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Descendants of John HODGKINSON

Fourth Generation

17. James HOSKINSON (Thomas HOSKINSON , John , John ) was born about 1710 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died in 1796 in , Monogalia County, Virginia.

James Moore Senior
James Hoskinson

28 March 1717.

To all to whom these shall come KNOW YEE that I James Moore of Prince George County out of the love and affections I have to my God Son James Hoskinson, do give unto him and his heirs one bay mare with a starr in her forehead, branded on the farr buttock with a blotch brand resembling AN and on the rear buttock with T-L. Which said mare with all her increase I do hereby for me my heirs give and confirm to the said James Hoskinson and his heirs against the claims or demand of all persons what so ever: Witness my hand and seal this twenty eigth day of March anno 1717.

Signed Sealed and Delivered presence of us: Testors: Robert Manfeld James Moore Junior
Libr: "E" Folio 519 ML1
Hall of Records, Annapolis.
Prince George County, Maryland

JAMES HOSKINSON Deed of Gift Land Records 1735.

At the request of JAMES HOSKINSON the followiang deed of gift was recorded
May twenty fourth day Anno Dom Seventeen Hundred Thirtyfive.

TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come, I James Moore send greetings in our Lord God Everlasting Know Yee that I James Moore Senior afsd of Prince Georg County in the province of Maryland Planter for and in consideration of the love and good will and affection which I have and do bear towards my loving Gran Son James Hoskinson of this afsd County and province has also for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds sterling money to me well and truly paid by my said grandson James Hoskinson and for which sum I do for myself my heirs exects and assignes discharge him the afsd James Hoskinson and for certain other valuable considerations hereunto us waving, have given granted and by these presents do freely, clearly and absolutely give and grant to the said James Hoskinson his heirs, exects or assigns, all that Parcel of land called the GIFT" lying on the North West Branch of the Eastern Branch of the Potomack River containing fifty acres being part of a tract of land called Barbadoes containing one hundred fifty acres; beginning at the first bounder of the afsd tract of land called Barbadoes and running South fifty perches, East Eighteen degrees South one hundred and eighty two perches, North by East thirty nine perches then with a strate line to the first tree. Containing fifty acres, together with all its woods, underwoods, houses fences, gardens and all other improvements as all and singular the rent, profits, ways and passages, water courses, appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging and appertaining. To HAVE AND TO HOLD the said parcel or tract of land afsd fifty acres and all the singular premisis and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances unto the said James Hoskinson his heirs (exect adid) and assigns from hence forth as his and their proper estate ever after, after the death of his mother Jane Hoskinson absolutely without any manner of condition as I the said James Moore have absolutely and of my own accord set and put in further testimony IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the ninth day of May in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty and Five.

Signed Sealed and Delivered
in presence of: John Bealle Jos Chew James Moore llo

On the back of which deed of gift was this endorsment Prince George County May 9th 1735 THEN James Moore Party to the within deed and Mary his wife acknowledged the same together with the Lands and premises herein mentioned according as the act afsd absolutely directs before us.

May 9th 1735.

Then received of James Hoskinson the consideration within mentioned. Witness: John Beall Jos Chew 24 May 1735 received of M ... James Hoskinson two shillings the alienation of the within land for use.

Honorable Chas Ld Baltimore by ord. B Fery, W. TASKER Esq. Agnt. Wm Digges

Liber "T" Folio 270
Hall of Records, Annapolis Prince George County, Maryland

James Moore Senior purchased the tract of land called "Barbadoes" in 1713 which contained 150 acres. When I plotted out the survey runs and coordinates for both Hoskinsons Folly and James Hoskinsons part of Barbadoes, I found that Barbadoes lay adjacent to and nearly abutted Hoskinsons Folly on the South. Later in 1748-49 James Hoskinson applied for a resurvey of his land (50 Acres Barbadoes) to include a narrow strip of vacant and unclaimed land along his north line. After the resurvey was made James Hoskinsons land then abutted Hoskinsons Folly, both on the South and on the West.

In November 1739 James Hoskinson was summoned into Court on Duces Tecum Issuer, brought by Henry and Edward Trafford. James was ordered to produce a document or some instrument of writing. As already mentioned in the Thomas Hoskinson section, I believe this had some connection with the 1740 case of Traffords Vs Thomas Hoskinson. This was awarded against James. Liber X, Fol.549.

Later in 1747, James applied to the Provincial Land Commission for the resurvey of his property, which was to include a narrow strip of vacant and unclaimed land that lay between his and that of Hoskinsons Folly. This is found in "Petition to Reservey Liber BY & GS #3, Folio # 54. After several delays, this resurvey was finally completed in 1749 and an additional 90 acres was added to the original 50 acres that James received from his Grandfather. This was by land Certificate #140. Liber BY & GS #1, Folio #635.

As mentioned earlier, when I plotted out the survey runs and co-ordinates,. it was found that James Hoskinsons land "the gift" (Barbadoes) abutted Hoskinsons Folly on both its south and west sides. Also, I believe that the North West Branch of the Eastern Branch of the Potomack River flowed between Hoskinsons Folly and James Hoskinsons land. The remaining 100 acres, the part of Barbadoes that George Moore received, also abutted that of James Hoskinsons on the South.

In 1755 James Hoskinson was noted as having packed, prized and shipped tobacco for the estate of Charles Higgenbotham in Fredrick County Maryland. In 1756 it was noted that James Hoskinson received payment for this service.

In 1763 the Prince George County Estate records indicated that James Hoskinson owed the estate of John Smith Prather a sum of money as follows: PRINCE GEO. CO. MD.COURT RECORDS Film LDS #0014282 No#1 1763 Page 18, 80 and 81. Estate Accounts Due of Wm Deakins and Elizabeth his wife, Executors of John Smith Prather for cash received and due to the Deceased Estate. Jan. 28, 1765 by Zach. Harris, /6/.

Samuel Sumsar 16, James Hoskinson 19. and others.

On 6 April 1765, James and Elizabeth Hoskinson mortgaged their land to Thomas Cramphin a Bladenburg Lawyer for the amount of Thirty Two pounds, Seven shillings and 7 Pence silver currency. Elizabeth released her dower in the land at the time. Repayment with interest was due on the first of August 1767. Later, on 18 February 1767 James and Elizabeth repaid this mortgage in the amount of Thirty Six Pounds, 10 Shillings and 5 Pence. I believe that this mortgage was probably taken out to pay the debt, at least in part, to the John Smith Prather estate. After James and Elizabeth paid off this mortgage they again received clear title to their land.

By 1769 some of those whom I consider to have been James Hoskinson's children and those who moved with him to Berkeley County, Va., began to appear in the Prince George County, Maryland records. The first was Azariah Thomas Hoskinson who appeared on a cerificate of Astray in 1769, Involving five stray horses. Then came Jeptha in 1771 on a Bill of Sale and later in 1775 Isaiah Hoskins appeared on an Estate Listing of people who owed debts to the Estate of Michael Binci. James, Azariah and Jeptha were also listed in this same ledger. Estate Inventories Bk #1, page 315.

On 23 December 1772 James and Elizabeth sold One Hundred Twenty Seven and one half acres of their land, Giliard (Barbadoes), with a half acre reserved as a burying place. This was sold to Samuel Shekill of Ann Arundell County, Maryland, with Elizabeth releasing her right of Dower in the land at the time. They received One Hundred Fifty Eight Pounds Fifteen Shillings Sterling in hand for the property. As James reserved 1/2 acre for a burying ground in this sale of Giliard (or Giliad), it might be assumed that both Thomas Senior and Jane Moore Hoskinson are both buried there. This sale left 12 1/2 acres remaing as unsold of their original 140 acres which may have contained the house where they had been living. James and Elizabeth were no doubt contemplating on leaving the area, but may have continued to live there for awhile longer after the sale of their other land. This sale was also in close proximity to that of Azariah Thomas Hoskinson, who had already sold his land, Hoskins Lott, on 14 September 1772. Azariah's land lay on a branch of the Sligo a short distance north from where James Hoskinsons land was located. This might seem to indicate that both Azariah and James had planned to leave the area together, as nothing more was found in the Prince George County records pertaining to them after that, with the exception of a few unpaid debts to some deceased persons Estates. Prince George County, Maryland Deeds Liber BB #3, Folio #144-145-146. Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.

The next notice of Azariah and James was when they turned up in Berkeley County, VA. in 1777/78. By this time Basil and Jeremiah Hoskinson had already preceded them there, these two were first listed in Berkeley County, Virginia Court records on 17 March 1774. Later Jeptha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Mathew and Nancy Geyer (w/o Fredrick) also turned up in the same area near Bath, Va. (now Berkeley Springs, WVa.). Isaiah, Basil and Ezekiel served in the Virginia Revolutionary War Milita while living in, Berkeley County.

The first mention of James Hoskinson in Berkeley County, Va. was on 18 August 1778 when he purchased 200 acres of land from Abraham Davenport by indenture of Lease and Release. The writer believes that the Davenports and Hoskinsons were well aquainted prior to the purchase, as both had been living in Prince George County, Maryland before moving to Berkeley Co. Va. This 200 acres was located on Dry Run, a draft of Warm Springs Run, of the Potomack River, and lay about two miles north of Bath, Va. It was part of a 400 acre land grant that Davenport had received in 1775 from the Governor of Virginia. As the 200 acres was purchased by indenture of Lease and Release, James may have been living there for awhile prior to his actual purchase. Berkeley County, Virginia Land Deed Book #5, Pages 66-67-68.

During his stay of about ten or eleven years in Berkeley County, Va. James was involved in several small court cases, most involving debts that were owed him. These cases seem to point to James as having been into some type of business, possibly with Isaiah as he to was in a number of similar law suits in this same time frame. In my opinion almost all of the Hoskinson people that were on record in Berkeley County in the 1770's and 1780's were the children of James. These were: Azariah, Jeptha, Jeremiah, Mathew, Isaiah, Basil, Ezdkiel and Nancy Geyer. Also, with the exception of Basil and Ezekiel all of these people later ended up in Monongalia County, Virginia, just ahead of James. Basil went to Brownsville, in Fayette County, Pa. and Ezekiel to Mississippi.

Between August 1782 and January 1783, James sold the remaining 12 1/2 acres of land that he still owned in Prince George County, Md., to John Schofield of Montgomery County, Maryland. This was done by power of attorney. Elizabeth did not sign a release of Dower, which might indicate that she had died prior to that time. This is recorded in the Prince George County,

Maryland Deed Book, 1783. Liber Folio 282-283.

Also, after James arrived in Berkeley County, Basil Hoskinson applied for a land grant of 216 acres that was surveyed in 1779. This land lay next to that of James Hoskinson on Warm Springs Run. The Grant is as follows:


Northern Neck Surveys #1 Page 269. Richmond, Val. 1788-1789 BEVERLY RANDOLPH Esq. Gov. Va. To BASIL HOSKINSON

10 March 1789: BEVERLY RANDOLPH, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwelath of Virginia. TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, GREETINGS: KNOW YE, that by virtue of a Warrant spescified from the late Lord Proprieters Office of the Northern Neck, and in consideration of the Ancient Composition of one pound five shillings sterling paid by Basil Hoskinson into the Treasury of the Commonwealth, there is granted by the said Commonwelth unto the said Basil Hoskinson a certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred and sixteen acres, by survey dated the 12 May 1779, lying and being in the County of Berkeley, adjoining James Hoskinson and other tracts on the Warm Springs run and bounded as followeth, to Witt: Beginning at two pines on a hill side, corner to his Lordships four hundred and sixty acres and the Boyles Seventy four and three hundred and seventy acre tracts. Thence along the lines of the three hundred and seventy two acres, North 47 degrees East 340 poles to a pine on a naked hill, North 43 degrees West 16 poles to a black oak sapling in William and Henry Boyles line Christopher Ault corner, thence along his reversed South 69 degrees East 32 poles to a white oak and hickory, thence south 25 degrees West 38 poles to a white Oak and Chesnut oak on the North side of a hill. Aretti and Abraham Davenport Corner thence along Davenports and Hoskinsons line taken together, South 22 degrees West 300 poles to a black oak on George Brents line and along it reversed South 80 degrees West 48 poles to a white oak his corner and chesnut oak on the north side of a hill corner to Brents and his Lordships tracts, thence along a line of the same North 47 degrees West one hundred and fifty poles to the beginning, with its appurtences ..............

Richmond, Va

Received 26 June 1788.
Grant Issued 10 March 1789 Authority Beverly Randolph Esq. Gov
Va. 216 Acres, Executed 12, May 1779.

Chain Carriers: Lewis & James Hoskinson Richrd Rigg, Surv.

In 1788 James sold his 200 acres of land on Dry Run, by mortgage, based on five annual payments for five years, to Patrick McKelvey. McKelvey finished paying off this mortgage in 1794 and James released the mortgage by power of attorney. This P/A was handled by his good friend and son-in-law, Fredrick Gyer. James was then living in Monongalia County, either with or close to the Gyer family. The Gyers were from Washington Co., Maryland but had lived in Berkeley Co., near James Hoskinson at the time he was there.

On 14, December 1795, James Hoskinson gave all of his household goods and livestock to his Granddaughter, Ann Elizabeth Gyer, by Deed of Gift, as follows:

14 December 1795.

James Hoskinson To Granddaughter ANN ELIZABETH GYER.

TO ALL PEOPLE TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, I James Hoskinson do send greetings: Know Ye that I the said James Hoskinson of the County of Monongalia and State of Virginia Carpenter for and in consideration of the natural love and good will and affection which I have and do bear toward by loving Grand Daughter Ann Elizabeth Gyer of the County and State Aforesaid and the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia to him in hand paid the receipt whereof the said James Hoskinson doth hereby acknowledge. Hath given and granted and by these presents doth freely give and grant unto the said Ann Elizabeth Gyer her heirs and assigns, after the decease of him the said James Hoskinson, one black cow and heifer, one black ditto and red ditto marked with two staple forks in each ear, one bed, bedsted and furniture and pewter dish and six plates to be for her the said Ann Elizabeth Gyer own proper use to her and her heirs, an inventory of which articles have delivered unto her before the sealing and signing of these presents signed with my own hand and bearing date 14 December 1795. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said four head of cattle together with their increases, one bed, bedstead and furniture, one pewter dish and six plates to her the said Ann Elizabeth Gyer and her heirs and assigns forever: IN WITNESS whereof the said James Hoskinson hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the 14 day of December in the year of our Lord 1795.

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of:

James Brand Thoms Barns

James Hoskinson

1795 Then received of the within named Ann Elizabeth Gyer the sum of five shillings it being consideration within mentioned by the (hands of Dec-14) Gyer her father.

By Me James Hoskinson

Wittnesses Present: ThomasBarns

DISTRICT COURT holden at Monongalia Court House May term 1796. This deed of gift from James Hoskinson to Ann Elizabeth Gyer was proved by the oath of James Brand a witness thereto and ordered recorded. Teste:Williams Clerk of Court

The deed of gift by James Hoskinson to Ann Elizabeth Gyer, his grand daughter, was the last mention of James in the Monongalia Co., Va. records that I could locate. As the Court acknowledged and recorded the deed in the May 1796 term, the writer believes that it is reasonable to assume that James had died just prior to that time.
[Research by Robert J. Hoskins, North Carolina]

James married Elizabeth. Elizabeth died about 1780.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M i Jeptha HOSKINSON
+ 26 M ii Azariah Thomas HOSKINSON
+ 27 M iii Jeremiah HOSKINSON
  28 M iv Ezekiel HOSKINSON was born about 1745 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died 1 before 1832 in , Berkley County, Virginia.

Rev. War Vet. served with Isaiah and Basil 1777/78 Berkeley County, Va.

On 22 March 1786. Basil Hoskinson and Cornelius Conway came into Court for Ezekiel Hoskinson in the case of Wm Bready Vs Ezekiel Hoskinson Def. Debt. If Ezekiel could not pay, they would. Court Order Book #7, Berkeley Co., Va. Page 382, 25 March 1786.

On 13 March 1788. Ezekiel Hoskinson sold to his brother Basil Hoskinson a horse, a gray gelding called Liberty that he had purchased from Capt. Ephriam Worthington. Deed Book #8, page 285. Berkeley Co., Va.

It is believed that Ezekiel left the area soon after the horse sale and went to Natchez in Jefferson County, Mississippi with James Carmichael and possibly Brian Bruin of Berkeley Co. Va. Both Bryan Bruin and Ezekiel Hoskinson witnessed a deed there for Phoebe Goodwin to Henry Manadue on 17 December 1788. Ezekiel, Bruin and also Carmicheal signed and witnessed several other deeds and papers there through 31 March 1804. On 31 March 1804 a claim for 370 acres of land in Claiborne Co. on waters of Bayou Pierre by Ezekiel Hoskinson and James Carmichael was rejected. This from abstracts of Early Records, Natchez Mississippi Court Records 1767-1805. A Bryan Bruin was mentioned many times in Berkley Co., Va. land and Court records in the 1770-1780's. Nothing more is known about Ezekiel Hoskinson after 1805.

In the 1792 Spanish Census Natchez District of the Mississippi Territory Ezekiel Hoskins was listed as head of houshold in the Bayou Pierre district. The census also listed a "Pedro" Bruin, the enumerators, being Spanish, used the Spanish interpretation for many of the given names.
+ 29 M v Isaiah HOSKINSON
+ 30 M vi Basil HOSKINSON
+ 31 F vii Ann Elizabeth HOSKINSON

18. Thomas HOSKINSON Jr. (Thomas HOSKINSON , John , John ) was born about 1712 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland.

By 1740 there was a Thomas Hoskinson Junior nearby who also began to appear in the records and who was no doubt the son of Thomas Senior. Thomas Junior is believed to be the one who married Ann in 1740 and whose children were later listed in the Prince George Parrish Church records. Thomas Junior was also listed in Court records when he sued to collect a debt from Thomas Butler whom he had built a tobacco barn for in 1742/43. Thomas Hoskinson Senior and Thomas Junior were designated as such in their 1742/43 court transcripts.

Thomas married Ann BEALL ? 1 on 25 Mar 1740 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland. Ann was born in 1722 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland.

They had the following children:

  32 F i Priscilla HOSKINSON was born on 5 Mar 1741 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland.

BIRTH: Birth from Church Records
+ 33 M ii John HOSKINS Sr.
+ 34 M iii Jesse HOSKINS
+ 35 M iv Ninian Ning HOSKINS Sr.
  36 M v Josiah HOSKINS was born on 16 Nov 1749 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died in 1784 in , Davidson County, Tennessee.

BIRTH: Birth from Church Records

DEATH:There are records in Davidson County, Tennessee which states; in the year 1784, Josiah Hoskins and Joseph Hoskins were killed by Indians. What relation were they to each other and the other Hoskins in that area is not known.

BIOGRAPHY: Josiah and his brothers John and Jesse were early pioneers in what was then western North Carolina and Johnson County Tennessee.
The first settlement in Johnson County is said to have been made about 1770, on Roane Creek, near its confluence with the Watauga, by a man named Honeycut. Other settlements were made soon after farther up Roane Creek, and on Little Doe and the Laurel. Shady was also settled at a comparatively early day, Among the pioneers who had found homes in the territory now embraced in Johnson County prior to 1778, were Joseph Hoskins, George and Samuel Heatherby, Thomas, John and Charles Asher, Richard and Benjamin Wilson, John and Henry Grimes, Joseph Gentry, John, Jesse and Josiah Hoskins and John Higgins. At that time the entire population of this section did not exceed 150.

This is a list of soldiers who went to Charles Town, South Carolina, in 1776 from Washington County, North Carolina, now Tennessee. Judge Samuel Williams, in his writing on Tennessee history, tells of this event.
[Spelling left intact]
A list of soldiers Drafted from the Washington Ridgment of Militia on the States service to Charles Town
from John McKnabbs Company 1st Captain in the Regment
1. David Hickey ) William Clark Esqr. 6th Capt.
2. Wm. Brown )
3. Alexr. Greer )
4. John Nave ) Soldiers Moundsain ) Special
5. Charles Young )
6. Matthew Talbert Jr.) Mulliply ) Soldiers

George Russell Esqr. 2d Captain Adam Wilson Esqr. 7th Capt.
Mark Mitchel 1. Joseph Gist
Richard Fletcher 2. Alexr. Morrow
Thomas Brown 3. Wm. Fain
Andrew Fagan 4. Alexr. Campble
Hall Massingill 5. Wm. Chambers
Edmond Sinkness 6. John McVeigh
Samuel Phane John McVeigh
7. Andrew Eng____
Thomas Woodward

Joseph Wilson Esqr. 3d Capt. JOSIAH HOSKINS Esqr. 8th Capt.
1. John Morrison

BIOGRAPHY: "Early History of Middle Tennessee" by Edward Albright, 1908.
This book provides details on the death of Josiah Hoskins. This occurs in chapter 25 which deals with the events of 1784. This takes place in the fall near Eatons Station which was not far from Nashville.
"In the early spring Nicholas TRAMMEL and Philip MASON were stalking game along the headwaters of White's Creek, a few miles northwest of Goodlettsville. While they were down on the ground skinning a deer which had been killed, a large company of Indians crept up from behind and opened fire, slightly wounding MASON. They then stole the carcass of the deer and pursued their journey up the creek. After running some distance through the woods MASON stopped to dress his wound and also to await the return of TRAMMEL, who went on to Eaton's for reinforcements. Later TRAMMEL came back with four of the settlers, and being joined by MASON, the entire party started post-haste after the enemy. They soon found the trail and followed rapidly, but in their haste failed to notice that the large number of tracks they were following had grown less. The Indians, suspecting pursuit, had gradually slipped aside, one and two at a time, in order that the whites might be thus entrapped.
Finally a few who yet led on were overtaken and the settlers dismounting rushed upon them, killing two of their number. In the meantime the Indians in the rear came up, captured the horses and opened a deadly fire on the whites, during which MASON received a mortal wound. His companions ran into the woods and thus escaped. TRAMMEL objected to this hasty retreat and desertion of MASON, but his comrades insisted that it was useless to continue the fight, as the contest was unequal. After traveling some distance they met Josiah HOSKINS, who was known in the settlement as a soldier braver than Julius CAESAR, and also a better rifleman. Led now by TRAMMEL and HOSKINS, the party started again in pursuit of the Indians, and coming up with them the fight was renewed, this time from behind trees. After three of the Indians had been killed, TRAMMEL and HOSKINS boldly came out into the open determined to put the enemy to flight. No sooner had they done so than each received a shot and died instantly. The rest of the whites held their ground and kept up the fire until both parties were exhausted, and by common consent gave up the contest. Each company then went its way, leaving its dead on the field."

Washington Co, VA Surveys, Page 235 - Robert HOUSTON - 232 ac. Commissioners Certificate - on the south side of the south fork of Holston River - Beginning corner to James CAMPBELL - December 27, 1782 - Robert Houston, assignee of John LOWRY, assignee of Josias HASKINS - 400 ac. on the south fork of the south fork of Holston River, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772 - September 2, 1781
  37 F vi Ann HOSKINSON was born on 18 Apr 1753 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland.
+ 38 M vii HOSKINS

19. Charles HOSKINSON (Thomas HOSKINSON , John , John ) was born about 1715 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died before 26 Apr 1764 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland. Charles served in the military in Capt. George Beall's Troop of Horse Militia in 1748 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland.

DEATH: Inventory of the Estate of Charles Hoskinson, Maryland Inventories of Estates 1763-1764 Vol. 84 pp. 184-185

Charles married Elizabeth about 1750 in , Prince George, Maryland, USA. Elizabeth was born about 1735 in , Montgomery County, Maryland.

They had the following children:

  39 M i John HOSKINSON.
  40 M ii Elisha HOSKINSON was born in 1748.
+ 41 M iii George HOSKINSON
+ 42 M iv Hugh HOSKINSON
  43 M v Charles HOSKINSON was born about 1759 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died after 19 Nov 1832 in , , Kentucky.

        Charles married Eleanor STANDIFORD on 19 Aug 1779 in , Montgomery County, Maryland.
  44 M vi Josiah HOSKINSON was born about 1764 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland.
  45 F vii Ruth HOSKINSON was born about 1760 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland.
        Ruth married Joshua HARBIN about 1785 in of, Baltimore, Maryland. Joshua was born about 1755 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland.
  46 F viii Mary Alice HOSKINSON was born about 1760 in , Prince Georges County, Maryland.

21. John HOSKINSON (Thomas HOSKINSON , John , John ) was born about 1722 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland. He died about 1795 in , Montgomery County, Maryland.

John married Susannah. Susannah was born about 1740.

They had the following children:

  47 M i Elisha HOSKINSON was born in 1748. He died after 8 Dec 1794.
        Elisha married Henrietta BRASHEARS on 4 Nov 1777.
  48 M ii Josiah HOSKINSON was born in 1756. He died on 12 Feb 1836 in , Scioto County, Ohio.

State of Ohio, Scioto County -- Personally appeared before me,
John Collins one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the
County of Scioto, Josiah Hoskinson, and being sworn saith that in the year
1778 he entered into the service of his country in the late Revolutionary
war, in Capt. Thos. Beals Company in Col. Rawlings Regiment in the Maryland
line of troops as a Sergeant Major -- detached as adjutant, and honorably
served out his time as by the discharge papers accompanying will more fully
appear. This respondent further saith that he was in active service all that
time, chiefly guarding the prisoners at Fort Frederick, and against the
Indians near Pittsburgh. He also volunteered a number of times in the
militia during the war. He is now sixty-three years of age, is old, infirm,
and poor, and stands in need of assistance from his country. Signed by
Josiah Hoskinson State of Ohio, Scioto County -- I, John Collins, one of the
Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County do hereby certify
that Josiah Hoskinson before me made solemn oath that the foregoing
affidavit is just and true. I further certify that I am personally
acquainted with the said Josiah, know him to be a fair (?), honest and
industrious man and that he stands in absolute need of assistance from his
country -- In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th
(?) day of June, 1818. Signed by John Collins
        Josiah married Margaret SUMMERS?.
  49 F iii Agnes HOSKINSON was born in 1759. She died after 8 Dec 1794.
        Agnes married Magruder SELBY on 21 Feb 1788.
  50 F iv Jane HOSKINSON was born in 1760. She died after 8 Dec 1794.
        Jane married John SUMMERS.
  51 F v Ruth HOSKINSON died after 8 Dec 1794.
        Ruth married James Wilson SELBY.
  52 F vi Amelia HOSKINSON died after 8 Dec 1794.
        Amelia married a WILLSON.
  53 M vii Nathan HOSKINSON died after 8 Dec 1794.

22. George HOSKINSON 1 (Thomas HOSKINSON , John , John ) was born in 1733 in Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland.

George married Mary. Mary was born in 1732.

They had the following children:

  54 M i Leonard HOSKINSON.
        Leonard married Martha WELLS.
  55 M ii John HOSKINSON.
  56 M iii George HOSKINSON.

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