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The McVey Family of Virginia and West Virginia


147. Sarah Lucinda Euphens McVey


Sarah Lucinda's name was sometimes spelled Sara Lucendia. She is buried at Nuttall Cemetery, Fayette County, West Virginia.
Much of the information on Sarah Lucinda's descendants was supplied by Dr. Samuel Montgomery Tully and Kara Thomas. Some of that research had been completed by Henry Montgomery Tully, Virginia Bailess, and Anna Benson.

James Alfred Tully


He is buried in Nuttall Cemetery, Beauty Mountain Road, Fayette County, West Virginia.

436. Stephen Riggs Tully


They had no children.

148. Samuel Thomas McVey


The BLUEFIELD DAILY TELEGRAPH had an article Jan. 31, 1904, about Samuel T. McVey, telling how several members of the McVey family had contracted smallpox. Samuel had died of the disease.

Rosella Augusta McClung


In 1880, Rozella McClung was living in the household of her grandparents, Caleb and Lucy Shackleford, in Wilderness District of Nicholas County, West Virginia.
Rosa was head of a household consisting of herself and her daughter Mary, in 1920.

447. Mary Love McVey


Died unmarried.

152. John McVey


John was a Bible student and later became a Baptist minister.

456. Charles William McVey


Lived in Sharpsburg, Kentucky.

463. John J. McVey


Lived in Pemberton, West Virginia.

464. Timothy O. McVey


Lived at Hamilton, Ohio.

465. M. Daniel McVey


Lived at Glen White, West Virginia.

466. S. J. McVey


Lived at Sullivan, West Virginia, on the original family tract.

162. Augustus V. McVey

Besides the land he got from his father, Augustus obtained land from1866 to 1874 on Turkey Creek and Honey Creek.
"Augustus and Mary lived on Honey Creek, Fayette County, West Virginia. Their life consisted of farming. They planted their potatoes in the 'dark of the moon before they were married, with Aunt Mary Taylor as chaperone. No unmarried young people were ever left alone together before they were married!
By the time they had two children, William B. McVey and . . . Sarah Mediann, they walked over the mountain past Ansted over three miles and went to church at Hopewell (near Victor) on Sundays. Two other children, Luther and John, were born in West Virginia. Then James Harvey Alderson and his wife Mary Mansel Taylor, parents of Mary M. Alderson McVey, went to Missouri [after the Civil War] to live, and Augustus and Mary went with them. Newt (Augustus's brother), also went along. They lived in Missouri seven years. Emma, Ada, and Joe were born while they lived in Missouri. Luther died while they lived in Missouri. Augustus's father (Aaron) wanted them to return to West Virginia to help him farm. They returned in the spring to West Virginia via train, then by boat up the Kanawha River. It was on the boat coming home that their children ate their first ice cream. . .
Augustus farmed for himself and for his father. His father gave him 30 acres of land with a log house on it. He hired others to help him farm - Hanes and Emery Coleman, who later became prominent physicians. Gus raised produce and carried it down under Hawk's Nest Rock to the river and sold it to people there. He also raised cattle and trained them to work. He made yokes for the oxen, shoes for the horses and mules and he made equipment. Sometimes he sold them later. He produced their own milk, butter, sugar cane, and raised pigs. . .
Augustus planted an orchard - also currents, gooseberries, raspberries, and strawberries. In the orchard he had pears, plums, apples, and peach trees. When he found other kinds of apple trees he grafted them on his young apple trees in the orchard. He once had three acres of strawberries. . . He sold his strawberries for ten cents a quart. . .
Besides farming, 'Gus' was a stone mason, ran a blacksmith shop, and built chimneys and wells. Gus McVey shod all his horses, sharpened all his tools, also did this for all his neighbors. He had two horses and a spring wagon all the time. The beds had mattresses made of feathers, and he always had one hog for each one of his family . . .
James Harvey, Grace Gertrude, Zepha Taylor, and Walter Samuel were born in West Virginia after they returned from Missouri. Augustus McVey bought land about a mile from the log house and hired a neighbor carpenter to help him build a frame house. They moved in just before Grace was five years old. Walter was the only one of their children born in the frame house. Zeph's daughter, June, was born in that house May 29, 1924, however." (Information was told to Estella Becher Wyatt by her mother, Grace Gertrude McVey Becher, and then sent to compiler by Marylu Walker.]
Augustus's children, according to PANORAMA OF FAYETTE COUNTY, by John Cavalier, attended Fairview Grade School, located above Route 60 between Chimney Corner and Hawks Nest State Park. His obituary, submitted by Marylu Walker of Oak Hill, West Virginia follows:
"Died January 6th, 1920, at his home near Ansted, aged 74 years. He was married to Mary M. Alderson 54 years ago. He has been a member of the Baptist Church for 56 years, and a Mason for 33 years, being the oldest Mason in Ansted Lodge. He was honest and industrious and a good neighbor and Christian man, always giving his children good advice. He leaves a wife and [ten] children: W.H. McVey of Charleston; John McVey of Huntington; Joseph McVey of Mt. Hope; James McVey of near Ansted; Walter McVey of Prudence; Mrs. Leonard Miner of Ansted; Mrs. John Becher of East Bank; Mrs. George Walker of Prudence; Mrs. Emma Martin [and also another son]. Two sisters survive him: Mrs. G. W. Broyles of Oak Hill and Mrs. Laura Miller of Burnwell; and one brother: Newton McVey. Mr. McVey had been blind for three years but he will not be blind when we meet over there on the other shore. S.W."

Mary Margaret Alderson


Most of the following information was copied from Estella Becher Wyatt and was dictated to her by her mother Grace McVey Becher in 1970, and sent to compiler by Marylu Walker:
"The last year of the Civil War (1865) Mary Margaret Alderson married Augustus McVey at Cannelton, West Virginia, in Kanawha County. The minister was a Rev. Bibb [probably Martin Bibb]. Alderson, West Virginia, was named for the Alderson family of Monroe County.
Augustus McVey and Mary Margaret Alderson were married 22nd of March 1865. He asked her father for her hand in marriage. She was almost 15 years old and he was 18. Her father told him to go back and wait a while until he was a little older. So he waited one week and returned and repeated the same question. Her father then gave his permission."
While Augustus was busy farming, Mary was busy, too. She made sausage from the hogs, salting down the meat and then hanging it up in the smokehouse. They burned green hickory and maple wood to smoke it with. She was a good seamstress, sometimes making clothes for neighbors on a sewing machine she bought in Missouri. She took in boarders on occasion and also made rugs to sell. She would protect her money by sewing it into carpet balls. Mary had a little coal land which she sold and then bought an organ for her daughters and a guitar for her sons.

480. William Henry McVey


William Henry was a stone mason. He served as postmaster at Gauley Bridge from 1889 to 1898, and also served as deputy sheriff. In 1908, he served as justice of the peace. He was Presbyterian and a member of the West Virginia Good Templars, Knights of Pythias, Independent Order of the Oddfellows, and the Order of Owls. He and his wife had no children. His residence in 1920 was Charleston.

481. Luther W. McVey


Though sources differ as to the cause of Luther's death, family records available to Marylu Walker indicate that Luther died February 15, 1881. She states, "I know he died in Missouri because that is the reason Grandma and Grandpa McVey returned to West Virginia. Luther had stuck a pitchfork in his foot, and he died of blood poisoning. Grandma was so distraught from this occurence that she insisted on their returning to West Virginia.

163. Laura E. McVey

Laura lived at Burnwell, West Virginia. Her obituary, submitted by Marylu Walker, follows:
"Mrs. Laura Miller died May 6, 1931, at the home of her son, Philip Miller of Lively, at the age of 84 years - two months - and 27 days. Her husband, George Miller, preceded her in death 25 years ago.
Mrs. Miller was a member of the Baptist church at Ansted for years and lived a devoted Christian life, at times helping others in a Christian spirit.
She leaves to mourn her passing seven children, as follows: Mrs. Carrie Mankin, Mrs. Kinder and Mrs. Lana Blazer, [Leona Blizzard] all of Charleston; Phillip Miller of Lively; Oren Miller of Sweeneyburg; Vernon Miller of Minden, and Mrs. Mead [Media] Rader of Richwood. Two children are deceased. One brother, Mr. N. McVey, of Ansted, 58 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren also survive.

George Washington Miller


George was a coal miner in Fayette County. The only source for his and Laura's birthdates was the 1900 Fayette County census. However, the reported birthdates for the children enumerated with him in 1900 differ from Social Security and family records.

493. Media A. Miller


Her married name was Rader and she lived at Richwood, West Virginia. She was erroneously listed as Mrs. Meade Rader in the obituary of her mother, Laura Miller.

495. Vernon Miller


He was living at Minden, West Virginia, in 1931.

496. Carrie Miller


Her married name was Mankin and she lived at Charleston, West Virginia. The Social Security Death Index gives her last residence as Miami, Dade County, Florida.

497. Oren Miller


Oren lived at Sweeneyburg according to his mother's 1931 obituary. However, Social Security Death Index gives his last residence as Beckley, West Virginia.

499. Tina Miller


In 1931, she was living in Charleston, West Virginia. Her Social Security number was issued in West Virginia before 1951. Her first married name was Kinder, and her second married name was DeYarmin. Her final residence, according to Social Security records, was Escondido, San Diego County. California death records confirm that her mother's maiden name was McVey and that her father's surname was Miller.