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1679 Bavaria, Germany (Catholic)
- Bet. 1709 - 1710 enroute to America


Anna Magdalena (SCHAWERIN)
Abt. 1679 Baden, Germany (Protestant)-
Abt. February 1733/34 New York

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At this point Michael Schauer is the furthest we can find back in his line.  He was born in 1679 in Bavaria and was Lawyer and of the Catholic faith (316, 317, 332) He migrated to  Massenbach in Wurttemburg, Germany where Michael met and married a woman named Anna Magdalena who was a Protestant in German born about 1679. (She is sometimes listed as just Anna Magdalena on some web pages and other times she has the last name Schawerin.  It is likely Schawerin could be a variation of Schauer, her married name.)  This couple married in 1698 in Wurttemberg, Massenbach, Germany.  (311, 323, 332)  It must be remembered that there was a 30 year war that devastated most of this area and survival was difficult in this war torn area.

Bavaria is in the southeastern part of Germany.  It is north of the Alps Baden-Württemberg is in the southwestern part of Germany to the east of the Upper Rhine.

According to Massenbach church records, Michael was a Catholic from Bavaria and his wife Madgalena, was a Lutheran.  This was recorded in 1699 at the time of the birth of their son Hans Michael.  Since Magdalena was a Lutheran it is assumed that she was born in Massenbach or at least Wurttemburg.  The Wurttemburg religion was Lutheran, at the time Bavaria was Catholic.

Five children from this couple have been found and included:

Johan (Hans) Michael (Shower) SCHAUER born April 17, 1699 Germany-August 16, 1772  PA (311, 323)
m. Elisabeth Catarina (LAUCK) LAUX Bet. 1717 - 1718


Johan Adam Schauer born August 14, 1701 Germany -Aft. February 1773 NY (315, 317)
m. Maria Elizabetha (Liese) Fritz April 03, 1720 in NY


Anna Magdalena Schauer b.April 02, 1704 Massenbach, Wuerttemberg (315, 317)-Aft. February 1773 (311)


Maria Catherina Schauer born September 04, 1706  in Massenbach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg (315, 317)


Wellem Schauer born Bet. 1680 - 1708 died Bet. 1702 - 1794 (331) - (?this needs to be documented further)
m. Margriet Druisler?

Because of the religious persecution in Germany,  this couple and their 4 children, Michael, Adam and 2 daughters set out for Rotterdam in 1709. (332).

A Michel Schehart, his wife, and two children, were on Capt. Jno. Untank's ship in the 5th party in Holland in 1709 though it is not for sure that Michel Schehart is the same person as Michael Schauer. Magdalena made her first appearance on the Hunter Lists 30 June 1710 with 2 persons over 10 years of age and 2 person under 10 years. Her last entry was 31 Dec. 1710 with the same numbers. (334)

The Protestant English Queen, Queen Anne, had initially granted a place for these German families and the Schauers lived in a tent city in London.  The plan was to send these families to work the Queen's plantation in the Hudson Valley of New York.  Eventually Queen Anne found there were too many Germans coming and decided that she would send any Catholics back to Germany.  Since Michael had been Catholic, he converted to Lutheranism and stayed with the family.

Later that year, arrangements were made for Michael and several thousand other Palatine refugees to leave London for the colonies. Initially the family boarded one of the 10 ships on Christmas Day 1709.  There were some 4,000 people who were starving refugees on board these ships.  Unfortunately it was decided they would have to wait on board the vessels until convoys could be arranged to protect them from the French man-of-war.  The people stayed on board these ships until their departure on Easter 1710.  Michael died before arriving in the Colonies along with some 1,700 other people.  Michael's wife and at least the children Johan Michael and Johan Adam Schauer and Anna Magdalena survived the trip.  (311, 332)  Anna settled in the Hudson Valley of New York and eventually remarried.

The remaining family went to Livingston Plantation along the Hudson river by the Catskill Mountains.  The families were supposed to pay for their transportation by working to make tar for the English navy from the pine trees of the Catskill Mountains.  Unfortunately the pine trees from this area were not of the right variety to make the tar and so this operation failed.  This  place called Livingston Manor spanned the river and the area was divided into East and West Camp.  Johan Adam and his mother lived on the East side of the river.  Johan Michael lived at a place called Taarbos or (Tar Bush).  It is unclear exactly where Tar Bush was located.
For more details see the book written by Henry Z. Jones: New York Palatines (2 vols) and More Palatine Families.

Anna Magdalena Schawerin's second husband was a widower named  Johann Melchior Daussweber  He had been a schoolmaster, from Burschel, County of Marbach, in Wurttemburg.  Their marriage took place at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Camp, Ulster Co., NY  per the Parish Register, 1708-1840.  In the same book: baptized January 31st, born 24th 1712 Maria Regina, father Johann Melchior Dausweber, mother Anna Magdalena. They had one child, a daughter, Maria Regina, baptized 31 Jan 1712. Sometime before 1726, Anna Magdalena married for a third time, to Paul Engel.

Magdalin Schourer was recorded on the Palatine Debt list in 1718.  In 1721 she is recorded on the same list under the name Magdalen Shower.  She is also listed in St. Peter Lutheran Church records in 1734 along with her third husband Paul Engel and her daughter from her second marriage named Maria Dausweberin.(334)

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