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Palatine Family

Johan "Hans" Michael Schauer
April 17, 1699 Massenbach, Germany -
August 16, 1772 Heidelberg Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., PA

Elizabeth Catharina (Lauck) Laux
October 19, 1700 Wallau, Wiesbaden, Nassau, Prussia -
May 18, 1784 Tulpehocken Twp Berks Co., PA


(Both were among the Palatine families that left England for New York on Dec 25, 1709.  Both of Elizabeth Catharina's parents died on the voyage and Hans Michael also lost his father at sea.)

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Elizabeth Catharina Laux
Catharina was born in Wallau, Wiesbaden, Nassau, Prussia (Palatine, Germany) on Oct. 19, 1700.  She was the daughter of Johan (Velten) Valentine Laux and Anna Catherine (Ruehl) Ruhl.  She died May 18, 1784 in Tulpehocken Twp Berks Co., PA. 

Catharina's parents struggled to get their family out of the war torn area of Palatine Germany.  The Protestant group was in disfavor with German King Louis XIV.  The impoverished family went with many other Palatines to England.  The Laux's were then sent to Ireland, and back to England before boarding one of the 10 ships bound for the American Colony of New York on December 25, 1709.  4,000 Palatines left that day but most were in poor health and starving.  The passengers were detained on the ships until Easter 1710 because they had to wait for convoys to protect them from the French ships (French-Indian War was going on.) 1,700 of those people died at sea before reaching New York on June 14, 1710.  Both of Elizabeth Catharina's parents died on that voyage..  She was one of 2300 survivors that was encamped in tents on Nutting Island, now known as Governor's Island.

Later that fall, Elizabeth Catharina Laux and three siblings were taken on a journey up the Hudson River to Livingston Manor.  They were among 1,400 people who took this 100 mile journey.   Queen Anne had allowed the Palatines to come to the American Colonies, but they were now expected to pay the British government for the 10,000 it cost to bring them there.  They were contracted to manufacture items for naval stores such as tar, pitch and hemp.  Unfortunately the soil in that area was not productive for manufacture of these items.  Again the people became impoverished. Elizabeth Catharina's brother, Johann Jacob Laux died at West Camp, Livingston Manor, New York prior to June 24, 1711.

Many Palatines returned their payment to the British government by enlisting in Queen Anne's War (French and Indian War against Canada in 1711.  Unfortunately the promises of the government were not fulfilled to the men who fought this war.  The families they left behind to fight were not given any food as promised by Governor Hunter. The people felt unjustly treated and turned to a group of Mohawk Valley Indians that had once promised them lands in Schoharie when they came to America.  Governor Hunter refused this request. Starvation motivated about 150 families to leave Livingston Manor to travel some 60 miles through uncut woods to fine Schoharie.  Another Laux family member was among the families making the journey (Phillip).  But there was no food in Schoharie either.  Fortunately for the Palatines, the Native Americans showed them where to gather edible roots and herbs for survival that winter.  Later that year the people were able to make improvements to the land and make houses. The area eventually flourished.(318)  

Elizabeth Catharina Laux married her husband Johan (Hans) Michael (Shower) SCHAUER in 1717  in New York. His family also took the Christmas day voyage to America in 1709.  Catharina and Johan Hans' son, Johann Adam Schauer, was born 1718 in New York (320). Their next child, Elisabetha Schauer, was born February 01, 1719/20 in Tarr Boss, NY (320).  Magdalena Schauer was born 1721 at Schoharie Valley, NY.  But by 1723 the family was living in Tulpehocken Twp Berks Co., Pennsylvania where our ancestor Susanne Catarine Schauer was born.  Many Germans and Swiss settled in Pennsylvania at this time.

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Johan "Hans" Michael Schauer
Johan Hans Schauer was born April 17, 1699 in Massenbach, Wurttenburg, Germany.
(321)  He died August 16, 1772 in Heidelberg Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., PA.(323)  He was the son of Michael Schauer and Anna Magdalena Schawerin.  (It is not clear, but the name Schawerin is likely a variation of the name Schauer and not a maiden name itself.)

Johan Michael also traveled on the ships that sailed Dec 25, 1709 from England to New York with his parents.  His father, Michael, had been a Catholic from Bavaria but his wife Magdalena was Protestant.  The family was forced to go to England also because of the War and religious persecution like the Laux family. Johan's father, Michael Schauer, also died on the ship before arriving in New York as did both of Catharina Laux's parents. (321, 322) Johan Michael Schauer died August 16, 1772 in Heidelberg Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., PA  (323)

Johan (Hans) Michael Schauer arrived in New York in about 1710.  He lived in West Camp and according to West camp Lutheran Church book he was confirmed in 1713  on Easter Sunday, in Newton, New York  (321, 334)

Johan (Hans) Michael Schauer was Naturalized on September 8, 1715 in Kingston, NY and in  1717 Johan Hans Michael  married Elizabeth Catarina Laux  New York. (321)

Johan Michael is listed in the book called A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania  From 1727-1776 By Prof. I Daniel Rupp.  This book includes an Appendix that also contains a list of more than a thousand French and German names that were in New York prior to 1712.  In this Appendix show that the family were living in Tulpehocken Twp Berks Co., PA in 1746-1748.(page 467)


The will of Michael Schauer of Heidelberg was dated November 27, 1771 and probated August 26, 1772 (Berks County Will Book 2, pg.117)  Johan Michael was buried at the St.. Daniel's Cemetery, Robesonia, Berk's County, PA  (321)

From 321- 

According to Debra Kane Michael Schauer was a Palatine debtor in 1718, 19, 21, 22, 26 (Livingston Debt Lists). His obituary in the Tulpehocken Church book states he was born 1699 in Massenbach.
Michael Shourer was a Palatine debtor in 1718,19,21,22,26 (Livingston Debt Lists)
His obituary in the Tulpehocken Churchbook states he was born 1699 in Massebach.
Baptism      May 30, 1699
Lutheran Church, Massenbach, Wuertemberg, Germany

According to Jennifer Schauer Bauer (GenForum) Johann Michael Schauer's will is recorded at the Berk's County PA courthouse. The will was probated in 1772. Catherine Schauer Frey lived in Cumru Township in Berk's County.

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Children of Johann Michael (Hans) Schauer and Elizabeth Catharina (Lauck) Laux:

  1. Johann Adam Schauer; 1718 NY-1762 (
320)  md. (1) unknown &
    (2) 16 June 1748 Elisabeth Koch; will dated 27 June 1762 & probated 21 Aug. 1762.
  2. Elisabetha Schauer, chr. 1 Feb. 1720 Tar Boss; chr,. Loonenburg. (
+3. Catharina Schauer (Susanne Catarine SCHAUER/Shaffer); md. 30 Aug. 1743 at Heidelberg - Henrich Frey.
  4. Magdalena Schauer; b. 1721  Schoharie Valley, NY md. 13 June 1744 Johann Henrich Fiedler (Fitler). (
  5. Anna Maria Schauer, chr. 19 Nov. 1730 at Heidelberg. NFI (
  6. Maria Catharina Schawer; named in father's will.
  7. Anna Christina Schawer; named in father's will.
  8. Ephrosina Schawer;  b. 1733  Heidleberg, Berks Co., PA named in father's will. (
  9. Sybilla Schawer; b. 1737 and named in father's will.(
10. Susanna Schawer; b. 1731 named in father's will. (
11. Eva Schawer; in father's will.
(318) Eva Rosine (Ephrosina?) Schauer b. Abt. 1729 m. Mathias Wenrich 1754 (319)
12. Michael Schawer (father's will?) b. August 17, 1726 - didn't survive to adulthood? (330)

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260-A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania
        from 1727-1776 with a Statement of the names of Ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival in Philadelphia, also
       an Appendix containing Lists of more than one thousand German and French names in New York prior to 1712 by Prof. I.
        DanielRupp. page 465, 466, 467
323- David Glenn Kilmer "The Family of John Kilmer"