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Samuel Peery
Abt. 1760 VA- Nov 1833 Clark Co., IL
Son of James Perry  and Katherine Jamison
(of Scotch/Irish descent)


Elizabeth Ashmore
Bet. 1760 - 1769 TN-February 1836 IL
Daughter of patriot James Samuel Ashmore

(of English Descent)

Samuel and Elizabeth are the parents of two daughters who are in this family tree:
 Catherine Jane PEERY and Mary (Polly) PEERY

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Samuel Peery
Samuel Peery (Sr) was the son of James Perry  and Katherine Jamison.  He was born Abt. 1760 in Staunton, Augusta, VA.
(170).   He died Abt. November 1833 in Clark Co., IL.(177)

Elizabeth Ashmore

Elizabeth was born abt 1770 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina (178). She was the daughter of Patriot James Samuel Ashmore and Elizabeth Balch. (178, 179)  On March 07, 1787 she married Samuel Perry, Sr. in Greene Co., Tennessee (178,180). She died February 1836 in Clark Co., IL and was buried at Good Hope Cemetery, Westfield Twp.Clark Co.,IL (178)  Elizabeth Ashmore's father was also a Revolutionary War Patriot James Samuel Ashmore in Capt. Lauries 1st Reg., West NJ (34).  

1820 Census (140)
In 1820 Samuel was living in Washington Twp, Clark Co, IL near other family members.  We can see (son in law?)  Jacob Long, (bro in law?) James Ashmore, Peter Kuykendall, Samuel Pery and (bro in law?) Samuel Ashmore. 

Samuel Peery
Males age
0-10           2
10-16         1
16-26         1    
26-45         1
45+            1   
Females age
0-10           1
10-16         1
16-26         3
26-45         1
45+            1   

Together we have 13 recorded children of Samuel Peery (Sr) and Elizabeth Ashmore.  Two of their children lead to our line of descent.  Catherine Jane Peery born April 30, 1790 (married Jacob Long in TN and moved to Buena Vista Twp, Richland Co., WI) and Mary (Polly) Peery born March 07, 1795 who married John Kuykendall March 18, 1819 in Vigo Co., IN.(35)  Catherine's daughter Anna Madeline Long married her cousin Alfred Kuykendall who was son of Mary (Polly) Peery.  That was not an unheard of practice during this time period for cousins to marry. See Chart below:

Children of Samuel PEERY, Sr. & Elizabeth Ashmore

1 Samuel PEERY, Sr. b: Abt. 1760 in Staunton, Augusta, VA d: Abt. November 1833 in Clark Co., IL
.. +Elizabeth ASHMORE b: Abt. 1770 in Mecklenburg, NC d: Feb 1836 in Clark Co., IL m: Mar 07, 1787 in Greene Co., TN
. 2 Catherine Jane PEERY b: April 30, 1790  VA (DAR says birth 17 Jan 1788) d: Aug 03, 1871 in Buena Vista, Richland Co., WI (37)
..... +Jacob LONG b: March 31, 1788 in VA d: Oct 17, 1862 in Buena Vista Twp, Richland Co., WI m: Feb 15, 1810 in Grainger Co, TN
. 2 Mary (Polly) PEERY b: March 07, 1795 in Knox Co., Tennessee d: May 10, 1858 in Sugar Creek Twp, Vigo Co., IN (37)
..... +John KUYKENDALL b: 1779 Near Romney, Hampshire Co., VA d: Dec 29, 1834 in Sugar Creek Twp, Vigo Co., Ind
        m: March 18, 1819 in Vigo Co., IN
. 2 James Peery b: December 07, 1787 in Knox, TN d: March 13, 1845 in prob Davies Co., IN
..... +Nancy Witten b: Abt. 1789 in Tazwell, VA d: January 17, 1823 m: December 05, 1810 in Tennessee
. *2nd Wife of James Peery:
..... +Catherine Ridge b: Abt. 1800 d: September 08, 1825 m: August 26, 1824
. *3rd Wife of James Peery:
..... +Mary Harper b: Abt. 1800 in Fort Union, PA d: September 03, 1850 m: July 13, 1826 in Knox Co., TN or Davis Co., IN
. 2 William Peery b: January 17, 1789 in Knox Co, TN d: December 03, 1848 in Vigo Co, IN
..... +Hannah Lykins b: July 30, 1804 in VA d: August 10, 1840 in Vigo, Ind m: November 09, 1826 in Vigo Co, IN or Clark Co, IL
. 2 Elizabeth Peery b: April 03, 1792 in Knox Co., Tennessee d: Bef. 1850 in Clark Co, IL
..... +Brice M. (William) Witcher b: Abt. 1790 m: February 29, 1812 in Grainger Co, TN
. 2 Samuel Peery, Jr. b: August 26, 1793 in Knox Co., Tennessee d: Aft. 1835
..... +Jane Ross b: 1800 in Dublin, Ireland d: 1834 in flu epidemic in Illinois
. 2 John Peery b: October 15, 1796 in Grainger Co, TN d: Bef. 1890 in Union or Ringgold Co., IA
..... +Nancy Long b: May 21, 1801 in Grainger, TN d: November 01, 1890 in Ellston, IA m: December 06, 1821 in Washington Co., IN
. 2 Margaret Peery b: August 16, 1798 in Grainger Co, TN d: Aft. 1825 in Clark Co, IL
..... +James Ashmore d: March 22, 1823 in Clark Co., IL m: 1819 in Elwood Twp., Crawford Co., IL
. *2nd Husband of Margaret Peery:
..... +Thomas Black m: July 04, 1826
. 2 Annie Peery b: October 18, 1800 in Grainger Co, TN d: 1869 in Illinois - (Clark Co. ?)

..... +John Cowen b: 1790 in Clark Co., IL d: 1844 in Clark Co., IL m: November 14, 1826 in Clark Co., IL
. 2 Nancy Peery b: October 18, 1800 in Grainger Co, TN d: Aft. 1844 in Clark Co, IL
..... +James Banning m: November 10, 1826 in Clark Co. IL
. *2nd Husband of Nancy Peery:
..... +John Pogue b: Abt. 1798 m: December 31, 1841 in Vigo Co, IN
. 2 Dorcas Peery b: October 25, 1802 in Grainger Co., Tennessee d: Bef. 1850 in Clark Co, IL
..... +John Black b: Abt. 1798 in TN m: September 11, 1826 in Vigo Co, IN
. 2 Hezekiah Balch Peery b: September 26, 1804 in Grainger Co, TN d: March 23, 1845 in Clark Co, IL
..... +Asenith F. McKown b: Abt. 1808 in TN m: September 15, 1831
. 2 Cynthia Peery b: August 04, 1806 in Logan Co., KY d: Aft. 1833 in Vigo Co, IN
..... +Jared Lykins b: September 16, 1798 in VA d: March 22, 1835 m: November 24, 1827 in Clark Co. IL

(All of these Peery children can be found on LDS web)


Samuel Peery
Last Will and Testament - July 19, 1833
(Youngest of seven children, all sons, born to James Peery #1)
This is a verbatim account of the will and its probate in file #44 in Clark County Illinois' County Clerk's Office. [Proven 11 Nov 1833]

In the name of God Amen I Samuel Peery of Clark County and State of Illinois being in a low state of health but sound in mind and memory, knowing the frailty of my body and the uncertainty of my [death] do make this my last will and testament----

First I give and bequeath to my two sons William and Hezekiah the plantation I now live on. I allow my wife Elizabeth [Ashmore] to have her suport [support] of the same [during] her life time. I also allow my two daughters, Elizabeth and Nancy [twin], to have their living of the same as usual till they either marry or sees [see] cause to leave it, and as a small recompence for the trouble they have had with me I give to each of them a cow, and to Elizabeth my buroe [burro] and to Nancy my cupboard.

I also give to my grandson William Witcher [Richter?] my young Colt. I also allow my son Hezekiah and William Witcher [Richter?] to have the privilede [privilege] to raise what hogs the can from my stock with giving one half for the suport [support] of the family. I likewise allow my household and kitchen furniture with my loom and all my stock to remain as usual for the suport [support] of the family with all my farming utensils during my wife [wife's] life time, then what is left and what money or property may come to hand to be divided between Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy, Dorcus, Amey [Annie, twin to Nancy] and Synthea [Cynthia] till they get as much as Catty [Catherine] and Peggy [Margaret], and if there is any over to be divided amongst all the children equally; and lastly I apoint [appoint] for my Executors my wife Elizabeth Peery and my son Hezekiah B. Peery to this my will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 19th July 1833.

Test [Attest] } interlined before signed } Charles Ballew
Sam'l Peery
Hugh Henderson

NB I give and bequethe [bequeath] to my daughter Elizabeth Witcher [Richter] my young bay mare as a recompence for her trouble with me during my last illness. I also desire that the land that I have left to my sons William & Hezekiah should be divided east and west.
Sam'l Peery
Charles Ballew
Hugh Henderson

State of Illinois, Clark County, Sct. I, Jacob Harlan, Judge of Probate in and for Clark County and state of Illinois do hereby certify that the foregoing Last Will and Testament of Samuel Peery deceased was duly proven before me by Hugh Henderson and Charles Ballew the subscribing witnesses to the same on this eleventh day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. Given under my hand the date by me above written.
Jacob Harlan,
Judge of Probate.

An inventory the real estate, and personal property belonging to the estate of Samuel Peery, deceased, late of Clark County, Illinois, The north west quarter of section Twenty nine, in township, eleven north of the base lines of range ten west of the premiere meridian line, Which land has a halled [Sp?] log house, kitchen and stabels [stables], with a small orchard and with thirty acres improved.

One old bay mare | One iron wedge
One young bay mare | One plow
One last springs colt | One hand saw
One broken leged colt | One cresent saw
One yoke of young oxen | One tennent saw
One red and white spotted cow | One inch auger
One dun heffer | One threequarter auger
One black and white spotted calf | One half inch auger
One black calf with white back | One taper auger
One cow skin | One Screw auger and plate
Six breeding sows | One Smoothing plain
Twelve head of year old shotes | One jack plain
One two horse waggon | One jointer
Two pair of old waggon gears | One large drawing knife
One two horse plow | One small drawing knife
One pair of large streacher chains | Six mortising chisels
One small streacher chain | Five turing chisels
Cliffs for two singletreas | Five gongees
Two broad hoes | One breast piece and bit
One cutting box and knife | One pair compasses
One pitch fork | Three gimblets
One falling ax | One small hammer
One meat ax | One claw hammer
One broad ax | One mill pick
Part of an old log chain | One glow pot
Two halter chains | One cooper's crow
One halveing plain | One bending plain
One jackscrew | One baker
One tool box containing various articles | One small stew kittle
and scrapes of iron of small value | One large stew kittle
Five head of sheep | One ten gallon kittle
One clock | One large broken pot
One beureau | One eight gallon pot
One cupboard | One fire shovel
One plain walnut table | One pot rack
One small falling leaf table | One set delph cups and sausers
One bed and beding | One loom
One plain chest | Four old reads
One small trunk | One pair new bricking partly made
One dresser | One clevice
One looking glass | One pickling tub
Eight chairs | One large barrel
One smoothing iron | Two old salt barrels
One little wheel | One old half brusher
One cheek real | One pair stilliards
One churn | One flax hackle
One piggen | Two small bells
One tinbucket | One slate
One dozen delph plates | Two pair of upper lethers
One delph teapot | One shew hammer
Two delph bowls | One pair of pincers
Four glass tumblers | One pitchfork
One puter dish | Morses geography
One coffe mill | Enticks Dictionary
One coffe pot | Willion on the Sabath
Half dozen iron spoons | Sacramental Meditations
One lantern | Bostons forfold state
One flask and two bottles | Watts psalms and hymns
One wire sive | Holy Bible
One meal tub | New Testament
| Presbyterian Advocate addenda:
Discourse by Tomothy Dwight
Advice and exotation a pamphlet
A dicourse on charity
Harvies Meditations
Pergin Pickel
A funeral sermon
One Candel stick
Three mandrells
One guttering plain
One bed and bedding
Two hones

A note for three dollars, given on the 30 of August 1814 by Thomas
Sledgewick which cannot be collected.

A note on John Reynolds for ten dollars payable the 15th day of July 1813
which here is no hopes in getting.

An obligation on Spencer Griffin, payable to Samuel Peery and Robert D.
Eaton for eighty dollars on the second day of November in the year 1804
which Griffin was broke up and the money could never be collected.

A note on John Florow for $1.70 payable due on the 30th day of august
1818 which is due doubtful.

A note given by Moses Overton and John Horner for one Hundred and one
dollars on the 15 day of November 1804 to be payed six weeks after date.
which in is recited back to 50 dollars at one time 25 dollars at another
time and two bushels of salt the remainder cannot be collected.

A note due Samuel Peery for Three dollars due August 30th 1814 by John
Risley which cannot be collected.
Source: Submitted by Jeffrey A. Long [Thu, 16 Jan 1997]
Editor's Note: The above has been edited to recover words with obvious letters missing in the transcribing, and data organized for legibility without disturbing the meaning of the content.

Reportedly, Samuel and Elizabeth Ashmore Peery had thirteen children. No mention in the above Will is made of James (firstborn), Samuel. Mary or John. Their fourth child, Elizabeth, married a Mr. Richter, who presumably is William Wichter mentioned in the Will.
[Tue, Feb 18, 1997 - Paul D. Peery, Editor]


Previous Generation: James Samuel ASHMORE and James Peery and Katherine Jamison
Next Generation Catherine Jane PEERY or Mary (Polly) PEERY


Catherine and Mary Peery (Otie Kuykendall) (from Irish and English Immigrant lines ~1610-1800):

Catherine PEERY
(m. Jacob LONG )


(both dau of Elizabeth---------- Ashmore & Samuel Peery)
Samuel PEERY, Sr.
1722 Augusta, VA-
Bet. 1790 - 1795 VA
William B. PEERY
abt 1790 NJ-
1764 VA work
John (Peerie) PEERY work
1640 Ireland Immigrant
Mary Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Katherine JAMISON
1726 VA-1796VA
1698-1753 work
John (James) JAMISON
Abt. 1671 in Ulster, Galway, Ireland-
abt 1736 PA  Immigrant
James JAMISON 1650
Margaret White
Janet Keen
Abt. 1675 Ireland
abt 1700 PA work
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Elizabeth ASHMORE
James S. ASHMORE Patriot
1732 MD- 1785 NC
Walter ASHMORE 1700 MD-1798 NC
1655 MD  work
abt 1611 England
Immigrant work
unknown unknown
Margaret (Hughes?)
unknown unknown
unknown unknown
Elizabeth BALCH
1740 MD-1820 SC
1714 MD-1779 NC
Hezekiah BALCH
Aft. 1685 MD work
Thomas BALCH work
1660 MD-1730 MD
1670 MD work-
1716 MD
Martha Ann BLOOMER
Abt. 1690 MD
Ann (Goodwin) GOODWYN
1719 MD-1760 MD
unknown unknown
unknown unknown

Thomas Balch (Mary Peery, Otie Kuykendall)(American from English Immigrant Lines ~1480-1700):

Thomas BALCH work
1660 MD-1730 MD
1635 Salem, Essex, MA-
January 1660/61
Abt. 1600 Somerset, ENGLAND
Bet. May 15 - June 28, 1648 MA
unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown
unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown
MARGARY (Lovett?) Unknown
died Aft. 1630 Salem, Essex, MA USA
unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown
unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown
Bet. 1632 - 1639 Salem, Essex, MA-
1706 Beverly, Essex, MA
April 15, 1591 E.Budleigh, Devon, ENGLAND-
Nov 19, 1679
Beverly, Essex, MA, USA
(Statue in Salem, MA)
Richard CONANT
1550-60 to September 21, 1630 East Budleigh, Devonshire, England
John (Doctor) CONANT
1520- March 30, 1596
East Budleigh, Devonshire, England
1480-April 09, 1559
Gittisham, Devonshire, England
1525-April 09, 1599
1548-1562 Colyton, Devon, ENG to 1629/30 ENGLAND
1519 -April 06, 1585
Colyton, Devonshire, England
Abt. 1494 Colyton, Devonshire, England
1523 Colyton, Devonshire, England
William MAYCE
Abt. 1490 England
Elizabeth UNKNOWN
1494 Devonshire, Eng
Abt. 1595 Budleigh, Devon, ENGLAND-
1677/78 Beverly, Essex, MA USA
1555 Cheshire, ENGLAND-
Abt. 1620 Coole, Cheshire, England
unknown unknown
unknown unknown
1569 Cornhill, London, ENGLAND-
Bef. 1627 London, ENGLAND
1527London, England
-Abt. June 20, 1586
London, England

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