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McGinty and McMullen

McGinty-Verbal Family History

    (Presented below is the verbal family history as handwritten by Marie McGinty Luken. This history was taken from information she obtained from Lib McGinty Stebner. There are errors in this history, as sometimes occurs when the history is verbally passed down. A corrected history, substantiated with census, birth and death records, history books, plats and other documents is also presented on this page.  The verbal history was an invaluable tool in allowing the current family research to continue. The updated research has been taking place since 1974 and continues to this day.)
    "Family History of the McGinty Families beginning with -
        John McGinty Sr. - he migrated from Ireland the story is told - he and some brothers and his father came to the U.S.A. by way of Canada - during the potato famine.
        After entering the U.S.A. they parted and did not keep in touch.  Tho in some letters written by Grandfather to Grandmother (John McGinty Sr. II to his wife Mary McMullen McGinty) - while he was in the Black Hills, he did mention a Sam McGinty and his father.  He had expected to meet his father in Deadwood.
        He also mentioned a cousin Pat Lanigan of Sand Creek - Colorado- and a Sam McGinty of Huffman, Texas.
        He had met his wife Mary McMullin - apparently in Dubuque or Cascade, Iowa.  In approx. 1857 or 1858 - as their first child John Mc Jr. was born in 1859 (John McGinty III).
        During the Gold Rush to the Black Hills in 1876 he left his family and went to the Hills.  He died there Feb. 8 -1879 at Central City.  He is buried at Deadwood, S. Dak. in the Potters Field, Grave #121 - Cause of death a fever.  This is in the records in the City hall at Deadwood, S. Dak. Click here to read the obituary of John McGinty, Sr.
    Mary McMullin-
        Born - March 12 -1841 - Parish of Willen - County Down - Ireland.  Died April 15 - 1906 - Moody Co. S. Dak.  Burial - St. Marys Cemetery - Dell Rapids, S. Dak.  cause of death dropsy.
        Married to John McGinty, possibly in Cascade, Iowa in 1857 or 1858 as their first child was born in 1859 at Cascade, Iowa - April 9 -1859 - John Jr. (John McGinty III).
        Grandma had a brother and his wife who died within three months of each other in 1889 - 1890.  According to a letter she received from a niece Maggie of Cascade Iowa.
        There is mention of a brother Mike McMullin lived with uncle Sam McGinty in Sioux City.
        Also letters from a sister Ann Clarke dated March 10 -1879 - her address was either Green Island - Iowa or Nebraska."
Corrected Family History

    Working from the verbal handwritten history we located the McMullen family in Dubuque, based upon the death of Mary McMullen McGinty's brother and his wife within three months of each other.  Census information also disclosed another generation of McGinty's that were the ones that actually immigrated from Ireland.
    In researching John McGinty, Sr. we located the 1850 U.S. Census information for Dubuque County, IA (Whitewater Township).  In the Census, there is a John McGinta (a typographical or transcription error for McGinty) and his family).  This John McGinta(y) was 51 and from Ireland, making him born 1799.  He was married to Sarah, age 47, born 1803.  There was an unnamed 22 year old male born in Canada, 18 year old female named Sarah (place of birth blank), 17 year old male John, born in NY, 13 year old male, Thomas born in IN, 8 year old male named William born in IA, 4 year old unnamed male and 2 year old unnamed female with places of birth not noted.
    The  obituary  for John McGinty, Sr.(I) (born 1799) noted in this history indicates that he left Iowa in 1865 with his son Thomas and went to live in Golden, CO.  John McGinty, Sr. I had a son Samuel as noted in the obituary.  We know however from our research that the family did not reach Colorado until 1870 as a son of Thomas and his wife Margaret Brennan McGinty was born in Nebraska.  Click Here To Read Obituary for John McGinty, Sr. I
    John McGinty, Sr. I was originally buried 09 Jun 1881 in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Golden, Colorado.  A generous volunteer traced him to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Wheatridge, Colorado.  He was moved along with a mass relocation of graves in 1966 to Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  He is buried in Section 18, Block 12, Lot 15, Grave 3.  There is no headstone on his grave but other headstones in Lot 15 include a large "Murphy" stone and several other smaller stones.  Click Here To See The Lot and Grave.
    From the verbal family history we had understood that our Great-Grandfather  (John McGinty Sr. II c. 1840) had immigrated from Ireland.  We now can confirm that our Great-Grandfather did not immigrate from Ireland but rather was born in New York and that his father, John McGinty, Sr. (I)  immigrated from Ireland.
    The 1850 Iowa Census for Dubuque County, Whitewater Township lists the family as John McGinty 51 born in Ireland, Sarah, age 46 born in Ireland, Robert age 22 born in Canada, Sarah age 18 born in Canada, John age 17 born in NY, Thomas age 13 born in IN, William age 8 born in IA, Samuel age 4 born in IA and Jane age 2 born in IA.  The 1850 and 1860 Census for Whitewater Township, Cascade show John McGinty, Sr. (I) and his family.  In the 1850 Census, his wife Sarah, son Robert and daughter Sarah are included with the family.  In the 1856 Iowa Census, Sarah McGinty (daughter born in Canada) is married to Joseph Milligan and they are living with the John McGinty family.  The census shows John McGinty as widowed. There is also Hugh McCaffery age 22 a laborer and Bridget McCaffery (no occupation) age 25 living with the family.  No relationship has been identified to the family.  They are recorded as married.  The wife Sarah and the son Robert are not listed in the 1856 or 1860 Census.  The daughter Sarah is also not listed in the 1860 Census and there is a servant Ellen Reed, age 18, born in Iowa living with the family.  Ellen is the same age as the son William.
    Sarah McGinty Milligan and her husband Joseph Milligan were located in Gage County, Denison Division, Nebraska 1860 Census, page 693, enumerated 6 July 1860 by Phil K. Reily.  Joseph is listed as age 38 and Sarah is listed as age 25.  Sarah is recorded as born in Ohio. There is mention of Joseph Milligan (page 139) in the index to biographies and portraits in the "History of Gage Conty, Nebraska, A Narrative of the Past, With Special Emphasis Upon the Pioneer Periodof the County's History, Its Social, Commercial, Educational, Religious, and Civic Development from the Early Days to the Present Time", by Hugh J. Dobbs, Lincoln, Nebraska, Western Pulishing and Engraving Company, 1918.  We have requested a lookup in this book and have not yet received a response.  From the same history book, possibly the same page, "Company C of the Second Brigade, First Regimet Nebraska Militia (cavalry), raised in Pawnee and Gage Counties, NE, was mustered ino the service of the state at Pawnee City, 1 Sept. 1864, The Gage Col members of the company were:...Joseph MILLIGAN..."  From the Nebraska Volunteers, 1861-1869 database, Joseph MILLIGAN was in Company C, 2nd Brigade, Private residing in Gage County, Nebraska.
    There is a reference in the Dubuque County history to a McGinty-Clark Murder-Suicide Robert McGinty's demise is identified in an 1899 article of the Cascade Pioneer that was reprinted on 03 Oct. 2001.  Note that the original article was not published until 45 years after the murder.  Click Here To Read About The Murder-Suicide.   We have been informed by a genealogical acquaintance that was raised in the Cascade area that there is a high hill between Jones County and Dubuque County along Garryowen Road that has been referred to as McGinty Hill.  It was not until the article ran in the newspaper in 2001 that this acquaintance understood the reference to the name for the hill.  In the article, Robert McGinty's remains were buried where he died at the top of the hill.
         We have not been able to identify when Sarah McGinty (wife of John McGinty Sr. I) died or where she is buried.
        We obtained baptismal records from St. Martin Catholic Church (now St. Matthias) in Cascade, Dubuque, IA.  These baptismal records record Thomas McGinty and Margaret Brennan (maiden name) as the parents of Sarah Elizabeth McGinty.  Sadie is a nick name for Sarah.  Sarah was born 01-Aug-1862.  The 1870 and 1880 Census Index for Colorado list John McGinty and Thomas McGinty living in Jefferson County.  Other McGinty's listed for the same page numbers include William, Thomas, John, Samuel, Walter, Edwin, Sadie, and Margaret.
    The 1885 Colorado State Census lists Thomas and his wife Margaret and childen Thomas, Willie, John, Samuel. Edward, Walter, Helen and an adopted daughter Tresie Hooper age 11 born in IA.
    The 1900 Colorado Census, Arapahoe County, Denver City, Precinct 5 shows Margaret b. 1843 in a household with a daughter Helen born in 1882.  There is also another household with Samuel b. 1874 in Colorado married to Ethel b. 1880 in Nebraska.  We have not been able to locate a 1900 Index for Colorado, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties to find the other adult children.
      We viewed the 1880 Census for Jefferson City, CO, Vasquez Precinct p. 282 and found the Thomas McGinty family:  Thomas 39 born IN, Margaret 37 born IA, Sadie (nickname for Sarah) 16 born IA, Thomas 12 born NE, William 10 born CO, John 8 born CO, Samuel 6 born CO, Edwin 4 born CO, Walter 1 born CO.  And of course Helen was born in 1882 and not listed in the Census.
   Our Great Great Grandfather, John McGinty Sr. I was listed on p. 283 as father-in-law, age 79 born Ireland, with Patrick McCabe, 34 born Ireland (parents from Ireland), Jane 32 born IA, Sarah 8 born IA and Kate 5 born IA.  The enumerator may have made a mistake on the place of birth for Sarah and Kate as he also listed the parents both as being born in Ireland and may have copied Jane's information down.  Our search of the 1870 Census index did not list Jane McGinty, Jane McCabe or Patrick McCabe in CO.  The History of Jackson County, IA shows Jane McGinty married Patrick McCabe , August 3, 1870, By M. T. Schiffmacher, Catholic priest.  We located Patrick McCabe living with his widowed mother who had remarried (Catherine Fitzgerald McCabe Ewers) in Jackson County, IA.  Patrick was born in County Cavan, Ireland to Patrick and Catherine McCabe.  Patrick's  siblings are Bernard, Sarah Margaret (m. Harrington), Luke, Andrew, John James, and William (details of these family members can be found in the surnames or index on our home page.  We know that Jane died in San Diego, CA in 1920 at the home of her daughter Katie McCabe Verdeckberg Onstine.  We also know that Bernard, brother of Patrick died in 1921 in Los Angeles County, CA.  We are in the process of gathering more information on the McCabe family in hopes of clarifying where Jane and Patrick are in 1900 to identify other children of theirs.  We located a Margaret McCabe in the California Death Index whose mother's maiden name was McGinty and father was McCabe.  Margaret was born in 1886 or 1888 and died in 1950 and is buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Mateo and is recorded as a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps. The obituary of Margaret McCabe for October 1950 lists two nephews, Earl J. Verdeckberg of San Diego and William Norton, "a native of Colorado".
    The 1895 City Directory for Denver, Arapahoe County, CO lists two Thomas McGinty's.  Since Thomas the father is not listed in the 1900 census we have narrowed his time of death between 1895-1900.
    You may view the some census information for the McGinty family in Colorado and Montana by clicking here.
    We located the Milligan's; Sarah McGinty Milligan, Joseph and son Henry in the 1870 Census for Cheyenne Co. NE, Potter P.O. page 186.  Henry is recorded as 3 years old (b. 1867 in Missouri) however his last name appears to be listed as McIntyre.  The Milligan's; Sarah, Joseph and Henry are listed in the 1880 United States Census, Dallas, TX, FHL Film 1255299, National Archives Film T9-1299, Page 147B with Henry recorded as born in NE and his parents are identified as being born in IRE and Can where Joseph and Sarah were born.  Henry was recorded as Henry McIntyre as a witness in an 1889 lawsuit that Sarah Milligan initiated related to land that was designated as a cemetery where Joseph was buried.  To read the article click here.
    There may be some connections between the fact that Thomas McGinty's son Thomas was born in Nebraska in 1868 and Sarah's son (adopted?) Henry was born in 1867 in Nebraska or Missouri.  Also, Samuel McGinty's wife Eliza was born in Missouri.
    Samuel McGinty was not in Texas in 1881 when his father John died.  In the 1880 US Census for Osage, Bates, MO, FHL Film 1254563, National Archives Film T9-0673, page 74C, we located Samuel (Sam) age 34, wife Eliza age 24 born in MO (father born in WI), sons William age 4 born in TX and Frank age 2 born in TX.  The name was transcribed as McGinly as the t was not crossed.  Sam had lived in Texas through 1878 but moved to Missouri by 1880.  In 1870 Samuel McGinty was living in Dubuque, Whitewater, IA, Cascade Post Office, page 6 of the Census in a hotel.  His occupation was listed as Teamster.
    You may view the census images for Sarah McGinty Milligan and Sam McGinty by clicking here.
    We find it odd that the obituary for John McGinty Sr. I did not identify his daughter Jane McCabe in Colorado and Sarah Milligan in Texas and reported that Sam was living in Texas rather than Missouri.  The obituary also did not refer to his daughter Ann (McGinty) Clarke who was living in Green Island, Jackson County, IA.  We presumed from John McGinty Sr. I obituary that he was buried in Golden Colorado.  A Headstone Hunter volunteer located him as being buried in Golden Cemetery and then being moved to Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Catholic) in Wheatridge, CO (near Golden).  Mt. Olivet Cemetery opened in 1892.

    In April 2002 we identified Ann McGinty Clarke, sister of John McGinty Sr. II and the daughter of John and Sarah McGinty.  The History of Jackson County Iowa by Hon. James W. Ellis, Volume II, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910, Chicago, identifies "Mr.s Ann Clarke, Green Island; born in Fort Edward, N.Y., in 1823; came to Iowa in 1841 to Dubuque Col and to Jackson Co. in 1842.  Her husband settled first in Washington Township and was Postmaster at Wickliffe, in same township, for about thirty years; was Drainage Commissioner for a number of years; was Justice of the Peace for about thirty-four years, and also County Supervisor and Tax Collector for Washington Township for a number of years; he owned a farm and other real estate at tdifferent times during his life; he died in February, 1877.  Mrs. Clark's maiden name was McGinty.  Mr. Clarke was a native of Ireland; born in Cavan County in 1810; was among the oldest settlers in Jackson Co., Iowa, and was the founder and owner of the town of Green Island, and during his life, was highly respected and esteemed by the pople and community among whom and in which he lived, and had always a host of warm friends.  They were married in Illinois in 1839; have had twelve children, eight of whom are now living as follows:  Sarah, Margaret, Clotilda, Patrick Henry, Catharine, Anna, Joanna and Francis; they have lost four, whose names were Mary, Jane, Regine Agnes and James."  Sarah and Joseph Milligan were located in 1870 in Cheyenne County, NE and in Dallas, TX in the 1880 Census.  Sarah was located alone in the 1900 Census for Dallas, TX.  Living with Sarah and Joseph in the 1870 and 1880 Census was Henry J. McIntyre.  Henry is recorded as born in 1867 (birthplace MO in th 1870 Census with the last name Milligan, birthplace NE in the 1880 Census with the last name McIntyre).
    We have only begun our research on Ann McGinty Clarke and her family.  We identified that Ann and James Clarke were married in Indiana and not Illinois. The Indiana marriage records for marriage prior to 1850 indicate that Anna McGinty married James Clarke, 7 Oct 1839 in Vigo County Indiana.  Vigo County IN is next to Clark County IL.  The 1840 State Census for Clark County IL has a John McGinty living in Clark County.  We have not been able to get copies of this census yet.  Since the 1840 census only lists the head of household and the number of males and females of various age ranges it will not provide a great deal of value.  We have identified that Annie, daughter of James and Ann McGinty Clarke married Luke McCabe, brother of Patrick McCabe who married Jane McGinty, sister of Ann McGinty Clarke.


    From the information we have obtained to date we have identified that John McGinty Sr. I, possibly with his wife Sarah, came to Fort Edward, New York by 1823.  They preceded to go to Canada.  By 1833 the family had returned to New York where John McGinty Sr. II was born.  By 1837 the family was in Indiana, probably Vigo County and possbily Terre Haute.  In 1841 the McGinty family and the Clarke family went to Iowa.  John McGinty Sr. I and family first settled in Bowen Prarie renting land from the Dalby's then moved to Whitewater Township.

    What we want to know is if there were other McGinty children born before Ann and between Ann and Robert (1823-1828).   The Clarke family history indicates that the McGinty's and Clarkes lived in Ohio for a period prior to going to Indiana/Illinois we presume.  There are McGinty's in Ohio and we would like to know if there is a relationship.  We want to identify when Sarah Ritchie McGinty, wife of John McGinty Sr. I died and where she was buried.  On April 29, 2002 we discovered that Sarah McGinty's maiden name is Ritchie.  This information was provided by a descendant of Ann McGinty Clarke.  Their family legend is that John McGinty was the poor Catholic stableboy who worked for the wealthy Protestant parents of Sarah Ritchie.  They don't know if Sarah and John were married in Ireland but they came to the Americas before the potato famine to build a life togehter.  Ritchie is a lowland Scots surname.  The great grand-daughter of Ann McGinty remembers that her Irish ancestors talked about how Sarah Ritchie McGinty regularly rode her horse down the Cascade Road to Green Island (Iowa) to visit people.  We would like more information on the Ritchie family.  We have confirmed that the maiden name for Sarah McGinty (wife of John McGinty Sr. I) is Ritchie through a Death Certificate Transcription of her daughter Jane McGinty McCabe from San Dieogo County, CA.  We were unable to obtain a copy of the death certificate for any of the other children.

    We want to find out what happened to William Cornelius McGinty after 1863.  William Cornelius McGinty is last listed in the 1860 Census with the family and the last reference in any documents that we have been able to locate is his baptismal at St. Martin's church in 1863.  Listed living with the family in the 1860 census is a Ellen Reed, age 18 (b. 1842).  She is the same age as William and we would like to find out if there is a connection.  Additionally, the adopted son of Joseph and Sarah McGinty Milligan, Henry J. McIntyre was born in 1867.  McIntyre is a "Soundex" name for McGinty.  We would like to find Henry's death information and see if it lists his father as William.

    We want to know what the relationship is between Matthew Lanaghan (Lanigan) and his wife Catherine McGinty Lanaghan, daughter of Bernard McGinty and our McGinty family.

    We want to find Patrick and Jane McGinty McCabe in 1900 to identify their children.  A journal maintained by Horace B. McCabe, son of Bernard McCabe and newphew of Patrick McCabe indicated that Horace visited Uncle Patt McCabe in 1886.  From the migration pattern maintained for the Bernard McCabe family it appears that Patt McCabe would still have been in Colorado in 1886.  Additionally, Katherine (Katie McCabe) Vandeckberg is living in Denver in 1900 with her husband James Vandeckberg and son Earl.  Katherine is remarried in 1920 and living in San Diego with her husband Eugene Onstine (who was younger than Katherine and was living in Denver with his parents in 1900) and her son Earl and mother Jane McCabe.  The 1920 census was taken in January and Jane died in March.

  Probably Not Related

    There are other McGinty's listed in the 1880 Federal Census for CO, Arapahoe, Clear Creek and Chaffee Counties that are probably not related:
    William McGinty was listed twice for Clear Creek County, Idaho Springs, Bear Creek Precinct p. 143  as age 35 and 36 born in PA with one of the listings recording his father born in PA and the second with his mothe born in NY, both recorded his mother as being born in NY.  Both of these lines were crossed out and along the side was written, Recorded in Denver.  The 1880 Arapahoe County Denver census recorded:  William J. McGinty 33, Cook, born in PA, father Scotland, mother France; Mary F. McGinty 29, b. Atlantic Ocean, parents born Ireland; Augustus McGinty age 1 born CO, father born PA, mother born Atlantic Ocean; Annie K. Kirtley age 13, daughter (of Mary) born IN, father born KY mother born Atlantic Ocean.
    P. McGinty age 45, a white male laborer, born in Ireland with both parents born in Ireland, who could not read or write was listed in the 1880 Chaffee County CO, Town of South Arkansas, p. 51.


    Golden Colorado is located in Jefferson County, Colorado which is adjacent to Arapahoe County. It seems that John McGinty Sr. (II) went to the wrong Gold Rush to find his father and brother. His father, brother and brother-in-law wer all farmers during the 1880 Census.

Still in Iowa

The 1874 Plat for Dubuque County (Whitewater and Cascade Townships) identify three parcels of land owned by McGinty & Son.  Two of the parcels are in Cascade Township and one is in Whitewater Township.  We have not been able to get copies of the land records from Iowa to identify which McGinty & Son owned the land in 1874 since John McGinty, Sr. I and son Thomas had left in 1865 for Colorado.


    According to the family history recorded in the mid 1970's, Mary McMullen was born 12 March 1841, Parish of Willen, County Down, Ireland and came directly to the United States in 1851.  She died 15 April 1906, Moody County, SD.  She is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Dell Rapids, SD.  The cause of her death was Dropsy.
    This history also mentions that Mary McMullen McGinty had a brother and his wife who died within 3 months of each other in 1889-1890.  This information was found in a letter that Mary received from her niece of Cascade, IA, Maggie (possibly Margareta McMullen b. 25-Mar-1867 to John McMullen and Mary Allen McMullen in Cascade, IA.  There is also mention of a brother, Mike McMullen, who lived with Sam McGinty (son of John McGinty Sr. (II)).  Letters were also found from a sister of Mary's named Ann Clarke, dated 10 March 1879.  Her address was said to be Grand Island or Green Island, IA or NE.  We now know that this sister was the sister of John McGinty Sr. II.
    The 1860 Federal Census for Dubuque County, Whitewater Township, p. 95 also reflects Mary (McMullen) McGinty as aged to have been born in 1838 not 1841.
    The  obituary  of Mary McMullen McGinty can be found on this web page.  Click here for the obituary of Mary McMullen McGinty.

    It is important to note that there is no Parish of Willen in County Down, Ireland.  Most of the McMullen obituaries and death certificates where located reference their place of birth as Willen, Down, Ireland.  There are Parishes of Castlewellen and Ballywillin, however, in County Down.  There is a Parish of Willen located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.  The church there is St. Mary Magdalen.
    We were unable to locate the marriage certificate of Mary McMullen to John McGinty, Sr (II). The church records of St. Martin's Parish in Cascade are difficult to read and not on computer.  We obtained a copy of the marriage license for Mary McMullen and John McGinty, Sr. (II) from the Dubuque County Recorder's Office (book 2, page 44 #214) that is dated 22nd day of June 1858.
    On the LDS we located a family group record for a Michael McMullen (born c. 1795, Ireland, died a. 1870, Dubuque, IA) who was married to Margaret Murry (born c. 1800, Ireland, died before 1844).  They had three children recorded in the group record, Henry McMullen (born c. 1825, Down, Ireland, died 14 Mar 1900, Whitewater Township, Dubuque, IA, buried at Cascade, Dubuque, IA), John McMullen (born 1828, Ireland, died 13 Jan 1890, Whitewater Township, Dubuque, IA, buried Cascade, Dubuque, IA) and Edward McMullen (born 10 Mar 1832, Down, Ireland, died 13 June 1918, Whitewater Township, Dubuque, IA, buried 15 Jun 1918, Cascade, Dubuque, IA).  John McMullen was married to Mary A. Allen (born 1847, Ireland, died 19 Oct 1889, Whitewater Township, Dubuque, IA, buried Cascade, Dubuque, IA).  John and Mary McMullen died within three months of each other.  Click here to go to the obituary page and read the obituaries of the McMullen's.
    Because Mary McMullen McGinty had a brother Mike and another brother who died within three months of his wife, we believe that all of the children of Michael McMullen and Margaret Murry McMullen were not recorded in the family group record.  We contacted the submitter and unfortunately they were not able to provide any substantiating information for confirming that Mary McMullen was the daughter of Michael McMullen.  They did not have any further information on the remaining McMullen children mentioned in the obituaries. We were able to identify all of the children of Edward, John and Mary McMullen from the St. Martin's Parish (now St. Matthias Parish) in Cascade, IA baptismal records.
    The baptismal records confirmed the McMullen family connection.  John McGinty and Margaret McGinty (wife of Thomas) were sponsors (godparents) for a few McMullen children.  John, Edward, Michael and Henry McMullen were godparents as well.
   Additionally, we have identified that Maggie McMullen, niece of Mary McMullen McGinty who had reported that her father and mother died within three months of each other, married William C. Gorey in Dubuque, IA on 4 Jun 1891 by the Justice of the Peace.  Maggie and William moved to Bloomington, McLean County, IL then to Chicago, IL.  Their oldest son, William Allan Gorey, was a monsignor in the Catholic Dioceses of Chicago.  He was ordained in 1918 and died in 1951.  Living with Maggie and William in Chicago in 1920 is Joseph McMullin, a 2 year old newphew born in IA.  Joseph McMullen, her nephew is also living with them at the same Whipple street address in 1912.

       The submitter of the McMullen family ancestry to the LDS provided us with a copy of a page from a Cascade, IA history book.  On this page there is reference to McGinty's.  "A mass meeting of the citizens of Cascade was held at the Methodist church in that village on January 29, 1849, to take into consideration the expediency of making Cascade a point upon the contemplated Dubuque & Keokuk railroad, according to the charter granted by the last legislature.  William Johnson was chosen president of the meting; Joseph Dean, vice-president, and N. P. Cook and W. S. Hall, secretaries.  The following committee to draft resolutions was appointed:  Dr. B. F. Dewey, George Banghart, John McGinty, James S. Hamilton and Joshua Johnsen...".  In a second passage, "The McGinty-Clark murder and suicide occurred near Cascade in 1855."  There was no further information on the page regarding the murder and suicide.  A reprint from an 1899 article in the Cascade Pioneer recounts the fall of 1854 tragedy.Click here for details.

    Researching our McGinty's and McMullen's back to Canada and Ireland will be a long process.  Ships records in the 1820's were not required.  Canadian Census records did not exist for those decades.  Irish records prior to 1845 are sparse.  Through the use of the Internet and Genealogical Research sites we have located details on the McMullen family and an entire generation of McGinty's that we were not aware of in the 1970s.  I have had contact with current generations of McGinty decendants  and hope to meet many more.  As time passes and records become more readily available we are hoping that we will be able to trace our roots back to their origination in Ireland.


    Our McMullen quest is to identify what happened to Mary's brother Michael McMullen and where her brother Patrick McMullen lived after 1860 until he died in 1910.  Patrick is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cascade.  We also would like to locate Rose-Ann or Rosa McMullen who was living with her brother Henry through the 1870 census and then disappeared, possibly married.

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