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Note: Google will search the Freepages at, not just the Lamphear Genealogy Web Site.  For ease in returning to this site, bookmark the main page before searching.  
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Google Searches
Google is a great way to search the internet for genealogy related data. Enter surnames, given names, place names, dates, etc.  If there are too many search results, try adding Family or Genealogy to the parameters.   See Google Search Tips for more tips on searching

Lamphear Search Tips: 
When searching, include the first and last name.  Records can be found using different spellings than the one commonly used within a family.  Search using various spellings of Lamphear.  The most common being Lamphear, Lanphear, Lamphier, Lanphier, Lamphere, Lanphere, etc.  See The Many Spellings of Lamphear for more variations.