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Welcome to the Lamphear Genealogy Web Site!  
This site will continue to be under construction.    Created June 24, 2000

After a few attempts at creating a web site for Lamphear researchers I've finally gotten around to locating a good place for one.  Rootsweb has been generous enough to offer unlimited space,  for free, to host this site.  The advertisers that are shown on this page help to support this wonderful offer, so please be patient with the advertisements.

What can you find here now and in the future?  Information about my own Lamphear line, census records on the Lamphears (all spellings), and various types of records.   These records have been collected over the past six years.  As most of you have found out, once you get past the 1800 mark the resources available are slim and it becomes more difficult to find your way to the next generation back.

The census record collection began as an obsession and has ended up being a valuable resource.  Since it is difficult to know where people have moved over ten years, having an index of the census records can be very helpful.  So far I am about 25% through looking up the actual records and have a fairly comprehensive index of all the census records for Lamphear (with some limitations).

Please be patient as I learn how to create a web site and carve out time to work on it.   I hope that this site will assist at least one person to find their missing link!

Kim Ledbetter 

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