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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 February, 1897

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February 25, 1897

Dr. Clark made a trip to Sibley Tuesday evening. 

H.M. Palm has been on the sick list for the past week 

Eile and Cecil Blair have been on the sick list the past weekl 

B.T. McChesney of Brewster was in town a few hours Monday. 

Mr and Mrs J.P. Vail of Seward was in town last Thursday. 

The county commissioners will convene next week Tuesday. 

Miss Ada Putnam is having a severe attack of cold or lagrippe. 

Commissioner O'Hearn was a visitor at the county capital Tuesday. 

Chester and Miss Esther Harding spent Monday with their Bros. people. 

Sale of seats for John Dillon will open at Babcock's Drug Store, March 1st. 

Social Friday evening at the residence of W. Madison by the St. Hilda's Society. 

D.W. Chute and S.A. Harding are getting the rock on the ground for their dwellings. 

Mrs. Mary Brown of Ewington visited Mrs. Christianson and Waller from Friday to Sunday. 

Note the date of the expert and popular optician visit here to assist those with defective sight. 

If you recieve a sample copy of the Advance consider it a invatation to become a subscriber. 

C.H. Babcock and wife and Miss Ethel Oakes, attended a Washington birthday party at Adrian, Monday evening. 

Eld. Tobias Myers of Sheldon, Ia. is visiting this week with the families of Rev. Hilary and J.J. Schechter in Elk twp. 

Miss Fanie Hendricks, Miss Helen Ludlow, Miss Maud Wolfe were out for a visit with Miss Esther Harding last week. 

Nels Moberg returned Monday from Hot Springs, where he has been ?????? his brother Ed. who is now improving. 

Thomas Ward was recieved at Sheriff Andersons hotel from Adrian last week Thursday to serve a 60 days sentence for larceny. 

Mrs H.W. Fuqua and son Bert, returned home from Urbana, Ill. last Saturday. 

Little Hazel Power has the diptheria but is reported to be in a very mild form. 

Marriage licences were issued during the week to ??gebrigt Seljeth and Edith Olson. 

Mrs. W.W. Loveless will leave the last of this week for a visit with her sister at Mankato. 

Mrs. D.C. Holmes who has been suffering with pneumonia the past week, is improving. 

Nels Liefgreen of Bigelow purchased the material here for building an addition to his house. 

D. Mackay aged about 17 years was taken to St. Peter for treatment for a slight malady, last week. 

Ole Benson of Adrian stopped here Tuesday on his way from a visit with Langseth Bros. in Indian Lake. 

N.L. Langseth purchased lumber during the past week to erect a large dwelling house on his farm in Lorain. 

A. Greig of section 10 Olney township killed a male wolf this week and was in and obtained the reward. 

A party given at the house of J.F. Ulrich, four miles west of town, last Friday evening in honor of his sister, Miss Emma Ulrich. 

Mrs. F.G. Glasgow, Mrs J.A. Kennedy and Mrs. F.A. Stevens went to St. James Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. T.G. Nicholson. 

Over forty persons attended the "Necktie" social Feb 19th at Mrs. E.C. Wallers in Jackson county, the proceeds of which will go toward the purchase of a organ for the Union Sunday school. All declared they had a real good time. 

C.L. King of St.Paul while returning home from a visit with his son at Sioux City, became violently insane while on the train Monday and had to be removed at Windom. He stopped here over night enroute and those with whom he came in contact, thought he was slightly deranged. 

A social will be given at Sophia Lindquist school district No. 56 this week Friday evening to secure funds for establishing a school library. This is an excellent cause for promotion and the attendance should be large as the amount of the gathering will be doubled by the state. 

Mrs. L.V. Blair has been quite sick the past week. Miss Gertie, has closed her school so that she could be at home during her mothers illness. 

The tenth wedding anniversary known as the tin wedding, of J. Joynson was pleasantly enjoyed by a few of the neighbors gathering at the home of the happy couple and socially commemorating the occasion also presenting articles appropriate to the anniversary. 

The killing of a boy by a horse mentioned in our last week's issue proved to be only a serious accident. Last Tuesday evening a 13 year old son of Gus Erickson named Willie living in Elk township while attempting to go behind some horses in the barn  he slipped and fell, this frightened one of them so that it kicked and struck the boy in the forehead fracturing the skull. Dr. Thompson was summoned and he is now on the road to recovery but at one time the accident was considered fatal. 

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