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February 2013Created by Ian


The most significant update to this website since the last version has been the digital release of the 1940 Federal Census. After a delay of 70 years or so, the Federal government releases its census information to the public. The 1940 census allows us to trace further generations as they progress through another decade. The 1930s saw the Great Depression follow the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Money was in short supply, jobs were scarce, and family security was hard to come by. These themes resonate strongly in the present day as we begin to emerge from the Great Recession of 2008. In 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland, initiating World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor did not happen until 1941, finally drawing America into military conflict.

A second import addition to this update is the DNA section. The role of DNA in identifying origins and family connections continues to grow rapidly. In the coming months, there should be several additional important discoveries facilitated by DNA technology.

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