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My DeCoursey line consists of the descendants of James and Hannah COURSEY and the families that have a connection to them. James and Hannah emigrated from Ireland to southeastern Canada, probably in the 1820's. It is not known whether they emigrated together or met and married in Canada. They are known to have been living in Canada in 1827 and 1832 and in Maine in 1835. According to a family legend the family went from Maine to New Orleans and then to Chicago, spending a short time in each place before settling in northern Illinois. As no documentation has yet been found on the family prior to 1850, this story has not been substantiated. No documentation whatsoever has been found regarding James Coursey Sr. In 1850 Hannah has remarried and is living in Jo Daviess County, Illinois with her two daughters. Son James is in California seeking his fortune in the gold rush. Whether James Sr. died or left the family is not known. James and Hannah's son James William and his family settled in Leavenworth County, Kansas in the early 1860’s.

In researching the DeCoursey line I have used the information found in The DeCoursey Family binder, which was complied by Aileen Colitti (Thank-you Aileen!), as a starting point, but have since been able to make many additions, corrections and corroborations, particularly on the female lines. My direct female lines on the DeCoursey side are MCMANUS, MCCORMICK and MURPHY.

A family tree database of my research is posted at RootsWeb. For confidentiality reasons, no data (other than surname) is provided for living individuals. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information in this file. Please do not view it as fact - it is inevitable that there are inaccuracies. (Should you find any I would be very grateful if you'd let me know!) I have placed an "nv" (for "not verified") after the name of certain individuals, often parents or a spouse in a marriage, whose relationship to the person in question is especially uncertain.

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My aim is to have this website be not so much about “genealogy data” but more about who the people behind the names, dates and places were. To that end, I would be extremely grateful if any family members would like to share copies of documents, letters, journals, obituaries, newspaper articles, family bible entries, pictures, etc. as well as stories and passed down family legends. I would also love to have pictures of family heirlooms and descriptions of the stories behind them.

Please e-mail me if you have any comments, corrections or additions! Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


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Death records:
- DeCoursey, Edward R. (1914-1914)
- DeCoursey, Infant of E.J. (1915-1915)
Newspaper articles:
- Casa Grande, Arizona newspaper items, 1918-1923
- William J. DeCoursey and Margaret C. Linehan wedding, 1946
- "Hitch Parachute to Wagon, Take Unexpected Flight", 1967
- Virginia A. (Carey) DeCoursey (1924-2011)
- Helen A. (DeCoursey) Ruysser (1921-2010)
- Mary M. (DeCoursey) Dix (1925-2008)
- Michael A. DeCoursey (1946-2010)
- Sister Mary Edwin DeCoursey (1922-2009)
- Therese A. (DeCoursey) Foley (1926-2011)
- Margaret C. (Linehan) DeCoursey (1916-2011)
- John T. Morrisey (1924-2004)

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