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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 August, 1905

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Friday, August 4, 1905


Mrs. H.D. Fox, of Phoenix, New York is visiting her son at the camp.

Miss Georgia Lear and the Misses Tuppers have returned to town.

Orval Tupper and Jim Mott spent Sunday at the camp.

Mrs. Wilburn of Sibley, will visit her daughters this week.

All the campers feel very kindly toward Mrs. Smallwood for the delicious cake donated last week.

The baked beans and home made bread presented by Mrs. Wolven and Miss Lear were devoured with relish and many thanks for all donations.

Harry Hobson, wife and daughter drove out Friday night and enjoyed the camp fire.

All persons driving by early are requested to drive quietly.

WANTED -- An alarm clock that will not ring before 10 a.m.


Herbert Ager is visiting his parents.

Lewis Jones of Mitchell, spent Sunday here.

Fred Tripp spent Sunday at the parental home.

Miss Lilia Bassett of Rushmore was here and spent Sunday.

BORN -- Thursday July 27, to Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Webster, a boy.

Miss Coxe departed Monday after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Manson.

Oscar Dieckhoff made a trip to Round Lake one Monday morning.

Geo. Fagerman returned to Sioux City Friday after a weeks' visit here.

Mrs. Fulton, of Sioux Falls, is visiting with Miss Georgia Lear.

Clyde Walburn and wife left last week to spend a few days in Sibley.

Gerald Duryea and family of St. James were the guests of relatives here Sunday.

Roy G. Crowell, and family of Pipestone, is visiting his sister at Ave Hamline's.

Miss Margaret Pollock of St. Paul visited over Sunday at the home of Dr. Dodge and wife.

Joe Arbes departed Monday for International Falls on our northern boundary line where he will spend his vacation fishing.

Dr. G.R. Curran will leave this evenign for Boston, their eastern point to visit the hospitals. --Mankato Free Press.

Mrs. A.F. Schaeffer of Rushmore, passed thru here Wednesday enroute for New York where she will visit a sister.

The Epworth League will give an ice cream social at the home of John Hansberger Wednesday evening Aug. 9. Conveyances will leave the M.E. church at 7:30.

L.C. Hansen of Tilden, Neb. visited with his sister-in-law, Mrs. Jens Christensen Tuesday. He is the owner of a fine 160 acre farm and has his barley all cut. His corn is six feet high and he expects 55 to 65 bushels an acre.

Will Schroeder departed Tuesday for a business trip to Morris, Minn.

Jim Wood arrived last week from Minneapolis for a visit with his parents.

G. Sterling, wife and daughter, Sophia, returned Sunday from a visit in Pillager.

Walter Paine will leave this week for a trip to the Pacific coast. His wife will remain here.

Miss Marie Steffens departed last Friday for St. Paul after a week's visit here with relatives.

Miss Morrison and Miss Lovehale, of Chicago, arrived Saturday for a visit with A.R. Albertus and family.

Mrs. Adair, of Loraine Ill., arrived here this week to look after her farming interests near Graham Lake.

Dr. Walker is again at work administering to his patients here. He has been absent for some time studying in Chicago.

Dr. Clark has moved his office from the rooms over the National Bank and is now situated in the house formerly occupied by E.W. Goff.

DIED -- Louise Grauzne, age 78, July 30. she was buried in Brewster Aug. 1. Deceased was of German birth and was a widow at time of death.

The Nystrom Bros. have installed a new steel lathe of large size. This is a valuable addition to their shop as it will enable them to work faster and more accurately.

The library board held a meeting Tuesday evening and elected the following officers: pres. C.M. Crandall, vice pres. Frank Glasgow, sec. A.T. Latta, librarian Mrs. Emma Sibley.

Clyde Stegall of Amboy, is now in charge of the Advance. He is a man of long experience in the business and will make every effort possible to satisfy the patrons of this paper in all departments.

Friday, August 11, 1905

Mrs. F.A. Torrance entertained Wednesday afternoon.

C.T. Tupper and wife left Tuesday on a vacation trip to Colorado.

T.A. Palmer has purchased of J.D. Matteson a lot from the Oppen property on 3rd ave and will move his barn to it.

Miss Laura Pepple departed Wednesday morning for a visit in Minneapolis.

J.D. Matteson is tearing down the old Oppen shop and expects at some future date to erect a dwelling house on the site.

Mrs. James Mackay and children returned Tuesday from a visit in Hinckley.

Will Bartlett made a business trip to Wilmont, Lismore, Adrian and Ellsworth this week.

Hattenhauer's blacksmith shop was broken into Sunday night and some screw plates were stolen.

Mrs. Harvey Rew left Thursday for a visit with Mr. Rew's sister in Eldora. She will also take a trip to Washington to visit with Schecters.

Dan Shell, wife and daughter, Marjorie, departed for a trip to Portland and Skagway, Alaska.

DIED -- Fred Heller at Rushmore poor farm, aged 61. He was a resident of Kansas City before coming here. Funeral was held here last Saturday.

DIED -- Grace Frane, of Reading, age 3 mo., of consumption. The death occurred August 8 and the funeral was held Wednesday. The girl was the daughter of A.S. Frane.

H.B. Lewis and family departed for a visit in Gilmore Ia., last week.

Mrs. Rudolph Dieckhoff and family returned from a visit in New Richland Tuesday night.

H.C. Franck, wife and son, Paul, went to Pierre, S.D., Monday to attend his sister's silver wedding.

The ladies of the Congregational church will give an ice cream and cake law social Friday Aug 18, at Mrs. J.N. Gould's, from 5 to 9. All are invited.

Julius Johnson came up from Sioux City to visit friends and concluding that Minnesota was so beneficial to his health, he went to work for Oscar Larson in Round Lake in the harvest field.

N.G. Bylander, of Reading, returned from Cottonwood county Saturday where he was looked around for a location as he is obliged to move as the farm he now rents will be occupied by son of owner, Mr. Klessig.


Joe Kies and John Mitchell drove to Wilmont Tuesday.

Miss Rose Marie Perry visited here this week with C.L. Mann.

On next Sabbath the pulpit of the Swedish Mission Covenant church will be supplied by Rev. Oscar Johnson of anaconda, Mont., formerly of Triumph, Minn.

A birthday party will be given this evening at the farm of Mrs. Hilda Gustafson on the Lake Shore of Ocheda under the auspices of the Lutheran church. A big attendance is anticipated as 500 invitaions are sent out.

I.F. Kelley is expecting a new delivery wagon for his creamery business. The vehicle will undoubtedly be one of the best in town as it is made in the Studebaker wagon factory. The Smith Implement Co, did the ordering.

Dan Shell's black team ran away last week about 8 miles west of town. The king bolt of the buggy broke and the front dropped to the ground, frightening the horses so that they jumped into a barbed wire fence and were cut quite badly. The team is getting better rapidly.

J.D. Pettit, a former Rushmore business man, writes from Crookston to have his address of his Enterprise changed from that place to Backoo N.D. We are informed that Mr. Pettit has traded his farm near Crookston for a stock of merchandise at Backoo and that he is going to retire from farm life and again engage in the mercantile business. --Rushmore Enterprise.

Jimmie, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gilomen, has been suffering with appendicitis for some time, and on Wednesday his father took him to Rochester for an operation. Mr. Gilomen has just returned from that place, after undergoing similar treatment and this second case occurring so soon giving Mr. and Mrs. Gilomen more than their share of trouble and expense. --Brewster Tribung.

MARRIED -- At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Borg in our village, occurred the marriage of Ole Carlson to Isabella on July 30th, the ceremony was performed by Rev. O.K. Moberg after the rite of the Swedish mission Covenant church. Between 30 and 40 people attended the wedding, including three or four families from Bigelow. The groom is section foreman on the west section on the Omaha and the young couple are going to housekeeping in the Nelson residence near the Rock Island depot.

Miss Lucy Bryan is on the sick list.

E.L. Nance started for St. Paul Tuesday on a business trip.

Chris Nieman went to Lismore and Wilmont on business this week.

Mrs. Wetherell, of Estherville and daughter visited in town this week.

Mrs. R.H. Patterson and mother left Wednesday for a visit in Hinton.

A.H. Foote has moved his family to Luverne where he will have charge of one of the Benson elevators.

Jim Mann is now clerking in Loveless grocery store. He takes the place vacated by Charley Loveless who is now employed with Will Ramage.

E.L. Schwartz and wife, Jake Walker and wife and Miss Bisch attended the Lutheran Missionary Fest at Rushmore Sunday. They report a very enjoyable time.

The following is a partial list of the teachers for our high school: -- H.R. Edwards, supt., Misses Julia Malmsten, Olga Glasoe, Della Herman, Alice McCoy, Stella Lewis, Emily Jany, Rosa Dobner, Christie Jaastad, Margaret Brooks, Edith Clark, Julia Hyland, Christie Wick, Grace Edminster, Helen Freet, Clara Thomas, and Miss Beckley, libraian.

Rev. G. Staf of Minneapolis and Rev. Moberg exchanged pulpits last Sabbath. Rev. Staf spent Monday in the country at the home of J.J. Sandberg. Moberg returning on Monday, the two went in company to Scandia, Murray Co., to remain over the Sabbath, as Scandia is annex to the Worthington charge and only gets one Sunday a month. Some other arrangements may be made on this visit.

N.M. Sorem and wife drove to Worthington Sunday morning. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Westby and two daughters, Minnie and Agnes. These people were present at the wedding of Ole Westby and Miss Anfonson which took place at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. About thirty guests were present to witness the happy event. Ole is a nephew of S. Westby and was a citizen of our village for a few years. At present Ole is foreman on the Worthington section and is a painstaking and careful official and the bride is an accomplished young lady whose home is in central Iowa. These people have many friends in this village who extend congratulations and wish them a long and happy life. --Bigelow Signal.

A farewell reception was tendered to G.O. Westman, a local preacher of the Swedish Mission Covenant church at the home of C.O. Peterson Saturday night, a large number of friends gathered for the occasion. A few speeches were made by those present, a social time enjoyed and a purse was delivered to Westman to replenish his traveling bag as he left for Georgetown Texas, to be present at a camp meeting convening there for the next two weeks and after Sept. 1st he enters the Fort North University and when the Austin conference of the M.E. church south convenes in December he will receive an appointment to serve a congregation as pastor, thus enabling him to carry on his studies for the ministry while actively engaged in the gospel work. Westman leaves here with all the well wishes from a host of friends and splendid [the rest of this article got cut off]

Justice Court

Frank Ramelow was fined $6 for being drunk and disorderly.

John Bhrens and E.F. Jenkins were arrested on complaint of Chris Wassmann of Round Lake, for cruelty to animals. They hired a horse at Wassmann's livery stable with the intention of driving to Bigelow but instead of coming back at once, they went to Harris and Lake Park. The horse was badly used up and was marked where they had struck the tired animal. Both were fined $10 and costs, Bhrens going to jail and Jenkins paying his fine.

Camp Notes

Mrs. Wilburn returned to Sibley after enjoying a very pleasant visit at the camp with her daughters, Mesdames Fox and Hickman. She was accompanied by Mrs. H.D. Fox of New York.

By the time camp breaks up all the ladies will be expert swimmers as they go in twice a day when weather permits.

The population of the camp has increased very largely this week. Miss Blanche Matteson and Miss Wyatt of Bigelow, have pitched their tent on the lower part of the picnic grounds, three tents and a dining hall have been pitched below the dock and are occupied by the following crowd of young people: Prue Town, Maud Ager, Lillian Webb, Avis Voak, Ella Wood, Jet Smallwood, Morril Ramage, Vernon Hayden, Roy Lewis and Reuben Oakes.

A number of the young people went in and enjoyed the dance Tuesday night.

One advantage of camping on the beautiful shore of our lake is being so near to town. We have fresh vegetables every day and don't have to live on canned goods as so many campers do and the good cold well water from Mr. Ludlow's farm, makes this an ideal camping ground.

Drowned in the Little Rock

Henry Davey son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Davey drowned in the Little Rock creek Sunday July 30th, aged 13 years, 6 months, 14 days. He was buried in the Adrian cemetery Aug. 1st. The parents have the deepest sympathy of the entire community in their affliction. He leaves to mourn his loss a father, mother, five sisters and one brother.

Friday, August 18, 1905

Camp Notes

The party at the lower camp had an immense bonfire last Friday night and invited all their friends from town for the occasion.

The fine pickerel donated to the camper by Jet Smallwood were appreciated very much. Jet is a good fisherman all right.

The rainy weather has driven away most of the campers. Wilson's and Hawley's are the only ones left.

Mrs. E.K. Smith was called to town by the illness of the baby, her place as chaperone was filled by Mrs. Stanton.

Hickmans and Foxs and Misses Blanche Matteson and Jessie Wyatt also broke camp on Monday.

Mrs. Jones and daughter, Jennie, were the guests of Mesdames Fox and Hickman Thursday.

Card of Thanks

We desire to thank the many friends and neighbors, who so kindly rendered their help during the sickness, death, and burial of our darling baby, and for the flowers so generously and lovingly contributed. Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Frane, and family.

Laid to Rest.

Nancy Annetta Granger was born near Worthington, Ohio, October 7th, 1833. She was of Puritan extraction, her parents having come to Ohio from Connecticut. When she was about six years old her father moved onto a new farm six miles from Worthington. She was converted in Columbus under the labors of Rev. A.J. Bruner and united with the Town Street M.E. church in Columbus. On November 10th, 1856, she was united in marriage with Rev. J.W. Lewis of the Ohio Conference. In 1872 her husband was transferred to the Minnesota Conference and they were stationed on the frontier prairies of southwestern Minnesota.

In 1898 they moved to California and settled in Campbell with the interests of which place they have been identified since that time.

There have been born to them seven children: Mrs. Meda L. Waite of Campbell, Herbert W. Lewis, superintendent of the Boys and Girls Aid society of San Francisco, Edward S., who died at the age of sixteen in Luverne, Minn., in 1888, Mary S., now teacher in the National Training School of San Francisco; Charles D., now pastor of the M.E. church in Cisleton, N.D., Winona M., wife of Prof. Mcean [McLean??] of Wheaton, Minn.; Leo_, wife of F.H. Taylor of St. Paul, Minn.

Mrs. Lewis was taken sick on May 18 and after lingering sixty four days she passed peacefully away July 20th, 1905.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. S.D. Hutsinpiller of the First M.E. church, San Jose. Interment took place at the Los Gatos cemetery where the burial service was read by Dr. Willis of the San Francisco Deaconess Training School and the benediction pronounced by Dr. Hutsinpiller.

Her death is mourned by all the community in which she went about doing good. --Campbell Interurban Press, Santa Clara, Cal.


Born -- to Mr. and Mrs. Kirk of Omaha, Neb., a girl.

John Mitchell made a business trip to North Dakota this week.

Rev. Lanham was called to Chicago Saturday night by the serious illness of his father.

Aaron Hardo has engaged with the Frank Saxon threshing outfit and started last week.

Helen Kindlund left Tuesday morning for St. Paul to be gone for three weeks to study up the latest fashions in the millinery trade.

The infant child of Judge Cory's died Wednesday forenoon. This is the second child Mr. and Mrs. Cory have lost by death. They have the sympathy of the entire community.

E.C. Pannell received information from his boys in Canada this week that they had lost a valuable horse, it being the second loss this year. Crops are fine and harvesting well under way.

STOLEN -- The three boys that stole my buggy whip out of my buggy near Hawkinson's bridge last Saturday will be sent to reform school, if they don't return it. Geo. W. Wilson.

The residents of Worthington were horrified to read in the city Sunday papers about the suicide of one Mrs. Anderson which proved to be a former resident of our village, wife of Reinhold Anderson, who used to own the late Shanahan house that burned down.

Richard Schultz has opened a harness shop in the store occupied by Peter Heinl opposite the Singer Store on main street and he is prepared to do all kinds of work in his line on short notice and invites all in need of such to give him call.

Carolus Peterson, who has been manager of the Singer Sewing Machine Company store here for the last 4 years and previously held the local agency for 7 years has resigned his position, on account of the poor health of Mrs. Peterson, and they may remain in the employ of the company at some other point. Peterson will stay until Oct. 1st as assistant to the new man, Mr. Minnick, of Owatonna, Minn., who took charge Monday.

Joe Arbes returned Sunday from a vacation spent in New Ulm.

Chris Nieman made a business trip to Round Lake last week.

Orval and Miss pearl Tupper visited last Sunday in Rock Rapids.

Mrs. Wagner and daughter, Ida, of New Richland, visited here last week.

Dr. Abbott, of DeSmit, S.D., visited last week with his brother Supt. Abbott.

Miss Emily Earl, of Minneapolis is visiting here with her cousin, Mrs. Segerstrom.

F.C. Stitser went to Milwaukee last week to attend a harness maker's convention.

E.L. Porter and daughter, Julia, arrived Tuesday from Hastings for a visit here with friends.

John Heide and wife, of Denver, are visiting for an indefinite time with their brother, C.O. Berkelow.

A.F. Collins has moved into the Nels Martin house in Clary Addition and E. Washington will occupy the McCartney cottage vacated by Collins.

The school board elected their old officers, G.W. Patterson pres., A.T. Latta sec., and C.J. Smallwood treas. School will start the 4th day of Sept.

Mr. cline and wife, of Sioux City are visiting relatives, E.C. Pannell and family.

Chas. R. Rieckhoff escaped from the sanatorium at Milwaukee last week and arrived here Wednesday night. His mental condition is not serious enough to keep him in close surveillance all the time so one day he left his quarters. Search was instituted, and notice to watch for him issued. He was first heard of at Rochester where he telegraphed friends at Lismore for money. He left the train at Prairie Junction and walked into Worthington, Sheriff Fauskee being on the lookout for him. On his arrival attendants kept watch of him until Thursday night when Sheriff Fauskee and Ole Landerg left with him for Milwaukee. Mr. Rieckhoff was aware of all that taking place and did not like to return but said he supposed there was no use objecting.

Friday, August 25, 1905


Mrs. Jim Baker left for Mason City Monday.

Chris Nieman and Will Bartlett drove to Adrian Monday.

H.G. Hawley returned from Mankato Saturday night.

Mrs. Brant went to Sioux Falls Monday to undergo an operation.

Miss Dickey, of Pierre, S.D., is visiting with her cousin, Miss Nellie Lyon.

Jack Kanaban was called to Kentucky by the serious illness of his father.

Miss Biefernicht returned this week from a vacation spent in De Forest, Wis.

A.E. Hart departed the first of the week for St. Louis where he will buy goods for his store.

J.W. Pepple and G.S. Wyckhoff of St. James, spent Sunday with their parents in this city.

Mrs. C. French and daughter of Boulder, Col., arrived this week for a visit with Mrs. Will Chaney.

J.M. Shanahan commenced tearing down his fire ruined dwelling house Wednesday and will rebuild anotehr of about the same dimensions.

John Bengton has purchased Sam Swanson's interest in the Swanson & Anderson furniture store and the firm will be known hereafter as Anderson & Bengston.

Bob Free returned last week from Minneapolis.

BORN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ryan, Wednesday, Aug 16, a girl.

Miss Grace Snow, of Sioux Falls, is visiting with Miss Mae Tupper this week.

Miss Aimee Little, of Northfield, is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. M.E. Lawton.

Jas. S. Ramage has recovered from an attack of typhoid and is able to walk about.

Earl Wakefield of St. James is visiting his brother, C.E. Wakefield, clerk in the roadmaster's office.

Mrs. C.M. Crandall returned home Saturday from St. Joseph's hospital St. Paul. She is improving as rapidly as can be expected.

Mail carrier Rippberger was this week nicely remembered with a fine lot of apples from Mrs. Eliza Johnson, the mother of C.W. Johnson and from Mrs. J.E. Peterson. This fruit was the nicest of the kind seen this season. These gifts are very highly appreciated by the carriers, and adds cheer as they go along day by day in discharging their duties.

H.G. Norman hauled his personal property to Sibley Saturday and loaded them in a car and shipped them over the Rock Island to Clear Lake, S.D. The car leaving that point about 4 o'clock on Monday morning. Horace wished to get up in South Dakota in order to be able to take care of his share of the crop on the quarter section farm he received in exchange for the hotel property here. Mrs. Norman departed Sunday for Worthington where she visited with relatives and friends until Tuesday morning when she took up her journey for her new home, going by way of Sibley. We wish them happiness and abundant success in their new home in our sister state. --Bigelow Signal.


Emory Reese and wife spent Sunday in Little Rock Iowa.

Henry Ivers is erecting a large barn on his farm near town.

Geo. Wheeler has been putting up a new smokestack on the creamery the past week.

S.T. Wood has completed his new lumber building and is now busily engaged putting in a cement sidewalk. Mr. Wood now has one of the best buildings to store lumber in the county.

John McLeod is engaged working for the Innes Lumber Co.

On Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock occurred the marriage of Archibald C. Constable of Goodland, Indiana, and Miss Mable Mae Bedford. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W.M. Gilils [Gillis?] at the home of the bride's parents, S.B. Bedford, one of the oldest residents of the county. The groom is a highly respected young man with excellent habits and business abilities. The bride is known to all as being an exemplary young woman having been a life member of the county which she is soon to leave. After the ceremony the immediate relatives of the families to the number of about forty partook of a well prepared and bountiful wedding dinner. After a few days' visit in Rushmore Mr. and Mrs. Constable will go to housekeeping on the farm and in the home prepared by the groom.

Father Griffin Expected

Rev. Father Griffin is expected home today, from his trip to Ireland. A letter received here several days ago advised friends he had landed and was visiting his parents at Rochester, N.Y., and a sister at Auburn. Father Griffin's many friends here hail his home coming with greatest pleasure for he has been greatly missed by them. --Ellsworth News.


----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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