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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 November, 1898

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Friday, November 17, 1898

J.D. Humiston unloaded a carload of wagons, last week.
Miss Nona Turner left on Tuesday to join her parents, at Lakefield.
R.L. Morland is in the cities this week.
A.H. Drake made a trip to Heron Lake Tuesday.
A. Russell visited Minneapolis the first of the week.
Geo. Lewis is building a new house in Clary addition.
Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Thompson, Oct. 31, a girl.
Mrs. Geo. Darby came over from Adrian, yesterday.
Mr. Wetherell now occupies the residence of F.F. Cross.
Henry Aple and wife of Elk, are visiting relatives at Slayton.
Adolph Amondson made a trip to Minneapolis during the past week.
Ole Langseth has moved his family into the Wilson house on 10th st.
J.D. Humiston received a power corn sheller for John Ryan this week.
Miss Jennie Anton is visiting with Rev. Dreagor at Pipestone, over Sunday.
Attorney E.J. Jones, of Adrian, was in town the latter part of last week.
Bert Selby is now located at Camp Ship, Ala., and is enjoying good health.
J. Levine went to Chicago this week to purchase a new stock of clothing.
Miss Stella Cunningham returned Saturday from a visit with her sister in Minneapolis.
Miss Bertha Graves, of Ransom, visited over Saturday and Sunday with Miss Jennie Beckley.
Frank Schmidt, on the Anton farm reports, that his corn is yielding from 50 to 60 bushel per acre.
John James has purchased the Stryker house opposite the park and will repair it next summer for living purposes.
Mrs. J.F. Austin and Mrs. L.B. Wolfe and family left Wednesday for Heron Lake where they will reside permanently.
Lost -- A shawl between Fred Harding's and John Coyer's place, last Saturday. Finder please notify Wm. McLean or this office.
John Kortlever, residing on the Milo DeWolf old farm, is figuring on going to Washington territory to locate this winter. --Signal, Bigelow.
J.K. Turner and family moved to Lakefield, this week where they will make their future home. John remains on the farm in this county.
The W.R.C. will serve their monthly tea at the home of Mrs. John Fitch on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 18. All are very cordially invited.
Rev. C.F. Bronson will hold services in the Baptist church next Sunday giving a five minute talk to the children at the opening of morning service.
Marriage licenses were issued last Thursday to John Garvey and Theresa Quine, Monday to John Schwitzer and Margaret Klinkhammer, by Clerk Stevens.
Mr. McKeever, last week was informed of the death of his mother at Monunk, Ill. She was eighty years of age and her death was largely due to her advanced age.
Chas. Saxon, of Indian Lake recently discovered that he had a curiosity among his herd of hogs, one of them having seven distinct feet, four in front and three behind.
E.W. Sinnett and family leave the latter part of this week for Council Bluffs where he enters the service of his father-in-law, J.L. Williamson, in an electrical treatment institute.
T.W. Selby and wife leave this morning for McMinville, Tenn., where they go on account of Mrs. Selby's health. They expect to be there until spring at least, before returning here.
In the fire at Heron Lake last Thursday a tow mill owned by J.T. Smith, was consumed, together with the stock yard and three box cars. The fire was caused by the friction of two pulleys.
Corporal Fred Norman who has granted a 30 day's furlough from the army, and who has been spending a week here visiting friends and relatives, left Thursday for Eureka Springs, Mo., where his mother and grandparents reside.

Friday, November 24, 1898

[NOTE: In the process of obtaining the following articles, I neglected to determine where the articles for the December 1, 1898 issue started. Therefore, I do not know where Nov 24 leaves off and Dec 1 begins. I'm very sorry about that.]
Court Adjourned.
The case of the State vs. Mulroy and Burns went to the jury Thursday night after being before the court two days. The jury arrived at a verdict after midnight returning a sealed verdict, which found Ed. Mulroy and John Burns guilty of assault in the third degree, with a recommendation in the sentence of the latter.
The case of the State vs. Poppin charged with larceny of wheat from John Marr was taken up Friday morning, nearly the whole panel of jury being examined to secure a jury. The jury arrived at verdict Saturday afternoon being that of guilty.
James Kern, for stealing a watch from Chas. Lutner, was sentenced to five months in State's Prison.
Howard Reeves, for illegal voting, was released on his own recognizance under a personal bond of $100.
Ed. Mulroy for assaulting Jas. Berning, was fined $100 or ninety days in the county jail. The fine was paid.
John Burns for the same offense, was fined $50, or 60 days in the county jail. Fine was paid.
John Poppin, for stealing wheat, was committed to the custody of the sheriff to await further orders of the court.
Case of Arden vs. Cox dismissed, also the case of Rohrer vs. Alexander.
State vs. Crystal, will be tried at the adjourned term.
Papers were taken out by Peter A. Anderson, Peter Peterson and Andrew S. Johnson.
Frank Hovey is very sick.
Jos. Ostrom, of Adrian, was in the city Sunday.
Mrs. G.R. Curran is visiting relatives in Minneapolis.
Frank Hovey has been on the sick list for the past week.
Fred Childs is now employed in the Worthington mill.
Aug. Paulson is now employed in the store of C.L. Peterson.
Tug Libaire, of Adrian, was in the city, the latter part of last week.
M.H. Damon returned from a trip to his farm at Sheldon, Monday.
Mrs. Wilson Aull left on Monday, for a visit at St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Mrs. A.R. Albertus is spending Thanksgiving with parents at Jackson.
Roi B. Tibbets will hold services at the M.E. church Heron Lake Sunday.
Fred Wall, who has spent the summer in Colorado, returned home Monday.
Mrs. Jas. Cowin, of Adrian, spent Sunday with her brother R.W. Moberly.
Palm Bros. sell school supplies. A solid white oak desk, the best on the market.
Mrs. Chas. Glattly attended the National W.C.T.U. meeting at St. Paul last week.
Lost, a black and white pointer pup, six months old. Finder notify Frank Wood or this office.
Mrs. Emily Tripp of Granite, Ia., was the guest of her son, Auditor E.A. Tripp during the past week.
Harry Allen returned to Worthington last Thursday from California. He does not think very much of that state.
W.C.T.U. meeting at Mrs. John Ramage' Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, subject, "Scientific Temperance."
A dancing party was given at the home of Mrs. Edgar, a few miles from town Friday evening, and a very pleasant time enjoyed.
J.H. Cunningham and wife, of Graham Lakes, left here last Thursday for California where they will stay until spring. He has a fruit farm in that state.
F.F. Cross and family left Monday morning over the Burlington, for California where they will make their future home. They will stop and visit Mrs. Cross' brother at St. Louis, enroute. Miss Barry accompanied them.
Misses. Cowin and Becker, of Adrian, came over Saturday for a visit with Miss Annesson. Miss Becker returned the same day and Miss Cowin spent Sunday here.
J.R. Sammoness, formerly a resident of this county but now of Murray county, passed through here last Thursday, on his way home from a trip to Iowa, accompanied by his daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Cunningham left today for Fair Oaks, Cal., to spend the winter. They own some property at that place and have been spending the winters there for the past two or three years. --Kinbrae Herald.
Thos. Tierney has opened a restaurant and bakery in the Davis building on 2nd ave. He will keep on hand a full supply of bakery goods and serve meals at all hours, including the night. Will also have a private dining room.
D.E. Moffat and Mr. Barnes, of Worthington, visited Mr. Moffat's sister, one of our efficient teachers, Saturday...Thos. S. Lowry, formerly of Rushmore, Nobles Co., moved onto a farm in Fenton township last month. -- Herald, Slayton.
A.C. Hedberg is using, and is agent for a new style of light, which if successful, promises to superceed anything in that line not excepting the electric light. The lamp burns gasoline, and has a power of 100 candles, equal to 6 lights of the electric pattern, and can be burned at a trifling expense.
A farewell reception was tendered Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Sinnett at the home of A.T. Latta, last Wednesday evening by the members of the Epworth League. This society will greatly Miss his couple as they were faithful and earnest workers; they also leave a large circle of friends outside of church circle.
Edward Nelson and Miss Tillie Dahlberg were married at the M.E. parsonage yesterday, and a reception was held at the groom's residence east of town in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson will leave at once for Colorado to spend the winter. They have many friends who will wish them much happiness. --Rushmore Corp., Democrat, Adrian.
Dan Sutherland returned to this place last week entirely recovered in health and if he obtains a lucrative position will again take up his residence here. While away he has been at Seattle, Wash. He likes that country first rate, but to obtain employment without the assistance of influential friends, is out of the question. Mrs. Sutherland remains in Seattle until he gets located.
Mrs. F.C. Turner is quite sick.
Mrs. W.J. O'Conner spent Sunday in St. Paul.
Miss Bertha Schmidte left on Monday for Kasota.
Newton Fauskee took James Kerr to Stillwater Monday.
Mrs. McKenzie, of Glencoe is a guest of Mrs. F.C. Brace.
Peter Thompson went to Wisconsin Monday to visit his mother.
Rev. C.F. Bronson will hold services in the Baptist Church Sunday.
Wm. Perry, wife and children are the guests of R. Prideaux and family.
Geo. Hovey is improving very slowly but is not able to do anything yet.
A few friends gathered at the home of A. Schmidt Sunday evening enjoying a pleasant time.
G.M. Gulbranson, of the Republican, Red Wing, was a guest of Frank Hickman over Sunday.
Dr. J.N. Gould and wife left Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving at Fairmont. He will return Friday.
The XIX Century club will meet with Mrs. E.L. Porter, next Monday afternoon, Mrs. Ray Humiston leader.
Mrs. William Hasting returned home last Saturday from a three month visit relatives and friends in Pennsylvania and Illinois.
Fred Bomboy intends moving to Sherburne. During his residence here himself and wife made many friends who will wish them success in the new location.
(Too late for last week)
Robt. Wardman is shipping his threshing machine home to Marshall Co., Ia.
A.F. Diehn is building a large addition to his store.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker drove to Lakefield last Monday.
Mrs. Lloyd Morgan is staying with her mother, Mrs. Bass who is very ill.
Chas. Northrop and family drove to the county seat Tuesday.
Rev. Wilson Aull, of Worthington, will conduct Thanksgiving service on the evening the 24th.
The census under the auspices of the county S.S. Association was observed the 15th.
Pete Nelson is going work for Erickson all winter.
Mr. Moffatt has sold his farm to a fellow by the name of Jacobson.
We learn that Mr. and Mrs. John McNab is the happy parents of a baby boy.
Mr. Bushel was in town last week on business.
A social will be given (to benefit for a children Christmas tree) at the home of Wm. Nelson Saturday evening Dec. 3 everybody invited.
Rev. Myhre Will holds services Sunday morning, Dec. 4th.
Suicide at Adrian.
Hubert Gerardy, aged about 40 years committed suicide at Adrian Sunday night by hanging.
He was found in the barn of John Meyers who returned from Ellsworth about 12 o'clock that night. Both the men kept their horses in Coleman House barn where the suicide was found. When Myers first discovered the man he was frightened at the sight.
Coroner Plotts was called there Monday and found that the suicide took a strap, forming a noose by tying it to one of the steps of a ladder built on the side of the barn about seven feet from the floor and placed his head through the noose about four feet from the floor, leaning forward with his left arm above his head against the ladder brought about the strangulation.
Cause of action is difficult to say. He apparently had been in good health. Was a man of a family but they were not living together.
Mrs. G.H. Alford is visiting in LeMars.
Carl Palm has been on the sick the past week.
Lee Shell left yesterday for a visit at Minneapolis.
Chas. Larson, of Indian Lake is building a barn.
Rod. Hecox is clerking in the drugstore of R.L. Morland.
Mrs. Susan Ditty left last Saturday for Vernon Center.
Dan Sutherland is back in his old position with Oliver & Madison.
Willie Merwin is now the "whole thing" at the pop corn exchange.
W.W. Loveless has received over half a ton of candy for the holidays.
Henry Bloom, having finished threshing is back in his shop again.
Eugene Beckley of Sheldon, spent Thanksgiving day with relatives here.
Fred Olson, the blacksmith, has been on the sick list for the past two weeks.
Dr. Thompson has purchased the Day property opposite the Sheriff's residence.
M. Crowley and family, of Storm Lake, Ia., visited with Deal Bros. the past week.
Mrs. Limbert, of Omaha, is visiting relatives here, her mother and E.K. Smith and family.
L.G. Benedict and family moved to Little Cedar, Ia. yesterday, to make their future home.
John Nelson has sold his house in the Clary Addition to Herman Leistico. He will live there until spring.
Miss Rose A. Bateman was recently elected secretary of the senior class of Milwaukee, Wis., Osteopath Institute.
Chas. Glattly spent Sunday in this city, the guest of his sister. He is now at work on a well near Currie. --Herald, Slayton.
Ira Sowles was before Squire Hildreth, Friday for assaulting Stephen Naylor. He plead guilty and was fined $5 and costs.
C.J. Hedwak of Minneapolis was in town this week, establishing S. Kindlund as agent of the Swea Ins. Co., of Gothenburg.
Rev. C.T. Bronson will preach both morning and evening next Sunday in the G.A.R. hall. The evening sermon will be illustrated with charcoal sketches.
Misses Gertie and Kate Oliver who spent Thanksgiving and the latter part of last week visiting relatives here, returning to their home in Minneapolis, Sunday.
Harry Tripp departed on Friday evening enroute for Rochester, this state where he had another operation on his leg made Saturday. Report comes that he is getting as well as can be expected. --Round Lake Graphic.
Jas. Hazard left last week Wednesday for Portland, Me., where he takes the ocean boat Numidian of the Allen Line for a visit at his old home near Liverpool, England. Tickets were purchased through S. Kindlund.
Nels Haberstad left last week Wednesday for Portland, Me., where he takes the Allen Line boat Numidan for Liverpool, and then to his old home near Christiania, Norway, where he expects to remain. Tickets were secured through S. Kindlund.
It is reported that Miss Kate Hovey has been called home from Little Falls where she is teaching school on account of the illness of her father, Frank Hovey.
Wm. Bebensee, residing on the banks of the Ocheydan, says the muskrats have made their winter houses in deep water this winter. This is one of the never fail signs, that when these animals go into deep water and make deep holes for the winter, a cold winter can be looked for.
B. Goodrich returned Saturday from a week's trip in Iowa for some cattle. He brought from near Traer fourteen head of short horn Durhams, most of them young heifers, E.A. Tripp will have part of the number of the number. This kind of stock is becoming established in this county now and is proving the best for the farmer to have, for all purposes.
The Northwestern Telephone Co. have established their station here, in the local exchange office, the connections being made Monday and now anyone having an instrument can use the long distance line without leaving their office or residence. This result is due to the enterprise of Mr. Smallwood, first in putting long distance instruments in his local service, and then taking the matter up with the other people. This is a privilege seldom granted and no information is at hand that it has ever been done before.
The drugstore, under the management of Miss Plotts, was never in neater shape than now. Everything is as neat as was and the goods are nicely arranged....C.W.W. Dow and Mr. Dewey of Rushmore were guests of the Central House Saturday night. They were looking after a horse stolen from Mr. Dewey some time ago. Mr. Dow is a pretty good detective and has already located the thief, but wants to find the horse to serve as a connecting link and make sure of convicting the thief when he goes for him. --Ellsworth News.
S.S. Bailey, of Sheldon, Ia., was in town Tuesday.
Neil Norman is employed in the Worthington Hotel barber shop.
Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Jenkins Monday Nov. 29, a daughter.
F. Hansberger has placed a new organ in the home of Robert Klessic.
John Hall of Iowa has purchased the Haley farm in Hersey township.
Mrs. Morrill, of Sheldon, spent Thanksgiving with her daughter, Mrs. John Ramage.
Miss Carrie Dayton has been confined to the house the past week with a sprained knee.
Carl Johnson, left Tuesday for Wilder, where he will take a business course in the college.
Mrs. Jas. Sutherland, of Sioux City, spent Thanksgiving with her parents, B. Goodrich and wife.
Peter Jacobson of Hallen Co. Ia. has purchased John Moffats half section farm in Hersey township.
M.H. Damon placed a new ice boat on the lake last week and Mr. Wolven also has his a running.
G.E. Mackinson and wife, of Sibley, spent Thanksgiving in Worthington, the guests of Wm. Hastings and wife.
The family of W.J. Parry left Monday for Minneapolis to join Mr. Parry who is manager of a musical academy there.
The Rapid Transit Co. will build a double toboggan slide on the lake shore soon, and an ice rink will also be fixed on the lake. J.S. Firth expected to leave here yesterday accompanied by Henry Nelson and another party overland for Pillager Cass Co.
Mrs. Thom, of Omaha, who has been visiting relatives, E.K. Smith and family and mother, returned to her home last Saturday.
Married -- John Thomas Milton and Ida Francis Dow, Thursday, Nov. 24, 1898, Rev. Putman officiating. The bride is a daughter of Judge Dow of Ransom. Their many friends joined by this family Journal extend hearty congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Trumbull are having more than their share of afflictions this week. Monday their little girl died with diphtheria, yesterday their youngest son was taken down with the same disease. His case is not yet serious. --Kinbrae Herald.
Married -- Chas V. Ramsey and Amelia L. Filk Monday evening Nov 28th Justice Schechter officiating. The ceremony took place at the resi- [sic] of Fred Filk near Org, witnessed by only a few friends, after the ceremony a dance was held. The newly married couple will leave this week to take up their home at Badger in Roseau Co. next to the Canadian line.
Monday evening the Workmen elected the following officers for the ensuing year: A.H. Clark, M.W.; S.A. Harding, Fore; Svante Kall, Overseer; Geo. Weidman, Rec; H. Hawley, Fin; R.B. Plotts, Receiver; R.A. Firth, Guide; C.L. Crozier, I.W; P.J. Larson, O.W.; R.F. Baker, Trustee and J.J. Bingham, Janitor.
Miss Delia Wood is very sick.
Carl Anderson is able to be up.
C. Bloom is quite sick with cold on his lungs.
W.J. Parry, of Minneapolis, was in town Monday.
John Mackay made a trip to Lake Park Wednesday.
John Flynn has opened up a law office at Ellsworth.
Peter Nelson of Brewster has moved to Worthington.
Mrs. J.C. Durfee returned home last week Wednesday.
J.D. Humiston returned Tuesday from a trip to the cities.
F.C. Brace has a fine new line of sterling silver novelties.
Miss Della Anderson left on Tuesday for a visit at Sioux Falls.
Mrs. H.H. Smith left Tuesday for her future home at Stewart, Minn.
S. Kindlund has moved his office into the Peter Thompson building.
Tho. Haley left last week Saturday for Colorado, to look that country over.
Chas Graves of Franklin Ind. is the guest of his brother W.M. Graves.
J.W. Stearns of Avoca a former Nobles Co. farmer visited here Monday.
The youngest child of James Mackay's has been very sick the past week.
W. Ager received another hog of the O.I.C. breed, from Iowa, this week.
Albert James is making improvements on the lot recently purchased in town.
Jacob S. Gerdes of Minonk Ill. has purchased the A.P. Darling farm in Elk and Hersey tps.
It is reported that J.J. Parsons would organize a literary society in his school district last night.
Try the new barber shop and bath room, it may do you good. E.E. Dayton, Prop.
G.G. Doeden made a trip to Adrian last Friday evening. He says Mrs. Darby is doing a good business.
Mangus Swedburg left on Tuesday for Pillager, Cass Co. He was joined here by a party named Hanson from Rock Rapids.
Mrs. A.E. Jones left last week for her home in St. Paul after a few weeks' visit with parents, E.R. Humiston.
Married -- Leonhard Busch and Mathilda Dierks of Nobles county, at Fulda Sunday Dec. 4th Theo Schuleter officiating.
C.H. Alford is putting up the toboggan slide and expects to have it completed this week. It is about 25 feet high and 115 feet long.
All members and their families of M.W.A. are invited to a reception given to neighbor B.T. Montgomery, Friday evening, December 9th.
Mrs. F. Hovey and daughter, Kate and Mr. Hovey's sister, of Topeka, Kan., are visiting with friends and relatives at Rushmore this week.
Last week Wednesday evening the I.O.O.F. elected the following officers: N.G., L.H. Hawkins; V.G., W. McBride; Treas., Svante Kall; Sec. E.W. Goff.
J.M. Johnson, of Round Lake, made this office a pleasant call one day last week. He says their new school house is ready for occupancy and it is one to be proud of.
From a letter to an Advance reporter it is learned that Dan Fish residing at Oak Hill had the misfortune to break one of his legs by a log rolling on it.
Harry Tripp returned Tuesday night from Rochester feeling much better. While there, two pieces of his leg were taken off, before the sound bone was located.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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