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Kentucky Gazette Births 1900

A visit to Lexington Public Library gleaned the following information. Listed here are Births as reported in the Kentucky Gazette from January 1900 to December 1900. I would suggest using your browser's "Find" function to search the page.


LEGEND: (Sex) NAME (Birthdate) - Parents: Father then Mother

(M) Edward Shakelford DeLONG (Feb 1900) - James L. DeLong
(M) Louis desCognets YOUNG (Feb 1900) - Tipton L. Young
(M) No name TROUTMAN (24 Feb 1900) - Oliver Troutman
(F) Kathlene E. DOZIER (Mar 1900) - J.H. Dozier
(F) No name VAN METER (1 Apr 1900) - Joseph Van Meter & Martha Pettit
(M) Frank Baker HAWKINS (Apr 1900) - J.N. Hawkins
(M) Jacob Hughes WILLS (May 1900) - James D. Wills
(M) Charles Hood HARVEY (12 Jul 1900) - Oswald Harvey
(F) Nannie Voorhies DRAPER (Jul 1900) - Arthur J. Draper & ___ Voorhies
(M) No name PLATT (Jul 1900) - Thomas Platt
(M) Thomas Gardner BAYLESS (Aug 1900) - W.K. Bayless
(M) Robert BEATTY (Aug 1900) - J.P. Beatty
(F) Mamie Kenney WEBBER (19 Aug 1900) - Charles Webber & Corianne Kenney
(F) No name WILSON (Oct 1900) - Ben Wilson & May Mosley
(F) Charlotte PRICE (Nov 1900) - Sterling Price