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Relationship List

Thus far, I've traced and validated four sets of ancestors 5-6 generations.


Maternal Lineage

Patsey & Isham Egerton are the eldest progenitors to date.  Patsy & Isham Egerton, Generation I, are my great, great, great grandparents. Their marriage date 1836 is recorded in volume 1, on page 294 of “Somebody Knows My Name/Marriages of Freed People in North Carolina County by County” (White, 1995). Emiline, Henderson, and Sallie are their children identified to date. Generation II.


Bray & Henrietta Kearney are my great, great grand parents, Generation I.  Their 1846 marriage or cohabitation record is listed on page 927 for Warren county in “Somebody Knows My Name/Marriages of Freedmen in North Carolina County By County” (White, 1995). Orsian or Ossian, Rilla, Frankie, Lucresie, Miranda, Ausborn and Alsborn are their children identified to date. Generation II.


Pompeii Buchanan is my great grandfather. 1870 Census - Irwin County Georgia (GDAH) Pompey Buchhanan, 12/ M/ B (Black)/ at home/ born in GA is with family# 42 in Irwinville. He is listed in the household of Buchhanan, John & Margaret/ W (White) with /Dixon, Susan/ W/ housekeeper. My mother and I had a chuckle when she was informed this might be her great grandfather and of course we discussed the misogyny issue.


Francis Dixson Buchanan is my great grandmother and her maiden name is on my grandfather's social security application. 1880 Census - Irwin County Georgia (GDAH) Buckhanon, Pompy 22 and wife Fransis 32 both B are listed as family #36 in district nine-o-one. The white Buckhanon’s John & Susan are family #35, Margaret is not listed. I hypothesize she is dead and John has married his housekeeper Susan Dixon.  Their identified children are Alma, Mary and Jake nee Marion my grandfather. Generation II.


Paternal Lineage

James Hall & Rebecca (nee) Bolden Hall are my great grand parents. Theirs is a love story chronicled on affidavits in his pensioner’s file. He is A Civil War Veteran of the 21st US Colored Troops, Regiment C. Their marriage certificate is dated July 27th, eighteen ninety-two. He died November 12, 1906 and is buried in St. Nicholas Cemetery. She died April 2, 1918 and I think is interred there also although I did not find a headstone. Their identified children are Charles, William, Henry, Ivey, Louis, Charity, Mary, Alga, Jas. B., and Joseph my grandfather. Generation II.


Frank and Louisa Murray are my great grand parents. 1870 Census – Sumter County, South Carolina (NARA) Frank Murray 29, farm laborer, born SC as is his family is listed in Bradford Springs, SC with wife Louisa 24; son Le Grand 2; daughters Levenia 6, and four year-old Elisa; Reynolds, Alice 10 and Dosia 7 are also listed in his household. This is family # 57 and his color is MU (Mulatto) while everyone else is B (Black).  Their identified children are Le Grand, Levenia, Eliza, Staney, William, James, and Lannie my grandmother. Generation II.

Year 2008 surnames associated with these progenitors and descendants are:
Arline, Alvarenga, Austen, Bacon, Brewington, Barron, Blackman, Buchanan, Boston, Butler, Brodie, Brown, Carter, Chatman, Conwell, Davis, Dixson, Eason, Edgerton, Edwards, Elliot, Evans, Floyd, Gamble, Gibbons, Givens,Gorham, Green, Hall, Hall, Harden, Harold, Harris, Harve, Hawkins, Hayes, Henderson, Henson, Hester, Hill, High, Hunt, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kearney, Kirkland, Lane Legette, Lott, Lumpkin, McCleod, McCrory, Middleton, Mitchell, Morgan, Moss, Murray, Nesbitt, Nixon, Opio, Pasley, Patterson, Perry, Phillips, Philson, Reed, Richards, Richardson, Sampleton, Scott, Stevens, Stovall, Sudler, Sullivan, Taylor, Tumbling, Turner, Tondee, Vaughn, Walker, Walters, Ward, Waters, Williams, Wooden, Woodruff & Wright.