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Isaac Gabriel Fry
Born July 06, 1845 Greene Co., TN -
November 05, 1921 Beloit, Rock Co., WI
Harriet Athelene Cole
February 11, 1848 Marion County, Indiana -
April 23, 1906 Richland Co., WI

   Photo of  Isaac and Harriet (Cole) Fry on June 06, 1898

ISAAC GABRIEL FRY born July 06, 1845 in Greene Co., TN - November 05, 1921 Beloit, Rock Co.(89).  He was the youngest of 11 children born to George Washington Fry and Barbara Ann B. Smelcer. (83)  His Occupation was that of a farmer and he lived most of his life in Richland County, Wisconsin.  Right after Isaac was born in 1845, his parents moved to Indiana.  Many of Isaac's siblings got married while living in Indiana but Isaac came with his parents in 1864 to Sylvan, Richland County, WI.  It was on November 23, 1865 in Sylvan, Richland Co., WI that Isaac married Harriet A. Cole per her obituary.(90)  In 1910 Isaac was said to have run for Coroner in Richland County but it does not appear he got the position. Isaac and Harriet had 12 children and Harriet died in 1906 and he took a second wife, Mariah Wilson, on October 26, 1911 in Richland County, WI (88). Isaac died in 1921 and is buried in Willow Cemetery, Richland Co., WI.  We do not know much about Isaac's childhood but information did come to light when researching the Civil War Records for Wisconsin.  This Regiment spent most of their time in MO, KS and Arkansas.

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 Vol 1. Rusk and Chapman, p. 341and page 106
Isaac Fry appears to have volunteered for the Union during the Civil War.  He was a Private in the 3rd Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry, Company E Union forces.  The Regiment was organized in Janesville, WI between November 30, 1861, to January 31, 1862 and the men mustered January 28, 1862. Isaac would have been 16 years old at this time. They moved to Fort Levenworth, KS from March 26-28 in 1862 and were on duty at Benton Barracks, MO until May 23, 1862.  The Regiment then moved to Fort Leavenworth, KS May 23-27 and were assigned to frontier and provost duty in Kansas until September of 1862. Company E was at Leavenworth City.

Isaac's records do show him with the Third Wisconsin Calvary on at least June 3, 1863.  (age 17).   They stayed in Springfield, MO for a while. It appears that in addition to some battles the Regiment did a lot of scouting and fighting guerillas with few rations for the men. The  was very poor for the purposes of forage for animal or man in their area.  They the moved from Springfield to Salem and left for Fort Scott on an June 20th 1863 where the Regiment arrived on July 5, 1863.

One of the more difficult battles Isaac would have encountered would have been the one known as the Baxter Springs Massacre in the Cherokee Nation.  In Sept of 1863 Union General Blunt left Fort Scott for Fort Smith with a Brigade which included the Third Wisconsin Cavalry and a train of eight wagons.  On Sept 6, the Commander J. G. Cavart (under Lieutenant Pond at Baxter Springs) stopped a short distance from Camp near Baxter's Springs to allow the wagon trains to come up.  At this time a column of men were seen coming out of the woods and forming a line some 200 yards from them.  Apparently the men were Confederates disguised in Federal Uniforms. They advanced toward them at a walk while firing.  The escort formed a line of battle but most had been in the rear of the wagons.  There were only 65 men to form the line of battle against 300 to 500 men.  Company A of 14th KS broke and could not be rallied but Company I Wisconsin fired a full volley and continued to fire revolvers until then Confederates were at a 20 foot distance.  By this time escape was not possible.  The fleeing Federals were shot as they ran.  Of 40 men in Company (which was only part of the escort), it was reported that 22 were kills and four were wounded but left on the field for dead.  During this attack the band wagon had attempted to escape.  After about a half of a mile one of the wheels came off.  When the Confederates observed this, they rushed the occupants with the Rebel yell and shot them in the wagon.  The Confederates captured and shot them.  They then gathered the bodies and threw them into or under the wagon and set it on fire and mutilated others.  Confederate General Quantrell also attacked the position of Lieutenant Pond. gives a newspaper account from New York Times, October 18, 1863.

 On October 16, 1863 they moved toward Van Buren, Arkansas and made a raid to Waldron, Arkansas.  The Regiment then moved to the Choctaw Nation.  In the nation they fought a large force of rebel Indians and captured some stores.  Nov. 5th  the Regiment went through the Mulberry Mountains into Clarksville.  During this trip they encountered rebel forces of 1,000 men lead by Colonel Brooks and captured many men.  They returned to Van Buren on the 12th of November.  From here they sent a scouting party with artillery and raided Waldron and Dallas, Ark.  Here they captured the rebel Colonel Alexander and 14 of his men.  They returned to Van Buren on the 22nd and stayed there until February of 1864.

Reenlistments began January of 1864 and continued until March 30th with the reenlistment of three fourths of the men.  The men moved from Van Buren to Little Rock, Arkansas.  On April 16, 1864 Isaac's company E along with 6 other companies traveled by boat (Steamer) and railway to Madison, WI for a 30 day furlough.  On June 19, 1864 the companies reassembled in Madison, WI but without Isaac Fry.  Military records show Isaac as a deserter on June 14, 1864.  Although he had volunteered for services, it would appear that the war had become more than he could handle and the return to Wisconsin with a furlough must have made it too difficult for him to return.  No doubt this 'massacre' had made a great impression on young Isaac Fry.

Isaac Fry married Harriet Athelene COLE/Coal on November 23, 1865 in Sylvan, Richland Co. WI .  It has been difficult tracking Harriet's family background.  Harriet was born February 11, 1848 in Marion County, Indiana. (90)

Harriet's father was a man named Chancey COLE.  His name appears as a soldier in the Mexican War in 1847.  Harriet's Obituary says he died in about 1850.  Family tradition says he was Cherokee but we have not verified that.  In Harriet's picture above she does appear to be of some Native American heritage. Her mother was Mary Mahala Cole, last name is likely Bucklou. 

 Although we do not yet know Harriet's early life, there is a 1850 census showing a Mary Cole age 25 with a 1 year old daughter named "Fidy" Cole born in Indiana.  Mary and "Fidy" live with Samuel Wainwright with his wife and their daughter Athelene Wainwright age 15.  This is in Marion County Indianapolis, Indiana and Harriet's middle name is Athelene, perhaps after the Wainwright's daughter? It is unclear if Harriet had a nickname or if the full name was not given until baptism, so none of this is verified.  We could speculate that Harriet was living with this family at least until her mother, Mary Mahala (possibly Buckalew)  married Jacob Shigley (of German heritage) in 1851. We know that Harriet's mother Mary Mahala and Jacob Shigley had their first child Agnes Shigley on August 29, 1852 in Delphi, Indiana. 


Isaac must have returned to Richland County after leaving the Federal Army during the Civil War. It would seem he met Harriet here and that they would marry about a little over a year after his return.  Isaac Gabriel Fry and Harriet Cole married November 23, 1865 at Sylvan, Richland Co., WI.

Harriet and Isaac would have been married about five years by the time of the 1870 census. The 1870 census for Sylvan, Richland Co. WI shows Isaac and Harriet with their children Mary E. age 4, Jerome age 3, and Barbara 3/12th years old .  The census was taken on July 5, 1870 and lists Isaac as a farm Laborer (45). 

In the 1874 the Wisconsin Platt map for Eagle, Richland County, WI it shows Isaac owning 60 acres of land.(92)

In 1880 the Twp of Eagle Richland Co census (51) the children listed are Mary E. (Mahala) age 13, Jerome age 11, Rebecca A. age 6, Edgar age 3 and Dora A. age 1.  Their daughter Barbara who was listed in the 1870 census had died January 04, 1880 in Eagle, Richland Co., WI, U.S. and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery Isaac is listed as a 35 years old farmer and Harriet age 33 is keeping house.

In 1892 Isaac G. Fry purchases some land in the NE quarter of section twenty four in Township nine North of Range one, West of the Fourth Principal Meridian in Wisconsin containing forty acres.  This document is registered at the Land Office at Eau Claire, WI on the date of August 1, 1892.



By the time of the 1895 Richland Co, WI Platt map for Eagle Township, Isaac G. Fry has 100 acres of land.(93)

The 1895 Richland County Wisconsin Census shows Isaac living in the town of Eagle with a listing of 3 males and 5 females in the household. 


In the June 19th census 1900  (WISC, RICHLAND. ITHACA TWP Series: T623 Roll: 1813 Page: 201)  Isaac is 54 years old at this time and appears to have 4 of his children living with him and 2 living in the places just next to him.(181)

Family number 141 = Worden, George E. born Aug 1871 age 28 and married 2 years (wife Mahala Ester Fry isn't listed for some reason). He is born in Wisconsin, father Indiana and Mother in Vermont. He is a farmer and with him lives his mother (Jana?) born Sept 1835 and age 64, widowed. She had 4 children and both her parents were born in Vermont. Also living with him is his widowed sister Clara E. Taylor (Dec 9, 1865) and her two sons: Frank R. Taylor b. Nov 1886 and Elmer Taylor born March 1897.

Family number 142 = Edgar M. Fry born Sept 1876 age 23 and married 5 years and working as a farmer. His wife is Rosie M. born Sept 1878 age 21 and has had 3 children, 2 of which survived. She and her parents were born in Wisconsin. Their son E. Glennis is listed as born June 1896 and is 3. Their daughter Edna was born April 1899 and is 1 years old.

Family number 143 = Isaac G. Fry born July 1845 in Tennessee age 54 and married 35 years. Isaac is a farmer. His wife Harriet A. is listed as born Feb 1848 in Indiana from parents also born in Indiana. She has had 12 children but only 8 are surviving. From looking at the data it would have been Mary, Barbara, Jonas and Harmon that had already died. Their daughter Mahala E. Worden was living with them and while she is listed as married, her husband was not present in the census at this home. She was born April 1881, was 19 years old and had one child. Her son Delford Worden is listed born August 1898 in Wisconsin and age 1. Another of Isaac's daughters is listed as Lottie S. Fry born April 1885 age 15 and single and going to school. Rachel E. is 13 being born in Jan 1887and attending school. The youngest son I. Chancey was born July 1889 in Wisconsin and was 10 and went to school. There was also a hired hand living with the Fry family. His name was Lawrence Cockroft age 22 born Spet 1877 in Wisconsin with his father being from England and mother from Vermont.

Harriet died April 23, 1906 and her obituary gives a brief account of her life:

Obituary for Harriet Fry
Republican Observer May 3, 1906 Page 4 (Richland County, WI)

Died at her home on Little Willow Harriet A. Coal, wife of Isaac G. Fry, April 23rd, at the age of fifty-eight years, two months and twelve days. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 11th, 1848. There she lived two years and after the death of her father her mother moved with her to LaFayette, Indiana. There her mother married Jacob R. Seigley (should be Shigley). At the age of six years her parents brought her to Richland county, Wis. They lived in the town of Sylvan where November 23rd, 1865, she was united in marriage to Isaac G. Fry. She was the mother of twelve children, five sons and seven daughters of which eight survived her.
She leaves twenty-six grandchildren, one half sister, five half brothers and a host of other relatives and friends to mourn her death. She was a member of the M. E. Church over thirty years. Rev. Taylor preached the funeral sermon at Ithaca and the remains were laid to rest in the Derrickson Cemetery Wednesday, April 25th.

According to Harriet's obituary, she remained in Indiana until she was 6 years old or about 1853.  At that time her mother and stepfather brought her to Richland County, WI .(90)  Harriet's second 1/2 sibling, Thomas Jefferson Shigley was born September 04, 1854 in Sylvian, Richland County, WI.  Harriet was said to have taught (Methodist?) Sunday School in Richland County. While it is interesting to note that Harriet's obituary says she was buried in Derrickson Cemetery, the records for cemeteries in Richland County suggests she is buried in Willow Valley Cemetery, Richland Co. WI G-129.  This is the cemetery Isaac is buried in.  We can speculate her body may have been moved to be with her husband in Willow Cemetery.  Isaac's second wife does not appear to be buried with him though she had two other marriages, one to Thomas W. Scott and the other to a Mr. Thayer.  Then again, Dave Thompson 9/27/04 stated in an email to this author:

"As far as I know all the names are listed properly . . . BUT Derrickerson Cemetery was listed on a lot of Death records and Obits for a number of people who  indeed have cemetery markers and are buried at the WILLOW VALLEY cemetery, just down the road from Derrickerson cemetery. I do believe that there are more buried in the Derrickerson cemetery (without markers) then what are listed (and are not buried at Willow Valley) but have no real name or proof to make any corrections/additions at this time."

By 1910 Isaac G. Fry was living with a distant relative in Ithaca, Richland Co, WI (182) .

Isaac's sister, Mary M. Fry, had married a man named Smith Lowery.  Mary and Smith's daughter, Jane Lowry, married John Wilson and had at least two daughters.  Their daughter Sarah Jane born 1876 married Frederick Washington Fry who was her 1st cousin once removed.  Another daughter named Mariah (Maria) Caroline Wilson was shown as divorced from her husband Jonathan Thayer but living with her son Thomas Thayer age 22, her son Isaac age 17 and daughter Martha age 15.  Isaac G. Fry, widowed, age 65 and listed as 'uncle' also lives with them.  He is actually the great Uncle of Maria Wilson from his sister Mary. M. Fry.  A year after this census Isaac and Maria Wilson (Thayer) would marry. We have no record that this couple had any children together. Isaac is listed in the census as living on his 'own money'.

Isaac's daughter Rachel Ellen Fry is shown as living close by in the 1910 census with her husband Edgar Reagles and their daughter Julia A. Reagles.

On October 26, 1911 Isaac took his second wife (his great niece) Maria ( nee: Wilson) Thayer.  They married in. Richland Co., WI. (89)

Isaac G. Fry died November 05, 1921 in Beloit, Rock Co., WI. (89)

Photo above is from the Rebecca Alice (Fry) Privette family.   Back row far left is Isaac's daughters Rebecca's husband Charles Privette. Isaac is 2nd from left in the back row.  The person in the middle is unknown - a daughter?  Mary Etta?  Next is Mahala Fry Worden. Rebecca Fry Privette is far right. The children have not been identified - year of photo in question as well.

Photo below is of Isaac with his youngest son, Isaac CHANCEY Fry:



Isaac and Harriet Fry had twelve children who were all born in Richland Co. WI:

1-Mary Etta Fry September 21, 1866-August 11, 1895
(94, 51,89)
2-Jerome FRY June 14, 1868-February 06, 1948
(94, 51,89)
3-Barbara Elizabeth Fry April 03, 1870-January 04, 1880
(94, 89)
4-Jonas Fry June 10, 1872-November 05, 1875
5-Rebecca Alice Fry (photo) May 25, 1874-Aft. 1948
(51, 89)
6-Edgar Milton Fry Sept 25, 1876 - Aft. 1948 (5
1, 89)
7-Dora Arminda Fry (photo) August 29, 1878-Dec 26, 1916
(51, 89)
8-Mahala Ester Fry (photo) April 17, 1881-Aft. 1948
9-Harmon Fry May 16, 1883-July 29, 1885
10-Charlotta Susannah "Lottie" Fry (photo) April 30, 1885 - Aft. 1948
11-Rachel Ellen Fry January 29, 1887-January 29, 1887
12-Isaac Chauncey Fry (photo) July 25, 1889-Sept 14, 1940

[all dates can be found in Born "Frie"(89)]

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