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Ancestors of K S H


208. John McGrath

They may have come from Kittery, Maine.

notebook: early settlers of Winslow, ME

Kittery (Maine) Tax Lists, 1756, 1758 and 1770

McGrath or variant not named.

4 July 1785 deed John McGrath & Rachel

17 Aug. 1785 deed John Magrath of Hallowell, signed by Rachel

Many of Maine's early residents are listed in Mass. Records. The
entire area (Maine) was called York Co. MA until 1819. Maine
separated from Mass. in 1819 - became state in 1820.

210. Henry Richardson

Born Friday 8 o'clock in the afternoon

Between 1795 and 1800, he and his brother Joel removed from
Attleborough to Belgrade in Maine. He was drowned Nov. 4, 1827,
aged 75.

218. Amos Mattison

Amos Matteson of West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI., for 70 paid by
(brother) Abraham Matteson of Coventry House, 40 acres of land
bounded by the lands of George Gardner and Hezekiah Mattesons. 8
March 1744, presented to be recorded 28 February 1758. West
Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 pp.125-127 LDS FHL
SLC UT film 0925983

Marriage of Amos Matteson & Fear Sweet April 11, 1745, married
by John Spencer, Justice.

SLC FHL Vital Records of Kent Co. RI 1636 - 1850

Mancer Cooper & Amos Matteson both of West Greenwich, Kent
Co.,RI., in equal partnership 150 acres of land in West
Greenwich originally belonging to Clement Weaver divide the
land, Cooper taking the part adjoining Samuel Cooper's land, to
Amos Matteson the remaining part.1751

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 pp. 94-96 LDS
FHL SLC UT film 0925983


Gideon Hasley (Hossey?) of Charlestown,Kings Co., RI in
consideration of the sum of p40 paid by Amos Matteson of West
Greenwich, Kent Co. RI, land in West Greenwich adjoining the
land of1751 John Wait and Mancer Cooper. July, 1751

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 pp.46-51 LDS
FHL SLC UT film 0925983


Robert Jones of Richmond in Kings Co. RI, in consideration of
60 fromAmos Matteson of West Greenwich in Kent Co., RI, land
lying in West Greenwich 1 quarter part of 133 acres bounded by
John Wait July 1, 1751 signed by Robert & Mary Jones

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 pp.46-51 LDS
FHL SLC UT film 0925983

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Probate Records 1743-1822 Vol. 1-5
Will p. 70-77

Given 10 in his father Hezekiah Matteson's 1752 will. Amos
Matteson to Zorabable Matteson both of West Greenwich, Kent Co.,
RI, for D50, 31 acres in West Greenwich adjoining the lands of

Philip Aylworth and runs into Slippery Leader Swamp southerly by
Mancer Coopers. Fear Matteson, wife of Amos yeilds her right
of dowery signed by Amos and Fear Matteson (her mark).
written1753, entered January 1757.

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 pp. 353-355
LDS FHL SLC UT film 0925983

Fear Matteson wife of Amos Matteson died 24 May 1755 in West
Greenwich, Kent Co. RI.

George Gardner of West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, p2,000 from JOHN
DALEY (Dawle) of Exeter, Kings Co. RI (now Washington Co. RI?)
200 acres of land in West Greenwich, adjoining the lands of
Abraham Matteson on the north, east a highway, 24 February 1758.

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Land & Property Book 3 LDS FHL SLC
UT film 0925983

West Greenwich, Kent Co. RI Deed

18 March 1768 signed by Amos and Susannah Matteson of West
Greenwich, Kent Co., RI.

Purchased 100 acres in Shaftsbury, New Hampshire Grants from
Thomas King. Deed dated 15 July 1778.

Will dated 14 Dec. 1778 Book 1 page 10

Amos died Jannuary,1779 in Shaftsbury, VT.

BENJAMIN DAILEY of (township of) Coventry, Kent Co. RI for 10
paid by James Young of Situate, now residing in West Greenwich,
Kent Co. 20 acres of land in the township of Coventry. 12
February 1779. signed by Benjamin & Sarah Dailey (their marks.)
Coventry, Kent Co. RI General Index 1743-1925 Vol. 6 p. 109 LDS
FHL SLC UT film 0925125 Sold 25 acres of land in Shaftsbury to
son George for D50. Deed dated 7 February 1781.

219. Fear Sweet

Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, by James N. Arnold

1746 Matteson Matteson Hezekiah, of Amos and Fear, Apr. 21,
1746. Births West Greenwich

1745 Matteson Matteson Amos, and Fear Sweet, of Richard; m. by
John Spencer, Justice, April 11, 1745. Marriages West Greenwich

1745 Sweet Sweet Fear, and Amos Matteson, Apr. 11, 1745.
Marriages West Greenwich

226. John McGuire

Journal of the Greenbrier History Society Vol. IV, #4 1984

Mathews Trading Post p 48

Neeley McGuire

1772 May Sundrys

1775 July to your note on demand

John McGuire (at Samuel Browns)

1772 May Sundrys; Aug.

1773 April ozgn; August ozgn; Nov 1 felt hat

1774 February powder, lead

1776 May to interest on your account

1779 July 14 John McGuire married Elizabeth Cottle by John

Greenbrier/Rockingham Co.

"The Journal of the of the Greenbrier Historical Society"
Volume V,

Number 2 1988

Page 14

Land Entry Book Greenbrier Co.:

Helen Stinson "This land entry book predates all other public
records in Greenbrier Co., and those counties formed from its
original land mass (Braxton, Calhoun, Claly, Fayette, Gilmer,
Jackson. Kanawha, Mason, Monroe, Nicholas, Pleasants,
Pocahontas, Putnam, Richie, Summers,

Webster, Wood and Wirt."

p. 18

Thomas McGuire son of Cornelius McGuire acquires 200 acre tract
made for McGuire in 1774 adjoining the lands of James Williams
Survey made for Neill McGuire in 1774 in Greenbrier Co. 19 Jan.
1780 Survey made for William Charles McGuire in 1774 in
Greenbrier Co.

p. 41

Commissioners certify that James Williams is entitled to 257
acres of land by settlement before the 1st of January 1778 as an
assignee of Neill McGuire, a survey made for said McGuire in
Greenbrier Co. adjoining the land of Jacob Mann. 18 Jan. 1780.

p. 221 Commissioners certify that George Persons heir at law
Edward Persons assignee of Wm. Charles McGuire is entitled to to
58 acres of and by right of settlement before 1 Jan. 1778, being
a survey made for said Charles McGuire in the year 1774, lying
in Greenbrier Co., joining

the land of Hugh Bradshaw.

20 Jan. 1780. Married by Rev.Jno Alderson in 1779

John McGuire Sr. paid a personal property tax in Mason Co. WV
theses dates: 1805, 1806, 1807, 1809,1811, 1812, 1813, 1814



UNDER 10 0 0 born 1810-1820

10-16 0 0 born 1804-1810

16-18 0 born 1802-1804

16-26 0 0 born 1794-1804

26-45 0 0 born 1775-1793

45 & UP 1 1 born before 1775

Married in Greenbrier-Rockingham area.

Mason Co. West Virginia marriages 1805-1850

John McGuire to Nelly Mackley Nov. 8, 1806

James Jeffers to Elizabeth McQuire Nov. 20, 1826

Samuel McGuire to Deborah Greeenlee by Wm. George Feb. 10, 1828

Isaac Smith to Racheal McGuire Feb. 7, 1828

Cornelius Stack to Mary McGuire 1830

John McGuire to Eliza Jane Mahone Feb. 12, 1835

Wm. Abbot to Elizabeth McGuire May 3, 1838

John McGuire to Mahelia Davis Aug. 3, 1843

Abraham Baker to Ann McGuire Feb. 14, 1849

Enoch Jeffers to Mary McGuire Dec. 2, 1850

Darrell Waugh said that he has an address given in 1923 by Wm.
T. Price at a Waugh reunion that states that John McGuire was
thefirst man wounded at the Battle of Pt. Pleasant. I spoke

him on the phone 3/11/97 and he said that he would send me a

227. Elizabeth Cottle

John McGuire married Elizabeth Cottle the 14th of July 1779.
They were married by John Alderson. Iread in Hardesty
thatAlderson e was a traveling minister in the Greenbrier
Rockingham county areas.

John McGuire is in the Mathews Trading Post list from 1772 to

This article in the Greenbrier Journal says "customers came from
the 'little levels' in what is now Pocahontas Co., from Indian
Creek and Wolf Creek in present Monroe County Anthony's Creek
and even as far as New River."

I sent for and recently received the Journal of the Greenbrier
Historical Society Volume V, number 2 1988 that had the list of
early Greenbrier marriages. The journal says Rev. John Alderson

performed marriages in Greenbrier, Botetourt and Rockingham
Counties in Virginia. The list says "Some of the marriages are
of persons who lived in what is now Monroe County." John
McGuire and Elizabeth Cottle are listed. However John and
Elizabeth Cottle McGuire are listed in the

Greenbrier county Court Order Book in 1781 and John is listed in
1782 so I have been looking in Greenbrier for Elizabeth Cottle's

A Uriah Cottle is also listed in Mathews trading Post list.
Uriah has a 1779 will in Greenbrier Co. The abstract names his
wife Mrs. Cottle (big help) and sons Chas. Jedidah and William.
I thought maybe Uriah was Elizabeth's father but the 1783
Greenbrier court orders Ann and Sarah Cottle infant children of
Uriah Cottle to be bound to James Boggs. Since Elizabeth
married in 1779 and Uriah had infant children in 1783 the ages
don't seem right. However I have read since that infant
children does not really mean babies but simply children under
age.I am not sure why his will was probated in 1779 and his
infant children are not bound until 1783? I wonder how old the
child was

considered an "infant?" as Uriah's will is 1779 but his children
are not bound until 1783. It seems to me that I read that they
were bound at about age ten or 12 to learn a trade but these
were girls.

If he died in 1779 the youngest Sarah and Ann could have been in
1783 is 4 and 5. If Elizabeth married in 1779 she might have
been about 18 or

20. I suppose that is not out of the ball park for Elizabeth to
have sisters age 4 and 5. If they were bound at age 10 or 12
then that age seems more in line with Elizabeth's. (This is

However if they were bound at 10 or 12 I wonder why they were
called infant children? Do you know anything about the children
being bound? I think the Dide or Didi referred to in April 1784
and July 1785 is the Jedidah named in Uriah's will. If this is
so and Dide enlisted in 1779 then he must have been somewhere
around 16-20 I would guess. In 1779 Dide ( probably Jedidah)
was old enough to serve in the war and it is the same year
Elizabeth Cottle married John McGuire. Therefore They could
have been siblings and Ann and Sarah could have been that

Virginia Wills and Administrations 1630-1800 shows wills or
estate records for the following Cottles in Norfolk Co. Thomas
1712, Thomas 1750, Josiah 1751, Elizabeth 1758. In Princess
Anne is Wm. In 1761. John McGuire bought property in Mason
county WV in the early 1800s. I forget if the deed is dated
1803 or 1806. He died in Mason

county in 1825. His will names sons John Jr., Hugh, and Samuel
and daughter Rachel. His daughter Mary (my direct line) must be
dead by then as he names her son Robert Barnett in the will
instead of Mary. John McGuire's two daughters Ann McGuire
married Samuel Waugh in 1801 and Rebecca McGuire married James
Waugh Jr in 1804 (brothers) in Bath County later to become
Pocahontas send a representative to Mason County to say they
were heirs of John McGuire but received nothing from the will.
The other children recognize them as heirs and they are given
their share. John and Elizabeth must have lived in Pocahontas
until their two daughters were married because Ann and Rebecca
stayed in Pocahontas with their husbands.

William says that he is the only heir to Jedediah Cottle because
he is the only full brother. Since Charles, William and
Jedediah are named in the will of Uriah Cottle as his sons it
must be that Charles had a different mother.

We know at least that William and Jedidiah are full brothers and
that Elizabeth is their mother. Since Sarah and Ann are
younger Elizabeth must also be their mother. This leaves
Charles and Elizabeth. I would assume she is the mother of
Elizabeth because of the name Elizabeth.

However since William says he is the only full brother this must
mean that Charles is either the son of Elizabeth by
Clifford or that Charles is the son of Uriah to another mother.
Uriah names Charles as a son and not step son in his will.

Do we have documentation of a Charles Cottle in later records?

If he used the surmane Cottle then he must be Uriah Cottle's son
to a different mother.

Darrell Waugh said in a phone conversation on 3/11/97 that

Lorenzo Waugh said that he remembered his grandmother McGuire
(Elizabeth Cotttle McGuire)

228. Henry L Rayburn

On June 20, 1763 Henry Reaburn age 16 chose James Reaburn as his

guardian. He settled in Jackson co. by 1801. In deed book 2 p

302 he sold his negro woman slave, Maria, and her two children.

Henry applied for a pension as a Revolutionary War soldier and

was in the pension roles of Jackson co. VA (WVA) in 1840 living

with Weden Carney. Henry listed his age as 100 at that time.

Henry was a Lt. of Militia in Greenbrier co. under Robert

Burdett as late as 1786, also Captain Regt. 75 Montgomery co.

Ensign 1793.

230. William Burdette

Sandra Griffith

states that James Burdett

@ 1729 Culpeper, VA, his son WIlliam Burdett

@ 1755 VA and his daughter Elizabeth Burdett @ 1777 Monroe Co.

VA. She married Tolison Shumate. It is assumed this line is the

James of Culpeper Co. and Wm. & Elizibeth added here.

IGI had the children of Elizabeth & Tolison Shumate

Also added from Sandra are his children and their spouses except

for John & Eleanor Swope that was in the database,

Originally had death date as 1836

Children's names from the History of Monroe Co. WV Oren Morton

c 1916 and a book by Robert Riley History of the Shumate Family

William (d 1836) was a son of James of Culpepper county. He

settled on Flat Top about 1800, as a neighbor to Andrew Miller,

with whom

he was on close terms of friendship. After his second marrige

he moved to Wolf Creek. He was resourceful and ingenious.

A History of Monroe Co., WV by Oren F. Morton

death date given on is 21 May 1839

He came to VA in 1720 with his father.

gives children as:














11. WILLIS BURDETTE b: 26 Aug 1786

12. RACHEL BURDETT b: 1794

13. GILES BURDETT b: 1794

14. ARCHIBALD BURDETT b: 14 Mar 1798

15. ALEXANDER BURDETT b: 24 Apr 1802

16. ELIJAH BURDETT b: 2 Nov 1805

17. MILES BURDETT b: 12 May 1814

231. Sarah Cornwell

Information from Sandra Griffith &

Donna Tivener

236. Samuel Shinn II

Samuel was left with Thomas at Evesham where he remained until
1762, when he asked the Society of Friends at that place for a
certificate of removal in order to settle at Hopewell Meeting at
Opukoneu, Virginia. near Winchester.

Known as Old Samuel Shinn of Simpson Creek.

238. James Hyde

It appears that our earliest ancestor arrived in this new World


the mid 1700s with a small family. Some said that he had one

child born

on the Ocean headed for the new world. This is not proven as of


James Hyde, along with Sarah, who he married in England, and


to the earlier census, James Jr., and his brother George were

born in

England. They landed in New Jersey (date unknown). How long they

remained in this State is unknown.

In the Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, by Stryker-Rodda


there were eight Hydes (Hide was the earlier spelling) in the


George Hide-Hunterdon Co-Amwell Township 1780

James Hide-Hunterdon Co-Bethlehem Township 1778,1780

John Hide-Hunterdon Co-Kingwood Township 1778,1780

John Hide-Somerset Co-Western Precinet 1779,1780

Jonathan Hide-Hunterdon Co-Kingwood Township 1778,1780

Philip Hide-Gloucester Co-Woolwich Township 1777,1778,1780

George Hide-Hunterdon Co-Alexandria Township 1785,1786

John Hide-Hunterdon Co-Alexandria Township 1785,1786

It is unknown, how these above men are related to the West


Hydes. Perhaps there is no relationship.

James Hyde, Sr.'s birth date is unknown; but according to the


that we have, we can assume that he was born before 1740 in


Sometime after 1784-1794, he removed from New Jersey, and


in Mason County, that part is now known as Jackson County, West

Virginia. According to the 1850 Indiana Census, Charity Hyde,


of James Hyde, Sr., was born i 1784/1794 in New Jersey. We find


James Hyde Sr., had land and also a Will left in Mason County,


Virginia. He most likely got this land through his service in


Revolutionary War (if the above mention, James Hide of Hunterdon


New Jersey is the same person. Futher search into this will have

to be


On 30 April 1810, this Will was probated in Mason County:

"In the name of God Amen. I James Hyde of the County of Mason


State of Virginia being of sound mind memory and understanding


calling of mind the uncertaintley of life do make publish and

declare this

my last Will and Testament. Imprimis my Will as my funeral


Item: I give to my eldest son, James one dollar and ten cents,

over and

above what I have heretofore given him. Item: I give and

bequeath to my

second son Isaac one dollar and ten cents over and above what I


heretofore given him. Item: I give to my third son, George one

dollar and

ten cents and half of my corn over and above what I have


given him. Item: I give and devise to my youngest son William a

lot of

land lying on Elk Creek in Harrison County adjoining James

Arnolds land

containing twelve acres to him and his heirs forever. Item: I

give and

bequeath to my oldest daughter Catherine all that she has made

and got

together since she has taken care of me besides her bed and


which she purchased with her own money also her mothers Saddle,


young filly mare the Star Cow and Calf and the pied heifer three


old this onsuing spring and half of the corn, the other half I

have already bequeathed to my son George. Item: I give and

bequeath to

my grandson Joseph Stout the first colt the young filly may have

which I

bequeathed to his mother my daughter Catherine and two dollars

which I

desire may be applied towards his schooling. Item: I give and


to my grand daughter Besty two dollars which I desire may be


towards her schooling. Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter


four dollars. Item: It is my will and desire that my land except


parts I have already devised may be sold at public vendue and


paying out of the same the several Legacies heretofore mentioned


money then all the rest of residue in whatsoever consisting or

wheresoever found I give and bequeath to my three daughters,


Sarah, and Charity, and my youngest son William each an equal


Lastley I do hereby appoint my son George and my daughter


Executor and Executrix of this my last will and testament

revoking all

former and other wills. In witness whereof I have here unto set

my hand

and seal this twenty second day of February one thousand eight


and ten."

James Hyde (seal)


Andrew Parks

Jonathan Wright

Gideon Long

At a court held for Mason County 3 April 1810

"The last will and testament of James Hyde was produced in Court


proven by the oaths of Jonathna Wright and Gideon Long two of


witnesses thereto an ordered to be recorded. And on the motion

of George

Hyde the Executor and Catherine Hyde Executrix named in said

will who

made oath and together with Jonathan Wright and Gideon Long


securities entered into and acknowledge their bonds in the

penalty of

$500 conditions as the law directs. Certificate is granted them


obtaining probate thereof in due form."


Wm --?-- Clerk

In Deed Book B, page 310-313, a Bill of Sale for the estate of


Hyde, Sr. totaling $321.83.

At a Court held for Mason County 5 Jun 1810

"This list of the sale of property belonging to the estate of


Hyde dec'd was presented to court by George Hyde the acting


amounting to $327.83 and ordered to be recorded."


Wm Runnele? Clerk

248. William Ridenour

26 Sept 1793 Westmoreland co. Wm Ritenour to Adam Brining.

4 July 1795 Westmoreland co. PA Wm. Reidenour to George Kear

20 December 1803 Westmoreland co. PA Wm Ridenour to Adam Brinigh


Assumption: born in Virginia

Will recorded 28 March 1817 at Westmoreland co. PA

Have William Ridenhour's 1817 will

naming wife Betsy 1/6 of personal & real estate,

son John 1/6 of personal & real estate,

daughter Betsy 1/6 of personal & real estate with additional


daughter Polly 1/6 of personal & real estate,

son George 1/6 of personal & real estate,

son Henry 1/6 of personal & real estate

witness Samuel Watson & John Trout

1818 accounts are paid to the estate of Wm. Ridenour, indicating


provided some sort of service etc. to the public, His inventory

of estate

shows "wagon stuff in the rough, stuff for new wagon, spokes


fellons(?) for a new wagon as well as agars, handsaws, chissils,


files, plains, and tools for turning wagon hobs (hubs). All of


indicates to me that he was a wagon maker as was his grandson


(son of John) and that the accounts paid to him are for repair

of wagons

or for the purchase of new wagons. Also listed in the inventory

is "one

frow a rule and bayonet" which makes me wonder if he served in


Revolutionary War...where else would he get a bayonet?"

252. Mr. Keener

These sons are speculative based on dates and places.

Further research will be done.

A Johannes Kuner arrived 27 Aug. 1739


Old Westmoreland Vol. VI #2 Nov. 1985

p.11 The first of the family known to be in Westmoreland Co. is

Isaac Keener. He purchased land called Greenwich in 1775. The

deeds would seem to indicate that the property was in what is

now Indiana Co.. Both Bess Keener and Nathaniel Nesbit Keener

tell the same story of this early family. An Isaac Keener

married a Catherine Nesbit. "The mother of Isaac came from

Virginia and started back on horseback to visit. She took the

youngest child and a negro slave along. Somewhere on the way

they all got the fever and died. Several older children were at

home. The father of Isaac went away to war and never came

back." The Nesbits looked after the orphaned Keener children.

research by Wm. K. Ulerich

253. Notes

Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890

What to do next?


State: _ PA

County: _ Philadelphia County

Township: _ Philadelphia

Year: _ 1747

Database: _ PA Early Census Index


State: _ PA

County: _ Philadelphia County

Township: _ Philadelphia

Year: _ 1774

Database: _ PA Early Census Index