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The many spellings of Lamphear  Updated October 16, 2001

    View a chart that shows the frequency of various spellings that appear in the USA

Lamphier, Lamphere, Lamphear, Lamphere, Lamfear, Lamphire ......
Please note that when one of the spellings for this name is used, it represents ALL spellings. (There were 40 at last count). The N and M are interchangeable as far as early records are concerned. Differences in spelling can be attributed to record-takers writing the name down incorrectly, illegible handwriting, a family deciding to change the spelling, etc. A special note: Those families that did not migrate to America and stayed behind in Great Britian spell thier names a little differently. For example: Landfear, Lanfear, etc. For more information on the Great Britian Families, please visit: Lanfear Family History by Timothy Lanfear (GREAT SITE!!!!)

Name Variations (Random Order)
Lamphier, Lanphier, Lamphere, Lanphere, Lamphear, Lanphear, Lamfear, Lanfear, Lamphire, Lanphire, Lampheare, Lanpheare, Lampher, Lanpher, Landfear, Lamfire, Lanfire, Lanpier, Lampier, Lamphair, Lanphair, Lampheer, Lanpheer, Lanfier, Lamfier, Lamphiere, Lanphiere, Lamphiear, Lanphiear, Lanfair, Lamfair, Landfair, Landherr, Landphair, Lampfair, Lamphire, Lanphire, Landfer, Lamfare, Lanfier, Lamphure, Lampferr, Lamfere, Lanfere, Lanper, Lampear, Lanpheere, Lanpheore, Lapierre, Lappierre, Lauphear, Lauphier, Linfar, Linfer, Linfor, Limpier, Lomphere, Lonfar, Lamphaer, Laumphear.....

Information on the origin of the Lamphears and Hugenot info


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