees. Peter Thompson reelected secretary; Miss Hilma Olson elected organist and S. Kindlund, chorister.

County Attorney Crandall is now located in the court house.

Mr. C.H. CcClellan [McClellan?] returned home to Sheldon last Saturday.

Lee M. Shell has been appointed enrolling clerk in the senate.

B.I. Tripp left Monday for a visit with his daughters at Sutherland, Iowa.

T.P. Baker, of Leota, passed thru here Tuesday enroute for a visit in Iowa.

Mrs. B. Silveron has returned home, having been away on a short visit.

Will Kennedy, a prominent banker of Magnolia, was in the city on business last Tuesday.

Albert Damon, after a couple of weeks holiday vacation, resumed his school work at Dundee last week.

Miss Sara Hosmer, of Edgerton, who has been visiting here the past few days returned home last Saturday.

G.W. Patterson has been appointed one of the Vice Presidents of the Emmigration Association which met in St. Paul Thursday.

Mrs. Hart, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kendlen, returned to her home at Mankato, this state, last Saturday.

Will Nelson, of this city, made a short visit in Iowa the first of the week, making it very short by returning on the Tuesday afternoon train.

L.P. Stearns, of Anoka, has been a guest of J.D. Matteson during the past week on his way east for a visit. Mr. Stearns was a Captain in J.J. Bingham's company.

Reports from A.N. Cheney, states that he laid his beloved wife at rest beside their daughter in California. He will seek a location in Arizona and expects to visit here in the spring.

The Adrian Guardian says Attorney E.J. Jones will continue to practice law here. This is an illustration of how the county seat comes to be composed of the best people of the county. The people elect their best men to office, the officer moves to the county seat and is so well pleased with the surroundings that he concludes to remain in the county seat town.

The Advance neglected for two weeks to mention the accident that befell John Ireland. As Mr. Ireland was leaving home one morning about two weeks ago, the horse he was about to ride to the post office, fell on his leg breaking it in three places below the knee. One of the neighbors was called and assisted him into the house. Mr. Ireland had taken out an accident insurance policy the Saturday before. He is getting along nicely now.

At the annual meeting of the congregation of the Swedish tabernacle held Dec. 29, ultimately the following officers were elected for the ensuing year. Trustees Rudolf Roos and G.E. Holmstine; Deacon L. Hayberg; Deaconess, Miss Anna Johnson; Elder or Moderator, N.G. Bylander; Secretary, Nels Sandstrom;  Supt. of Sabbath School, Carolus O. Peterson; Treasurer G.E. Holmstine; Pres. of the Sewing Society, Mrs. N.G. Bylander; Revising committee, Carolus Peterson and Nels Sandstrom.

Proff Ott will be the next number on the lecture course, the date being Feb. 17.


Luverne Road.

John Finch and wife, who live on the Ed Wolven farm in Section 18, have decided to move to Montana in February. Many of their friends will regret to see them go. It will knock a big hole in social circles for these popular young people to leave.

Miss Blanche Clark, the distinguished daughter of Hon. Elba Clark, of Brookings, South Dakota, came in on the Rock Island Thursday evening and visited over Sunday at the H.S. Jones home.

Miss Sarah Hosmer, a teacher in the Edgerton schools, visited with Miss May Jones Wednesday and Thursday, and returned to Edgerton Saturday.


William Rowe and Mr. Barnard came up from Little Rock Saturday to attend the Fire Insurance meeting at this place. New officers were elected and it was decided that Rushmore should be the place of business for the Little Rock township Fire Insurance Company hereafter instead of Little Rock.

The Misses Margarete and Dorothy Booth, of Sioux Falls, are visiting this week at the E.L. Wemple home.

Mrs. A.H. Eisele and little son, Freddie, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, visited a couple of days this week with J.L. Dickerson and family.

C.N. Peterson and Burr Ludlow drove to Reading Monday to attend the Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co. meeting at that place.

Dick James is visiting this week with his sister, Mabel.

A baby girl arrived at the Leazer home last Monday, January 9th.

Chris Peterson came down from Sioux Falls, Monday, and is visiting with his sister Mrs. Hans Nelson.


Mrs. Joy returned last Saturday from Minneapolis, where she has been spending the holidays with her parents.

Dell Peterson is home for a short visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson.

Henry Cordes has gone to Bloomington, Illinois, to attend school at that place. He will stay with his grandparents.

Mr. Hendricks and son, of Nebraska, are visiting with his sister, Mrs. Henry Uden, of Ewington.

Andrew Katus returned last Saturday from Streator, Illinois, where he has been visiting his grandparents and other relatives.

About twenty of the neighbors and friends of John Bowman gathered at his home last Monday to surprise him, it being his birthday.

Henry Uden is in Illinois visiting relatives in Minonk, Flanagan and other places.

Mrs. Mackay, a Former Resident of This City Passed Away at Hinkley, Minnesota

Last Sunday afternoon James Mackay of this city received the sad news that his mother had passed away at noon that day at her home in Minnesota.

She leaves to mourn her death eight children. Her husband died some years ago, and also during her life has mourned the loss of five children.

She was sent here last Monday and the funeral was held at the Presbyterian church and was conducted by Rev. E.W. Lanham, pastor of that church. Most of the relatives reached here in time for the funeral but some of them living so far away making it impossible for them to be present.

Mrs. Margaret Mackay was 66 years, 5 months and 14 days old. Was born in Scotland where she lived the early part of her life, then coming to this country located in New York state where she lived for three years and then deciding to come still further west she, together with her family located at Worthington, Minnesota where she lived until a few months ago when she removed to Hinkley, Minn., and lived until the time of her death.

The many friends of her relatives join with them in their hour of bereavement.


Whereas it has pleased the Lord of life and death, according to his infinite wisdom, to take away from our midst, Mr. Charles August Tellander, a member of the Church Council of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Worthington. We the surviving members of said council have unanimously passed the following resolutions:

A. That the Church in Mr. Tellander, has lost one of its most devout and active members, especially when there has bee need of pecuniary aid to support the work.

B. That we express our sincere hope, that Mr. Tellander for the sake of the atonement of our Saviour Jesus Christ, has entered into the rest that remaineth to the people of God. Heb. 4:9.

C. That we express our heartfelt sympathy with Mrs. Tellander and her son, Hjalmar, in their deep affliction.

May the Lord, the great Comforter console them.

Worthington, Minn., Dec. 30th, 1904.
E.M. Erickson, Chairman
Peter Thompson, Secretary.

Prominent Worthington Young Lady Weds a Highly Esteemed Gentleman of Chicago

On January 4th, Miss Murriel Addington, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Addington, of this city was united in marriage to Mr. J.A. Schutte, of Chicago, at the Episcopal Rectory of that place.

Miss Addington has lived in this city for the past two or three years and has, during that time been organist at the Methodist Episcopal Church and was also very prominent in the society circles of this place.

Mr. Schutte is at the head of the shoe department of one of the largest department stores of Chicago. Mr. Schutte has lived in Chicago for a number of years and is one that is well liked by all of his associates. Mr. and Mrs. Schutte's many friends in this city wish them a happy and successful journey through life, although Mrs. Schutte will be greatly missed by her many friends of this city.

The A.O.U.W.

The A.O.U.W. Lodge held their annual installation of officers at their hall last Monday night. After all business of the evening had been performed the members of the lodge adjourned to the dining room where a very tasty lunch was served to all present.

The following is a list of the new officers for the ensuing year:
Past M.W. -- James Mackay.
M.W. -- George B. Leonard.
Foreman -- G.V. Weidman.
Overseer -- G.V. Pettit.
Recorder -- F.. Stitser.
Financier -- H. Hawley.
I. Watchman -- J.J. Bingham.
O. Watchman - R.P. Free.
Medical Examiner, Dr. A.H. Clark, Dr. Ray Humiston.

The Yeomen

On last Tuesday evening the Yeomen lodge held their installation of officers and transacted all other business of any importance. The following is a list of the new officers for the new year: Foreman, W.D. Boddy; Master of Ceremonies, A.J. Collins; Correspondent, Mattie M. Hastings; Master of Accounts, E.C. Pannell; Physician, Mrs. Etta Stanton; Overseer, Mrs. M.J. Collins; Watchman, David Bergstresser; Sentinel, Clinton Mann; Guard, Arthur Borst; Lady Rowena, Mrs. E.C. Pannell; Lady Rebecca, Mrs. Alma Peterson; Courier, Miss Sophia Sterling; Black Knight, A.M. Gregerson.

The new officers were installed by the District Manager, C.W. Elliott, of Rock Rapids.

After the installation was over the rest of the evening was passed by serving refreshments, and at a late hour the members adjourned and all reported having spent a very enjoyable evening.

The K.P. Lodge

Last Wednesday evening occurred the annual installation of officers. The forepart of the evening was spent in the initiation of the new officers. The following is the list of the new officers:

Loren Clark, C.C.; E.J. Helmick, V.C.; J.M. Plotts, K.R.S.; W.J. Dodge, M.A.; W.I. Carpenter, P.; T.A. Palmer, M.E.; H.B. Lewis, M.F.; A.T. Latta M.W.; C.M. Harding, I.G.; A.H. Steinhaus, O.G.

After they had taken their seats for the ensuing year a lunch was served to all member present and all report having spent a very enjoyable evening.

The Union Meetings

The union meetings held last week were very successful and the plan is to take them up again in a few weeks. A union prayer meeting service is to be held in the Congregational Church next Thursday evening, Jan. 19, which will be led by Rev. C.H. McIntosh. On the evening of Jan. 29 a union Sunday evening service is to be held. Rev. E.W. Lanham will preach. A union prayer meeting is to be held at the Baptist church Tuesday evening, Feb. 2, which will be led by Rev. C.F. Bronson and a union Sunday evening service in the Presbyterian church Feb. 12, at which the Rev. C.H. McIntosh will preach.

Friday, January 20, 1905

Almost A Serious Accident

Last Thursday afternoon, January 12, George Sowles came very near having a bad accident while working at the ice pond. He was working the jag while helping put up the summer ice and in some way about six hundred pounds of ice fell, striking one of his arms, bruising the muscles considerable. He was immediately taken to the doctor's office and the wounds dressed.

It was quite fortunate for Mr. Sowles that the large amount of ice did not fall directly upon him, causing him to have to remain in a bed for some time.

R.W. Prichard Dead

Just before going to press the sad news reached us that R.W. Prichard, who is employed by the C. St. P. M. & O. R. R., fell from the top of a water tank at Alton, Minn., injuring him so that it was impossible by the aid of the doctor for him to live but about two hours after the accident and he passed away at 1 o'clock.

His many friends in this city regret to lose him from their midst.


Sheriff Fauskee made a business trip to Leota during the first of the week.

J.D. Mattison has rented the house formerly used by Dr. Walter as a hospital and will occupy it soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyers, of Pontiac, Ill., arrived Thursday evening to visit the former's sister, Mrs. G.F. Hastings.

G.W. Patterson was elected an officer of the State Agricultural society. The society will find his counsel very valuable.

Dr. J.R. Conway, of Marshall, formerly residing here has been appointed a member of Governor Johnson's staff with the title of colonel.

A toe social will be held in the school house district number 53, January 27. Each girl is expected to bring their supper for two. Amy Darling, Teacher.

A party was held at the home of Mr. Hasting Friday evening in honor of Mr. Myers and his bride, and everyone present reported having passed a very pleasant evening.

Julious Pahm has commenced overhauling and remodeling the old house at the corner of Tenth street and Seventh avenue. After it is completed he expects to occupy it.

Herbert Franck came home from Mankato, where he is attending business college Friday, to have an operation on his foot. He had the troubled number examined at Mankato and the physician wanted him to go to the hospital at once, but Bert came home. Saturday three pieces of broken bone, that were somewhat decayed, were removed from the center of the outside part of the foot. It is hoped that it will not be necessary to remove any more, but if it does become necessary it is feared the removal will cause Bert to limp in walking.

Prof. Ott will be the next number on the lecture course, the date being Feb. 17.

Joe Kies left last Monday afternoon for Spencer, Iowa, and other points in that state.

Miss Jaastad, one of the teachers in the city schools of this city spent last Saturday and Sunday visiting friends in Rushmore.

Sealed bids will be received for the lumber that remains of the Congregational Church, same to be opened Tuesday, Jan. 24th. C.J. Smallwood.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational church will give their monthly tea at the home of Mrs. Shell on Friday afternoon, Jan. 20. A cordial invitation is extended to all friends.

The regular monthly meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church will be held at the home of Miss Julia Chaney on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 25th, at 3 o'clock. All the ladies are invited.

J.K. Darby has been employed by Seigal Bros., of Chicago, helping buy up horses, and has been at Prairie Junction, Heron Lake, Lakefield, Fulda and other town, but says Worthington is ahead of them all for business.

We are informed that the stock of goods now at Cabot's Warehouse in this city will in a few days be moved to Wilmont, where the Benson, Cabot Co., of Heron Lake, will open a large and permanent business of which H. Peter Lewis will have the management.

In speaking of the installation of the officers of the Royal Neighbors the Pilleger Leader says, "After the ceremony of installation Mrs. L.B. Bennett, outgoing Oracle, was present in behalf of the ladies of the R.N.A., with a very pretty R.N.A. pin by the installing officers with a few well chosen and very appropriate remarks to which Mrs. Bennett replied with much feeling."

Wm. J. Bryan is scheduled to lecture at Pipestone March 17th.

John Ramage made a short business trip to Leota the middle of the week.

I.F. Kelly made a few days trip to points in Iowa, the first of the week.

Rev. Sunday has recently converted six hundred people at Redwood Falls.

F.M. Hickman will in the near future occupy the rooms over his drug store.

Sheriff Fauskee made a trip to Kinbrae yesterday on matters of business.

Dr. Spaulding, of Luverne, is planning to build a modern hospital the coming season.

William Jones is prepared to do work by the day. Inquire at Addington's barber shop.

Henry Leistico, from Buffalo Lake, is making a short visit in this city with friends and relatives.

County Auditor E.C. Pannell, spent the forepart of the week in St. Paul and Minneapolis, returning last Wednesday evening.

The building formerly occupied as a restaurant by Mrs. Long is being repaired and fitted for a meat market for Mitchell & Pettit.

A telegram which was received here announced the death of Miss Addie Palm, one of the former residents of this city, but who moved to Winona some time ago. She had [the rest of this article got cut off.]



Will Madison and Oberman were through this section of the country a couple of weeks buying up stock.

A boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Seiner, Dec. 31, 1904, also a twin boy and girl at the home of Detleff Anderson, Jan. 10, 1905.

Henry and John Aple have been hawling (sic) bailed hay to town the past week.

The school in district number 8 has been closed for the past month on account of the teacher, Miss Blanch Sain, being sick.

Friday, January 27, 1905

Dr. W.J. Dodge and Miss Effie Wolven Were United in Marriage Saturday

A quiet wedding was performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven when their daughter, Miss Effie, was united in marriage to Dr. W.J. Dodge, a prosperous young dentist of this city, at 6 o'clock Saturday evening, Rev. E.W. Lanham, officiating. Only relative and a few intimate friends being present.

Both young people have lived here for several years and are well known and are highly respected by all their friends and all who know them.

They were the recipients of many handsome presents from their many friends in and out of town.

Mr. and Mrs. Dodge will remain in the city until some time early in the spring when they will then take a pleasure trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Dodge's many friends in this city will wish them much happiness through life.

Funeral Services of Miss Addie Palm Were Conducted at Home of Her Parents in Winona

In referring to the funeral of Miss Addie Palm, who recently died at Winona, and who was a former resident of Worthington, The Winona Republican and Herald give the following:

The funeral of Miss Addie Palm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Palm, who died yesterday morning, will take place at the family residence 319 Main street, Friday afternoon at two o'clock. Miss Palm was born at Waco, Texas, May 22, 1880, and with the family came to this city two years ago, and leaves many friends to cherish her memory. She was actively interested in the Sunday School and young peoples' work of the First Presbyterian church, of which she was a member. Early last spring Miss Palm's health began to fail and it was thought that a trip to Colorado might be beneficial to her. Contrary to expectation she continued to decline, and just before Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. Palm joined her at Colorado and brought her back to their home at Winona. Her patient suffering and her strong christian faith during the days of her prolonged illness have but endeared her to her surrounding family and friends. Her life here is ended, but she lives on in the memories of those who know her.

An Old Resident of This City Passes Away At the Age of 68 at His Residence

Funeral services were held over the remains of Mr. J.H. Oakes at the residence at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Oak has lived here for the past twenty years and has won many friends during his residence here.

Mr. Oake was 68 years of age and leaves a wife, two daughters and two sons to mourn his loss, besides his numerous friends which he had in this city.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Macintosch, pastor of the Congregational church of this city.

Funeral Services Were Held Over the Remains of Miss Cree at Residence Yesterday

Funeral services were held over the remains of Miss Cree, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cree, who have lived here for a number of years and who has won a large number of friends in this city, and after a long sick spell passed from them.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Lanham, pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city.


Funeral services were held over the remains of Robert W. Pritchard at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock by Rev. G.A. Cahoon.

His death occurred at Alton, Iowa, January 19, 1905. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias, who conducted the services at the cemetery. Robert W. Pritchard was born in Anglesea, Wales, 63 years ago. He came to the United States in 1876, locating for a few months in Chicago, Ill. From there he removed to Lime Springs, Iowa, about the end of 1875, and lived until 1880, at that place. From there he moved to Canova, South Dakota, and in the spring of 1881 he left Canova and commenced working for the Omaha Railroad Co., remaining in their employ up to the time of his death, making his home chiefly at Worthington, Minnesota.


Dr. Riley, of Lakefield, attended the dance given by the Club last Wednesday evening.

L.M. Bliss and family left Tuesday for Seattle where they will make their future home.


Fred Myers and wife, who have been visiting Fred Myer's sister, Mrs. G. Hastings, returned to their home in Pontiac, Il. They were out here on their wedding trip.

Attorney S.S. Nelon [Nelson?], of Slayton, who is well known here spent last Saturday among friends, sad in the evening took the passenger train to Sioux City, returning the following Monday morning.

Axel Nordstrom, after two weeks vacation and after over one year's steady work for g. Foster Moore, has started to work for Mr. Sprouse, of Lorain township, for the coming season.

G.O. Westman and Carl Nyberg, local preachers of the Swedish Mission Tabernacle, are out on Missionary work, the former in South Dakota and the latter in Jackson county, Minn.

Dr. J.N. Gould received Monday, the mounted head and horns of the Moose he shot last fall while on his hunting trip in the northern part of the state. This is a nice ornament and indicates the animal was a large one. The head is on display at R.L. Morland's.

The dancing schools which are being conducted by Miss Plotts on Friday evening of each week are meeting with great success. They have been started only about three weeks but the dancers of the city are taking advantage and attending most all of the schools which are being held every week.

Mr. Dell Shaw is loading a car __ __ to be shipped to Sibley.

Rev. Moberg conducted services at Chas. Niehtroms, of Indian Lake, on last Sabbath afternoon.

I have several sets of good harnesses for sale; will take notes on time or trade for same. T. Fisher.

Miss Mamie Saxon, of Indian Lake township, is visiting with Adolph Amondon's [Amondson?] folks for a few days.

Miss Hyke and Miss Walters, of Luverne, attended the dance here Wednesday evening, which was given by the Club.

Robert Reed has been appointed oil inspector for Nobles county. Now if Bob don't mix too much wet weather with the oil he'll be all right.

An overall factory is run by Nels Sandtram over the Singer store and all disproportional people can call there and get a perfect fit as well as prompt waiting on.

Miss Free, who was formerly employed by the Advance as a Simplex operator left for Albert Lea last Tuesday, where she will accept a similar position.

Vic Anderson and wife left Thursday  afternoon for California. They will be gone about three months and will visit sevral large cities along the coast before returning.

The Young People's Class of the Methodist Church held a social gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wilson last Friday evening. Everyone present reported having a very pleasant time.

Aug Swenson, a well to do and prominent farmer of Scandia, Murray county, attended the ministers meeting at the Swedish Tabernacle last week, and while here was the guest of G.E. Holmstine, returning home Tuesday.

The Ninth Annual Ball will be given by St. James Lodge No. 384, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, at the Armory Hall, St. James, Minn., Tuesday evening, February 14, 1905. The music will be furnished by the Koolish Union Orchestra.

George Bristol contemplates moving to his property in Pine county this spring.

Miss Lulu Rippberger, who has been employed by Tom Palmer, in his music store resigned her position last Saturday.

W.E. Moses, of Northfield, took possession of the hardware stock formerly owned by J.W. Crabtree. He took possession Jan. 19, having purchased the entire stock of goods.

The Worthington Improvement League will meet with Mrs. Manson Saturday afternoon, Jan. 28, at 3 o'clock. All ladies interested in the library invited to be present.

Robert Foster, who formerly owned real estate near Brewster and now in Ireland writes that there is nothin doing in that country and that he intends to return to this country again.

C.L. Mann made a trip to Windom yesterday on business matters.

Thirty Shorthorns to be sold at auction at Adrian, Minn., Feb. 15. Write for catalogue. James F. Cox, Adrian, Minn.

Mr. Cabot, of Heron Lake, of the firm of Cabot Co., was in town last Tuesday on business matters.

Mr. L. Rorage a jeweler at Adrian, was down last Wednesday and spent the day in town among friends.

The dance which was given by the Club at the Maccabee hall last Wednesday evening was well attended, owing to the  cold weather. The music was furnished by the Ainsworth Orchestra, of Sheldon, Iowa.

Paul, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilomen north of town, broke his leg last Friday. He was playing in the barn when his foot got caught behind a studding and he fell, snapping one of the bones of the limb just above the ankle. Dr. Geyermann was called and the leg was set. The boy is getting along nicely and will soon be out again. --Brewster Tribune.

The monthly meeting of the Ministerial Association of the Swedish Mission Covenant district of South-etern [Southwestern?] Minnesota gathered at the Swedish Tabernacle last week and was largely attended at all their session and a deep spiritual interest manifested. The visiting preachers were Rev. A.G. Lans, of Stokholm, S.D., Rev. Austin Rue, of Lake Wilson, and G.E. Frauzen, of Dunnell, Minn. A half dozen or more were expected but owing to illness could not come.



C.F. Martin shipped a carload of cattle of his own feeding, Wednesday. He accompanied them.

Miss Emily Levine is visiting with relatives at Russel, Minn. this week.

The railroad company is taking steps to change the name of this town. They claim that the similarity in the name to several other towns in their territory makes a great deal of confusion. They gave the citizens the privilege of selecting a name and at a meeting for that purpose, the majority favored Minor as the new cognomen. When they say Minor, hereafter, you will know they mean us.

A brother and sister of Mrs. O.F. Johnson, from Oregon, visited over Sunday here.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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