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Coal Miner's Index

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Coal Miner's Memorial Index
Honoring the Coal Miners who lost their lives in the Harlan County, Kentucky mines.

Harlan County, Kentucky
Coal Mining Deaths

Page 1: Lewis Vaughn.
Page 2: Coal Miner's Memorial, Harlan County Courthouse, Harlan County, Kentucky.
Coal Miner's Memorial Index
Page 3: Peabody Coal Company Mine #31, Kenvir, Harlan County, Kentucky.
Page 4: 31 Tipple Coal Mine, Black Mountain, Harlan County, Kentucky.
Page 5: Black Mountain Mine, Harlan County, Kentucky.
Page 6: Raymond & Elmer Presley at the mines.
Page 7: Daniel, Chester Alan Arthur & William Everett Vaughn in the mines.
Page 8: Benham Coal Mine Museum, Harlan County, Kentucky.
Page 9: Carr Brittain Vaughn at the mines.
Page 10: Junior Cloud & Elmer Presley at the mines.
Page 11: $1.00 Scrip front and back from the Great Heart Black Mountain Coal Company.
Page 12: .50 Cents, .25 Cents, .10 Cents, .05 Cents Scrips from the Great Heart Black Mountain Coal Company.
Page 13: ~
Page 14: Great Heart, A Peabody Product Marker
Page 15: Robert "Bobby" Hensley & "Little Jim" Strass
Page 16: William Thomas Middleton
Page 17: John Monroe Sexton
Page 18: Elmo Sexton
Page 19: Ewell Sexton
Page 20: John Lindsey Sexton
Page 21: Scrip from Blue Diamond Coal Company, Bonny Blue, Lee County, Virginia
Page 22: Charley Brock
Page 23: Frank Carter
Page 24: John Benjamin(e) Clark
Page 25: Johnny Bentley
Page 26: Thomas "TM" Laxton
Page 27: Ruben Chambers
Page 28: Harvey Edward Carter
Page 29: John L Schooler
Page 30: Edgar Schooler
Page 31: James A Schooler
Page 32: Clarence V Schooler
Page 33: Howard Ernest Schooler
Page 34: Ruby R "Ruben" Schooler
Page 35: Andrew "Siscoe" Hamlin
Page 36: John "Colonel" Webb
Page 37: Wesley Marion Webb
Page 38: Charles Lee Webb
Page 39: Carbide Light
Page 40: Carbide Flask
Page 41: Fred Christopher Vaughn
Page 42: Pay envelopes of Elmer Presley
Page 43: James Will Day
Page 44: William "Bill" Williams
Page 45: Charley Lee Grubb
Page 46: Pioneer Coal Mine Scrip
Page 47: Oscar P Wallace
Page 48: Whitley Rice
Page 49: Equipment from Mary Helen Coal Mine, Coalgood, Harlan County, Kentucky
Page 50: Francis Marion Wallace
Page 51: Charlie Ancel Cook
Page 52: Charles Henry Crest
Page 53: Peter W Dingus
Page 54: Charlie Short
Page 55: Thomas Rector
Page 56: Phillip Halcomb/Holcomb
Page 57: Fletcher L Cross
Page 58: Wesley Jones
Page 59: Monroe Hall
Page 60: Elza "Zeke" Hall
Page 61: Harvy Green Ashley
Page 62: Allan Price
Page 63: Medley Madden
Page 64: Benjamin Kirby Middleton
Page 65: Darby Mine Disaster
Page 66: Coal Monument and Coal Miner Memorial
Page 67: Lincoln Fee
Page 68: Joe Blanton
Page 69: Newton H Cobb
Page 70: Simeon Saylor
Page 71: James G Miracle
Page 72: Lewis Hayes Saylor
Page 73: Francis Creekmore
Page 74: Peter S Gully
Page 75: William Brown
Page 76: Vote Democratic Nov 7th 1944
Page 77: Ordeal shows in faces of eight Miners who cheated death
Page 78: The Explosion at Four Mile, Kentucky song written and composed by Ned Thacker, Middlesboro, Ky 1946
Page 79: Sam Henry & Ben Miller
Page 80: Unknown Coal Miners
Page 81: Sam Henry Miller
Page 82: Anchor Coal Camp is Remembered
Page 83: Hiram J Russell
Page 84: David Joseph Stamp
Page 85: Paul E Fultz