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Genealogy Sleuthing Helper & Upcoming Projects


1. Soundex Conversion is the first step to to archival research of census beginning in 1880.

A. Soundex: A categorized microfilm index of surnames (last names).

B. Soundex Coding - It's the method by which surname spelling is coded.

C. You do not need to hassle yourself with decoding your surnames. There are many websites with Soundex Converters. Here is one.....

D. Many State Soundexes do not include the names of people without children 10 years of age or under.(example GA).

2. Do not be ashamed to ask or repeat questions to archival staff. (They are trained and paid to assist you)

3. There are numerous commercial CD's of census for purchase. Many are owned by Genealogy websites that may legally offer limited LOOKUPs of public domain data. Read instructions for submissions.

Information available is varied but; you get a head start with exactly where the census data is located in the archives..... Here is a free CD Lookup site staffed by volunteers...Genealogy CD List

4. African American References:

A. "African Americans in the 1870 Census" (selected states/counties) Broderbund CD # 165.....This is an excellent starting point for those in the "selected" areas.

B. "Somebody Knows My Name/Marriages of Freed People in North Carolina County By County" A must have or see reference for NC researchers.

(Note: If your local library doesn't have a copy......Request that it be pruchased.

. Do not be duanted. It is doable. The maze is not as difficult as it's easier the 2nd,3rd,etc. time around.!

Happy Sleuthing!!!!!

Upcoming Project Additions:

1870 - Complete Census Transcription of American Americans in:

1. Duval County,FL (Completed 5/21/00)

2. Franklin County,NC (Completed 5/26/00)

3. Irwin County,GA (Completed 5/28/00)

4. Sumter County,SC


1860 - Complete Slave Schedule Transcriptions for:

1. Duval County,FL(Completed)

2. Franklin County,NC(completed)

3. Irwin County,GA(COMPLETED 11/18/99)