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Kentucky Gazette Births 1899

A visit to Lexington Public Library gleaned the following information. Listed here are births as reported in the Kentucky Gazette from January 1899 to December 1899. I would suggest using your browser's "Find" function to search the page.


LEGEND: (Sex) NAME (Birthdate) - Parents: Father then Mother

(F) No name GRAVES (1 Jan 1899) - C.J. Graves Jr.
(M) Louis Ramsey BROWN (Jan 1899) - Oscar Brown
(F) No name MOLLOY (Jan 1899) - Dr. P.H. Molloy
(M) No name MOORE (20 May 1899) - George Moore & Susie ___
(M) Joseph C. ANDERSON (Jun 1899) - James Blythe Anderson
(M) No name GENTRY (Jul 1899) - Mr. Smith Gentry
(F) Jennie Parker CLEMON (Jul 1899) - W. Rankin Clemon
(F) Juliet Lee RISQUE (Jul 1899) - Dr. W.E. Risque
(M) Charles KERR Jr. (Jul 1899) - Charles Kerr Sr.
(F) Martha Berkley McCLURE (Oct 1899) - Dr. W.B. McClure
(M) Warner L. ALVEMBACK Jr. (Nov 1899) - Warner L. Alvemback Sr.
(F) No name ARNETT (Nov 1899) - W,C. Arnett
(F) No name GORMLEY (Dec 1899) - J.J. Gormley