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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 January, 1897

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January, 1897


G.S. Dean of Worthington was a Seward visitor last week. 

James Vail returned to school at Hamline University on Monday. 

Mrs. Meyers and daughter, Winnie, are visiting with W.C. Meyers. 

On Wednesday night, Dec. 30 at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs W.H. Booth, occured the marriage of Mr. Ora S. Vail and Miss Minnie M. Booth. The bride is an estimable young lady and has the respescet of all who know her. The groom is the son of J.P. Vail; he graduated from Hamiline University last June and is now teaching at Windom where they go to make their home. May they have a pleasant and prosperous voyage through life. 

Lydia Estes began school again on Monday. 

Nina Baxter of Worthington has returned to J.P. Vail's 

Rumor says that a "blind pig" is conducted in Seward. Some one might do well to investigate.

(Note: A "Blind Pig" is an illegal place to consume alchohol) 

Frank Gardner, who has been in Minnesota the past year, returned to his home near Richland Center, Wis. last Thursday. 

Wm. Shanks, Wm. Busse and T.H. Thompson are among the number from Seward attending court this week. 


Arthur Smith was in town last Wednesday. 

Miss Ettie Miller was visitng friends in Brewster last week. 

Miss Emma Long, of Iowa, is visiting friends in Jackson Co. 

Mr. T and Miss E. Kaufman are attending school at Wilder. 

Nellie Hoffman came home last week, Wednesday, after visiting friends in Ia. 

Hannah Oleson left for Jackson last Monday, where she will attend school this winter. 

The party at H. Oleson's was attended by a number of the young folks and all report a good time. 

John and Katie McCarvel returned home last Wednesday after visiting relatives and friends in Ia. 

Round Lake 

Messrs. Seeley and Reilly are putting up ice. 

O.C. Northrop drove to Worthington Thursday. 

Frank Burdett and John Martin drove to Worthington Saturday. 

Mrs. H.C. Carter went to Worthington Wednesday and returned Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Edwards returned from their visit at Larchwood last week. 


Mr. Bickley visited Worthington Saturday and Sunday. 

John Brothers have built a corn crib and are now prepared to buy corn. 

Mrs. G.A. Anderson, of Iona, visited friends here a couple of days last week. 

Quite a heavy rain storm visited this section of the country on the afternoon and evening of Dec. 31. 

Rev. Snell is suffering from a severe cold and the evening meetings here have been postponed for a few evenings. 

There are two or three parties in town who seem to be quite anxious as to know how the postoffice is to be disposed of. 

Frank Nimbafrow has bought Gus Hanson's barber shop and confectionary stand. Mr. Hanson will remain until February. 

There was no services at the M.E. church Sunday morning or evening on account of the severe storm and illness of Rev. Snell. 

Mrs. and Miss Hancock were snowed in at Fulda. Mr. Bickley was prevented by the blizzard from getting home Saturday as he expected. 


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