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Another family of mostly Orme

NB: This is very much work in progress - I am very much more sure of some people than of others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. ? Orme (b.Abt 1549-West Bromich,Staffs)
sp: ? (b.Abt 1553-West Bromich,Staffs;m.Abt 1579)
    2. Thomas Orme (b.Abt 1580-West Bromwich,Staffs;d.Aft 1615)
    2. William Orme (b.Abt 1582-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.Abt 1623)
     sp: Grace Hurt (b.Abt 1586-Castern,Staffs;m.Abt 1612)
        3. William Orme (b.31 Mar 1614-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.14 Aug 1665)
         sp: Anne Brudenell (b.Abt 1615-Stanton Wivell,Leics;m.Abt 1636;d.13 Apr 1696)
            4. Thomas Orme (b.31 Mar 1638-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.22 May 1716)
            4. William Orme (b.Abt 1640-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.1676)
            4. Robert Orme (b.Abt 1642-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.1665)
            4. Dorothy Orme (b.Abt 1644-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Anne Orme (b.Abt 1646-Hanch Hall,Staffs;d.Aug 1685)
            4. Frances Orme (b.Abt 1648-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. John Orme (b.Abt 1650-Hanch Hall,Staffs) - possibly the same man as this John Orme
            4. Grace Orme (b.Abt 1652-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1654-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1656-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1658-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1660-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1662-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
            4. Orme (b.Abt 1664-Hanch Hall,Staffs)
        3. Dorothy Orme (b.Abt 1616-Hanch Hall,Staffs)

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