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1889-90 San Francisco City Directory -- Search for "WATERS"

NameBusiness NameOccupationLocation 1Location 2CityStateYear
Waters A.; Edward R.Bushnell Brothersbook and job printers608 Market San FranciscoCA1889
Waters A. BushnellBushnell Bros.  824 HowardSan FranciscoCA1889
William MooneyWaters & Co.plumber 723 SeventeenthSan FranciscoCA1889
James MurrayM. Waterslaborer  San FranciscoCA1889
Alexander Waters   20 RussSan FranciscoCA1889
Miss Amy Waters teacher music 410 EllisSan FranciscoCA1889
Arthur Waters livery stable1000 Geary San FranciscoCA1889
Bert Waters clerk 1025 DevisaderoSan FranciscoCA1889
David W. Waters   125 ChattanoogaSan FranciscoCA1889
Donald Waters laborer 59 ZoeSan FranciscoCA1889
Fred C. WatersC. E. Andersonbookkeeper 1025 DevisaderoSan FranciscoCA1889
Frederick C. WatersS. W. Raveleyforeman 316 OakSan FranciscoCA1889
George Waters painter 114 ClipperSan FranciscoCA1889
George WatersW. Cronanmetal roofer  San FranciscoCA1889
George F. WatersLebenbaum Bros.  1238 EddySan FranciscoCA1889
George R. Waters   322 EllisSan FranciscoCA1889
Harry G. WatersM. and M. Dept. S. P. Co.clerk Redwood CitySan FranciscoCA1889
Henry WatersP. M. SS, Co.laborer  San FranciscoCA1889
Henry Waters seaman 217 BroadwaySan FranciscoCA1889
James U. Waters clerk 322 EllisSan FranciscoCA1889
John WatersWaters & Co.  732 SeventeenthSan FranciscoCA1889
John WatersW. H. Daviesbartender 169 ClaySan FranciscoCA1889
John Waters warehouseman 8 Billings PlSan FranciscoCA1889
John Waters teamster 423 NinthSan FranciscoCA1889
Joseph Waters laborer 172 SilverSan FranciscoCA1889
Joseph N. H. WatersAnglo-Californian Bankexpressman 2220 PineSan FranciscoCA1889
Julia Waters domestic1816 Steiner San FranciscoCA1889
Mrs. Kate Waters journalist 410 EllisSan FranciscoCA1889
Martin Waters wood and coal1323 Kearny1416 KearnySan FranciscoCA1889
Mary Waters domestic214 Grove San FranciscoCA1889
Nathaniel A. Waters   1776 GreenSan FranciscoCA1889
Patrick Waters laborer 458 TehamaSan FranciscoCA1889
Patrick Waters laborer 884 IllinoisSan FranciscoCA1889
Patrick T. WatersWaters & Co.  732 SeventeenthSan FranciscoCA1889
Richard T. Waters waiter 759 HowardSan FranciscoCA1889
Roger Waters laborer 732 SeventeenthSan FranciscoCA1889
Mrs. S. Waters widow 613 Locust AvSan FranciscoCA1889
Susan M. Waters widow 2943 1/2 MissionSan FranciscoCA1889
Thomas WatersW. W. Montague & Co.stovemounter 16 FreelonSan FranciscoCA1889
William WatersHook and Ladder Co. No. 3paver and foreman  San FranciscoCA1889
William WatersGeorge H. Tay & Co.tinsmith 229 SecondSan FranciscoCA1889
William D. WatersCal. St. RR.painter 1635 MissionSan FranciscoCA1889
William E. WatersWhittier, Fuller & Co.  134 McAllisterSan FranciscoCA1889
William J. Waters canvasser Ocean ViewSan FranciscoCA1889
William W. WatersPost Officeclerk 322 EllisSan FranciscoCA1889
Patrick T.; John WatersWaters & Co.plumbers and gasfitters922 Larkin San FranciscoCA1889

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