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Town of Onondaga

Pine Ridge Cemetery Deed

Read and Submitted by Tim Annable and Jodell Zahn McVey

Pine Ridge Cemetery is located 1 mile east of Navarino, on the south side of Route 20 in the Town of Onondaga, Onondaga County, New York. The cemetery was established in 1804. Originally called Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, followed by Pine Grove Cemetery and then the present, Pine Ridge Cemetery.

A special thanks to several people who gave us information on their families to help us with dates and relationships, Susan Case, Karla Staudt, Irene Huntley Zahn, Erwin Fellows, Rosemary Markham, Richard Grennell, Kit Beak Atkinson, Patti DeBruyne and Pop Annable.

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R-Cemetery Records

F-Family information

H-Onondaga Historical

W-Clyde B. Wood (reading around 1960)

SS-Social Security Index

J-H.S. Jones Funeral Register

C-Comfort Chaffee Diary (sexton of Pine Ridge Cemetery from 1862-1866)



NAME Source Birth Date Death Date Spouse or Parent Age Military Cause of death  
, Addison S unable to read   Possibly a Cummings        
,Albert S no dates            
, Baby S no dates   Prob. George Ambrose Amidon, next to sister Hazel        
, Betsey S unable to read   Possibly Betsey Hulett        
, Byron S unable to read   Possibly Vinal or possibly Byron Chaffee        
, Flora S unable to read   Possibly a Cummings        
, John T. S unable to read   Probably John T. Milks, read by Wood in 1960        
Little Eddie S no dates   Possibly a Gardner or Baker        
, Vialettie S unable to read   Possibly Hulett        
A. S. V. S no dates   Near Halls        
Abbott, Lucy R   Feb. 11, 1877 wife of John Abbott 56yrs      
Abbott, Pearl Mae George S 1921 Oct. 13, 1998 wife of LeRoy K. Abbott        
Abbott, LeRoy King S 1917 Sept. 19, 1989 husband of Pearl M. Abbott        
Adams, Bernice S 1900 1985 wife of Grant Adams        
Adams, Grant S 1896 1979 husband of Bernice Adams        
Amadon, Hannah Pool W,F 1771 Oct. 24, 1847 wife of Jacob Amadon 76yrs   Ship fever  
Amadon, Jacob S,F March 5, 1764 Sept. 17, 1838 husband of Hannah Amadon 74y, 6m, 12d      
Amidon Monument S No dates or names, large stone.            
Amidon, Abel S,F Dec. 27, 1813 Nov. 18, 1887 buried in Oakwood Cem. Syracuse, NY On Asahel Amidons stone      
Amidon, Abner S   Mar. 13, 1873 infant of Origin P. and Emma Amidon 2yrs      
Amidon, Alida M. Pople S,F Aug. 17, 1888 Mar. 22, 1937 wife of Herbert J. Amidon 47yrs      
Amidon, Anna R. Kenyon S,F May 1862 Jan. 13, 1928 wife of William D. Amidon 66yrs      
Amidon, Asahel S,F June 17, 1776 Mar. 25, 1844 husband of Sally Tanner Amidon 68yrs      
Amidon, Caleb S,F Jul. 12, 1781 April 16, 1810 husband of Anna Parker Amidon, son of Joseph 29yrs      
Amidon, Caleb S,F 1809 Nov. 26, 1874 husband of Caroline Earle Amidon 65yrs      
Amidon, Caleb S 1873 Feb. 27, 1874 infant of Origin P. and Emma Amidon 1yr      
Amidon, Cheney S,F 1808 1888 prob. Buried in Oswego, NY On Asahel Amidons stone      
Amidon, Clara Gertrude Wheeler S,F Mar. 2, 1926 Oct. 3, 1996 wife of Floyd M. Amidon 70yrs      
Amidon, Clara M. S,R,F Dec. 15, 1884 Aug. 6, 1895 daughter of John D. and Ella Amidon 10y, 7m, 21d      
Amidon, Clarinda Jackson S,F Feb. 21, 1827 Feb. 27, 1899 wife of William Amidon 72yrs      
Amidon, Douglas Everett S,F June 26, 1959 June 11, 1977 son of Earl H. Jr and Jean M. Henderson Amidon 18yrs      
Amidon, Earl Herbert S,F Sept. 10, 1910 June 4, 1969 husband of Margaret Leigh Amidon 58yrs      
Amidon, Ella M. Davis S   June 28, 1889 wife of John D. Amidon 36y, 1m, 16d      
Amidon, Elmer E. S 1861 1941 son of William H. and Martha D. Amidon 80yrs      
Amidon, Elnora S   Sept. 9, 1871 daughter of William and Clarinda Amidon 20yrs Records say 1870, st 1870, stone says 1871  
Amidon, Emily S 1807 Feb. 03, 1834 wife of Lewis Amidon, daughter of Asahel Amidon 27yr      
Amidon, Everett E. S,F Nov. 10, 1898 Sept. 07, 1988 son of Elmer and Hannah Amidon 90yrs      
Amidon, Floyd M. S,F May 28, 1920 Aug. 16, 1970 husband of Clara G. Amidon 50yrs WWll myocardial infarction  
Amidon, Frank J. S   Jan. 25, 1890 son of John D. and Ella Amidon 15y, 6m, 11d      
Amidon, Gary D. S,F June 23, 1950 Nov. 23, 1989 husband of Holly Amidon, son of Roy Amidon   Vietnam myocardial infarction  
Amidon, George Ambrose (Guy) R,F,J 1902 July 20, 1903 son of Ambrose D. and Nellie M. Amidon 1yr   malformed heart  
Amidon, Hannah E. Annable S,F June 29, 1847 Jan. 30, 1888 wife of Jacob J. Amidon 40y, 6m, 1d      
Amidon, Harriet Elizabeth Gilbert S,R,F April 19, 1854 Sept. 10, 1915 wife of Myron D. Amidon 61y, 4m, 22d      
Amidon, Hazel I. S,R,F,J May 1896 Nov. 17, 1897 daughter of Ambrose D. and Nellie M. Amidon 1y, 6m   whooping cough  
Amidon, Herbert James S,F Feb. 25, 1886 Nov. 22, 1941 husband of Alida Pople Amidon 55yrs   spinal meningitis  
Amidon, Jacob S,R,F 1796 Aug. 13, 1884 husband of Phebe Canada Amidon 88y, 9m, 3d      
Amidon, John D. S,F Dec. 21, 1851 Feb. 24, 1931 husband of Ella M. Davis Amidon 80yrs      
Amidon, Joseph A. S   Nov. 27, 1810 husband of Patience Chaffee Amidon 86yrs Lex. Alarm    
Amidon, Josepie S 1821 Aug. 11, 1824 son of Asahel and Sally Amidon 2yrs      
Amidon, Lina R,F Oct. 1, 1872 Sept. 20, 1873 daugther of Madison and Sarah Amidon 11months      
Amidon, Lottie I. S 1887 Aug. 22, 1887 daughter of John D. and Ella Amidon 2m, 20d      
Amidon, Margaret Alida "Susie" S,F July 11, 1939 Nov. 23, 1941 daughter of Earl H. and Margaret Amidon 2yrs      
Amidon, Martha A. Dunlap S,F May 1838 May 4, 1919 wife of William H. Amidon 81yrs      
Amidon, Michael Harvey S,F Mar. 23, 1950 Aug. 6, 1955 son of Earl H. and Margaret Amidon 5yrs      
Amidon, Mollie R,F   Feb. 25, 1887 daughter of Dwight D. Amidon 5months Moved to Highland Cemetery in Marcellus    
Amidon, Myron D. S,F Oct. 25, 1854 Dec. 10, 1927 husband of Harriet E. Amidon 72yrs      
Amidon, Origin P. S,R,F April 1838 Sept. 27, 1886 husband of Emma, son of Caleb and Caroline Amidon 48y, 5m      
Amidon, Outerbridge R,F 1850 Aug. 2, 1880 husband of Samanthy, son of A. Freeman Amidon 29yrs   consumption  
Amidon, Patience Chaffee H 1743 1816 wife of Joseph Amidon        
Amidon, Phebe Canada S,R Aug. 27, 1798 Mar. 02, 1887 wife of Jacob Amidon 89y, 6m, 3d      
Amidon, Rosemary L. Genge S private   wife of Roy Amidon        
Amidon, Roy James S,F Jan. 31, 1923 April 27, 1962 husband of Rosemary, son of Herbert Amidon 39yrs WWll myocardial infarction  
Amidon, Ruth A. S   Aug. 30, 1853 daughter of Asahel and Sally Amidon 36yrs      
Amidon, Sally Tanner S   Dec. 11, 1824 wife of Asahel Amidon 42yrs      
Amidon, Samantha J. R,F   Jan. 18, 1880 wife of Outerbridge Amidon 28yrs   consumption  
Amidon, Shawn Eric S,F May 7, 1962 Aug. 15, 1988 son of Earl H. Jr and Jean M. Henderson Amidon 26yrs US Army    
Amidon, William S,F April 14, 1827 Jan. 22, 1889 husband of Clarinda Jackson Amidon 62yrs      
Amidon, William D. S 1858 1948 husband of Anna Kenyon Amidon 90yrs      
Amidon, William H. S,R,F Sept. 7, 1833 Sept. 19, 1900 husband of Martha Dunlap Amidon 67yrs   brain tumor  
Bailey, Charles L. S,R Aug. 31, 1873 Jan. 24, 1874 son of Leonard and Elizabeth Bailey 4months      
Bailey, Clinton Emmet S,R,F Sept. 25, 1854 Oct. 20, 1872 son of Corodon and Margaret Bailey 18yrs      
Bailey, Colleen M. S 1967 1969          
Bailey, Corodon S,R,F Dec. 27, 1812 Sept. 19, 1868 husband of Margaret, son of Solomon Bailey 56yrs      
Bailey, Elizabeth Beak S,R 1842 Oct. 24, 1912 wife of Leonard Bailey 70yrs      
Bailey, Fannie S. S,R,F 1847 Dec. 20, 1867 daughter of Gordon and Louisa Bailey 20yrs      
Bailey, Gordon S,R,F Nov. 28, 1817 Oct. 15, 1894 husband of Louisa N. Bailey 76yrs      
Baker, Grace E. Amidon S,F 1876 Nov. 03, 1892 wife of Olin J. Baker, daughter of John D. Amidon 17yrs      
Barrus, Sophronia A. Cummings S,R   May 20, 1867 wife of George B. Barrus, dau. Of Cyrus Cummings 39y,10m, 24d      
Chaffee, Anna Wetherbee S,R Aug. 31, 1807 April 19, 1884 wife of Ralph Chaffee 76y, 7m, 19d      
Chaffee, Byron R. R 1841 May 4, 1870 son of David Chaffee 29yrs Moved to Onondaga Valley Cem.    
Chaffee, Comfort Tyler S,R 1808 Oct. 17, 1883 husband of Ruby Chaffee 75y, 8m      
Chaffee, David Jr. S,F July 25, 1772 Sept. 18, 1847 husband of Eunice Chapman Chaffee 75yrs      
Chaffee, Diana E. S 1804 Dec. 19, 1822 daughter of David and Eunice Chaffee 18yrs      
Chaffee, Eunice Chapman S,F June 2, 1780 July 11, 1831 wife of David Chaffee 51y, 0m, 38d      
Chaffee, Hannah S   Oct. 19, 1835 wife of Joseph Chaffee 43y, 11m, 30d      
Chaffee, Jane A. S 1833 April 15, 1850 daughter of Ralph and Anna Chaffee 17yrs      
Chaffee, Joshua S,R,F 1817 Nov. 5, 1886 husband of Susan C. Chaffee 68yrs      
Chaffee, Lucinda Kinyon S   July 15, 1850 wife of George Chaffee, dau. Of Benjamin Kinyon 37yrs      
Chaffee, Martin V. B. S March 4, 1837 June 17, 1884 son of Ralph and Anna Chaffee 47y, 3m, 18d      
Chaffee, Ralph S,R April 12, 1803 April 2, 1886 husband of Anna W. Chaffee 82y, 11m, 21d      
Chaffee, Ruby Hall S,R,F Jan. 4, 1813 Jan. 20, 1872 wife of Comfort T. Chaffee 59y, 0m, 16d      
Chaffe, Susan Climena Amidon S,F 1820 1890 wife of Joshua Chaffee 70yrs      
Champlain, George B. S 1884 1951 husband of Effa W. Champlain        
Champlain, Grace A. S 1882 1918 wife of William M. Champlain        
Champlain, Jane A. S,R 1851 Sept. 7, 1906 wife of Charles M. Champlain 55yrs      
Champlain, Norma Francis S 1914 June 27, 1915   10m, 26d      
Champlain, William M. R   April 17, 1894 husband of Catherine Champlain 86yrs      
Champlain, William M. S 1876 1942 husband of Grace A. Champlain        
Champlain, William M. S 1904 1918 son of William M. and Grace A. Champlain        
Chapman, Alfred B. S,R,F 1829 May 4, 1905 husband of Ruth R. Hall 76yrs      
Cummings, Bennie H. S,R   May 19, 1889 son of Joseph and Mary Cummings 1y, 6m      
Cummings, Bertie E. R   June 2, 1888   22yrs      
Cummings, C. Burdett S 1873 1941 husband of Mary W. Cummings        
Cummings, Charles M. S,R   Dec. 12, 1882 husband of Chloe E. Cummings 70y, 6m      
Cummings, Chloe E. Nodine S,R   Oct. 24, 1907 wife of Charles M. Cummings 86y, 4m      
Cummings, Chloe H. S 1871 1941 wife of Lee A. Cummings        
Cummings, Colleen Michelle S 1956 1974 daughter of Vernon and Hendrina Cummings        
Cummings, Cyrus S,R   Dec. 31, 1885 husband of Polly A. Cummings 89y, 3m, 6d      
Cummings, Dorr H. S,R 1896 Aug. 19, 1910 son of Lee A. and Chloe H. Cummings        
Cummings, Edith E. S 1915 1989 wife of Grant M. Cummings        
Cummings, Edward S   Oct. 28, 1848 son of Charles M. and Chloe E. Cummings 4y, 0m, 11d      
Cummings, Esther Chaffee S   May 15, 1838 wife of Oliver Cummings 70y, 5m, 19d      
Cummings, Georgia L. S 1884 1939   55yrs      
Cummings, Grant M. S,SS June 5, 1912 Dec. 6, 1992 husband of Edith E. Cummings 79yrs      
Cummings, Hendrina L. S Private   wife of Vernon Cummings        
Cummings, John S. S   April 1, 1882 husband of Sarah Jane Cummings 56y, 0m, 22d      
Cummings, Juliette S,R   Sept. 13, 1871 wife of Willard Cummings 35y, 8m      
Cummings, Kathryn H. S,SS Oct. 18, 1911 April 2, 1996   84yrs      
Cummings, Lee A. S 1863 1931 husband of Chloe H. Cummings        
Cummings, Lottie S   April 4, 1871 daughter of John and Jane Cummings 7 days Records say April 3d    
Cummings, Lucia S,R   Feb. 25, 1886   85yrs      
Cummings, Mabel O. S Jan. 6, 1886 July 5, 1956 wife of Mark G. Cummings        
Cummings, Margaret S 1922 1985          
Cummings, Mark G. S Sept. 4, 1880 Feb. 14, 1955 husband of Mabel O., son of Joseph Cummings        
Cummings, Mary E. S Feb. 10, 1852 July 8, 1920 wife of Joseph Cummings        
Cummings, Mary Wiltsie S 1877 1956 wife of C. Burdett Cummings        
Cummings, Oliver S   Aug. 28, 1856 husband of Esther Cummings 86y, 11m, 11d      
Cummings, Paul E. S,SS July 14, 1911 July 13, 1985          
Cummings, Polly A. Davis S,R   Mar. 5, 1870 wife of Cyrus Cummings 69y, 10m, 10d      
Cummings, Rosetta S   Mar. 24, 1855 daughter of George G. and Jennett Cummings 1y, 1m, 21d      
Cummings, Sarah Jane S,R 1839 Dec. 12, 1911 wife of John S. Cummings 74y, 3m      
Cummings, Vernon S Private   husband of Hendrina L. Cummings        
Cummings, Willis H. S,Ce Aug. 23, 1874 Mar. 11, 1960 son of Joseph and Mary E. Cummings        
Curtis, Ambrose S,SS Dec. 24, 1892 Oct. 29, 1970 husband of Marian A., son of Frank and Nettie Curtis        
Curtis, Bradley S   Dec. 19, 1865 husband of Lydia Curtis 73y, 2m, 13d      
Curtis, Bud(Bradley L.) S,SS April 11, 1923 Dec. 30, 1979 husband of Ruth E. Curtis   WWll    
Curtis, Burdette S,SS Mar. 20, 1895 April 24, 1966 husband of Leona, son of Frank and Nettie Curtis        
Darrow, Leo J. S Private   husband of Jean M. Amidon Darrow        
Dunfee, Rebecca Amidon S,R,F 1841 Jan. 23, 1907 wife of Richard Dunfee 66y, 1m, 0d      
Jackson, Caroline Earl Amidon S   Aug. 25, 1884 4th wife of John Jackson, wife of Caleb Amidon 69yrs      
Jackson, Clara E. Amidon S,F Aug. 22, 1907 July 23, 1976 wife of Clifford Jackson, daughter of Herbert Amidon 68yrs   emphysema  
Jackson, Clermont James S 1880 1963 husband of Mary R. Jackson 83yrs US Army    
Jackson, Clifford J. S,F Jan. 1, 1906 May 4, 1995 husband of Clara E. Jackson 89yrs      
Kinyon, Annis E. Amidon S 1884 1927 wife of Charles Kinyon 43yrs      
Kinyon, Anson L. S,R,F 1837 April 7, 1914 husband of Frances E. Kinyon 77y, 4m      
Kinyon, Anthony S,R Feb. 5, 1805 Jan. 3, 1892 husband of Mary Ann Kinyon 87yrs      
Kinyon, Arabelle Ruth R   Nov. 21, 1909 infant        
Kinyon, Asel B. S,F Feb. 16, 1809 March 6, 1891 husband of Dorcas A. Kinyon 82y, 0m, 19d      
Kinyon, Benjamin S,R 1815 May 30, 1894 husband of Ordelia S. Kinyon 79yrs      
Kinyon, Benjamin S,F 1779 Mar. 10, 1849 husband of Betsey Kinyon 70yrs      
Kinyon, Betsey S 1781 Aug. 11, 1870 wife of Benjamin Kinyon 89y, 9m      
Kinyon, Byron A. S 1851 1930 husband of Adelaide N. Kinyon        
Kinyon, Charles S,R,F 1880 Nov. 12, 1908 husband of Annis Kinyon, son of Byron Kinyon 28yrs      
Kinyon, Charles Asel S 1912 1978          
Kinyon, Child C   Feb. 11, 1863 child of Alfred Kinyon        
Ross, Eunice A. Chaffee S,F Dec. 24, 1836 April 19, 1866 wife of James E. Ross, daughter of Comfort Chaffee 29y, 3m, 26d      
Rouse, Mary E. Amidon S,R,F 1857 Dec. 30, 1910 wife of George Q. Rouse 53y, 4m      
Rouse, Rose M. S,SS Mar. 13, 1905 Nov. 17,1995 daughter of Frank and Jennie Rouse        
Rouse, William Clarke S 1911 1932 son of William H. and Harriet B. Rouse        
Rouse, William H. S 1882 1950 husband of Harriet B. Rouse        
Rouse, Zellah S 1861 1930          
Rowe, Electa S Dec. 18, 1808 Feb. 2, 1853 wife of W. S. Rowe        
Rowe, Electa Titus S   Feb. 16, 1829 wife of James Rowe Jr. 25yrs      
Rowe, Emerett E. Terry S,R   Aug. 25, 1876 wife of James Rowe 64yrs Records say 67yrs    
Rowe, Francis W. S   Mar. 27, 1817 infant son of James and Sarah Rowe 9months      
Rowe, James S,R   Jan. 7, 1873 husband of Sarah T. Rowe 99yrs      
Rowe, James Deacon S,R July 29, 1802 June 27, 1879 husband of Electra Titus and Emerett E. Rowe 77yrs      
Rowe, Joseph S   July 28, 1826 son of James and Sarah Rowe 25yrs      
Rowe, Peter P. S   Mar. 12, 1811 son of James and Sarah Rowe 1month      
Rowe, Sarah Tefft S   Oct. 3, 1863 wife of James Rowe 81yrs      
Rowe, Tryphosa Willett S,R   Aug. 4, 1895 wife of Wm Willett, inscribed on Wm Willet's stone 78yrs Unable to determine husband #2, Mr. Rowe    
Russell, Betsey Henderson S,R July 23, 1807 Aug. 5, 1891 wife of John Russell 84yrs      
Russell, Chloe S,H Dec. 18, 1798 July 11, 1816 daughter of Elisha and Rhoda Russell 17y, 6m, 21d      
Russell, Elisha S,H Nov. 7, 1775 Aug. 21, 1813 husband of Rhoda Russell 38y, 1m, 0d      
Russell, John S,R Oct. 4, 1802 Mar. 25, 1884 husband of Betsey Russell, son of Elisha Russell 81yrs      
Russell, Mary J. S 1920 1973 wife of William B. Russell        
Russell, Rhoda Amidon S,H Apr. 7, 1769 June 22, 1845 wife of Elisha Russell        
Russell, Rhoda S Sept. 4, 1804 unable to read daughter of Elisha and Rhoda Russell        
Russell, Sarah S,R   Nov. 16, 1878   76yrs      
Russell, William B. S 1916 1984 husband of Mary J. Russell        
Ryan, B. Jane S Private   wife of Leo E. Ryan        
Ryan, B. Joyce Noble S 1931 Dec. 5, 1996 wife of Robert F. Ryan        
Ryan, Cecil A. S 1907 1989 wife of William Frank Ryan        
Ryan, Dora A. Gamble S 1869 1951 wife of William Ryan        
Ryan, Gene E. S 1926 1995 husband of Jane V. Ryan        
Ryan, Jane V. S 1925 1993 wife of Gene E. Ryan        
Ryan, Leo E. S 1917 Oct. 23, 1974 husband of B. Jane Ryan        
Ryan, Luella Hall S 1897 1966          
Ryan, Robert F. S Private   husband of B. Joyce Ryan        
Ryan, William S 1864 1931 husband of Dora Ryan        
Ryan, William Frank S,SS July 15, 1899 Mar. 19, 1972 husband of Cecil A. Ryan        
Salsbury, Charles A. R   Sept. 18, 1887   93yrs      
Sarr, Annie M. S,R   April 19, 1892 wife of William Sarr 74yrs      
Searle, Albert E. S 1876 1953 husband of Jennie I. Searle        
Searle, Burton R. S 1910 Jan. 25, 1999          
Searle, Carol A. S Private   wife of George F. Searle        
Searle, Charlie S   1915 Infant        
Searle, Clifford S   1927 Infant        
Searle, Esther M. S,SS May 22, 1911 Mar. 13, 1982 wife of Harold G. Searle        
Searle, George F. S 1918 1991 husband of Carol A. Searle        
Searle, Harold G. S 1908 1984 husband of Esther M. Searle        
Searle, Helen M. S Private            
Searle, Inez E. S Private   wife of Raymond A. Searle        
Searle, Jennie I. S,SS Mar. 19, 1886 July 18, 1979 wife of Albert E. Searle        
Searle, Raymond A. S,SS Aug. 1, 1916 Sept. ?, 1982 husband of Inez E. Searle        
Sears, Floyd A. S,SS Aug. 6, 1908 Oct. ?, 1981 husband of Thelma B. Searle        
Sears, Thelma B. S 1909 1958 wife of Floyd A. Sears        
Seaton, Robert V. S 1916 1984     WWll    
Severance, Donald S. S Sept. 2, 1918 June 5, 1974     US Army    
Severance, Laird Dickerson S 1950 1970          
Sharp, Garrett S,R   April 20, 1877 husband of Jane and Ruth Sharp 81y, 7m, 1d      
Sharp, Jane Van Meter S   Mar. 17, 1855 wife of Garrett Sharp 62yrs      
Sharp, Kenneth M. S Private   husband of Vera Sharp        
Sharp, Ruth S,C   Aug. 15, 1865 2nd wife of Garrett Sharp 63yrs      
Sharp, Vera S Private   wife of Kenneth M. Sharp        
Sharpe, Mary R   July 13, 1914   86y, 10m      
Sheldon, Elias S   April 21, 1849   44y, 0m, 17d      
Sheldon, Lornette S   June 30, 1841 daughter of Elias and Huldah Sheldon 2y, 5m, 25d      
Shepard, La Una M. S 1905 1972          
Shepard, Lois S   Oct. 13, 1849 wife of Beriah Shepard 62yrs      
Sherwood, James Rowe S,C   Mar. 13, 1864 son of William and Electra Rowe Sherwood 8months      
Sieder, Carl D. S 1898 1983 husband of E. Marie Sieder        
Sieder, E. Marie S 1902 1973 wife of Carl Sieder        
Sizer, Mary S,R Aug. 20, 1813 Mar. 27, 1885 wife of Henry A. Sizer   Records say March 28, 1885    
Sizer, Rev. Henry A. S,R Jan. 25, 1816 Aug. 4, 1880 husband of Mary Sizer 64yrs      
Skinner, Betsy S   May 9, 1853 wife of Amos Skinner 56y, 2m, 3d      
Smith, Alfred S   Aug. 11, 1811   41yrs      
Smith, Amy Lynne Sharp S 1955 1981          
Smith, Hattie W. (H. W.) S,R 1864 no date wife of Milford O. Smith        
Smith, Herbert I. R,W   June 17, 1902 son of M. O. and H. W. Smith 1y, 11m      
Smith, Kenneth J. S 1918 1988 husband of Marjorie E. Smith        
Smith, Marjorie E. S 1918 1986 wife of Kenneth J. Smith        
Smith, Milford O. (M. O.) S,R   Jan. 18, 1914 husband of Hattie W. Smith 51yrs      
Smith, Raymond L. R   May 2, 1906   14months      
Snell, Dorothy Lanning S 1914 1971 daughter of Henry and Ella Lanning        
Snow, Daniel H 1819 1882 husband of Sarah Snow, Possibly not buried here        
Snow, Sarah P. Wicks H 1835 1915 wife of Daniel Snow        
Snow, Susie L. H 1859 1909 daughter of Daniel and Sarah Snow        
Soderholm, Arlene Y. S Private   wife of Harold A. Soderholm        
Soderholm, Carl S   1945          
Soderholm, Harold A. S Private   husband of Arlene Y. Soderholm        
Soderholm, Lottie Case S 1885 1935          
Soderholm, Oscar A. S 1887 1996          
Soderholm, Roberta Rose S 1939 1972          
Soderholm, Sylvia S   1950          
Spencer, Sarah Fellows S,R,Ce Oct. 26, 1808 Sept. 11, 1892 wife of Minor D. Spencer 84yrs      
Spicer, Robert E. S 1964 Oct. 29, 1989          
Spitznas, Dorothy J. S 1907 1991          
Stanton, Mertia S,R   April 8, 1867 wife of John Stanton 43yrs      
Stevens, Elisha B. S,R 1821 March 3, 1897 husband of Martha A. Stevens 75yrs      
Stevens, Eliza J. R   Mar. 31, 1905   78yrs      
Stevens, Martha Ann S,R 1832 June 1, 1899 wife of Elisha B. Stevens 66yrs      
Stillborn R   May 8, 1892 no name        
Stocking, George S,R,J   Sept. 5, 1899 husband of Lydia Stocking 75yrs   Apoplexy  
Stocking, Lydia Curtis S,R   Mar. 3, 1894 wife of George Stocking 70yrs      
Stocking, Matilda S   Oct. 27, 1850 daughter of George and Lydia Stocking 4y, 3m, 18d      
Stuyverson, Eliza J. Field S 1826 1905 wife of William H. Stuyverson        
Stuyverson, William Henry S 1842 1923 husband of Eliza J. Stuyverson   Civil War    
Thoman, Carl Wilkinson S 1904 2000          
Thoman, E. Lissa Porter S 1907 1987          
Thoman, Frank Reese S 1900 1990          
Thorpe, David E. S 1946 2001 husband of Shelley Hunt Thorpe        
Thorpe, Shelley Hunt S Private   wife of David E. Thorpe        
Tibbetts, J. P. S   Aug. 2, 1852 Inscribed on Zebina Titus's stone        
Till, Otto C. S 1903 1957          
Titus, E. Davis S   Jan. 2, 1833   17months      
Titus, Lavina S   April 7, 1846 wife of Zebina Titus 54yrs      
Titus, Salome S   May ?, 1839   22yrs      
Titus, Z. Odiorne S   July ?, 1833   5yrs      
Titus, Zebina S   Dec. 31, 1841 husband fo Lavina Titus 56yrs      
Turo, George A. R   Jan. 1, 1900   21yrs      
Van Meter, Sarah S   Aug. 25, 1847 Inscribed on Garrett+Jane Van Meter Sharp's stone 85yrs      
Vinal, Emma A. Gardner S,R Dec. 9, 1857 Nov. 5, 1880 wife of Corry N. Vinal 22yrs      
Vinal, Loren N. R,F   May 9, 1916 husband of Esther Vinal 80yrs      


O'REE Family:
BESSIE L., maiden name was FORTNER, born Hempton Co, TN
DOW D., (my father), middle name DUANE, nickname "JACK". Son of HARVEY H. O'REE & JENNIE MORGAN.  JENNIE born in Preble, NY.
HARVEY H., middle name HAVELOCK, born in Parish of Bright, York Co., NB, Canada, of African descent per the 1881 Canadian Census. Father, ANDREW O'REE & Mother, CHARLOTTE JANE MC CARTY of NB, Canada.
HARVEY P., nickname "DICK"

Submitted 3 April 2000
Updated 23 November 2002