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Adam (Johann) Smelcer/Schmeltzer
Bet. 1755 - 1760 York Co., PA- October 06, 1822 Green Co., TN
(possible Rev War Patriot)


Mary Kretzinger
Bet. 1770 - 1782., Rockingham County, VA - died in Green Co., TN


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(Johann) Adam  Smelcer/Smeltzer/Schmeltzer (Jr)

(Johan) Adam Jr. was the son of Johan Adam (Smeltzer) SCHMELTZER and Anna Margaretha NEFF. He appears to be the oldest of seven children located for this couple.  He was born 1755-1760 in York County, Pennsylvania. (246,247). He had 14 children by two wives and moved from Pennsylvania to Rockingham County, VA finally living in Greene County, TN where he died aft. October 24, 1822.

1st Marriage:
(Johan) Adam married his first wife, Anna Maria (Fonia or Johanna) Eckert (b. 1750) about Abt. 1777 in Pennsylvania.
(248, 249).    He would have been somewhere between age 17 to 22.  Anna was the daughter of Frances Eckert and born about 1750 (250) and she died Abt. 1795 in Rockingham County, VA.(247, 248)

Source (250) researched by Vicki Smith , web page source (247) researched by Charlotte Girven and  from source (248) the following combined information:

Original name is believed to be Adam Schmeltzer. He is also listed as Smelsar, Smelser, Smelzer, Smiltzer and Schmelzer. Children by his first wife, Anna Maria Eckert (1750- abt 1795) were:

1. Adam [John Adam]1778-1780 York Co PA,-1855 Jefferson Co, TN (married Leah Ealy/Ely in TN)
2. Elizabeth (Betsy) born 1779York Co., PA  (married Nicholas Ealy/Ely Nov05, 1800 in TN))
3. Hannah born Dec 06, 1784 in York, Co., PA-(married Christian Winkler Aug. 24, 1803 in TN)
4. John  born 1784-1786 in York Co., PA (married an Eliza and died in TN).
5. Jacob, born about 1785 York Co., PA-1838 Green Co., TN,  (married Elizabeth Ealy/Ely in TN)
6. Frederick, born 29 Nov 1797 York Co., PA died 18 Mar 1850, md. Katherine Unknown
7. Susannah, born 25 Dec 1790, died 12 Feb 1885, (married Rev. John Good)
8. Joseph, born Nov. 27, 1794 VA-1866 Green Co, TN (married Barbara Misemer in Green Co, TN)

From (248) Gary writes that Adam left Pennsylvania with his first wife Maria and moved to Virginia.  Their last child, Joseph was said to have been born in that state.  It was shortly after Joseph was born that Maria died.  While the family lived in Virginia, Adam became the Guardian of Mary Kretzinger (the orphan daughter of Michael Kretzinger (Goatsinger).  Gary shows the Feb 25, 1797 guardianship bond listed below:

Rockingham County Virginia Guardian Book 1779-1817
Know all men, by these presents that we, ADAM SMELCER and GEORGE ELY are held and firmly bound to Benjamin Harrison  __Franklin, Asher Waterman and Joseph Basoter..

Gentlemen, Justice of the Court of Rockingham County, now fitting in the sum of Three Hundred dollars to the payment whereof well and truly to be made to the paid Justices and their successors, we bind ourselves, and each of us, and each of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and fever ally firmly by their presents. Sealed with our seals and dated the 25th day of February Anne Comini 1797 and in the 21st year of the Commonwealth.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that if the above bound ADAM SMELCER his executors and administrators shall well and truly pay and deliver, or cause to be paid and delivered unto MARY GOATSINGER (KRETZINGER) orphan of Michael GOATSINGER (KRETZINGER)
deceased, all such estate or estates as now is or are, or hereafter shall appear to be due to the said orphan, when, and as soon as she shall attain to lawful age, or when thereto required by the Justices of
the said County Court, as also keep harmless the above named Justices, their heirs, executors and administrators from all trouble and all damages that shall or may arise about the said estate, then the above obligation to be paid otherwise to remain in full force.

2nd Marriage:
Adam married Mary Kretzinger on 28 Feb 1797 in Rockingham Co, VA.  The marriage was just three days after the guardianship bond.  (251, 248).  Mary was born between 1770 - 1782 in Rockingham County, VA (248) and was the daughter of Michael Kretzinger (who lived Abt. 1753 to February 25, 1797 in Rockingham, Virginia). (252)
Then entire Smelcer family then moved to Tennessee sometime between 1798 and July 1801. Some of Adam's adult, married children also moved with them.  The family settled in Greene County, TN and Adam would have six children with his second wife.

Source (250) researched by Vicki Smith , web page source (247) researched by Charlotte Girven and  from source (248) the following combined information was combined.

Children by his second wife, Mary Kretzinger (married 26 Feb. 1797 Rockingham County, VA):

1.George born July 03, 1798 Shenandoah Co., VA -July 07, 1845 Green Co, TN m. Elizabeth Sine Fry
2.Henry James born 1802 in Green Co, TN-1888 married Elizabeth King n TN
3.Barbara Ann Smelcer Aug 02, 1802 Green Co TN-Aug 06, 1887 Richland WI-mar. George Fry
4.Samuel E. born October 04, 1804 Greene Co., TN-1882 June 29, 1882 White Co., ID
5.William  born 1808 in TN-1883.  He married Mahala King
6.David born 1810 in Tennessee.

Tennessee Land Records:
from Brenda Smelcer Hay's website
The following records are From the TN Land Records, Greene County Deeds. Book 1,

Page 418 Indenture 29 July 1801 - Jonathan Triplet, Blount Co., TN., one part, and Adam Smelser, Greene Co., other part, 100 pounds paid, tr [track] whereon said Smelcer now lives, on Sinking Creek. Tr [track] adjoining Jonathan Evans and Williams McGibbs (or McGill) surveys.
Witness: James Galbreath, John Wilson.

Page 25 Indenture 16 Jan 1805 - William Wilson and Thomas Wilson (relationship not stated), Greene Co., TN., one part and William Trobough, late of state, other part, $333.33 1/3 paid, 100 acres on tr[track] of Little Chuckey at this time in possession of Adam Smelser, beginning on line of John Corbit, down waters of Little Chuckey to south of Blue Spring branch. Witness: John Hull, Jacob Linginfelter,
Registered 28 Nov 1806.

(Johann) Adam Smeltzer Jr. died aft. October 24, 1822 in Greene Co., TN (247, 246),

TN Wills, Probate and Estate Records, Greene Co., TN. - Adam
Smelser, 24  Oct 1822 - To wife, Mary and six children she had by me
George, Henry, Samuel, William, David, Barbara Fry, to receive personal
property from sale. Executors: Son George and Wife Mary. - - Eight
children I had by my first wife: John, Adam, Betsey Elley, Hannah
Winkle, Fredrick, Jacob, Susanna Good and Joseph to have plantation
near James Henry. Executors of this part: son Joseph and Nicolas Elley.
Written 24 Aug 1822. Witnesses: Joseph Brown, William McClelland.
Signed: Adam Smelcer.

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Possible Revolutionary War involvement

We cannot verify that our Johann Adam Smeltzer was the same John Smeltzer that fought in the Revolutionary war in PA.  It is a possibility, but more information would need to be found to make this link.  Nevertheless, The information about a Johan Schmeltzer and/or Adam Smeltzer in the Revolutionary war will be presented here. 

We know that Johan Adam was single in 1776 but married in 1777 in Pennsylvania.  Johan Adam lived with his first wife in York County, PA since his children Adam, Betsy and Hannah were born about that time 1778-1784.

We know there was an Adam Smeltzer listed as a Private in 1776 with the German Battalion of Capt Henry Fister.  If this is our Adam, he would have entered the War before he married.  There are no DAR members that have come in under this Patriot.

There are also listings for a Johan Smeltzer or Schmeltzer who was a private that enlisted  in Tulpehocken, Berks Co also in the German Regiment on Feb 13, 1780.  While it is possible this is the same Johan Adam Schmeltzer who could have reenlisted. It should also be noted that there is another  Johannes SCHMELTZER born Birth: 11 APR 1741, Swatara, Dauphin Co., PA who is the son of Johannes Jacob Schmeltzer and  Anna Elizabetha Kohr. 

 It is possible that Johan Adam Schmeltzer is one of the men listed in the information below.  Tulpehocken is only about 15 miles from Johan Adam's mother's birthplace of Heidelberg Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. The Grandparents were original members of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Tulpehocken. (273) So it is certainly possible Johan Adam may have enlisted at this familiar location.  It is interesting to see that sometimes there is a John Smeltzer listed in the German Battalion and other times there is an Adam Smeltzer listed.  It could be two different people, or could it be Johann Adam listed sometimes under his formal name of John and other times under the name he seemed to go by (Adam).  More information would need to be gathered to make a clear connection to his role (if any) in the Revolutionary War.

  1. THE MOST LIKELY connection is the listing in the Pennsylvania-German in the Settlement of Maryland where on page 203, Adam Smeltzer is listed as a Private in 1776 with Captain Henry Fister's Company of in the German Battalion, Commanded by Col. Nicholas Haussegger,  1776. (267

  2. Adam Smeltzer, Maryland Muster Rolls, (278)

  3. Johan SCHMELTZER Ancestor's Index 353 Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor's Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. II

  4. John Smeltzer German Battalion Roll Nov-Dec 1779 (275)

  5. John Smeltzer German Battalion Roll Sept-Nov (276)

  6. Adam Smeltzer German Battalion Rolls  (277)

  7. Smeltzer, John , Pvt - Enlisted Tulpehocken, Berks (ctny) 2/13 1780 during war. German Reg.  Return 8/23/1780
    Smeltzer, John - 4th Reg.  Pay and Subsistence to 1 Jan 1782 certificate 69515
    Smeltzer, John - 4th Reg. Active Duty pay to 1 Jan 1783 certificate 69745
    Smeltzer, John -
    1st Reg. Active Duty pay to 3 Nov 1783 certificate 74540

    Smeltzer, John - 1st Reg. Interest from Nov 4 1783 for those who served until the end of the War. 75435 (262)

  8. Smiltzer, John, Tulpehocken, Feb 13, 1780 paid at Carlisle in April 1781 (263)

  9. "Rev. War soldier in the German Battalion in Capt. Henry Fister's Company commanded by Col. Nicholas Hussecker" (source suggests his father Johan was the patriot) (247) [Also called Nicholas Haussegger]

  10. Information about Col. Nicholas Hussecker suggests that the German Battalion was actually the 8th Maryland Regiment
    and that half of the unit was from Pennsylvania. (264) and Disbanded Jan. 1781 (265).  John fought until 1783, and so he appears from the data above, that he joined first the 4th Regiment and finished the war in the 1st Regiment for PA.

  11. Regarding Capt Henry Fister July 12, 1776 in Frederick Town, MD; a meeting was held to recommend officers to the Maryland Council of Safety for the Command of two German Companies and Lieutenants to one rifle company to be raised in their county.  Fister was one of the Captains recommended as an Officer for the companies.

  12. Regarding  Capt Henry Fister, for March 31, 1777: (268)
    "Capt: Henry Fister of the German Battalion, tried by the same General Court Martial for “Quitting his Company and Regiment, being absent from both a fortnight, without leave from his commanding officer”—After mature consideration, the Court are of opinion, the said Capt: Fister is Guilty; and sentence him to be dismissed the service." (266)

  13. See Emmitsburg Area Historical Society Web for brief history of the German Regiment.

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Follow Barbara Ann Smelcer  & George Fry down to the current generations from this line.

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        Smeltzer, John - 4th Reg.  Pay and Subsistence to 1 Jan 1782 certificate 69515
        Smeltzer, John - 4th Reg. Active Duty pay to 1 Jan 1783 certificate 69745
        Smeltzer, John - 1st Reg. Active Duty pay to 3 Nov 1783 certificate 74540

      Smeltzer, John - 1st Reg. Interest from Nov 4 1783 for those who served until the end of the War. 75435
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