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Descendants of Samuel PITTMAN

First Generation

1. Samuel PITTMAN was born in 1740 in London, , England. He died in 1814 in Halifax District, Halifax County, North Carolina.

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Rev. Samuel Lewis PITTMAN
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1 PITTMAN Samuel b 1740 d 1814 m 1764 Lucy WILLIAMS
REFERENCE TO ANCESTORS: REVOLUTIONARY WAR SERVICES #265884, DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. SEE 1920 LETTER WRITTEN BY ROSA DEW NEWBERRY. “The Rev. Samuel PITTMAN was born in London, England in 1740 and died in Halifax District, North Carolina in 1814. He resided in Halifax District, North Carolina. He was a soldier from North Carolina who assisted in establishing American independence. He was married to Lucy Williams in 1764.” [ Not substantiated by any documentation that I have seen… bcw Jan 2001 ]
Lucy Williams was born in 1744 died in 1812. [ No source for this item … bcw Jan 2001 ]

2 PITTMAN Lemuel
“There is an oral history legend that Lemuel was thrown from a horse and died w/o descendants.” Jack Pittman, 29 Jan 2001
2 PITTMAN (Rev.) Samuel Lewis
b 7 Jan 1766 VA d 25 Mch 1843 Harlan Co KY
m 1787 Keziah VANDERPOOL (1769-1840)
dau of Wynant VANDERPOOL & Naomi Amy KINMAN ?

“Although I have been interested in family history for quite some time, I only recently started serious research. One key relative about whom I have the most information is my great, great grandfather -- Sterling C.H. PITTMAN (an Arkansas land deed spells his first name Starling, but I think Sterling is correct.) A copy of an obit that I have traces Sterling's ancestry to Samuel Pittman who apparently settled in PA in the early 1700s. Sterling was born in Virginia (township unk) in 1815. As a young man he settled in Harlan Co KY where he married Nancy Stuart and had several children (names not known).

In 1859, he migrated to the area around Eureka Springs, Carroll Co AR, where he died in 1901. He served for a time in the Confederate Army and participated in Price's Raid into MO.

According to an undocumented family history written by an aunt many years ago, Sterling is my gg-grandfather, thru Pennell Samuel Pittman, Virgil Greek Pittman, and Virgil George Pittman. But as far as I have been able to determine, Sterling had only one surviving child, Easter Pittman born in Eureka Springs, AR. (His other children apparently died in Kentucky.) Easter married Jasper Newberry. They named one of their sons Pennell Samuel Pittman Newberry. Unless there was a surviving son from Sterling for whom Pennell Samuel Pittman Newberry was named, the direct linkage breaks down. The history says that Virgil Greek Pittman was born in Piers City, MO in 1872. No such place, but I did find Pierce City, MO and it's only 61 miles from Eureka Springs, AR. Getting a copy of Virgil Greek Pittman's birth certificate would resolve (or perhaps deepen) the mystery, but MO apparently didn't start requiring records of births until ~ 1912. There's got to be a connection some where. I have a long dead uncle was named Byron Pennell Pittman. Pennell is an unusual name, it can't be a coincidence. But I've done numerous searches on Pennell Samuel Pittman but so far have come up dry.” Jack Pittman, 1999
“Samuel Pittman may have moved to South Carolina. Family sources tell me that there is a Samuel Pitman Sr. listed in the 1790 census records for the 96th District of Pendleton County, South Carolina as well as a Samuel Pitman, Jr. and a "Winant" Vanderpool. There is also as Samuel Pittman and his wife Lucy that appear in the records of the Tyger Creek Church in 1805. This church is located in what is now northern Greenville County, South Carolina. I have not had time to personally verify this.

Pennell Samuel Pittman relates in a letter that Wynant Vanderpool lived to age 115. Pennell says that Wynant used to sing himself to sleep in his rocking chair. When he died, they left him sitting in his rocker for three days to make sure that he wasn't just sleeping.

According to the Sterling C. H. Pittman's obituary, Samuel Lewis and Keziah had 12 children Here is a partial list of their names and spouses (I have no dates):
Sarah Pittman married Michael Hendrix John Pittman married Nancy Brooks Thomas Pittman married Nancy Vanderpool Samuel Pittman married Elizabeth Wade Jane Pittman married Capt. William Henderson Elizabeth Pittman married Joseph Cooper Nancy Pittman married James Wilson Joseph Pittman married Cynthia Wilson

“Samuel Lewis and Keziah’s last child Sterling was born in Lee County, Virginia in 1815. Why did they move back to Virginia? Did they live for a time with Lucy's family (the Williams) or Keziah's family (the Vanderpool’s) who had remained in Virginia?

We do know a little about Joseph and Cynthia Pittman. Their children included a son named Jeremiah K. Pittman (born November 22, 1841), a daughter named Nancy who remained unmarried, Vinia who married James Boatright, Sally who married Levi Taylor, William (spouse unknown) who had four daughters, John M. Pittman, Rose who married L. D. Miracle, and Deborah who married Ballinger Wilson. Jeremiah Pittman emigrated to Kentucky and raised 11 children -- six boys and five girls. His oldest son was named Joseph. Other children were: Solomon W., P. H. (we have only initials), Roselin, William, Martha, Sarah, Dorah, Ewell, Vesta, and Simon. Roselin and William moved to Oklahoma. P.H. moved to Louisiana. Simon moved to Detroit. Simon married Mary E. Wilson and fathered 16 children. The rest of Jeremiah's children remained in and around Cubage, Kentucky.

Most of Samuel Lewis and Keziah's children likely continued to live in the Carolinas. Keziah died in 1840, but there is no record of where. Samuel Lewis died in Harlan County, Kentucky in 1843 at age 76. His son Sterling was married in Harlan County, Kentucky in 1834. Did he live with his son or vice versa? Did he officiate at his son's wedding? The Sterling C. H. Pittman obituary states that Samuel Lewis "became a preacher and lived to see five of his youngest son's [Sterling] children." Jack Pittman, 29 Jan 2001

“My girlfriend was checking the Ancestry Gedcoms and found one of her ancestors among them (his name was Sterling PITTMAN). The weird thing was that this same GEDCOM listed his mother as a Keziah VANDERPOOL. Keziah's parents, in turn, were an 'Unknown Vanderpool' and an 'Amy Kinman.' According to the GEDCOM, Amy KINMAN was born a few miles from London, England. I think this is probably the Amy/Naomi KINMAN who married Wynant VANDERPOOL that appears in both Sonny and Myra's databases, and is an ancestor for a big branch of the family. Neither database, though, lists a Keziah as one of the daughters... Has anyone run across Keziah before, or is she a long-lost daughter? We contacted the man who posted the GEDCOM ( ), and according to his information Keziah was born in 1769 and died in 1840. In 1787 she married a Samuel PITTMAN, Jr. (b. Jan 7, 1766, d. Mar 25 1843). One of their children was a Sterling C. H. PITTMAN, who was born in 1815. He settled in Arkansas, having fought in Price's Raid for the Confederacy. One of his sources was a letter by Rose Dew Newberry, dated 1928, which claimed that the 'Unknown Vanderpool' was a doctor who was born and died in London, England. I am assuming this was meant to be Wynant VANDERPOOL, who as far as I know died in Tennessee (or thereabouts). A couple of other things of note: the Pittman’s seem to have been involved in the Revolution, and were Baptists. I have seen a posting from a while ago (I think from Betty Heinrich) that lists some church members of a newly formed Baptist church, in which Wynant, Naomi, and a certain Samuel Pittman appear. I suspect that the families are in fact related, and that Keziah is a daughter of Wynant and Naomi... That the letter claims they were from England is probably just a mistake (although the Pittman’s themselves came from England).” Robert Powell, 2000

“Family history has Wynant and Amy have a daughter Keziah who marries Samuel me and I will be glad to respond.” Sue Williams, Dec 1999,
“Sue Williams, do you have any more info on Keziah being a daughter of Wynant Vanderpool & Naomi Amy Kinman? Sonny Vanderpool's website where most info is posted, shows their daughters are Jane (Jennie), Mary and Sarah. Sonny's site is at .” Bill Vanderpool, Dec 1999,

Samuel married Lucy WILLIAMS in 1764.

They had the following children:

  2 M i Lemuel PITTMAN.
+ 3 M ii Rev. Samuel PITTMAN

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