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January 18, 1739 - 1828 Rochester, Windsor, Vermont
Private Amer. Rev War NH Capt. Peter Clark's Company

December 18, 1768 Amherst, Hillsborough, NH-
Abt. 1847 Rochester , Windsor , Vermont

John McAllister was the son of Richard McAllister and Ann Miller.  John was the second of at least nine children born to this couple.  The family originally resided in Antrim County, North Ireland but were of Scottish descent and referred to as the Scotch-Irish.  John McAllister was born in 1739
(69). It is believed that John born on the ocean January 18, 1739 (351) but his birth was registered in Chelsie, MA since that was the McAllister's first stop in this country.  The first location the family lived at in the British Colonies was Londonderry, New Hampshire.   From there the family went to the settlement of Narragansett No. (which later became Bedford, Hillsboro, NH) probably in the Spring of 1743. John's father, Richard, was a leading land holder when the town was organized in 1750. (5 [583]).

John enlisted as a soldier in the French-Indian war on April 17, 1758.  He was 19 years old and served for six months(65).  John enlisted for a second time in 1760 (5 [583])

John served as a private during the American Revolutionary War.  Captain Peter Clark's Company and Colonel Stickney's Regiment and with General Starks Brigade of New Hampshire marched in July 1777 from Lyndeborough and joined the Northern Continental Army.  A listing for the July 21st engagement shows his rank, discharge on September 26 and time of service as 2.6

DAR look up RXPZTYBK indicates:
Birth:    18 Jan 1739
Service:  NH
Rank:  Pvt
Death:  VT   1828
Patriot Pensioned:   No     Widow Pensioned:   No
Children Pensioned:   No     Heirs Pensioned:   No
Spouse:  (1) Anna Steel

Cochrane says:

He (John McAllister) was also out for a time in the Revolutionary Army.  Was a stirring, wide-awake man.  He was a blacksmith by trade; came here about 1776, and located on the north side of the Meeting-house Hill, Building his log cabin on the west side of the road near where a branch turns eastward towards the old McIlaive place.  He was the only blacksmith in town for many years. His shop on the hill stood in the corner of the roads opposite his house.  He did not, however, remain long on the hill, but cleared and settled what is now the Pelsey Farm.  His humble dwelling stood nearly opposite the Sally Sawyer house, and the old shop hew worked in stood on the same side of the road a little east of his dwelling. He raised a large family who all left town in early life.  In his old age, he followed his children  (5 [583])

In June 13, 1783 John McAllister (at about 44 years of age) married Anna Steele in Amherst, Hillsborough, NH
(63) (66) (351).  She was born December 18, 1768 in Amherst, Hillsborough, NH (63)(72)(351) and would have been about 30 years younger than John.  Anna's parents are Joseph STEELE, Jr. and Elizabeth (DICKEY?) UNKNOWN. (351)  (Joseph Steel Jr. is the son of DAR Patriot Joseph Steele.) 

There is the suggestion she is the daughter of a Joseph and Elizabeth Steele.  There was a James and Margaret (Ramsay) Steele who lived in Hillsborough, NH in 1750 and they were still there when James died in 1819 [(5) p 688]. His second wife was Margaret (Cochran) Parker and they were having children in the time period of 1768 when Anna was born.   I found a web site that lists an Ann as one of James' children and that sounds very promising (67).

In 1800 the census shows John McAllister was living in Hillsborough, New Hampshire near Zadock Reed (9). John's daughter Anna McAllister and Zadock's son Dudley Reed must have known each other as neighbors.  Dudley and Anna would marry April 1, 1813 in Antrim, Hillsborough [(5) p 657]. This is the line that follows down to our ancestry line.

1800 Census Hillsborough, New Hampshire
3 white males under 10 (born 1791-1800)  - Jesse born abt 1793, Isaac born abt 1794, David Abt. 1797
1 white male age 10-15 (born 1785-1790)  -Daniel born 1786
1 white male age 16-25 (born  1775-1784) - John Wentworth McAllister born 17884
1 white male age 26-44 John McAllister age 61
2 white females < 10    (born 1791-1800)   -Anna born 1791, Fanny born about 1801
1 white female 10-15    (born 1785-1790)   - Betsey born abt 1790
1 white female 26-44    Anna Steele McAllister age 32

On May 27, 1813 John bought a 100 acre lot in Rochester, VT from Dudley Chase.  Rochester Deeds 3-137 indicates he purchased this land for $325[(71) page 5 of 87].  In 1814, at the age of 75, John moved to Vermont (5 [583]). There is some question here since one of their younger daughters, Fannie was said to be born in Vermont and the youngest daughter in the 1820 census would have been born 1804-1814. Since she was supposed to be born about 1805 (72) it would suggest the family may have spent some time there prior to the 1813 land purchase.

In the 1820 census John was in Vermont, Windsor Co., Rochester, and living next to his son, William
(70).   The 1820 census says John had 3 (children?) living with them:

1 white male 10-16 (born 1804-1810)    - William is the closest born possibly 1800
1 white male 45+ years (John)
1 white female 10-16 (born 1804-1810) - possibly Nancy born abt 1805
1 white female 16-26 (born 1794-1804) - possibly Fanny born about 1801
1 white female 45+ (Ann)
I person engaged in Agricultural

We know of ten children born to John and Anna (Steele) McAllister.  It is difficult to get the exact ages of their children but we have a general idea. These match the 1800 and 1820 census with exception of William.

1-John Wentworth McAllister born 1784 Amherst, NH.  Married Lovina Jones June 20, 1805 in Hillsborough, NH, died May 01, 1849, age 64, in Rochester VT.
 [(5 )583] (71)
2-Daniel McAllister [(5 )584] born 1785-1786 (63) (72) (71)
3-Betsey McAllister [(5 )584] born about 1790 (72) 
4-Anna McAllister
Born abt 1791 (7) and married Dudley Reed, April 1, 1813. [(5 )584]
5-Jesse McAllister
He was born Abt. 1793 (72). Married Deborah Paige April 20, 1815 [(5 )584]
6-Isaac McAllister  Born about 1794 in NH and probably died in Pulaski , Oswego , New York.
(72). He married Elizabeth (Betsey) E. Benson. [(71) p.63 of 87)]
7-David McAllister Born 1797 (72). Married Susan Nason of Rochester, VT, moved to PA in 1836. [(5 )584]
8-William McAllister was born 1799-1804 (72) Antrim, Hillsborugh, NH, married Diadamia Washburne July 04, 1819 [(71) p. 66 of 87]and had a son named Stillman born by 1820 [(5 )584] (70). William died December 12, 1868 in Rochester , Windsor , Vermont (72). (William was not in the 1800 census, but there is a male age 10-16 in 1820 (9)(70)
9-Fannie McAllister Fannie was born Abt. 1801 in Antrim, Hillsborough, NH.
(72). Married John Austin of Rochester, VT December 21, 1820 in Rochester, Windsor, Vermont (72). and  Mr. Smith. [(5 )584]
10-Nancy Stiles McAllister
[(5 )584] born Abt. 1805 in Rochester, Windsor, Vermont. She married Uriah Dresser August 08, 1863 (72).  (Note, we are not sure about birth location in VT, the family moved to Vermont until 1813-14.)

John and his wife Anna, lived in Rochester, VT until his death in 1828. Anna stayed in Rochester and lived for about 20 more years
(5 [583])


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