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from The Greenway School News


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Thursday, June 5, 1924

H. S. Commencement Thursday, June 12th

The high school commencement will be held Thursday, June 12th. Mr. Vandyke will preside. The following is the program for the evening:
Selection .... High School Orchestra
Invocation .... Rev. R.T. Fulton
Selection .... High School Orchestra
Salutatory -- "Genius and Greatness" .... Angeline Gaffney
Valdictory -- "The Triumph of Progress" .... Jack King
Selection .... High School Girls' Glee Club
Selection .... High School Orchestra
Presentation of Legion Medal .... Post Commander G.A. Gibson.
Selection .... High School Orchestra
Presentation of Scholarship Awards .... Mr. H.W. Dutter.
Presentation of Diplomas .... Mr. King
Selection .... High School Orchestra

The Greenway Graduates

The following is a list of the graduating class of Greenway High School for 1924:

Alma Anderson, Bovey
Genevieve Blair, Coleraine
Hattie Blood, Coleraine
Ernest Boutin, Marble
Clarence Bunnell, Grand Rapids
Bessie Clifford, Coleraine
David Demarais, Bovey
Jack Fitzhenry, Taconite
Ruth Fulton, Coleraine
Janet Fulton, Coleraine
Angeline Gaffney, Marble
Leroy Hall, Marble
Eino Josephson, Bovey
Jack King, Taconite
Vivian Kinter, Coleraine
Martha Lepisto, Coleraine
Marguerite Lynch, Taconite
Irene Lynn, Coleraine
Frank Mattila, Bovey
Harold McCall, Coleraine
Ansel McGeorge, Coleraine
Thomas Mehelich, Grand Rapids
Luclie Moren, Bovey
Cornelius Murphy, Coleraine
Inga Mylander, Bovey
Marvin Newport, Coleraine
Bennie Oas, Bovey
Irma O'Leary, Coleraine
Lawrence Olson, Bovey
Mable Pelletier, Bovey
Saima Purra, Bovey
John Ruuhela, Bovey
Ruth Shegrud, Bovey
Clyde Sommars, Bovey
Roman Spehar, Bovey
Lucille Sommars, Bovey
Florence Strande, Coleraine
Anna Tok, Bovey

Baccalaureate Services

This year the college and high school graduates will have a union Baccalaureate Service on Sunday, June 8th. The following program will be carried out:
Processional by the Graduating Classes.
Invocation .... Rev. R.T. Fulton
Anthen .... Mixed Chorus
Scripture Reading .... Supt. J.A. Vandyke.
Anthem .... Double Male Quartet
Address .... Rev. E.C. Mead
Anthem .... Mixed Chorus

Wins Awards

Four girls have won awards from the Remington and Underwood Companies for passing the May speed tests in typewriting sent out by those companies. Ruth Fulton has won the Remington gold medal and the Underwood silver medal; Janet Fulton the Underwood bronze medal and bar; Angeline Gaffney the bar for the Underwood bronze medal and Vera Baum the Remington card case.

Thursday, November 13, 1924


Out of one hundred and twenty pupils the Junior High school can boast of only three honor students for the month of October. They are: Marjorie King, seventh grade; Mary Rafinski, seventh grade; Elsie Bunnell, eighth grade.

The following pupils of the Eighth Grade have received writing certificates: Thelma York, high school; adeline Archibald, grammar grade; Irmel Blood, grammar grade; Bernice Baudette, grammar grade; Leone Goulet, high school; Thora Mjolsness, grammar grade; Elsie Bunnell, Grammar grade; Alma Point, high school; Elvira Lindquist, grammar grade; Maxine Trigillis, high school; Evelyn Bennett, grammar grade; Gladys Ranger, high school; Stanley Johnson, grammar grade; Mae LeClaire, high school.

Thursday, December 18, 1924


Shopping for Christmas dresses will be shown at the Miss E. Ficiency Vogue Shop as a part of the Sophonian program tomorrow forenoon. The following girls, Freshmen and Sophomores, will act as mannikins showing wool dresses, skirts and blouses which they have made: Jennie Ahola, Lea Bisson, Ruth Harry, Myrtle Johnson, Violet Johnson, Myrtle Morrow, Alice Bergstrom, Helen Cuyler, Mary Johnson, Harriet Jones, Rose Kidd, Edith Panker, Evelyn Robbins, Agnes Sherman, Clara Spehar, Adeline Tanberg, Yentka Tok, Dorothy Vannet, Louise Fox, Frances Adelsich, Allie Anderson, Catherine Cashen, Genevieve Leach, Fern Leach, Jessie Porter, Nina Powers, Margaret Rabichaud, Helen Steffes, Harriet Varien, Helen Vermilyea, Ida Wisuri, Jennie May Barnes, Alice Block, Helen Bauer, Myrtle DeShaw, Mary Drobnich, Merle Hanson, Ruth Harling, Velma Harmond, Lottie Helms, Ila Morrow, Doris Slapp, and Dorothy Wyss.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, The Greenway School News; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained April, 2008.

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