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November 10, 2002

Lamphear Spelling Word Search Puzzles.  
Search and circle puzzles submited by Dee Reeves     (Dee submitted these in Feb 2001!  Sorry for the delay in getting these posted!)


November 3, 2002

Lanphier Observatory - Added to Places  (submitted by Katy Lanphier)

ara Potter Lamphere has information about Lanfear/Lamphear/Lamphere/Lanfire surname. She has "extensive information on the RI/NY/MI/NE line of Jonthan & Elizabeth Lamphere from Renssalear County, NY and the migration of some of their children to Macomb County, MI and beyond."   Listed on the Other Lamphears Page

Additional information on Thomas Lamphier Jr. and Sr.   Also a correction to the link for Thomas Lamphier Sr. (was originally assigned to Jr.)   Popular and Historical People Page


March 27, 2002

New Mexico Death Index project

Additions to New York History
Additions to New York Cemeteries
Additions to Early Lamphears - Clement

Wisconsin History (Waushara County)

1860 Iowa Census  four records
1870 Iowa Census

1860 Wisconsin Census

January 19, 2002

Reunion for descendants of Zebulon and Betsy (Hier) Lamphear - page updated
Date set for Saturday, June 29, 2002 

Additional information added to the family of Zebulon and Betsy Lamphear:
    Lorinda (Lamphear) Smith Harris Howard - Information added to children (new links). 
    Additional information added for Lorinda and her husbands.

Sturm Memorial Library - Genealogy Department.  Link added to Vital Records Index (see Wisconsin)
    Some great links for Wisconsin Resources.

1870 Wisconsin Census

1850 Maine Census

1850 Arkansas Census.  One record
1860 Arkansas Census.   One record
1870 Arkansas Census.   Five records
1900 Arkansas Census   Added 6 more records

December 30, 2001

Information on Lanpher Chapel, Missouri.  Submitted by Bill W. Lanpher
    Linked from the Place names page

Samuel and Betsy (Davis) Lamphier submitted by Alice Rosenberger

Minnesota Death Certificate Search (1908 - 1950)
Added to the Minnesota Deaths Page
Order Death Certificates On-line


October 15, 2001

Surname by Frequencies for USA  Lists various spellings of Lanfear/Lamphear/Lanpher, etc. and gives a count of the number of time the name appears in general telephone directories.
Submitted by Bill W. Lanpher.


October 12, 2001

Place Name Changed  Lanpher Chapel in Missouri (changed from Lampher)  Thanks to Bill Lanpher for the correction.

Link Removed   People/Popular and Historical Lamphears
A link was removed on September 15 because it jumped to an "adult" site. 
The site originally was about Thomas J. Lamphier.   Caught by Yvonne.  Thank you!

Search of Freepages at Rootsweb and Internet added.
Option of searching Rootsweb or the internet from the Lamphear Genealogy Web Site.
This will assit you in find pages at this site, Rootsweb and other internet sites. 
  Note:  This will search ALL of the Rootsweb freepages, not just the
    Lamphear Genealogy Web Site.  New pages may not be indexed by google for
    several weeks, so try searching every few months for new information.

Place Names  Update with two new roads.  
    Lamphier Road - Town of Canisteo, Steuben County, NY  [thanks to Jack Lamphier]
    Lamphear Road - Gentry, Benton County, AR [from Kim Ledbetter]

Stevens Point Area Obituary Index (Wisconsin)
Search for obituaries and order them on-line.  This link is also listed at Wisconsin Deaths

Family of Stephen Woodruff and Hannah Crane
    See link for Joseph of Westfield, page 1 c , on left side of page   
    Samuel Ridgeway Woodruff  born in 1842, Hamilton County, Ohio
    he married Emma Jane Lamphear around 1866, Sameul died in
    1906 at Juneau, Wisconsin 

Message boards at Rootsweb added to the Lamphear Families and Researchers, (Other resources section).  Here are the current spellings available on the message boards (link by clicking on a surname):  Lamphear, Lamphere, Lamphiear, Lamphier, Lamphiere, Lamphier, Lamphshire, Landfair, Landfear, Lanfair, Lanfear, Lanphear, Lanpheare, Lanpher, Lanphere, Lanphier, View more Lam* surnamesView more Lan* surnames


1900 Michigan Soundex Completed
Previously just A-H posted.  Page 1 A-H first names   Page 2   I - Z first names

1880 Minnesota Soundex  Reference to Obed Lanpher added.

Illinois Marriages   Added entries from Illinois Marriages 1826-1850

Lawrence General Store - Olmsted, Ohio
Partial Listing of a Store ledger.  The name Lamphear/Lamphere appears on one or more of the
pages. [Site was not searched to confirm listings.  Original list of surnames can be found at the  Cuyahogo, Ohio Rootsweb site:    Click on the link, then search for Lamphear (Edit Menu, Find)

Harner/Lamphear -  two sties from Gail Faries
The Harner/Lamphear Family Home Page
and Gail's genealogy
Lamphear Families and Researchers

Descendants of John Lamphear of Greenwich, Washington Co., NY
New York History

Bell and Lanphear Families of Indian Lake - New York
New York History

Link added for Lamphears and Hugenot info (from Lamphear Genealogy Forum)      Lamphear Links

Link Removed from Lamphear Links
    Cheska's Genealogical Research    Created by Cheska Wheatley

Link Removed from Lamphear Links 
    Lamphear Gen Forum
List for posting requests for information 
    A link page says this page has moved to, but the page will not pull up.
    ** This was separate from the Lamphear Genealogy Forum **


August 29, 2001

Information on Lorinda (Lamphear) Smith Harris Howard updated.  A few typos corrected.
Death dates of Hattie and Laura Harris removed for further verification.


August 21, 2001

Zebulon Lamphear Information
Fix years on Zebulon Lamphear data to read 1854 and 1855.  They did read 1954 and 1955.


August 20, 2001

Seventh Day Baptist Families - Descendants of William Davis (PA, RI, NJ, WV, NY, WI)
     Posted on-line by Maria Johnson.  Numerous Lamphear, Lamphere, etc. References.
     Additional information can also be found at:

1890 Special Veterans Census index, Dade County Missouri
Nebraska Civil War Veterans

Largo Cemetery, Largo, Pinellas County, Florida
Cheney Pioneer Cemetery, Grand River Township, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Alberta Family History Society - Highwood Cemetery

Rev. Noah Barrell’s Record of Marriages, 1823 - 1874 - Cayuga County NYGenWeb

Windham County, CT  Barbour Vital Records - Hampton  1786-1851.

    Births            Marriages             Deaths

Andrew Lamphear Story   Link only, not re-published on this site.
    Andrew Lamphear is a descendant of Zebulon and Betsy (Hier) Lamphear.



April 28, 2001

Link to Teresa Reisinger's Home Page Added to Other Lamphear Families and Researchers  
    The Lyndon Lanphear Family Home Page

1880 Minnesota Federal Census - Soundex


March 19, 2001

1870 St. Lawrence County, New York Census Records
Link to a Rootsweb site by Anne Cadey
   Use the link above to got to this site.  There is even a way to search by surname!
   This link also appears on the 1870 Actual Census page

Johnson County, Missouri Marriages   [re-post Mo Marriages and Marriage Index page]

Link added to Minnesota Deaths for Waseca County

Link to, Waupaca County, Wisconsin Site
School children at the Reams/Reamer school - children of William and Anna Lamphear
Lorinda (Lamphear) Harris and three of her daughters
Zeb and Betsy (Hier) Lamphear
The page takes a while to load, photos are at the bottom of the page.

A Clinton, Wisconsin Cemetery Link to Rootsweb Lanphear Forum  submitted by Carol

Information on sources listed on main page of vital records area
    Note:  Some sources were left off of vital record pages.  I am in the process of fixing this
    oversite.  If there are questions about the source of a particular set of data, please let me
    know.  Kim Ledbetter

Corrections:  New York Death Records.   Corrections from Jack Lamphier
    Jabish and Jabez are one in the same.  Death date is 25 Nov 1867.
    New York history: Hornellsville was spelled wrong, also notes added from Jack


February 22, 2001
1800 Maine Census records
1800 Massachusetts Census records
1800 Vermont Census records

1900 Vermont  Census (Soundex)
1920 Vermont  Census (Soundex)

February 20, 2001
1920 Wisconsin Census (Soundex)
1900 Wisconsin Census (Soundex)
1900 Michigan Census (Soundex)  A thru H only
Van Buren County, Michigan Cemetery Records
        Lawrence Hill Cemetery
        Christy Lake (Prospect Lake) Cemetery

Van Buren County, Michigan Marriage Record
        1 record for Truman Lamphear to Anasteen Marshall

Correction:  The link to 1900 Arkansas Census records was going to 1870 Arkansas..
    1900 Arkansas

February 19, 2001
Lamphear Place Names - Landmarks, creeks, roads, etc.
Famous Lamphears - Links to other sites.  Timothy and Faye
Vital Records - Births, Deaths, Marriages, Cemetery Records, Court and Land Records
NOTE: The vital records section will continue to be under construction,
        so there may be some odd formatting, misspellings, etc.  There is more to be added!
        Corrections, comments and additions welcome!

January 13, 2001

1880 Missouri Census (Soundex)
1900 Missouri Census (Soundex)
1910 Missouri Census (Miracode)
1920 Missouri Census (Soundex)

January 3, 2001
Data on Justus Hier and his family. (Justus' daughter married Zebulon Lamphear)
1850 Illinois - changed Leluh to Selah.  Under Caleb changed Jams C. (3) to Jay C. (3)
1850 Vermont - changed age of Labin   (or Sabin) to 57 from 37.
Military Information on US and other Countries added to Military Menu
1830 Conneticut and 1840 Conneticut (Indexed records only)
Updated 1830 N-Z Census Index & 1830 G-M Census Index
         Added Russel, Oliver & Horance Lanfair to New Haven

Photo Gallery Updated: 
    Photo Zebulon and Betsy Lamphear,
    Sketches of Zebulon and Betsy Lamphear
    Lorinda (Lamphear) Howard
    Justus and Martha (Westover) Lamphear
    Chauncy and Minta Lamphear


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