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Norwegian Ancestry

Nord-Trøndelag Norway

Sørkilmo, Røberg, Torsteinssøn, Pederssøn

    Our Norwegian roots primarily come from the Kommunes of Meråker and Hegra (Stjørdal) in Nord-Trøndelag Norway.  Much of the ancestry for the Norwegian family tree was provided by Dan Evjen, Stella Hughes, Jon Erickson  and Lorelei Thompson.  Additional research was performed in the Stjørdalsboka for Hegra, the Bydgebok for Meråker and the Norwegian Pioneers History of Minnehaha County, South Dakota from 1866 to 1896.

    Mattie Caroline Sørkilmo was the daughter of Karsten Pederssøn Sørkilmo and Marie Jonsdatter Røberg.  Karsten and Marie were first cousins.  Karsten, b. 26 Feb 1864 in  Hegra, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway to Peder Torsteinssøn and Sara Andreasdatter Schølberg. Marie b.  18 Jan 1866  in Meråker, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway to Jon (John) Torsteinssøn Osterkil Røberg and Sara Gunnarsdatter Røberg.  John and Peder were the sons of  Torstein Pederssøn and Sara Andreasdatter Schølberg (Schjølberg).  Sara Andreasdatter Schølberg was the daughter of Andreas Schølberg.  We have limited information on Andreas Schølberg and no information on the mother of Sara. Click here for the Schjølberg page.

John, his wife Sara and her mother Maren Røberg immigrated to Amerika through Canada in 1876.  Along with them came John's daughter Lina (illegitimate daughter By Lisbet Rollaugsdatter) and Marie Røberg.  Click here to read about Halvor Østerkil and the John Røberg family immigration from Norwary and Halvor Østerkil's life.

Karsten (Charlie) Sørkilmo and his older brother Torsten (Tom) Sørkilmo(e) immigrated in 1882.  They first went to Mandan, ND.  It is believed that they lived for one year with their Uncle Halvor Torsteinssøn.  In 1883 they moved to the Dell Rapids, SD area.   Click here to read the obituary of Karsten (K.P.) Sorkilmo.

The Norwegian Pioneers history of Minnehaha County, South Dakota From 1866 to 1896, contains histories of many of our relatives.   Click here to discover the stories of our Norwegian Pioneers History.

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