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Solomon Landreth
Mary Ellen Atchison

This page is dedicated to all the people, past and present, who made it possible for me to be here today. The ancestors of my past have become very close to me and I've learned so much from them. I will never know how hard their lives were but will always be amazed by what they endured in order to settle this country and raise a family.

I am also dedicating this page to my friend Eugene Landreth. Eugene spent the better part of his life writing the most important book for anyone researching the Landreth surname, "Forebears and Descendents of Landreth Pioneers". Eugene and I worked together for four years or more trying to piece together my obscure Landreth line and he was finally able to add my line to his book last year. He is greatly missed by so many people.

The MAJOR families that I am researching are: ATCHISON, BUTLER, LANDRETH AND RYNES.
The minor families that I am researching are: Blankenship, Chastain, Deatherage, Nicholas/Nichols, and Parks.

According to Eugene Landreth's book my line begins around 1580 with Patrick Landreth somewhere in Scotland.

1. Patrick Landreth had a son named Cuthbert, who was born about 1630 in Northumberland.

2. Cuthbert Landreth had a son named Oliver, who was baptised 4 February 1672 in Norham, Northumberland, England.

3. Oliver Landreth had a son named Thomas, who was born about 1700 in Scotland.

4. Thomas Landreth married Miss McKinley in Scotland. It is said that Thomas and his wife came to America soon after their marriage in 1730 to 1735. They settled briefly in Maryland and then moved to Rowan County, North Carolina.
Thomas and his wife had a son named Nathaniel Landreth, who was born around 1760 in North Carolina or Virginia.

5. Nathaniel Landreth married Polly and they had a son named Zachariah, who was born between 1785 to 1790 in Virginia.

6. Zachariah Landreth married Catherine Long and they had a son named Isom, who was born in 1826 in Virginia.

And that brings me to my great-great-great grandfather. Aaron/Isom Landreth.

7. ISOM LANDRETH was born in 1824 in North Carolina or Virginia. He married SUSANAH FRIEND who was born in 1825 in Missouri.

The first census record of Aaron/Isom Landreth is recorded in the 1850 Iowa Census, Fremont County, District #22, Line 136/136, taken on the 9th day of September 1850.
Aron Landreth, 24, male, farmer, born in Virginia
Susanah Landreth, 26, female, born in Missouri
William Landreth, 5, male, born in Missouri
Malinda Landreth, 3, female, born in Missouri
Zachariah Landreth, 2, male, born in Missouri
They are living next door to George A. Friend, his wife Lucinda, four children and George's father, Augustin Friend. I believe George is Susanah's brother. They were both born in Missouri. Augustin Friend was born in Virginia.

The next record of Aaron/Isom Landreth is recorded in the 1859 Kansas State Census, Nemaha County, Richmond Township, Page 002.
Isom Landrith
Date of Settlement-May 1858
Number in Family (excluding head)-7
Total # in Family-8
Also in this census was his brother Henry H. Landrith, wife Patience and 11 children. Henry's settlement date was April 1859. So between 1848 and 1858, Isom and Susanah had three (3) more children.

The next record of Aaron/Isom Landreth is recorded in the 1860 Kansas Census, Nemaha County, Richmond Township, Line 236/187, taken the 5th day of July 1860.
Locum Sanders, 35, male, farmer, $250/$200, born in Indiana
Susan Sanders, 36, female, born in Missouri
William Sanders, 15 male, farm laborer, born in Missouri
Malinda Sanders, 13, female, born in Missouri
Buchanan Sanders, 11, male, born in Missouri
Solomon Sanders, 9, male, born in Missouri
Sarah Sanders, 8, female, born in Missouri
George Sanders, 6, male, born in Missouri
Joseph Sanders, 3, male, born in Missouri
I know that Locum Sanders is a stretch from Aaron/Isom Landreth but two houses down from Locum is Henry Sanders, his wife Patience and 11 children. One problem in Aaron/Isom's family are the boys Buchanan and Joseph. Buchanan is the same age that Zachariah would be in 1860 and in 1859 they had 6 children, not 7. I believe that Aaron/Isom was not at home when this census was taken and someone else gave this information to the census taker.

The next record of Aaron/Isom/Locum Landreth/Landrith/Sanders is recorded in the 1870 Kansas Census, Bourbon County, Scott Township, Line 275/278, taken on the 18th day of July 1870.
Isom Landreth, 46, Male, white, farmer, -/$175, born in North Carolina
Susan Landreth, 45, female, white, keeping house, born in Missouri
Solomon Landreth, 20, male, white, farmer, born in Iowa
George Landreth, 15, male, white, farmer, born in Missouri
Tennis Landreth, 12, male, white, born in Missouri
So in ten years Isom has his correct name back and 4 children are gone, unless Tennis is Joseph from the 1860 census.

I haven't found any other census records for Isom or Susan Landreth but I found the 1870 Census for Malinda and Zachariah and the 1880 Census for my great-great grandfather Solomon Landreth.

I have found descendents of Malinda Landreth, William Jasper "Tennes" Landreth and possibly Zachariah Landreth. I'd love to find descendents of Isom and Susan's other children, William, Sarah, George and possibily Joseph.

Please email me if you are related to any of these Landreth's or have any correction for the information on this web site.

I have another web site on called Landreth Genealogy. If you would like to join this site just send me an email with your first and last name, email address and your Landreth line.

This page belongs to Deborah Hatfield.