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Wisconsin Deaths  Updated October 12, 2001


Family of Stephen Woodruff and Hannah Crane
    See link for Joseph of Westfield, page 1 c , on left side of page   
    Samuel Ridgeway Woodruff  born in 1842, Hamilton County, Ohio
    he married Emma Jane Lamphear around 1866, Sameul died in
    1906 at Juneau, Wisconsin 

Adams County (from Jeanne Loomis - looked up at Adams County Court House )

Almira Lamphear, July 11, 1971,  vol 13, pg79
Arthur R. Lamphear   Feb 4, 1906,  vol 43, pg 72  son of Justus and Martha
Betsey Lamphear Walwrath  July 29, 1935  Wife of Loren
Cordelia Lamphear Hoard  March 8, 1953 (death occured in IL) wife of William Z
Caroline Lanphear, Jan 6, 1928  vol 8, pg 74
Infant Lamphear, Jun 13, 1912  v5, pg 442   child of William Z and Cordelia
Laurie Julia Lamphear, Jan 6, 1948, vol 9, pg 718
Loren Lamphear  May 1918  Vol 7, pg 133  Son of Zebulon and Betsey
Lucius E. Lamphear, Oct 8, 1912  vol 5, pg 546
Julie Perl Lamphear  August 19, 1911  vol 5, page 350  daughter of Wm Z and Cordelia
Robert Merle Lamphear  August 12, 1911, vol 5, page 349  son of William Z and Cordelia
William J. Lamphear, Mar 12, 1970, v12, pg 447

Silas Abner Lamphear, January 21, 1918, vol 7, pg 91
DOB: August 10, 1843 in New York
Died: January 21, 1918 at 74y, 5m, 11days
His trade was a carpenter
Parents:  Lyndon Lamphere  Charlotte Garthwait
He was attended by a physican Nov 17, 1917 to Jan 21, 1918.
Buried in Easton Cemetery on January 24, 1918.

Portage County

Stevens Point Area Obituary Index
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From Stevens Point Area Obituary Index
Emma Jane (Lamphier) Penney - Aug 1921  (wife of Asa Penney & Martin Waterman)
Hiram Lamphere - Jan 1910
        Jane (Miller) Lamphere - Jul 1936    (Miller, Glines, Driscoll, wife of Hiram Lamphere)
        Mina (Lamphere) Armstrong - Sept 1930   (wife of Chris)
Sidney T. Lanphear - March 1918
Theodora (Anderson) Lamphier - Jan 1955  (wife of Henry C. Lamphier)

Wausara County (from Jeanne Loomis - looked up at Wausara County Court House)

Lottie Lamphear died: January 26, 1919  vol 16, pg 32
    Poysippie Township.  she was Widowed.  Died at age 77 y, 4m, 29 days
    She was born in Ohio.  Name of father:  Slocum?
    Information provided by Mrs. Phil Morrow of Aurorahville, WI
    She was buried in Poysippie, WI on January 27, 1854.


Other sources for data:

Wisconsin Death Index to 1907. LDS Microfilm and, Provo, UT. Data from Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Vital Records Division.


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