William and Sarah Haines


  1. William Haines, b. 24 Apr. 1672, Northamptonshire, England, d. 29 Apr. 1754, Northampton, NJ.
    His parents were Richard and Margaret Haines.
    He married Sarah Paine, 6 Jan. 1694, Burlington Co., NJ.
    Sarah Paine, b. 1678, Burlington Co., NJ, d. 5 July 1728, Burlington Co., NJ.
    Her father was John Paine.
    1. Jacob Haines, b. 24 Sept. 1698, Burlington, NJ, d. 13 Sept. 1742, Nottingham, PA.
      He married Mary Coles, 22 Apr. 1725.
      Mary Coles, b. 4 May 1708, East Nottingham, PA.
    2. Margaret Haines, b. 1701, d. 1773.
      She married Thomas Buzby, 1727.
    3. Nathan Haines, b. 19 Sept. 1702, Evesham, NJ, d. 4 Sept. 1751, Burlington, NJ.
      He married Sarah Austin, 12 Apr. 1725.
      Sarah Austin, b. 1704, Evesham, NJ.
    4. Samuel Haines
    5. Sarah Haines, b. 25 Feb. 1710, Northampton Twp., NJ, d. 30 Mar. 1761, Burlington Co., NJ.
    6. Jeremiah Haines, b. 25 Mar. 1713, Northampton, NJ, d. 30 Oct. 1777, Northampton, NJ.
      He married Hannah Boniel, 7 May 1735.
      Hannah Boniel, b. 1715, New Jersey.
    7. Elizabeth Haines, b. 1 Aug. 1716, Northampton, NJ.
      She married William Brown, 4 Mar. 1737.
      William Brown, b. Burlington, NJ, d. 1741, Nottingham, PA.

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Biographical information

There is a discrepancy here with the children. I have notes for both a Nathan and a Nathaniel (being brothers to each other). Perhaps one is instead a cousin? And regarding Sarah Haines, I have her marrying a Jacob Lamb- same name and birth date (different year) as the Jacob Lamb listed as the 2nd husband of her sister-in-law Lydia Stokes. Could they have both married the same guy? If so, Sarah must have married him first.

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