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Boston Transcript (Newspaper with Genealogy Ads & Articles)  Updated January 6, 2001
These records come from a newspaper that posted genealocial queries.
The number(s)  listed beside each name refers to an article number. 
The articles are listed below.  If more than one number is listed, it does not
necessarily mean that this is the same person in all records.


Abigail - 7192
Alzara  - 954
Anavill - 1275
Aaron - 7888
Betsy Emaline - 2913
Benjamin - 2913
Clark O. -  1162
Elijah - 2779, 2913
Eliph (Female) - 1931
Eunice - 8852
Ezra - 2770, 2913
Frances Almira - 2913
Hannah - 5557
Harvey - 8852
Henry  - 1355
Hiriam O.  -  1162
George - 5557
Gurdon - 7888
Jabez  - 652
James  - 652
John - 2700, 2913, 5557
Joseph  - 652
Joshua  - 652
Julia Ann - 2913
Laura Miranda - 7888
Langworthy - 7192
Lathan  - 954
Leland Perry - 2913
Leonard  -  643
Lydia Jane - 2913
Marilla - 954
Marie - 954
Martha  - 954, 2770
Mary  -  652, 1391, 8002
Mary Sophia - 2913
Mercy - 2913
Moses - 1275
Nancy - 8002
Nathan - 8002
Nathaniel  - 652, 2442
Philena  - 1162
Phineas - 2770, 2913
Rachal  - 652, 4804
Rebeca Brand  - 2442
Roswell  - 643
Sally - 2913
Samuel  - 652
Stephen  652
Sterry - 2770
Susannah  - 4804, 8123, 7888
Theodosius  - 514, 652, 4804
Thomas - 8852
Thompson - 8852
William R. - 2913

642.  Item discusses whether Rachel's last name is Carey, Corey or Covey.  Two sources give different spellings.  Rachel Corey, married Theodosius January 22, 1707-08  Rachel was the daughter of Caleb Corey, granddaughter of William Corey.  Theodosius was the son of George Lamphere.   Copied from 'Arnold's "Records"':Their children were: Theodosius Lamphere born January 32, 1707-08; James Lamphere Born November 22, 1716; Joshua Lamphere born November 23, 1712; Susannah Lamphere, Born December 14, 1716; Nathaniel Lamphere Born March 22, 1718; Mary Lamphere born December 14, 1721, Samuel Lamphere Born December 23, 1723, Stephen Lamphere, Born February 5, 1726-6, Jabez Lamphere, born March 26, 1731; and Joseph Lamphere, born September 21, 1736.  The article goes on to state that if Corey is correct than James Corey was a twin born at Westerly on March 1, 1687 and married Sarah Lamphere, a sister of Theodosius on March 21, 1708.  (December 5, 1904, Item #652.   Corey.)

643. Children of Samuel Dodge, blacksmith, who died in Shelburn on September 23, 1825 and his wife Freelove who died October 1806 at age 60.  Freelove was the daughter of Joseph and Freelove Sweet.  Their children:   Lovina, born around 1760, married Leonard Lanfair on August 26, 1789.  Lucy, married Roswell Lanfair.  Caleb Married Jemima Tennant on April 12, 1781 and Prudence married John Rice on April 1, 1796.    (November 7, 1904, Item #643.   "Dodge Genealogy")

514. Joseph Johnson, son of Joseph, married Mary Lamphere in Westerly, RI on June 18, 1739.  Mary is the daughter of Theodosius, granddaughter of George.  Their children were born in Charlesotwn, RI and Coventry.   (October 19, 1904, Item 514.  Parish Register of Canterbury, Eng.)

954. LAMPHERE, TRIPP.  Willam Horace Colgrove was born July 4, 1815 and died August 18, 1884.  His first marriage was to Alzara Lamphere or Lanphier in Oswego NY - no date listed. Alzara died November 1849.  Her father was Lathan Lamphere or Lanphier.   Lathan's sister married a Burdick.  Lathan Lamphere's first wife's last name was Tripp, daughter of Dr. Tripp.     LAMPHERE, BROOKS.  Lathan Lamphere or Lanphier had one child, Alzara by his first wife.  He married again and had several more children:  Marilla, Marie?, Martha?.  One of the daughters married a Brooks of Oswego, NY.  (August 6, 1923  Item # 954  Davis Colegrove)

1162. Hovey Burial Grounds:  Hiriam O. Lanphear.  Died: April 28, 1865, age 9. 
Parents;  Clark O and Philena Lanphear.  (October 18, 1911 Item #1162 -
Gravestone records of Albany, VT)     

Addition to 1162.    David Lamphere Born 1815, Died 1896, his wife Mary A. Houche Born: 1822, Died 1902.   Julius Lampher, Company I, 22 Regt. Connecticut Volunteers, died January  5, 1965.  Adeline Lamphere, born May 21, 1849, died January 3, 1865.  Addison Lamphere, born May 21, 1849, died October 19, 1902.   (January 20, 1909 Item #1162  Cemetery Inscriptions)

1275.  Marriages from Early Records of Burlington, VT. by Geo Robinson.  Moses Lamphear married Anavill Bailey on July 26, 1829.

1355.  Henry Lanphere, wife and six children on January 4, 1806.  Specific reason for the order is not given, but it was voted at a town meeting "that all persons of Tory proclivities who proclaimed their sympathies too loudly should leave town.  (April 3, 1911, Item # 1355.  List of Persons Ordered to Remove from Pownal, Vermont)

1391. Mentioned in a will for Comfort Chappell.   Dated April 24, 1753. 
Wife Mary, sons Christopher, Stephen, Jonathan, Joshua.  Daughters Mary Lamphere,
Lydia Kenyon, and Eliph Lamphere.  (September 1911, Item #1391  Chappell Part II. 
"Taking up the children of  George Chappell and trying to account for them....   Hemstead
Diary, Page 621.)

1356. Mercy married Daniel Lamphear.  She was his second wife.  Mercy was the child of Mercy Saunders and grandchild of Tobias and Mary (Peckham) Saunders.  Can't determine what Mercy's married name is.  Mercy also had a son,  Tobias, "named for grandfather Saunders" who died in 1741.   (April 10, 1911, Item #1356. Crumb. part II.  From Mrs. Bates Daa??????, given in narrative style.)

2442.  Nathaniel Lamphere and Rebecca Brand Married June 27, 1766, page 278. (March 25, 1912, Item #2442  A. R. L.  Church.  Brand surname, History of the First Congregational Church, Stonington, CT)

2779.  Item discussed that there were four Revolutionary soldiers form Lanesboro, Cheshire, Pittsfield and other areas, that served under Colonel Benjamin Simonds, Berkshire Regiment.  The for were John, Elijah, Ezra and Phineas.  The query posed the question of who where the descendants of the four.  It also brought up Sterry Lamphier who lived in Berckshire County.  His children were born between 1800 and 1828.  Their births re recorded in Williamstown, two of the children were born in Hancock.  Possibly Sterry was the son of one of the four soldiers.   Sterry married a widow, Martha Van ?.  Her maiden name was Kelly.  The query states" born in Berkshire, did he travel up country with the early settlers   form Rhode Island who settled New Providence, no Cheshire, Mass? Tradition has it that the "Lamphiers, Lamphires, Lamphears" were from Rhode Island, but the Berkshire County Gazetteer (1885) has Phineas Lamphire being from Tolland County, CT.    (July 24, 1912, Item #2719.  Lamphire, Lamphire.  Berkshire, Mass.)

2913.   Looking for the parents of Sterry Lamphire (or Lamphier).   Sterry lived in the south part of Williamstown in the first part of the nineteenth century.  His wife Martha (Kelly) Lamphire and he had eleven children born between 1800 and 1826:  Benjamin, Mercy, Julia Ann, Sally, William R., Mary Sophia, Lydia Jane, Betsy Emaline, Leland Perry and Frances Almira.  The births of their children are recorded in the Vital Statistics of Williamstown.   Several were born in Hancock and one in Stephentown.   The item specialties that Sterry must have been born during the Revolutionary war.   In the Revolutionary War there were four Lamphiers that served under Colonel Benjamin Simonds - John, Elija, Ezra and Phineas.   "Family tradition has it that Sterry was the result of a second marriage as he had a half-sister Polly, called Short Poll who married a Hansen.  Was Sterry named for his mother's family name?".  The names Sterry and Lamphier are both names found in Rhode Island.  Cheshire, Berkshire County, was settled by Rhode Island people.   "The descendants of Benjamin (Sterry's Oldest son) know he lived in Cheshire a part of his early life as well as at the time of his marriage in 1826".     Since town boundaries had changed, Part of South Williamstown may have been Cheshire, Hancock or New Ashford.   (November 13, 1912  Item #2913.   Lamphire, Lamphier.  Author was J.C. P. H.)

4804.   Samuel Peckham married Mary Stanton.  Mary was born March 23, 1754 in Richmond, Rhode Island.  She was the daughter of Robert Stanton and his second wife, Susannah Lamphere.  Susannah was born December 14, 1716 and was the daughter of Theodosius and Rachel Cony Lamphere.  Susannah's second husband was Peter Boss.  Susannah died September 25, 1807.   Mary Stanton was alive in 1826.  The query was for the parents of Samuel Peckham.  (June 14, 1915, Item 4804  Peckham.

5557.   Looking for date of birth and ancestry of John Lamphier.  John may have been born in Groton, Conn.  He married Hannah Clark and died in 1829.  He descended from George Lamphier, who came to Westerly RI in 1660? 1669?  Hannah Clark was born in Connecticut in 1800.  She died in 1829. (May 17, 1915, Item #5557.  Lamphier.  Author was M. L. L. M.)

7192.   Abigail Lanpher was born 1782.  Was she the daughter of Langworthy?  Langworthy moved from Westerly RI after the Revolution to Prospect/Searsport, Maine.   Abigail married Capt. Chase Colcord in Searsport.   She died February 23, 1857. (May 21, 1928 Item #7192.  Lanpher.  Author was N. H.)

7888.   Aaron Hutchinson, born around 766 and died in 1833.   He married Hannah Pettingill.  They had:  Laura Miranda and Lewis, twins born in 1805, lived in Caledonia, NY.  One daughter, married a Finch and lived in Caledonia, NY.  Possibly a son, or son-in-law named Joslin.   Laura Miranda Hutchinson married Aaron Lamphear and lived in western NY.  Aaron was the son of Gurdon Lamphier and Susannah Peck. (September 20, 1905, Item #7888.    Hutchinson.  Author: E. G. R.)

8002.   Three newspaper columns of Information about the Crandall family, three members married Lamphears.   1. Eber Crandall married Mary Lamphere, his second wife.  Their children were:  John, Eber, Samuel, Joseph.  Eber also had a third wife.   2. Nancy Crandall, daughter of James Crandall and Mrs. Elizabeth (Chase) Saunders was born Sept 4.  (around 1778).   Nancy Crandall married Nathan Lamphere.  3 - Simeon Crandall, son of Joseph, married Mary Sweet on June 23, 1745.  Their daughter, Amory Crandall, born October 27, 1745, married Nathan Lanphere. (August 15, 1905, Item #8002.  Crandall.   Author: M.A.M.S.)

8123.   Mary Stanton, born Nov 1754 at Richmond RI.   Married Samuel Peckham.  Mary Stanton was the daughter of John and Susannah (Lampher) Stanton.  (September 5, 1905, Item #8123.  Mumford, Barber, Peckham.   Author:  B. J. P.)

8852.   Paschal Peasly (or Peola) Shattuck was born November 23, 1799.  His sister, Harriet Shattuck married Harvey Lamphere of Hartland , VT.   another sister, Sophia Shattuck, married Thomas Lamphere.  Paschal's uncle, William Shattuck married Eunice Lamphere.   The query was for Thompson Lamphere and his family - wanted birth, death, marriages and residences.  (May 15, 1921, Item #8852.  Shattuck, Lamphere.Author: M.B.B.)


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