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1850 Wisconsin Census - Lamphear (all spellings)  Updated September 5, 2000
Please note that complier does not have copies of these records.  For additional information, please look up the actual Census record.   Errors can and will occur, always refer to the actual record.

Special Note for 1850 Census: Place of birth is listed as IA for Indiana and Iowa for Iowa.  In all following years, IA represents Iowa.

This listing is not complete. 
Please refer to the list at the bottom of this page for records that have not been looked up.

Head of House Hold, (age) state or country born in, occupation, real-estate value
City/Town, Page on Census, County.
D = Dwelling, F = Family, Enum = Enumerated (counted with)

Lampheir, Ann A. (10) CT
Jefferson, 140, Jefferson D479 F500
Enumerated wtih
HASKELL, Michael (55) VT Farmer R$1200
HASKELL, Mary (52) VT
HASKELL, Martha (20 VT
HASKELL, Stephen (15) VT Laborer
HASKELL, George (11) VT

Lamphear, Abraham (65) NY Farmer
Rock, 349, Johnstown D806 F806
Hannah (55) NY
John (22) NY Farmer
SHAVOR, Henry (22) NY Laborer
GRAN, Ann W. (19) Ireland

Lamphear, Alonzo (36) VT Farmer
Dodge, 66, Fairfield D256 F262
Polly (28) VT
Elizabeth (4) Wisconsin
Alonzo (2) Wisconsin
Helen (1/12) Wisconsin

Lamphire, Andrew (24) CT Clerk
Sheboygan, 145, Lyndon D1436 F1438
Andrew (28) CT Merchant
Enuemrated with WADE, Sylvanis, a hotel keeper

Lamppier, Andrew (24) Canada Merchant
Sheboygan, 154, Plymouth D1602 F1604 R$2000
Henry (30) Canada

Lamphere, Betsey (74) RI
Dane, 296, Albion D460 F462
Enumerated with
BENTLEY, Hiram (44) NY Farmer R$1500
BENTLEY, Amy (42) NY
BENTLEY, M. (10) NY male
BENTLEY, P. R. (3) WI female
BENTLEY, A. L. (2) WI female

Lannfear, Claus H. (16) Birthplace: Holstein
Manitowoc, 17, Two Rivers D113 F116
Enumerated with
SAUREE, Christian (46) Holstein R$100 Farmer
SAUREE, Matah (24) Holstein
SAUREE, Catharine (16) Holstein
SAUREE, Ernest (9) Holstein
SAUREE, Henry (6) Holstein
LANFEAR, Claus H. (16) Holstein, Farmer

Lamphere, David (33) VT Farmer
Jefferson, 128, Oakland D321 F335
Mary (32) Ohio
Hannah (7) NY
Harriet (5) NY
Louisa (3) WI
Cornelia (5/12) WI female
DODGE, Sarah (13) NY
MULLER, Charlotte (18) Maine

Lampshire, Edward (25) England Miner
Iowa, 332, Mineral Point D410 F410
Mary (45) England

Lamphear, George (43) NY Butcher
Brown, 68, Grand Chute D610 F655 R$200
Sabrina (11) NY

Lamphier, George (42) NY Farmer R:$600
Columbia, 233, Spring Vally D1848 F1848
Euniz (42) NY
Elizabeth (11) Canada

Lamphear, Henry(29) NY Farmer R$1200
Dodge, 127, Lomira D1169 F1194
Susan (34) NY
James (3) WI
George (1) WI

Lamphire, Henry (28) CT Merchant
Sheboygan, 145, Lyndon D1436 F1438
Andrew (24) CT Clerk
Enuemrated with WADE, Sylvanis, a hotel keeper

Lampshire, Henry (27) England
Iowa, 218, Mineral Point D184, F184
Catharine (20) England
Mary (4) England
Ruben H. (8/12) Wisconsin

Lanper, Henry (30) Germany
Iowa, 362, Highlnd D857 F847
Catharine (27) Germany
Mary (5) Illinois
Dedric (3) Illinois
Christiana (9/12) Illinois

Lamphire, Hiram (43) NY Farmer R$5000
Sheboygan, 103, Lyndon
Martha (40) Upper Canada
Amherst (11) NY
Rocksey (10) NY Female
James (8) NY
Mary (6) NY
Hiram (3) Wisconsin
SWOKS?, Lydia (17) Canada servant

Lamphear, Isaac (58) CT Farmer R$800
Dodge, 67, Fairfield D275 F282
Betsey (58) CT
Philo (34) VT Farmer
Mary (30) VT
Isaac (27) VT Farmer R$200
Martha (15) NY

Lamphear, Jared (55) NY Farmer R$1200
Jefferson, 20, Milford D305 F318
Ada (48) NY
FOSTER, H. (12) NY

Lamphire, John Did Not Find
Rock, 224, Janesville

Lanfear, John (50) Germany  occupation: Painter
Milwaukee, 188, Milwaukee
Enumerated with
MOSS, William (25) Germany
MOSS, Eliza (28) Germany
LANFEAR, John (50) Germany Painter
CORNLIUS, Caroline (38) Germany

Lamper, John (35) Germany
Iowa, 362, Highland D862, F862
Catharine (33) Germany
Henry (5) Illinois
George (3) Wisconsin
Mary (1) Wisconsin
"unknown", Henry (20) Germany Occupation: Minor
DEDRIC, Hiram (34) Germany Occupation: Minor
HARLINGS, Galence (28) Germany Female

Lamphire, Joshua (38) NY Farmer
Jefferson, 313, Southport D52 F53 R$950
Esther (35) CT
Henry (13) NY
Van Eps (6) NY (Van Eps)
Martha (5) NY
Mary (2) Wisconsin
BACON, John (18) NY Laborer

Lampshire, Josiah (30) England Miner
Iowa, 322, Mineral Point D237, F237
Jane (29) England
Mary (7) England

Landfar, Laura (20) NY Teacher
Jefferson, 20, Milford D307 F320
Enumerated wtih
BARNHAM, M. (58) VT R$200
LANDFAR, Laura (20) NY Teacher
LANDFAR, Maria (18) NY Teacher
LANDFAR, Mary L. (16) NY

Lampshire, Mary (26) England
Iowa, 316, Mineral Point D150 F150
enumerated with
WHITE, Elizabeth (60) England R:$150
WHITE, Samuel (34) England Miner
LAMPHSHIRE, Mary (24) England
WHITE, Elizabeth (24) England
WHITE, Louise (5) England
LAMPHSIRE, Louise G (5) England
WEBSTER, Francis (30) England Miner
BARTON, Joseph (20) England Miner

Lanphear, Nathan (44) ? H. Carpenter R$1000
Milwaukee, 234, Milwaukee D2295 F2451
Sally (47) NY
Lyman (20) VT
Olin or Elin (11) VT
Annette (8) Ohio
PETTY, Amanda (17) Ohio

Lamphere, Oliva (7) Wisconsin
Walworth, 300, Walworth D347 F356
Enumerated with
SAFFORD, Amos (34) NY Farmer R$1200
SAFFORD, Louisa M. (25) NY
SAFFORD, Oliva (1) Wisconsin
LAMPHERE, Oliva (7) Wisconsin

Lamphear, Pamelia (21) VT
Dodge, 67, Fairfield D273 F280
Enumerated with
PITCHER, William (57) VT Farmer
PITCHER, Ruth (58) NY
POWEL, Henry (25) NY R$500
Lamphear, Pamela (21) NY

Lanphire, Patrick (60) Ireland Laborer
Kenosha, 278, Pike D37 F37
Enumerated with
SMITH, Mathias (38) Germany Laborer
SMITH, Mary (36) Germany
SMITH, George (9/12) Wisconsin
LANPHIRE, Patrick (60) Ireland
LANPHIRE, Marey (54) Ireland
LAMPHIRE, Patrick (28) Ireland
LAMPHIRE, James (19) Ireland
(note spelling on last name wasn’t clear)

Lamphsire Richard (47) England Farmer
Iowa, 342, Mineral Point D558, F558
Listed Real-estate as "claim"
Elizabeth (45) England
Henry (18) Ireland
Thomas (15) Penn
M. M. (13) Farmer male
John (11) Penn
Amelia (8) Penn
Sarah (6) Penn
William (4) Wisconsin
Matilda (2) Wisconsin

Lampshire, W. F. (60) England
Iowa, 326, Mineral Point D313 F313
Ann (63) England
E. F. (19) England

Lanphear, William H. (50) NY Farmer
Jefferson, 21, Milford D312 F325 R$1400
Salina (45) NY
Elisha (18) NY Farmer
William H. (16) NY Student
LOOMIS, Lane (22) NY Female

Landfar, Willard (31) NY Farmer
Jefferson, 24, Milford D368 F381 R$1000
P. (30) NY Female
A. C. () NY Male
D. H. (4) NY Male
H. (2) Wisconsin
CARTER, John (18) NY

Records that have not been looked up:
Name    City/Town, Page, County
LAMERE, John         Brown, 045, Green Bay
LAMPHIER, George Coll, 233, Spring V
LAMPHERE, Betsy        Dane, 396, Albion

         [Betsy Lamphere, Possibly spouce of: Jonathan Lanphear. b: 21 Mar 1785. m: 1st Elizabeth Gavitt.
                Moved to Berlin NY 1790, to Alfred NY in 1815. Children: Maxon (b: @1810), Phebe (b: @1813),
                Betsey (b: @1816). m: 2nd: Betsey Saunders, moved to Albion, Wisc @1820. Children: Eunice (b: @1822)]

LAMPHEAR, Pamela Dodge, 067, Fairfield
LAMPHEAR, Issaac Dodge, 067, Fairfiled
LAMPHEAR, Alonzo Dodge, 066, Fairfield
LAMPHEAR, Henry Dodge, 127, Lomira
LAMERE, Jane        Fond , 259, Fond Du Lac
LAMPHIRE, Mary        Iowa, 316, Mineral
LANPHEAR, Mary         Jefferson, 020, Witford
LAMPHERE, David        Jefferson, 128, Oakland
LANPHEAR, William H. Jefferson, 021, Witford
LAMPHERE, Mary        Jefferson, 129, Oakland
LAMPHIERE, Ann A. Jefferson, 140, Jefferson
LAMPHIRE, Patrick Keno, 278, Pike
LAMPHIRE, Joshua        Keno, 313, Southpor
LAMERE, A. D.        Mani, 009, 2 Rivers
LAMERE, Alex        Mani, 016, 2 Rivers
LAMERE, Louis        Mara, 058, Wausau
LANPHEAR, Nathan Milw, 034, Milwaukee
LAMPHEAR, Nathan Milw, 234, Milwaukee
LAMERE, Z.                 Portage, 008, Grand Rapids
LAMERE, Josephine Portage, 012, Stephens
LAMPHIRE, John        Rock, 224, Janesville
LAMPHEAR, Abraham Rock, 344?, Johnston
LAMPHIRE, Hiram         Sheb, 103, Lyndon
LAMPHIRE, Henry        Sheb, 145, Lyndon
LAMPHERE, Oliver        Walw, 300, Walworth
Waupaca and Waushara County are missing.

Misc. Land Records:
Land Record: Elisah Lamphier. Land Office 07, Doc 7717, 7721, 8225, March 10, 1857


Note about accuracy:  When using data from the internet, please take the precaution of looking up the actual document.  Census records are not 100% reliable to start with, then mix in illegible handwriting, errors in data collected, typos of the compiler, fuzzy microfilm, etc.  Keeping this in mind, census records can offer a wonderful resource, providing a guideline for research.

Anything in [ ] is a note from the complier. 

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