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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 April, 1905

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Friday, April 7, 1905


Harry Kies arrived Sunday for a weeks vacation.

Pete Heinl left Monday for a business trip to Brewster.

Mrs. A.E. Hart is just recovering from a severe sick spell.

Miss Inez Sain returned Monday from a visit at Luverne.

Born - March 23, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hawkins.

Edward Lawton visited a couple of days last week at Luverne.

James Mann spent a few days last week visiting friends at Luverne.

Albert Leistico and family returned this week from a trip to California.

F.R. Coughran left Monday for Minneapolis where he has been called on U.S. court business.

Sheriff Fauskee took the insane man who was found wading in the lake, to St. Peter, Saturday.

Ole Englund is building an addition to his house and has just completed the erection of a barn.

Mrs. C.W. Davis returned to her home, Dundee, Saturday after spending a few days here last week.

W.H. Hoover, of Gowrie, Ia., stopped a few days last week at the Allen House, and looked over real estate interest here.

Charley Loveless has resigned his position in W.W. Loveless's grocery store and he expects to go to Elkton S.D., where he has accepted a position with Kelly and Co. Clifford Loveless has taken his hold place there again.

Dan Chute, of Worthington, called on us Wednesday and was one of our contributors. While here Mr. chute informed us that he was about thru his seeding and that he would reside on his farm one and a half miles east of Wilmont this summer, which we presume is so that he will be near at hand to superintend the work on the large building he is going to erect this summer. Mr. Chute did not say anything to us about his building, the reason for which we think is his desire to bring a great surprise on the people of Wilmont in the near future, but we learned that Mr. Chute will put up a large three story brick building opposite C.W. Mead's barber shop this season. The first and second floor will be known as the Metropolitan Hotel, and the third floor will be the Grand Opera. Mr. Chute certainly has a great eye to business and has elected the most opportune time fore such an enterprise, for all indication point to the most prosperous time in the history of this section of the country. We hope Mr. Chute will not feel that we have been premature in announcing his intentions but it seems so good that we cannot refrain from letting the people know what they may expect. --Wilmont Initiator.

John Sahlstrom and family spent Sunday here.

Harry Wilbern, of Sibley was in town Monday.

Field fencing and Barb wire very cheap at W.E. Moses'.

Miss Julia Chaney left Monday for a trip to Pipestone.

Mrs. Hedberg spent Sunday with her husband at Mankato.

John Ramage made a trip to Wheaton Minn., this week.

Geo. D. Dayton arrived from Minneapolis Monday on business.

Several Indians passed thru here Monday enroute for Sioux Falls.

Frank Saxon left Wednesday morning for a trip to Sleepy Eye.

Marriage license was issued Tuesday to Fred Paplow and Clara Neiderhoff.

Jack Glasgow left Monday morning for Minneapolis where he will visit for a week.

Mrs. McRay and children, of Blue Earth, visited several days this week with Mrs. F.C. Stitser.

James Ramage returned Sunday from a trip to North Dakota where he looked over land interests.

Miss Helen Ludlow returned Wednesday from a visit with her brother, J.B. Ludlow at Rushmore.

The Worthington Telephone Exchange has put in another cable running northeast on 3rd avenue.

Chalkey Beeson, a former resident of this town, graduated this spring from the state agricultural school.

President R.L. Morland left Sunday for Minneapolis where the State Board of Pharmacy are in session this week.

Mrs. Walter Clement and son, Dan, returned to Minneapolis, Wednesday morning, after a pleasant visit with her mother, Mrs. Shell.

The old house on 10th street opposite J.D. Matteson's residence has been torn down and Julius Palm expects to erect a fine residence there for his home.

Carolus O. Peterson and Aaron Hardow returned Monday morning from a trip to North Dakota where the latter had some land northwest from Valley City on which he made a trade for the Peterson property which has been pronounced by many to be the prettiest place in Nobles county, but owing to Mrs. Peterson's poor health, they will live down town free from so much garden work, etc. Mr. Hardow takes possession immediately.

It is reported that Mr. Fullerton who served a sentence here for running a "blind pig" a couple of years ago, was killed by a train in Iowa. He went by the name of Jones.

The son of Chas. King of Org, is having quite a serious time with his arm. The bone is diseased and his arm may have to be amputated. He is staying with S.V. Wyckhoff while taking treatment here.

G.O. Westman is now employed by Ole Englund; they are engaged in building an addition to the Englund residence, having previously torn down the old Swanson ice house on the west lake shore, using surplus lumber from same.

While on their return home from North Dakota, A. Hardow and Carolus O. Peterson stopped off at Pillager visiting the parents of Hardow and all the colony of Worthingtonian settled around there, up to the number of twenty seven families who have moved from here in the last four years and who all seem to be seemingly well.

Carl Nyberg, the blacksmith, who lately left for Illinois, writ3es to C.O. Peterson from Kenosha, Wis. that he is now working at the automobile factory there, living with Emil Larson, formerly of Indian Lake, and lately married to Albert Hactor's daughter. They have to work over time there owing to the rush at the factory.



Mr. Seely who owns part of section 25, is here, and is going to work the farm himself this season.

J.E. Shore sold three steers a few days ago and received $3.60 per hundred; hogs are a little better, $4.50 to $4.60.

Indian Lake

Albert Olund who returned from Chicago last week occupied the pulpit of the Baptist church last Sunday.

Miss Lillian Saxon returned home from Worthington last Saturday.

A party was given by the class of 94 and 95 of the Saxon school at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Hactor last week.

Miss Violet Saxon and Nellie Johnson returned to their studies at Worthington last Monday.

Herman Doeden and Axel Wass have recently bought a threshing machine and engine.

H.S. Hobson and wife went to Minneapolis Tuesday on a visit.

Myer's drug store is being repapered and cleaned. Mr. Rust is doing the work.

Miss Nellie Devaney arrived from Dell Rapids, Wednesday, to visit here with relatives.

G.E. Hornstine and Peter Nystrom took a trip overland by team to Avoca on Thursday.

It is reported that a confectionary store will be opened up in the building vacated by F.C. Stitser.

Mr. Eanstead, of Belleville, Ia., went thru here Thursday on his way to Wilmont where he owns some land.

Al Johnson has accepted the job of engineer for the Adrian electric light company and removes down there about May 1st.

Dr. Dodge's father and mother arrived here Saturday from Wis. where they spent the winter. They will make their home here with their son.

Mr. Mallory, of Canton, S.D. arrived Tuesday night for a visit here with friends. He was employed at one time here with W.W. Loveless, as baker.

A number of our young people held a surprise party at the Prideaux home in honor of Miss Myrtle Robinson. A very pleasant time was had by all present.

Norman and Clyde stock horses at private sale at the Peter Thompson farm, known as the old Day place, 1 mile west of Worthington, one four year old mare, weight 1360; one three year old mare, weight, 1110; six three year old geldings weighing from 1140 to 1310. Must be seen to be appreciated.

Friday, April 14, 1905

Died of Apoplexy at His Home Thursday, April 6, 1905.

On Wednesday April 6th 1905 at his home near Worthington Nobles Co., Minn. occurred the death of John B. Sharp of apoplexy. Mr. Sharp was born in Edinburg, Scotland Feb. 14th 1824. When quite small he came with his parents to America locating in Orleans County Vermont where the rest of his boyhood days were spent. When he attained his majority he came to Iowa living for a short time near Maquoketa, but later moving westward to Tama county where he purchased land about 1857, on which himself and family lived until Feb. 27th 1900 when they again moved to Nobles County Minn., where he resided until his death. Mr. Sharp was a just and upright man, quiet and unassuming in manner, thinking no evil of anyone, and of him none thought evil. It can be truthfully said that in his long life of eighty-one years he made no enemies, and it is of very few that this much can be said.

Mr. Sharp was married in 1860 to Miss Ann U. Worden, who survives him. Eight children were born to them; Mrs. Lillie Gregg, of Hawarden, Ia.; Mrs. Alda Miller, of Winans S.D.; Ira Sharp, of Worthington; Mrs. Gretta Goodrich, of Worthington; Mark Sharp, of Sunnyside, Wash.; and Gerald Sharp, of Worthington. Two children, Winnifred and Mabel, died when small. Sincerely mourned by all who knew him, "He died in the fullness of years" and "His children shall rise up and call him blessed."


J.J. Kies left Saturday for a trip to Sheldon.

Horace Norman, of Bigelow, was in town Monday.

Born -- a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Crever, March 31.

E.L. Nance left Saturday with a car of stock for Chicacgo.

Mrs. Geo. W. Wilson is spending a few days visiting friends in St. Paul.

Ed. Moberg and Jacob Seline returned Saturday from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Miss Myrtle Robinson left Saturday for a visit with her parents at Ponca, Neb.

Miss Margaret Biltgen is visiting this week with friends in Minneapolis and Red Wing.

Mrs. Cowing, of Jackson, is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A.R. Albertus.

Misses Marion Campbell and Blanche Hannon, of Sibley, spent Sunday here with friends.

Miss Vera Shell arrived Saturday from Sibley to spend Sunday with her cousin, Miss Marjorie Shell.

Miss Ruby Smith gave a party in honor of the Worthington students at the "U" last week at the home of her sister in Minneapolis.

John L. Stewart of Cass Co., N.D., and Mary E. Cox, of Nobles county, were united in marriage, in Lorain, April 2nd by C.F. Bronson.

John Tossini, of Sioux Falls, and John Casareto, of Sheldon, are going to start a candy, fruit and ice cream parlor in the building vacated by F.C. Stitser. The interior is being repaired and fitted up.

G.E. Holmstine who has been employed with C.O. Peterson at the Singer store for the last 3 years, has been promoted to by his company to take charge of their business at Fairmont, Minn., where a store with distributing point has just been opened, comprising three counties. Mr. Holmstine left last Monday morning and his family will remain here until school lets out.

Mr. Luehr made a business trip to Cherokee, Tuesday.

Born -- April 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Smith, a girl.

T.W. Roth was visiting with S.M. Stewart Tuesday.

J.A. Town returned Tuesday from a trip to Hot Spring, Ark.

Mr. Conklin moved into Glen Mitchell's house on west 10th street the first of this week.

Mrs. Erickson left Tuesday to join her husband in their new home in Holmes City, Minn.

Rev. Moberg was absent last Sabbath to fill his appointment at Scandia, Murray county.

Carolus O. Peterson has rented the rooms over Dilman's pool hall are now settled there.

Mr. Paul returned Tuesday from Florida and other southern points where he spent the winter.

F.H. Rust left for Minneapolis Tuesday night where he will work at his trade of painting and papering.

Frida Anderson and Esther Clausen left for Sioux City last Saturday to work and looking for higher wages.

Miss Prue Town returned Monday night from Minneapolis where she has spent the winter attending business college.

Harry Lewis has just received a new pickle cabinet which is a useful as well as an ornamental fixture to his grocery store.

Herman Siester, of Bigelow was examined by Judge Cory and pronounced insane. He was taken to St. Peter Wednesday.

N.G. Bylander and wife of Summit Lake left for Minneapolis last week to visit friends a few days and prospecting for a location.

Miss Amanda Anderson is down to Rochester this week for a few days to assist one of Dr. Manson's patients there for treatment.

Burr Ludlow passed thru here Wednesday morning bound for Washington, D.C., where he has an appointed position in the capital.

A. Hardow has been at the Hub store working in place of Mgr. Swanberg, who has been on duty with the county commissioners at the court house.

FOR SALE - Cash or on time: one of my sorrel driving mares, one light double buggy harness, and one two seated canopy top buggy. Edwin, C. Wilson, Worthington.

Leander Swanson a brother of our former townsmen Elof and August Swanson now of Pillager is visiting friends in the village, stopping off here for a few day on his way from Nebraska to Minneapolis.

A few friends tendered Jay Wolven a surprise party Tuesday night. Jay expects to leave us in a short time to take a trip to Colorado and Utah, and his friends took this means of bidding him farewell. The time was spent in playing cards and pulling taffy. The taffy was pretty nifty, alright.

Mrs. J.C. Sims of Sheldon visited here the past week with friends.

R.B. Morris returned the first of the week from a trip to Storm Lake, Iowa.

E.L. Pardee, the genial traveling passenger agent of the Omaha road was a visitor here Thursday.

At the Presbyterian congregational meeting, held last week Thursday evening, Will Chaney and Ira DeBoer were elected elders and E.A. Tripp and J.G. Mitchell, trustees.

Hail insurance in Old line or Mutual Company, also agent for the Wilmont Mutual Farm Ins. Co. and the Farmers Home Mutual Tornado Ins. Co. --S. Kindlund.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational church will give their monthly tea at the home of Mrs. J.D. Matteson Friday afternoon, April 21, from 3 to 6 o'clock. A cordial welcome is extended to all.

On April 12th, in Worthington, A.S. Jackson, of Pipestone and Mary R. Mikelsen, of S. Dakota were married, Rev. C.F. Bronson, officiating. They were attended by George Eggleston and Miss Alta King, both of this city.

Friday, April 21, 1905


Mrs. Desdemona Yates died Friday April 14th at 4 a.m. of old age. She was born in Vermont and was a daughter of John Pierce of New York.  She married J. Yates, who is still living. Deceased was 82 years old at the time of her death. The funeral was held Sunday and the body was shipped to New Ulm for burial.


Mrs. Lillie A. Gregg died Wednesday, April 19th at two p.m., aged 44 years, after a two days illness of diptheria. She and her husband Dan Gregg arrived about two weeks ago from Iowa to be present at John Sharp's bedside, Mr. Sharp being her father. She was born in Tama county, Iowa, and her body was shipped to Hawarden, Iowa, for burial.


Jack Richards made a trip to Sioux City Sunday.

S.S. Smith left Saturday morning for a trip to Minneapolis.

G.W. Lear returned Friday from a visit with friends in Sioux Falls.

E.K. Smith is now occupying the house formerly occupied by H. Peter Lewis.

E.H. Nicholas made a trip to Minneapolis, last week leaving Friday morning.

Geo. O. Sclegel, cashier of the Farmer's Bank of Fulda was in town Friday.

E.K. Smith has been called for the United States grand jury to be held at Mankato next week.

Died -- Saturday the 15th, an infant child of S.J. Anderson. Funeral was held Monday.

Chris Hanson went to Rushmore Monday where he was called by the serious illness of his aunt.

J.P. Biltgen is again home after a trip to Germany and an extended visit near the Twin Cities.

Dr. Gholz left Tuesday night for Pasadena California where he was called because of the serious illness of his mother.

Jud Matteson was the winner of the large phonograph raffled off last Saturday by T.A. Palmer. No. 3 drew the prize.

Sam Eide, whose home is about three miles west of Brewster, has departed for parts unknown, leaving a large family behind.

R.L. Morland returned Sunday from a meeting of the State Board of Pharmacy, held at Minneapolis.

The Ladies of the W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. Vall on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Let there be good attendance.

The W.R.C. will give a supper and hold a sale of different articles G.A.R. hall on Saturday evening, April 22. All are cordially invited.

Art Lundgren went to St. Paul last Friday morning to take the civil service examination for railway mail clerk. He returned Sunday afternoon.

Mr. VanValkenberg and children, of New Castle, Col., passed thru here last week enroute to Winnebago City. He visited here with his brother-in-laws Geo. Hurd, and Will Stoutemyer.

The regular monthly meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church will be held at the home of Miss Julia Chaney on Wednesday afternoon, April 26 at three o'clock.

Rev. Bronson has rented the Myer place formerly occupied by James Ramage.

Miss Lulu Thompson of Sioux Falls, has been visiting with friends here the past week.

Mrs. Grant Morrison returned last week from California where she spent the winter.

Miss Ada Montgomery, of Wilmont, visited her a few days this week with Miss Smallwood.

A.C. Hedberg intends to move his family to Mankato before the first of next month and has rented his residence to J.G. Mitchell.

Arthur Moritz, stenographer for C.M. Crandall, left Friday night for a visit in St. Paul. He returned here again Wednesday.

James Ramage has erected a boat house in Carpenter's bay and will keep a canoe and rowboat there.

Mrs. C.J. Smallwood received word this week that her cousin, Samuel Gibson, was dead. He formerly resided here but was living at Northbranch at the time of his death.

Miss Pearl Drake, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Drake, former residents of Worthington, but now residing at 2011 Willow Ave Minneapolis, was married Thursday evening, April 6th to Leonard B. Mason, also of Minneapolis. They will be at home after May 1st, 1905, at Wheeling West Virginia.


Indian Lake.

The Ladies Aid society of the Baptist church held an auction last Tuesday evening with Chris. Saxon as auctioneer. The celebrated Indian Lake Orchestra under the musical direction of Chris Salmonson, rendered several fine selections. Rev. F. Palmberg read from the scripture and Chas. Saxon made an introductory speech. The affair was well carried out and the ladies were pleased with results.

E.A. Eklund was a county seat visitor the 31st. He called on druggist Hickman and said that his Rocky Mountain Tea was as good as ever.

Chas. Nyberg has recovered from his recent illness.

Roy Anderson still attends to his business interest in Worthington.

Alfred Larson and Andrew Johnson of Round Lake went to Worthington last Wednesday.

Miss Jossie Thompson is a graduate of Pillsbery Academy of Music and is an accomplished mandolinist. She is a member of the Indian Lake Orchestra and says she would like to give lessons.


P. Brubaker was a visitor at the Diehl home Tuesday.

O.F. Johnson was a business visitor to the county seat Tuesday.

L.D. Fancher and R.J. Jones and their wives drove to Worthington Monday afternoon.

Monday morning as Mrs. F.J. Wilcox was doing her house work she discovered that the dwelling of S. Wilcox was ablaze. She quickly notified her husband and father-in-law, who were working near, and by prompt action on their part the fire was extinguished after burning a large hole in the roof of the kitchen. The loss is covered by a policy in the Wilmont Mutual Fire Insurance and on Tuesday an adjuster called and made settlement.

G.T. Bulick and James Baird transacted business with county seat people Monday.

Maurice Ronan attended to business matters at Iona Tuesday and Wednesday.

C.F. Martin is erecting a barn the dimensions of which are 26x42, 18 footpost, Uphoff and Hawkins are doing the work.

J.M. Kimmel has rock on the ground for the foundation of a new dwelling which he will erect during the summer.

On next Sunday Rev. Christianson will preach his farewell sermon, he having accepted a call from the church at Castlewood, S.D. where he will enter upon his duties May 1st.

The Ladies Aid Society met at the home of Mrs. Eggleston Wednesday.

N.G. Bylander and wife returned the last of last week from a visit with relatives in Minneapolis. They report a very enjoyable trip.

Friday, April 28, 1905

Whist Club

The Saturday Night Whist Club spent another very pleasant evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore, at their home on 3rd avenue, Saturday evening April 22.

The roll was called by secretary at 8:30 and nearly all the members were present and the game started immediately.

The time past very quickly and almost before they were aware of it, it was 10:30. Then came the awarding of prizes. Mr. Ramage made the rounds and found that Miss Allen and H.B. Lear were the contestants for the first prize and Miss Glassoe, Miss Plotts and Mr. Hobson for the consolation prize.

The contestants then cut the cards. Miss Allen winning first prize while Miss Glassoe won the consolation prize. Refreshments were then served and which consisted of rolls, coffee and sherbet which every one enjoyed.

After the lunch the secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and the usual business was attended to.

The next meeting, which will be the last one of this season, will be held at the home of Dr. Dodge and wife. It [w]as voted to have a banquet after usual game.

Local News

C.W.W. Dow made a trip to Brewster Monday.

Miss Mabel Bryden of Rushmore, passed thru here Monday.

Mrs. J.D. Matteson left Sunday night for a trip to the cities and also to Faribault.

Barton Goodrich has recovered sufficiently from his recent illness to be able to sit up.

Mrs. Fred Goff and daughter, left Thursday morning to visit her sister, Mrs. Mason of Minneapolis.

Miss Mary Moberly who is teaching at Wilmont, spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother.

Miss Richie Maxwell left Tuesday to attend the Sunday school convention at Owatonna this week.

Lewis Jones, of Mitchell, passed thru here Friday from the "U" on his way home to spend Sunday.

MARRIED -- April 22, H.W. Eggleston and Alice Chamberlain. Mr. Eggleston is employed at the electric light plant here.

Will Humiston returned Sunday from Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he has been staying the last three weeks, for his health.

Miss Bulick, of Reading, passed thru here Tuesday enroute for the State Sunday school convention to be held at Owatonna this week.

Messrs. Thom and Baird, of Rushmore, passed thru here Tuesday enroute for Owatonna where they will attend the Sunday school convention.

Art Lundgren, Joe Franck, and Mr. McCartney left Monday night for Mankato where they were summoned in connection with the Muck case.

Rev. Carver of Luverne, visited the forepart of the week with Rev. Lanham and they left Tuesday morning to attend a special meeting of the Presbytery at Windom.

Dana Murdock won at Lewiston oratorical contest in the Lewiston high school last week, and represents that school in east Washington and North Idaho, high school contest at Pullman, May 12.

Monday evening a reception was tendered A.C. Hedberg and family and Mrs. Sanford at the Baptist church. Mrs. Sanford and son, left Monday for Seattle where they will make their future home. Mr. Hedberg will move his family in a short time to Mankato. Refreshments were served and all had a good time.

The Smith Implement Co. and R.U. Hattenhauer have on the way an outfit for fitting vehicles with solid or cushion rubber tires. Those wishing anything in this line can now get good equipment promptly at home without the delay and expense of sending to the cities as heretofore.

Miss Jaastad spent Sunday in Rushmore, visiting friends.

James Gibson is moving into the Hardo house on 6th avenue.

Miss Nellie Plotts is now clerking for F.A. Torrance and Son.

Miss Lackey, of Brewster, is now an apprentice with Miss Fahy.

Mrs. Luehr, and daughter, Minnie left Tuesday for a visit at Mountain Lake.

Synkerson the painter, made a trip to Brewster the first of the week.

Martin Levine and Will Bartlett made a trip to Round Lake last week.

Lee Shell has returned home from the cities and expects to spend the summer here.

Miss Hawes, who has been visiting here the past week, left for her home in Luverne Wednesday.

The corner shoe store run by A.W. Fagerstrom, and Co., is being painted and the interior fitted up.

Steve Muck was given six months in the state reformatory for robbing the letter boxes in the post office in Worthington.

DIED -- April 22, Miss Effa Gorrie, a nine year old daughter of Andrew Gorrie, died of appendicitis. The funeral was held April 23rd.

J.H. James and wife of Minneapolis passed thru here Wednesday enroute to Adrian. They reported the Douglass family as being in good health.

W.M. Evans and family returned Monday from Gowrie Ia. Mrs. Evans was returning from California and Miss Helen Evans, sister of Wallace Evans, returned with her.



Rohan Bros. shipped a car of hogs to Sioux City Tuesday.

Misses Effie Bulick and Lulu Baker left Monday evening for Owatonna to attend the State Sunday School Convention. They went as delegates from the Sunday school at this place.

O.H. Hawkins was a business visitor to the county seat Monday.

N. Long came over from Luverne the forepart of the week to make some improvement on his farm east of town.

John Baird drove to Worthington Monday afternoon.

The ladies aid society will meet with Mrs. Jones next week.

A family reunion was held at the home of G.T. Bulick last Sunday.

L.D. Fancher, R.J. Jones, and wives and Miss Rika Johnson attended church at Worthington last Sunday evening.

F.E. Eggleston is building a large addition to his livery barn, greatly increasing its capacity.

Albert Bogard hove into town Tuesday for a visit with old friends. He is at present located in the northern part of the state.

One day last week as Miss Alma Bylander was riding a horse, she was thrown violently to the ground breaking one of her arms about two inches above the elbow. She was immediately taken to Worthington, where Dr. Humiston reduced the fracture and the injured member is rapidly recovering.

Indian Lake

Miss Anna Johnson left last Saturday for her home at Sioux Falls after a weeks visit with friends.

A prairie fire on section thirty three destroyed about fifty tons of hay, the heaviest loser being Rob Abbott, who lost four fine sacks.

Carl Palmborg left last Monday for Round Lake where he will work at the carpenters trade.

Henry Haggard made another shipment of fat cattle last Saturday.

Miss Socelia Billstene returned last Saturday from a few months visit in Iowa.

R.T. Clark from near Ocheyedan spent Saturday and Sunday with friends.

David Larson and George Olund attended the ball game at Adrian last Saturday.

Miss Esther Peterson left Saturday for her home at Sioux Falls.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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