Peter and Almina Pfaff


  1. Peter Pfaff, b. 6 Jan. 1831, Dunzweiler, Germany, d. 27 Mar. 1912, Rapidan, Blue Earth Co., Minnsota.
    His parents were Michael and Catharina Pfaff.
    Peter married Almina 11 Oct. 1853, Hamburg, New York.
    Christina Almina Worsem, b. 2 May 1836, unknown, Germany, d. 4 June 1921, Rapidan Mills, Minnesota.
    1. William Paff
    2. Henry Coleman Paff, b. 17 Mar 1856, Eden, NY, d. 4 May 1901, Mankata, MN.
      He married Elva Nichol, unknown date.
      She was b. 1859, unknown, and d. 1 Jul. 1892, unknown.
    3. Louise M. Paff, b. 30 Jul. 1858, Eden, NY, d. 24 Jul. 1899, Duluth, MN.
      She married Frank Dick, unknown date.
      1. Raymond Dick, b. Jun 1889, Minnesota, d. unknown
      2. Irene Dick, b. May 1897, Minnesota, d. unknown
    4. Carrie A. Paff, b. 13 Sept. 1860, Rapidan, MN, d. 12 Jan. 1916, Lake Crystal, MN.
      She married John Peter Menten 4 Jun. 1887.
      He was b. 28 Jun. 1862, Lake Washington, MN and d. 28 Feb. 1938, Sacramento, CA.
      1. Charles Menten, b. 1888, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      2. Bessie B. Menten, b. Nov. 1889, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      3. Harry J. Menten, b. Nov. 1891, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      4. Ruth Menten, b. Aug. 1893, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      5. Daniel M. Menten, b. Jul. 1895, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      6. Eva M. Menten, b. Aug. 1898, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
      7. Inez M. Menten, b. 8 Dec. 1901, Blue Earth Co., MN, d. unknown
    5. Emma May Paff, b. 13 May 1862, Rapidan, MN, d. 13 Sept. 1935, Minneapolis, MN.
      She married Edward H. Spaulding, unknown date.
      He was b. 1851, Hartford, CT, and d. 28 May 1935, Duluth, MN.
    6. Charles Peter. Paff, b. 7 Apr. 1865, Rapidan, MN, d. 29 Mar. 1942, Brooklyn, NY.
      He married Beatrice May Goodspeed 4 Jul. 1891.
      She was b. 29 Apr. 1873, unknown, and d. 17 Mar. 1962, Palo Alto, CA.
    7. Frank Paff, b. 11 Jan. 1867, Rapidan, MN, d. 9 Aug. 1949, Sonora, CA
    8. Bertha Paff, b. 1 Aug. 1869, Rapidan, MN, d. 26 Nov. 1872, Rapidan, MN
    9. Edward Paff, b. 24 Mar 1871, Rapidan, MN, d. 6 Feb. 1881, Rapidan, MN
    10. Daniel Paff, b. 26 Nov. 1872, Rapidan, MN d. 22 Jan. 1881, Rapidan, MN
    11. Nellie Paff, b. 2 Nov. 1875, Rapdian, MN d. 25 Jan. 1881, Rapidan, MN
    12. David Paff, b. 12 Jan. 1877, Rapidan, MN d. 25 Jan. 1881, Rapidan, MN

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Biographical information

Obituaries and newspaper articles

Mankato Review, Jan. 25, 1881

We regret to learn that the diptheria in a very fatal form is prevailing in the vicinity of Rapidan mills, near Garden City. Mr. Peter Pfaff lost two children by that disease last week and at last advices a third was very low with little hopes of recovery. Mrs. John Pfaff, an aged lady, is also very ill with the same disease. The cases have been and are in charge of physicians at Garden City and Lake Crystal.

Local Brevities

We regret to learn that Mr. Peter Pfaff of Rapidan, lost another child of diptheria, last week -making four deaths in his family.

Death of Mrs. Paff

She Was Early Settler of Blue Earth County; Died in Rapidan

Mrs. Peter Paff, one of the early pioneer settlers of this county died in her home in Rapidan Saturday forenoon from complications brought on by old age. Mrs. Paff was the wife of the late Peter Paff. She was born in Germany eighty-six years ago and came to this county in 1861. Mrs. Paff is survived by three children, Charles Paff of New York, and Emma and Frank Paff of California. The burial took place in Garden City yesterday afternoon.

Obituary, The Lake Crystal Union, Apr. 4, 1912

Peter Paff was born in Germany in the year 1828. With his parents he came to this country when only three years old, locating in the state of New York.

In 1860, Mr. Paff came out to Minnesota locating at Rapidan, where he continued to make his home until 1882 when he moved to Mankato and lived for several years, afterward returning to Rapidan where he continued to live until his death on March 27, 1912, being past 84 years of age. His health had always been good until about a year ago when he suffered a stroke of paralysis. This affliction came upon him again recently and was the cause of his death.

Pioneer of Rapidan is Dead, Mankato Free Press, March 27, 1912

Peter Paff is Victim of paralysis; Died Early Today.

Peter Paff, one of the oldest residents of Rapidan, died at four o'clock this morning from paralysis. He had suffered two strokes before and in the third stroke, expired. He was born February 25, 1828, in Germany, and was eighty-four years old at the time of his death.

For many years after coming to this country he lived on a farm near Rapidan but later he sold his property there and moved to Mankato where he lived for several years. However, he returned to Rapidan where he resided until his death. He was a millright by occupation.

The deceased is survived by a wife and four children, two sons and two daughters. Charles and Frank Paff of California and Mrs. J.P. Menten of Lake Crystal and Mrs. Edward Spaulding of Duluth are the surviving children.

The remains will be shipped to Garden City and buried in the family lot there. No further funeral arrangements have been made, pending the reply to a dispatch sent to the two sons in California.

Death at Rapidan

Mrs. Peter Paff, whose maiden name was Christina Almina Plumb, died June 4 at Rapidan at the age of 85 years. The deceased was born in Luxemberg, Germany, May 2, 1836. In the year 1854 she was united in marriage with Peter Paff, who has preceded her in death. Nine children* were born to the couple, the children living being Chas. Paff of New York City, Frank Paff of California, and Mrs. Spalding of California.

The funeral services were held Sunday at Rapidan, the internment being made in Garden City Cemetary. Rev. Clark of the Christian church of Mankato conducted the services. The relatives present were Chas. Paff of New York and Ruth Menton of Mankato. (1921).

*Here it says they had nine children, but it was twelve. Presumably three of the ones who died very young must have been left off.


Peter Pfaff

Christina Almina Worsem

Peter and Almina in front of home

Peter and Almina at front gate


Almina and grandkids

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