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Military Records for Lamphear      Updated August 21, 2001

Timeline of Wars

Wars the U.S. has participated in  (A Rootsweb Lesson Site)
Wars other Countries have participated in 
(A Rootsweb Lesson Site)

    1840 Pensioners Census
(not a complete listing)

Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783)
    Massachusetts Soliders
Vermont Soliders
Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

Civil War (1861 - 1865)
    Vermont in the Civil War 

Nebraska Veterans  Added 08/21/2001

Modern Wars (1900's)
   World War I Draft   
   1900 Federal Census - Navel Soundex
   1920 Federal Census - Naval Soundex

Note about accuracy:  When using data from the internet, please take the precaution
of looking up the actual document.  Errors in complied records can and do occur.