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Photo Gallery  Updated October 28, 2000

Charles Lamphire (1800-1886) m. Lucy Benjamin  - New York
Other family members:
        Wife: Lucy (Benjamin) Lamphire (1806 -1871)   m. Charles Lamphire  - New York
        Grandson: Joseph Park Carey - Grandson of Charles and Lucy (Benjamin) Lamphire - NY

Zebulon Lamphear (1810 - 1893) m. Betsy Hier - Vermont, New York, Wisconsin
    Sketches of Zebulon and Betsy
    Photo of Zebulon and Betsy

   Other family members
       Justus and Martha (Westover) Lamphear - Wisconsin
        Lorinda (Lamphear) Howard and children  - Wisconsin

        Chauncy and Minta Lamphear  - Arkansas/Missouri