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James Samuel Ashmore
November 04, 1732 Harford Co., MD -May 01, 1785 Mecklenburg Co., NC
son of Walter Ashmore & Margaret  (Hughes) Unknown
Documented Rev War Ancestor for DAR Col John Banister Chapter, Petersburg, VA

& Elizabeth Balch
April 25, 1740 Deer Creek, Harford, MD-
1820 NC

Parents of Elizabeth ASHMORE
1770-February 1836


James Ashmore was the grandson of John ASHMORE.  John was said to have been born either at Dorset or Isle of Wight, England.  John became one of the first settlers to form the Maryland Colony.  He left the Isle of Wight for Maryland on the ship Ark and Dove with his brother William.  These ships brought the first settlers to Maryland:  Initially they left England 22 November 1633 but encountered some problems about people taking their oath of allegiance before departure.  Additionally they encountered terrible weather that separated the ships.  Read more about the trip at and the narrative by passenger Father Andrew White.

The Voyages of the Ark and the Dove
Ark and Dove on the water Maryland Historical Society
On June 20, 1632, King Charles I of England granted Cecilius Calvert, Second Baron Baltimore, proprietorship and vice-regal powers for a new colony named Maryland. By mid-summer 1633, Baltimore had chartered a full-rigged ship, the Ark of London (a.k.a. Ark of Maryland) of about 350 tons to carry the first 130 to 150 settlers and supplies to the new colony. (Tons refers to tons burden, a measure of space available for cargo unless said to be weight). He also acquired a small vessel, the Dove "of the burthen of fortie tons," to accompany the Ark as its pinnace (a tender and scout) and to carry some baggage and supplies.

Gravesend, England then Cowes, Isle of Wight to St. Clement's Island, Maryland  25 March 1634

Because of persecution by the Church of England, two vessels, financed by Caesilius Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore transported over 100 (perhaps over 300) "adventurers", many of whom were Roman Catholic, to the Colony of Maryland in America.

Richard Lowe, was Master of the Ark. Captain Winter commanded the Dove. The ship Ark, was of about 350 ton burden and the pinnace Dove of about 40 ton burden.

An account of the landing of the Ark and the Dove follows:
"It was March 25, 1634, the initial day of Spring and the first day of the Julian Calendar, as well as the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin, all of which were propitious for joyous and solemn celebration and a memorial day for each Adventurer, who had survived the voyage of 123 days or slightly over four months from the sailing from Cowes to their destination..."

James is listed at on a web passenger list for the Ark and Dove and documented by the books The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate and Yesterday in Old St. Mary's County.  There is a remark that says "of St. Michael's Manor, MD".  Also listed at Interestingly enough, John Ashmore arrived on the Ark and Dove along with another of our ancestors, John Neville.  His line goes down to Frances Neville and down to John Kuykendall.

The immigrant John had a son named John who was born about 1655 in Maryland.  His son was Walter Ashmore, James' father.(133). John's brother, William, died shortly after arrival in the New World.(343)

James Samuel Ashmore

11/4/1732 MD-
1785 NC
Rev. Patriot
Walter Ashmore
abt. 1700 Deer Creek, MD-1798 York Co., NC
John Ashmore
abt. 1655 MD
John Ashmore          
1611 Dorset or Isle of Wight, England - MD
Immigrant -came Ship Ark and Dove
Margaret (Hughes) Unknown
abt 1710
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown



There appears to have been eleven children born to Walter and Margaret Ashmore.  James Samuel ASHMORE born November 04, 1732 in Hartford County, MD (NE of Baltimore) seems to have been one of the oldest children. He married Elizabeth Balch about 1755 in Harford Co., MD (
135) Elizabeth was the daughter of James Balch and Ann Goodwyn. (136) Elizabeth was born April 25, 1740 in Deer Creek, Harford, MD (138) and died June 1820.  She is thought to have been buried at the Ashmore Plantation in Greenville, SC.  Her husband James died May 01, 1785 in Mecklenburg, NC.  Another source gives Elizabeth's birth as March 7, 1738 Baltimore Co., MD, birth recorded at St Georges Parish Register.

The Balch family goes back to John Balch born Abt. 1600 in Somerset, England.  He came to Weymouth, MA  in 1623 apparently indentured.  On 19 October 1630 he requested to be a free man and was admitted  18 May 1631. (137). He died Bet. May 15 - June 28, 1648 in Salem, Essex, MA.  His descendents follow John 1635-1661MA , Thomas 1660-1730 MD, Hezekiah born Aft. 1685 in MA to James (Elizabeth's father) born December 05, 1714 in Baltimore, Maryland and dying in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC.  The Balch family is listed in  The History of Mecklenburg County [NC] by J. B. Alexander ISBN: 9780806351889.

James and Elizabeth would have been married and had young children during the time of the involvement James had with the Revolutionary cause.  He was involved in what came to be known as "The Black Boys of Cabarrus" or the Gunpowder Incident in North Carolina.

Charlotte is in Mecklenburg County, NC


JAMES SAMUEL4 ASHMORE (WALTER3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 04, 1732 in Harford Co., MD, and died Abt. 1785 in Mecklinburg Co., NC. He married ELIZABETH BALCH Abt. 1760 in prob. Harford Co., MD, daughter of JAMES BALCH and ANN GOODWYN. She was born April 25, 1740 in Deer Creek, Harford, MD, and died July 1820 in Ashmore Plantation, Greenville, SC.

James and others were involved in destroying the ammunition, 2 May 1771, known as the Gunpowder Incident, in Salisbury NC. This group was known as the Regulators, protesting the unreasonable taxes being imposed. They sought relief from the governor, but getting no help, burned a gun powder train that was on its way to British General Waddell, which was to be used against then. They all were arrested, and James gave a deposition, asking for a pardon for the nine men, 22 June 1771. Council meeting, 27 Nov. 1771, request for pardon sent to His Majesty. The pardon was granted.
Since these nine men had blackened their faces and disguised themselves as Indians, they were known as 'the black boys." They had hidden themselves in the canebrakes and had been fed by the women of Rocky River Church.

(Courtesy of Mary Sewell)  (135)
The Gunpowder Incident
James Ashmore, along with Joshua Hadley (according to the author of "Sketches of Western North Carolina Historical and Biographical" by Cyrus L. Hunter 1877, states that James Ashmore & Joshua Hadley were half brothers), Robert Caruthers, Robert Davis, Benjamin Cochran, John White, James White, William White, Jun. (brothers) and William White (cousin) son of widow White, were involved in destroying the ammunition on May 2,1771 the information can be found in the Colonial Records of North Carolina Vol. 9 and the London Rolls. The group became known as the "Black Boys of Cabarrus", protesting the unreasonable taxes being imposed upon the people. They sought relief from Governor, but getting no help, burned a gun powder train that was on its way to General Waddell, which was to be used against them. Ashmore gave a deposition asking for a pardon for the above nine men 22, June, 1771. Council meeting 27, Nov 1771 request for pardon sent to His Majesty.

The Regulators
About 1763, the citizens of western North Carolina in the Hillsborough District, heretofore peaceful and happy, began to feel "basic economic, social and religious differences of the East (NC), which promoted sectional rivalry and conflict." (Lefler, Orange County 1752-1952) The principal conflict centered upon the domination of the Eastern planter aristocracy and the lack of representation in the government branches. Those who resisted the official extortion and inequitable taxes came to be known as "Regulators", 1767-1771, declaring their own war with many acts of mischief and defiance. Walter Ashmore had signed a protest as early as 1768 (NC Colonial Records v 7 p 935)
James Ashmore’s official part in the War of the Regulators may be found in the Colonial Records of North Carolina  v 8 pp 622/3: Saunders, William L., Ed

James Ashmore’s Testimony
June 22, 1771: James Ashmore swears before Thos Polk as follows: "North Carolina, Mecklenburg County. The deposition of James Ashmore, of full age, who being voluntarily sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, voluntarily deposeth and saith that he, this deponent, with a number of other persons, was convened at Andrew Logan’s old plantation in consequence of an advertisement (set up by one James McCaul as it was said), when and where this Deponent was accosted by one James White, Junior, to know whether this Deponent thought it any harm to burn the powder then carrying through the county aforesaid, to the army then under the command of General Hugh Waddell, to which this deponent made answer that according to the reports passing of the Governor and his officers, that he did not think the bare burning of the powder any harm, and that then this deponent went home and the day following, between the hours of ten and eleven o’clock in the forenoon, this deponent quit work on his plantation and went to look for his horses. When about three-quarters of a mile from his house, this deponent was met by six men, disguised, in the road, who in appearance resembled Indians, but after some persuasion, consented in part and then went home with his horses and after returned with Joshua Hadley to a place about half a mile from this deponent’s house, where were assembled with himself nine persons, to-wit., James White, Junior, John White, Junior, William White, Robert Caruthers, Robert Davis, Benjamin Cochran, Joshua Hadley and William White, son of widow White, who all went thence disguised to Captain Phifer’s old muster ground where they found and stopped the waggons and enquired for the powder that was carrying to General Waddell. When in the waggon belonging to Col. Alexander they found the powder and took it out of the waggons, broke open the hogsheads and kegs that contained the powder, and set the same on fire and destroyed some blankets, leggins, kettles, and other things, and then dispersed soon after, having at this deponent first joining of them sworn him to secrecy as they informed who they all before, and further his deponent sayeth not.

James Ashmore
James Ashmore’s activity was pardoned at the New Bern Council on 27 November 1771 by Governor Tryon. James left the political hotbed; on 25 September 1771 James and Elizabeth sold their land to Hezekiah James Balch and moved to Georgia. On 7 June 1774 James and Elizabeth received a land grant of 150 acres in St. Paul’s Parish (GA Folio 1077). On 1 February 1775 James and Elizabeth of Mecklenburg NC deed the St. Paul’s Parish land to Robert Neilson and the money was received for them by Francis Ashmore.
James received Land Grant in NC dated 1 Nov. 1786.

Descendants of James Samuel ASHMORE

1 James Samuel ASHMORE b: Nov 04, 1732 in Harford Co., MD d: May 01, 1785 in Mecklinburg Co., NC
.. +Elizabeth BALCH b: Apr 25, 1740 in Deer Creek, Harford, MD d: July 1820 buried Ashmore Plantation, Greenville, SC
        m: Abt. 1755 in Harford Co., MD
. 2 Hezekiah Ashmore b: 1756 in SC d: August 22, 1822 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN
..... +Elizabeth Kerr b: Abt. 1768 in TN d: September 23, 1838 in Bethany, IL m: Dec 05, 1786 in Green Co., TN
. 2 Joshua Ashmore b: 1761 in NC or SC d: July 08, 1846 in Pope Co., Arkansas
..... +Mary b: Abt. 1780 d: Aft. 1850
. 2 Rhoda Ashmore b: 1762 in Deer Creek, Harford, MD d: 1799
..... +Elisha Hadden b: July 28, 1759 in York Co., PA d: in Coles Co., IL m: December 10, 1799 in Logan Co., KY
. 2 Margaret Ashmore b: Abt. 1764 d: 1799
..... +William Hemphill m: November 10, 1778 in Harford Co., MD
. *2nd Husband of Margaret Ashmore:
..... +Hugh Henderson b: Abt. 1780 in Mecklenburg Co., NC d: Bef. Apr1846 in Clark Co., IL m: Dec31, 1799 in Logan Co., KY
. 2 Elizabeth ASHMORE b: Bet. 1760 - 1769 in Knox, TN d: February 1836 in Clark Co., IL
..... +Samuel PEERY, Sr. b: Abt. 1765 Staunton, Augusta, VA d: Abt. Nov 1833  Clark Co., IL m: Mar 07, 1787  Greene Co., TN
. 2 James Ashmore II b: Abt. 1770 in TN
..... +Cassandra (Crawford) Moore
. 2 Hannah Ashmore b: Abt. 1773
. 2 Samuel C. Ashmore b: December 25, 1775 in Harford Co. Maryland d: October 28, 1836 in Coles Co., IL
..... +Leticia Guthrie d: Abt. 1815 in prob. Indiana m: Abt. 1795 in Probably Jefferson Co., TN
. *2nd Wife of Samuel C. Ashmore:
..... +Ruth Cowan b: 1792 in GA d: June 21, 1855 in Coles Co., IL m: January 09, 1816 in Vincennes, Knox, Indiana
. 2 William S. Ashmore b: Nov 26, 1776 in Harford Co. MDd: Nov 15, 1836 Independence (Oakland), Coles Co., IL
. 2 Amos Ashmore b: January 24, 1784 in TN or NC d: June 13, 1863 in Probably Vermilion Co., IL, Elwood Twp.
..... +Patience McGuire

A resource about James Ashmore can be found at

bullet EARLY NORTH CAROLINA SETTLERS [CD] 7524 - book 6275 Historical Sketches of North Carolina from 1584 to 1851. 2 vols. in 1 p 65 and Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians book 6280 p. 95


Elizabeth BALCH

4/25/1740 Deer Creek, Harford, MD- July 1820 Ashmore Plantation, Greenville, SC or in Greene or Logan Co

12/5/1714 MD-
1779 NC
Hezekiah BALCH
1685 MD-
Thomas BALCH
1660 MD- 1730 MD
1630 Somersetshire, Eng- MD  IMMIGRANT
Edward BALCH
1603-1640 Eng
Catharine (McClelland) CLELAND  
1665 MD-1716 MD
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Martha Ann BLOOMER
1690 MD-
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Elizabeth BEALE
Bet 1637-1672
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Ann (Goodwin) GOODWYN
1719 , MD- 1760 MD
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown


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