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Lane-Blood Genealogy
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Thursday, October 4, 1923


Oscar F. Blood and family of Worthington, Minn., recently located on the Demarais place near Coleraine. Mr. Blood states that he has purchased a forty, but can't get possession for awhile, so has leased the Demarais place. At Worthington Mr. Blood conducted a business as domestic, sanitary and heating engineer. He stated that he might possibly open such an office here later. He has children attending the Greenway school.

Thursday, December 27, 1923


Oliver Baldwin was at Duluth on Christmas.

Mrs. Oscar Larson has been on the sick list for a few days.

F.E. Comstock made a business trip to Kelldier, Minn., Monday.

Walter Overman is at Rush City, where he went to spend Christmas.

Frank Fisk bought himself a Christmas gift - a brand new Ford Sedan.

Judge Bennett spent Christmas with his sister, Mrs. Vandewater, in Taconite.

Miss Hattie Blood went to La Porte Saturday to visit friends during the holidays.

Thursday, March 20, 1924


G.E. Haynes of Bovey went to Proctor Monday.

Dad Hancock of Marcell is visiting here. He is on the petit jury at the county seat.

Mrs. T.A. Frederick of Grand Rapids was a guest of Mrs. L.D. Lammon Sunday.

The James Gleason family is under quarantine, little Evelyn having a siege of scarlet fever.

Roy Lothrop went to Duluth Tuesday on business and to meet Mrs. Lothrop, who is returning from a visit with her parents at Watertown, Wis.

Roy Peterson of the Standard Oil Co., went down Wednesday to attend the annual sales convention of this cistrict at Duluth, which convenes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Gust Youngberg and Charles Lynn, mighty fishermen, were at King Lake Saturday. They brought home with them one pickeral that was 38 inches long and weighed 14 lbs and 3 ounces.

Art. Johnson of Taconite has an advertisement in this issue. He has made arrangements with the Oestreich Market-Grocery to handle his dairy products from his tuberculin tested herd.

Wm. Riley, Julius Bretahl, Henry Ducette and George Allison went out Sunday to visit at the Ducette and Larson camp on Brush Shanty Lake. There were fifteen that sat down to dinner at the camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Groatjohn left Saturday on a month's vacation trip to Farmington, Minn., and Iowa. They took with them their nieces, the two little Ducette children, who they will leave at Little Falls to visit their grandparents until their return.

Raymond Rippe of Minneapolis visited his father here on Saturday. On Sunday he, accompanied by Mrs. Rippe, Dr. Carson and Dr. Smith of Marble, drove to Minneapolis. Dr. Carson and Dr. Smith went down to get Dr. Carson's car, which was in a garage at St. Cloud. On Monday Mr. Rippe went down by train to get Mrs. Rippe and to drive back the car.

Rev. E.C. Mead is in Duluth this week on business.

Dr. J.T. Dowling drove to Duluth Friday, returning Saturday.

R. Elstad is moving into the house to be vacated by Paul Wolski.

Miss Elsie Schmaltz of Frazee is now employed at the Delicatessen bakery.

Miss Christana Jameson went to Onamia Tuesday to visit a sister for a day or so.

Miss Eva Gauthier visited from Wednesday until Saturday with her sister at Hibbing.

H.O. Newton and wife were both ill with tonsilitis and lagrippe the first of the week.

Court convened Tuesday at the county seat. Attorney A.M. Peterson was in attendance.

A.F. Deaton, local boiler maker, went to Brainerd Friday for a few days visit with his family.

Mr. Ball of Taconite was a Grand Rapids business visitor Tuesday, stopping off at Coleraine enroute.

Mr. James of Menaugha, Minn., an uncle of Glen James and Marvin Kidd, was a visitor in town Tuesday.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick of Hibbing is spending the week at her parents home here while Jim is employed at Nashwauk.

Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Haverkost and son, Theodore, and Miss Hattie Blood spent Sunday afternoon in Hibbing visiting Mrs. Ed. Husted.

Mrs. Ross Hancock, who is in the hospital at Grand Rapids is getting along very nicely. She will be out of the hospital in about two weeks.

The women say that they had a good time because they had no men along. They were Mrs. C.A. Carson, Mrs. Jake Allison, Mrs. C.J. Peterson and Miss Elizabeth Allison. They went out to the penninsula where they cooked their dinner and were the first party there of the season.

Miss Catherine Buggy is leaving this week for her home in Finlayson, Minn. Miss Buggy has been the very pleasant and efficient clerk employed at the Coleraine Mercantile. She came here when Mr. Murnik owned the store and Mr. Barber was manager, and has been with the store ever since, and this paper knows of no one that has more friends here.

Gust Visuri is building a new garage for his car.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beach of Marble attended the Ionic party last Friday evening.

Mrs. W.W. Hunter entertained a number of children at her home on Monday afternoon in honor of little Martha Wolski's seventh birthday anniversary.

Mrs. F.S. Fisk entertained twelve ladies at a sewing party at her home on Saturday afternoon. On Tuesday evening she was hostess to another group of ladies when four tables of bridge were played.

Next Monday, March 24, will be "DeLaval Service Day" at Peterson & Goodwin's store, Coleraine. Those owning DeLaval separators which need repairing will certainly do well to bring them in that day, since the service is rendered by a factory expert, absolutely free.

"Buddy" Olin, (Carl, Jr.) celebrated his seventh birthday by inviting some of his little friends in to supper on Friday evening. Those present were: James Phillips, Bobby and Wallace Fisk, Joseph Patnaude, Willard Hunter, Marita Wolski, Eleanor Warner, Stuart, Buddy and Jane Olin.

Real Estate Sale

The Bither Estate lands will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder during the latter part of May, next. Terms may be made with the Clerk of sale by responsible parties. The title to every piece is guaranteed perfect and same will be deeded to buyer with all taxes paid to date and entirely free of incumbrance.  INEZ M. BITHER.

Thursday, April 17, 1924


Mrs. Willis Porter entertained a few friends in honor of Mrs. Ed Husted on Tuesday evening.

Don't forget to have your glasses fitted by a member of Drs. Larson & Larson, Optometrist at Arcana hotel, April 17.

Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Haverkost and son, Theodore, and Miss Hattie Blood motored to Hibbing Sunday morning and brought Mrs. Ed Husted and son, Harold, back with them for a few days visit.

George Stevens and Dave McGeorge have been studying natural history out of school hours by running a line of traps this winter, meeting with considerable success. The boys caught seven mink, several weasels and 25 or 30 muskrats.

Homer Stevens, F.E. Comstock and one or two others are the proud owners of a certain fish house located on Prairie Lake. Mr. Comstock is reported to have selfishly carried off the laurels for the entire party. He speared one fish. The remainder got nothing.

All kinds of flowers and plants for sale at the J.H. Winger store on Saturday.

Mr. Snow of Minneapolis, an old friend of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Smith, is a guest this week at their home.

Mrs. Fred Barfus entertained ten ladies at a very pleasant sewing party at her home last Thursday evening.

Miss Lola Fern White is one of the few high school teachers spending her Easter vacation in Coleraine. She is a guest for the week of Miss Ruth Vandyke.

On Friday evening, at the home of Mrs. A.R. Inman, occurred a very delightful party in honor of Mrs. J.G. Chilton, who will soon leave Coleraine for her new home in Eveleth. There were fifteen ladies present and the hostesses were Mrs. Endahl and Mrs. Inman.

On Tuesday afternoon, Master Wallace Fisk proved the center of attraction in his neighborhood. The occasion was his sixth birthday and a lot of his little playmates and friends were helping him to have a good time. A delicious lunch was the best part of the affair - for the guests, at least.

Edward Barfus invited all the playmates in his neighborhood to a party at his home last Thursday afternoon, so that they might share in the fun of having an eighth birthday. In addition to the usual boxing, wrestling and fighting, which are a part of every boy's party, there was a delicious lunch and every boy said he had an "awfully good time."

Walter Overman is driving a new Ford.

H.W. Dutter and J.A. Vandyke were visitors in Duluth Monday.

Henry Olin of Duluth was a weekend visitor at the home of his brother, Carl Olin.

Robert Patterson has a new Ford roadster, and is planning a busy fishing season.

Miss Ruth Falk spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Duluth, the guest of her sister.

Arthur Bateman, who has been receiving a visit from his mother and sister for a month, drove them to their home near Crookston, leaving Tuesday.

Officer McGrath tells the reporter that our lads must not ride their bicycles at night without lights. It will not be allowed, and arrests will follow violation of this village ordinance. Besides it is dangerous.

Dick Goodrich is enroute from Wisconsin via auto to Los Angeles. At the time of the last card received by his father, April 11th, he had reached Colorado Springs, Colo. He had passed through some very bad roads.

J.M. Miller is expecting his brother and family, any time now, who are driving through from Texas. The Ford and family have taken a great scout the past year. Points they have visited include Seattle, Washington. They spent the winter in California, going as far south as San Diego, and across to Texas. Enroute here they will pass through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

Mrs. Leon Battles and daughter went to Bemidji Tuesday to visit relatives.

Miss Olive Simons has returned home, after spending a week visiting in Virginia.

Mrs. Wm. Reff of Frazee is making an extended visit with her son, Lyle Reff and family.

Miss Romain Baker of Grand Rapids is the guest of Miss Florence Mayer this week.

Quentin Ulrey is a new employe at the lab. Quentin spent four days, from Tuesday until Friday, a guest of the DeRosier family at Superior.

A Mr. Oats of Chicago, an expert from the Westinghouse Electric Co., is doing some work at the power plant. A burned out transformer is being repaired. It is said to be a particular job.

The O.I.M. Co. have just received a new 1500 gallon Lane & Bolter pump which they are planning to install at the number 4 shaft where last week the pumps were withdrawn, having been moved to the pits. The new pump works from the surface.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Peterson, Marion Peterson, Frances Nelson, Archie Scott and A.P. Peterson drove to Duluth Monday. Miss Marion Peterson and Miss Frances Nelson were passengers from there to Minneapolis where they went down to spend the Easter vacation. The remainder of the party took in Scottish rites doings. Enroute they drove over the Forbes road, a short cut from following the paving by way of Eveleth of 18 miles, which they found in good shape. By this short cut it is 102 miles to Duluth, while by the paving the speed-o-meter records 120 miles.

Thursday, June 19, 1924


Dr. and Mrs. C.M. Smith of Duluth, formerly of Coleraine and Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Crawford spent the week-end fishing at the H.F. Downing camp on Wasson Lake.

Mr. Blood, located on the Babcock road, is having a well drilled by Shultz of Grand Rapids. Mr. Blood is selling ten acre tracks of land, which are conveniently located for miners working in town.

Thursday, October 9, 1924


Little Robert Nyman is ill with the scarlet fever.

Miss Edna Eide and Miss Emma Billedeau of Grand Rapids were the guests at the Claud Sullivan home a few days last week.

Miss Hattie Blood was admitted into University hospital at Minneapolis on Thursday, last, and will take the nurses training course.

Mrs. Eddie Peterson returned Saturday, after spending two weeks in Minneapolis, where Mr. Peterson is attending Dunnwoodie Institute.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, The Itasca Iron News; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained April, 2008.

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