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Born Bet. 1705 - 1715 Antrim County , North Ireland-1776 Bedford, Hillsborough , New Hampshire or VT
Private in New Hampshire Division of the Revolutionary War

The origin of the McAllister family began in Argyleshire, Scotland and ended up in Northern Ireland. The exact lineage from Scotland to Ireland is unknown.  There were three families that came from Northern Ireland to New Hampshire and were considered to all be related to each other. Angus or Ananias McAllister who married Margaret Boyle came to America with eight children in 1718.  There was also a John McAllister who settled in New Boston 1748.
(5 [581, 588])  The branch we are following is that of Richard and Ann (Miller) McAllister who settled in Bedford. 

A variety of sources provided information about the birth, death and marriage dates for Richard McAllister and his wife Ann Miller.  Richard seems to have been born about 1705 in Londonderry, Antrim, Ireland. (62) (63) (64)  His wife was Ann Miller born about 1709 Londonderry, Antrim, Ireland. (62)(64)  The couple married about 1735 in Londonderry, Ireland. (62) (63) (5 [582]). 

In the winter of 1738 the family immigrated to America.  Their son, John was born on the ocean January 18, 1739 but his birth was registered in Chelsie, MA since that was the McAllister's first stop in this country.  The family went first to Londonderry, New Hampshire where their next son, William, was born.  He was considered a citizen in full standing there in 1741.  From there the family went to the settlement of Narragansett No. (which later became Bedford, Hillsboro, NH) probably in the Spring of 1743.  He settled on a farm a few rods west of Bedford village West of Manchester. Families of Antrim states that Richard's name was among the petitioners of Souhegan East (Bedford) to the governor and assembly for protection against the Indians dated June 12, 1744. Richard was a leading land holder when the town was organized in 1750.
(5 [583]).

In the HISTORY OF BEDFORD Chapter 1, p. 266 Richard McAllister signed the Petition for Incorporation for the charter of Souhegan East, New Hampshire in 1750:

  "At a Council holden at Portsmouth according to his Excellency's Summons, on Fryday, May the 18th, 1750: Present--Ellis Huske, Theodore Atkinson, Richard Wibird, Samuel Smith, John Downing, Samuel Solley and Sampson Sheaffe, Esquires--a petition signed Samuel Miller, William Moore, and others, presented by John Goffe,  Esq., and Mr. Samuel Patten, praying for the charter of Incorporation of the inhabitants of a place called Souhegan East, in this Province,
being read, and Joseph Blanchard, Esq. in behalf of the town of Merrimack, also at the same time appearing, and the parties being heard on the said Petition, and agreeing where the line should run, in case his Excellency with the advice of the Council, should think proper to grant the petitioners a Charter of Incorporation. Mr. Goffe and Patten, upon being asked, declared that the sole and proposed by the petitioners was to be incorporated with privileges as other
towns, by law, have in this Province.
  "Upon which the Council did unanimously advise that his Excellency grant a Charter of Incorporation, as usual in such cases."
  The following is a copy of the petition for incorporation:

"To his Excellency, Benning Wentworth, Esq., Governor and Commander-in- Chief of his Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, and to the Honorable, his Majesty's Council, assembled at Portsmouth, May 10, 1750.
 "The humble Petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of Souhegan East, so-called, Sheweth, That your Petitioners are major part of said Souhegan; that your petitioners, as to our particular persuasion in Christianity, are generally of the Presbyterian denomination; that your petitioners, through a variety of causes, having been long destitute of the gospel, are now desirious of taking the proper steps in order to have it settled among us in that way of discipline which we judge to tend most to our edification; that your petitioners, not being incorporated by civil authority, are in no capacity to raise those sums of money which may be needful in order to our proceeding in the
above important affair. May it therefore please your Excellency, and Honors, to take the case of your petitioners under consideration, and to incorporate us into a town or district, or in case any part of our inhabitants should be taken off by any neighboring district, to grant that those of our persuasion who are desirous of adhering to us
may be excused from supporting any other parish charge than where they conscientiously adhere, we desiring the same liberty to those within our bounds, if any there be, and your petitioners shall ever pray, &c.

 This was signed by "Samuel Miller, William Moor, John Riddell, Thomas Vickere, Matthew Little, James Moor, John Tom, James Kennedy, Robert Gilmoor, Richard McAllister, James Walker, John Bell, John McLaughlin Senior, Thomas Chandler, John McDugle, Samuel Patten, Alexander Walker, Gan Riddell, Benjamin Smith, John McLaughlin, William Kennedy, Fergus Kennedy, John Burns, Gerard Rowen,  John McQuige, Patrick Taggart, John Goffe, John Orr, John Moorehead, James Little, Robert Gilmoor Senior, David Thompson, James McKnight, Hugh Riddell, David Moor, John Clark, Robert Walker, and Matthew  Patten.
  "These are to certify that we, the above subscribers, do commission John Goffe, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Patten to present this petition, in order to obtain incorporation for us, according to the instructions from us, the subscribers. [signed by James Little, Clerk, dated May 10, 1750].

Richard and Ann (Miller) McAllister had ten children.  Archibald was born in Ireland and immigrated with the family.  John was born on the transit to this country and William, Mary, Ann, Susannah (who died young), Richard Jr., James, Benjamin and Susannah (who survived to adulthood and married) were all born in Bedford, NH

Richard apparently fought in the American Revolutionary War.  He was listed as a P.S. (63) and DAR does record Richard as a Patriot in the Revolutionary war:

Birth: IR Circa 1715
Service: NH
Rank: PS
Death: VT p 1776
Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Ann Miller

The Clan McAllister (63) web also reports:

From the National Society Sons of the American Revolution 1000 South Fourth Street Louisville KY 40243. National #146766, Tennessee Society # 2663 Under the name of William Myron Worth in 1996 Valentine Seiver Chapter Charter member, Clarksville, Tennessee
1- Patriot Elijah Bostwick [wife Rebecca Warner] Approved 16 July, 1996.
2- Supplemental App. Eliphalet King [Wife Mary Remington] Approved 3 March 1998
3- Supplemental App. Richard McAllister [Wife Ann Miller] Approved 25 Nov. 1997
4- Supplemental App. Richard McAllister Jr. [Wife Susan Dimond] Approved 25 Nov. 1997
5- Supplemental App. Ezekiel Dimond [wife Miriam Fowler] ? Pending.
6- Supplemental App. William Warner [wife Rebecca Lupton] Approved May 26 1998
7- Supplemental App. William Bradford [wife Mary Lambert] Approved 25 Nov.1997.
8- Supplemental App. Paul Averill [wife Zeruah Howe] Approved 25 Nov.1997
9- Supplemental App. John Averill [wife Mary Bradford] Approved 25 Nov.1997

DAR recorded Richard's death in VT 1776.  Clan McAllister web site  (63) indicates that his death was in Bedford, MA.  Ann (Miller) McAllister died March 12, 1776 apparently in Bedford, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. (5 [583]) (63) and she was buried in Old South Cemetery, Bedford, NH(63).


Richard himself was in the Revolutionary War as were several of his sons. 
1- Archibald McAllaster born Abt. 1735 Londonderry, Antrim Ireland-Bet. 1814-1820 Wincasset, Maine.  Archibald was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.  He married Annie Mary Boyce.
2- John McALLISTER born January 18, 1739 on the Atlantic Ocean but his birth recorded at Chelsea , MA when the family arrived from Ireland.  He was a Private Amer. Rev War NH Capt. Peter Clark's Co. and married Anna STEELE.  John died 1828. 
3- William McAllaster was born July 14, 1741 in Londonderry, NH and died February 11, 1787.  William was an  ENS in the American. Revolutionary War.  He married Jerusha Spofford.
4-Mary McAllaster was born August 10, 1743 in Bedford, Hillsboro, NH
5-Ann McAllister was born November 06, 1745 and died October 31, 1760 in Bedford, Hillsboro, NH
6-Susannah McAllaster was born 1747 and apparently died young. 
7-Richard McAllaster, Jr. born October 20, 1749 in New Bedford was a Private in the American Revolution.  He married a woman named Susannah.
8-James McAllaster was born February 29, 1752 in Bedford, MA and was also
Amer. Rev War PS.  James married Sally McClary in 1773 and died August 27, 1823. 
9-Benjamin McAllaster was born May 31, 1754 in Bedford, MA
10- Susannah McAllaster born August 20, 1756 in Bedford and died June 08, 1842.  She married Hugh Moore March 21, 1792 in Bedford, MA

More information about these families can be found at the Clan McAllister  and Families of Antrim (5) 583-585.


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