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As transcribed by Katheryn M. Stoneberg from photocopies received from the Clerk of the Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit, AdamsCounty Courthouse, Quincy, IL

Filing Date:  25 Nov 1885
Box C-144 Case 3687
PATTERSON, Martin V. B (Defendant)
PATTERSON, Matilda V. (Complainant)
COURTNEY, Matilda V. (Complainant)
PATTERSON, Child (Deceased)
Source:  Adams County Divorce Index

SUMMONS~No. 3687
"I have served the within Summons by reading the same, and also giving to Martin V. B. Patterson a true copy of the within this 14" day of October 1885.  Jameson H. Ulitzel Sheriff, Hancock County, ILL. By Sol Woodring Deputy.

State of Illinois, County of Adams,  The People of the State of Illinois, To the Sheriff of Hancock County, Illinois Greeting:  WE COMMAND YOU TO SUMMON Martin V. B. Patterson if found to be in your County, personally to be and appear before the Circuit Court of said Adams County on the first day of October 1885 term thereof, to be holden at the Court House in Quincy, on the Fourth Monday in the month of October A. D. 1885, to answer to a certain bill of complaint, filed in our said Circuit Court on the Chancery side thereof, agains Him by Matilda V. Patterson and have you then and there this writ, and make return theron in what manner you execute the same.
WITNESS, GEORGE BROPHY, Clerk of our said Circuit Court at Quincy, this 12th dayof October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hunderred and eighty five.
        Signed by George Brophy Clerk

Sheriff's Fees:
Service of Summons         $  .65
Returning Summons        $  .10
Making Cop                        $  .10
44 Miles' Travel                $ 2.20
  Total Amount                    $3.05

J. H. Ulitzel Sheriff Hancock County ILL
Fees paid by EBHamilton (Solicitor for Complainant)
Source:  Photocopy of Summons received from Glen F. Hultz, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit, Adams County courthouse, Quincy, Illinois 62301, received 4 Jan. 2002)

Circuit Court of Adams County, IN CHANCERY.
Matilda V. Patterson vs. Martin V. B. Patterson
Bill For Divorce.
Filed this 12th day of October, A. D. 1885
George Brophy, Clerk
E.B. Hamilton, Solicitor for Complainant.

State of Illinois Adams County.  In the Circuit Court of Adams Cournty, To the October Term, A. D., 1885
Matilda V. Patterson VS. Martin V. B. Patterson} Bill for Divorce.

    Humbly Complaining Unto Your Honor, your oratrix, Matilda V. Patterson of Camp Point, in the County of Adams, and State of Illinois, respectfully shows that she is, and for more than a year in the past, continuously, immediately preceding the filing of this bill of complaint, has been an actual resident of the State of Illinois.
    Your Oratrix Further shows unto your Honor, that on or about the first day of January A. D. 1875, at Adams County, in the State of Illinois, she was lawfully joined in marriage with said Martin V B Patterson, of said County in the State of Illinois, whom your oratrix prays may be made a party defendant hereto, and from thence hitherto, until on or about the first of January, A. D. 1876.  Your oratrix and the said defendant lived and cohabited together as husband and wife.
    Your Oratrix Further shows unto Your Honor, that as the frutis of said marriage, the parties thereto have had born unto them one child which is dead.  That her maiden name was Matilda V Courtney.
    Your Oratrix Futher shows unto Your Honor, that since said marriage, and during all the time she lived and cohabited with the said defendant, she has treated him kindly and affectionately, and in all things, at all times, conducted herself toward the said defendant in a manner well becoming a good, true, and virtuous wife.
    (Sections regarding real estate and personal property are crossed out.)
    Your Oratirx Further shows unto Your Honor, and charges that the said defendant, on or about the 1st day of January, A.D. 1876, willfully, and without any reasonable or just cause therefor, deserted and abandoned your oratrix, and wholly refused to live and cohabit with her any longer as husband and wife, and from thence hiterto, up to the time of filing this Bill of Compaint, has continuously absented himself from her, and refused to return and live with her as husband and wife, and still does, without any fault on the part of your oratrix.
    Your Oratrix Further shows unto Your Honor, and chages that the said defendant, Martin V B Patterson, has been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty to your oratrix; that said defendant, on divers days and times since their marriage, has beaten, struck, pinched, choked, kicked, and otherwise cruelly abused and ill-treated your oratrix, and has used vile, abusive and opprobtious language toward her, and has at divers times threatened the life of your oratrix so that her life has been rendered miserable; and your oratrix shos and charges, that on or about the 1st day of December A. D. 1875; the said defendant, and at divers and sundry times both before thenafter sruck, beat, bruised and beat with his fists, and otherwise beat and ill treated, your oratrix, and threatened to kill her, so that she was in danger of her life; and then on or about the 1st day of January 1876-put her out of his house, their house and drove her away-that never since lived with her, or contributed to her support-all at said Adams County.
    Your Oratrix Further shos unto Your Honor, and charges that ever since the said marriage, she has conducted and demeaned herself toward the said defendant as a true, faithful, chaste and affectionate wife.
        (Sections regarding adultry and imprisonment are crossed out.)
    In tender Consideration Whereof, and forasmuch as your oratrix cannot have adequate relief in the premises, except in a court of equity, where matters of this nature are properly cognizable and relievable.
    To the End, Therefore, That the said Martin V B Patterson may, if he can, show why your oratrix should not have the relief herein prayed, and that he may full, true, direct and perfect answer make (but not under oath, answer under oath being hereby expressly aived) to all and singular the matters and things herein stated and charged.
(Sections regarding disposal of personal property, support and  maintenance are crossed out.)
    And That the bonds of matrimony existing between your oratrix and the said Martin V B Patterson, defendant, may be thenceforth and forever dissolved and annulled; and that all duties, rights, claims and obligations, accruing to either of the said parties by reason of said marriage, shall thenceforth and forever cease and be determined; and that the said parties be severally at liberty to marry again in like manner, as if they had never been married; and that she may take her maiden name and be restored all of her anti nuptial rights.
    (Section regarding custody of child crossed out.)
    And That your oratrix may have such futher or other relief in the premises as to Your Honor shall seem meet, according ot equity and good conscience;
    (Section regarding write of injunction crossed out)
    And Your Oratix, As in duty bound, will ever pray, etc.
                    Signed Matilda V Patterson
Signed E. B. Hamilton Solictor for Compainant.
Note:  Bottom section for notarizing her signature is not completed.
Source:  Photocopy of Bill For Divorce received from Glen F. Hultz, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit, Adams County courthouse, Quincy, Illinois 62301, received 4 Jan. 2002)

Filed  Nov 25 1885
NO 3687
Matilda V Patterson VS Matin V. B. Patterson
(This document is completely hand written and difficult to read)

Int-1    What is your name
A        Matilda V. Patterson
2        Mrs. Patterson, you are the complainant in this case
A        Yes Sir
3        What was your maiden name
A        Matilda V. Courtney
4        Are you a resident of this County
A        Yes Sir
5        How long have you resided in this County
A        All my life
6        Were you ever married
A        Yes Sir
7        Where were you married
A        In McKee Township, Adams County
8        Which Township, Keen or McKee
A        McKee
9        When were you married
A        January the first 1875
10        To whom were you married
A        One year
11        To whom, to the defendant Martin Patterson
A        Yes Sir
12        Where did you reside during your marriage, in this County
A        Yes Sir
13        How long did you live together
A        A little over one year
14        Did you have any children as the result of that marriage
A        One child
15        Is it living or dead
A        Dead
16        Where does your husband live now
A        At Augusta Illinois
17        Do you live together now
A        No Sir
18        Why do you not live together
A        Cruelty
19        Wher do you live now
A        Camp Point
20        How long have you been living at Camp Point
A        Nearly all my life
21        Tell the Court any acts of Cruelty that your husband ever committed upon you, all about it
A        He beat me and put me out of the house with my child in my arms, he beat me so many times I can't tell
22        How often did he beat you
A        So many times!
23        Can't you tell how many times, somewhere near it
A        About eight - about eight times
24        What did he beat you with
A        With his fist an a stick of wood an anything he could get in his hand
25        Did he drive you out of the house
A        Yes Sir
26        What did he say to you when he drove you out
A        He done everthing that waaay to make e leave.  He put me out
27        Tha was while you child was still living was it
A        Yes he put me out with the child
28        Did he ever threaten to kill you
A        Yes Sir
29        More than once
A        Twice
30        Did he ever try to kill you
A        Yes
31        What did he try to kill you with
A        An axe
32        Did he strike you with it
A        He attempted to it was taken away from him
33        When he threatened you and put you out doors, did he not say anyhing to you about going away
A        He said I should
34        Whe was the last time he drove you out
A        The 16th day of February, I left him 1876
35        1876
A        Yes
36        Have you ever lived with him since
A        No Sir
37        Were you willing to live with him if he had behaved himself.  Say if he had behaved himself and let you swould you have lived with him
A        Yes Sir
38        Did you want to live with him
A        Yes Sir
39        Has he since that time ever contributed any thing to your support
A        Not any at all
40        How did you treat him
A        Kindly as I could
41        Wile you lived together did you always conduct yourself as a trusted faithful wife towards him
A        Yes Sir
42        Did you ever give him any reason for driving you out or putting you out
A        No Sir
43        Was he a drinking man
A        Yes
44       Was it when he was in liquor
A        No Sir not any at all
45       I say was that when he was drunk that he drove you out
A        Yes Sir
46        Did he refuse to live with you any more
A        Yes Sir
47        When was that
A        It has been about two years
48        The last time, I say when was it, the last time that he refused to live with you
A        About two years
49        You do not understand me, I say when was the lst time that he refused to live with you, that he drove you out, and refused to live with you
A        The day I left him
The Court asked - Was that in Febuary 1876
Mr. Hamilton replied - Yes Sir
50        At the time that you left him when he drove you out last what did he threaten to do and what did he do at that time
A        He threatened to kill me if I did not leave
51        Did he strike you then
A        Yes Sir
52        Did he ever keep a knife about him
A        Yes he carried one a week before I left him
53        Did he ever keep that knife under his pillow
A        Yes, the first itme he ever attempted to carry one
54        Had he ever drawn the knife on you and threaten to strike you with it - at the last time he drove you out - did he threaten you with anything
A        Yes, with a stick of wood
55        What kind of stick of wood how large
A        A stick of stove wood, he struck me across the shoulder with it
56        Did he tell you not to come back any more then
A        Yes Sir
57        That he would not live with you any more
A        Yes Sir
58        At this last itme I mean in February 1876
A        Yes Sir
59        When you left him he told you not to come back any more that he would not live with you
A        Yes Sir
60        At that time you had a small child
A        Yes ten months old
61        Have you ever had anything to do with him since
A        No Sir
(There is no question 62 listed)
63        When did you see him last
A        I never saw him but once since I left not to speak with him
64        When was that how long ago
A        About six months after I left him
65        What do you do for a living
A        I work by the weeks work for my living
66        You have been at work for the Francis at Camp Point for sometime have you not
A        Yes nearly all the time since I left him
67        He keeps a hotel there at Camp Point
A        Yes Sir

                        Signed J.A. Philbick
                        Special Master

State of Illinois
County of Adams
I hereby certify that the within and forging testimony heard, and was all the real evidence heard by the court in the hearing of the within entitled case.
                        Wm Marsh
Source:  Photocopy of Certificate of Evidence received from Glen F. Hultz, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit, Adams County courthouse, Quincy, Illinois 62301, received 4 Jan. 2002)

NO 3687
Matilda V. Patterson
Martin V. B. Patterson
filed Nov 25 1885
Rec. in Vol A of Chy or Lehy (can't read)
Records on Pages 300 and 301
Geo Brophy Clerk
By H R Wheat, Deputy
E. B. Hamilton, Solictor
(This is a completely handwritten document and extremely difficulty to transcribe)

State of Illinois, Adams County
In the Circuit Court of Said COunty Of this October Term 1885
Matild V. Patterson } Complainant
VS In Chancerry
Martin V. B. Patterson } Defendant

No 3887 (note number should have been written 3687)

An now on this day comes said complainant by E.B. Hamilton her Solicitor and this cause coming in for hearing before siad Cout it is duly proven to the Court that the Complainants bill of compaint was filed herrin on the 12th day of October 1885.  That aproper summons was duly issued out of he office of the clerk of said Court in and dated the 12th day of October 1885 in the name of the clerk of said Court and under the seal of said Court in favor of said compalinant and against said defendant and directed by the Sherriff of the County of Hancock, State of Illinois, Executor which said summons was duly served upon said defendant on the 14th day of October 1885 by the Sherriff of said Hancock County.  The Court therefore finds that said defendant has had due and lawful notice of the filing of said complaintants bill of complaint and of the ----(can't read word) of said cause herin by the formal service of summons upon him more than ten days prior to the first day of this present term of said Court.  To which first day of said term of Court the said summns was returnable and this cause coming in for further hearing and although now here three times solemnly called in open Court the said defendant comes not nor does anyone for him but makes default herein and that the said defendant failed to appear plean or ask to dismiss to said complainant's bill of complaint in any part thereof but is in default it is therefore ordered ajudged and decreed that all and singular the matters and things alleged and set forthin said Bill of Complaint be and the same hereby are taken as true and confessed by and against the said defendant and the cause coming on for further and final hearing ad the Court having herad all of the evidnece adduced in upon the court do then find herewith that the said complainant and defendant were married in said Adams County on or about the first day of January 1875, that said complainant is a resident of said Adams County and has been for may years just passed, that the defendant has been guilty of extreme and brutal cruelty towards his said wife the compainant; that he has wilfully deserted and abandoned his said wife the complainant without any reasonable cause for the space of more than two years prior to the filing of said Bill of Cmpalint and further that all and singular the material allegations in said Bill of Compalint contained are true as herein noted and that the said complainant is entitled to the relief therein prayed for.  It is therefore ordered adjudged and cheered that th bands of matrimony heretofore existing between the complainant Matilda V. Patterson and the defendant Matin V. B. Patterson be and the same hereby are forever disolved, made void and for naught held and that the parties hereto are hereby divorced and hat said complainant be and she hereby is returned to all her anti-nuptial rights and that she is permitted to resume her maiden name, of Matida V. Courtney, the same as if such marriage, had not taken place.
    It is further ordred that the said Complainant pay the costs of this preceeding and that the parties hereto go --- --- --- (three words can't read)

                                                            Wm Marsh

Source:  Photocopy of Decree of Divorce received from Glen F. Hultz, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit, Adams County courthouse, Quincy, Illinois 62301, received 4 Jan. 2002)



Filing Date:  18 Sep 1866
Box C-64 Case 1829
GROVES, John (Complainant)
GROVES, Eliza (Defendant)
COURTNEY, Eliza (Defendant)
GROVES, James (Lover)
GROVES, Peter W. (Father)
Source:  Adams County Divorce Index

Filing Date:  04 Jun 1868
Box C-70 Case 2008
COURTNEY, Eliza (Witness)
SHEFFIELD, James (Defendant)
SHEFFIELD, Maria (Complainant)
Source:  Adams County Divorce Index