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Coursey/DeCoursey (de Courcy) DNA Project

This page is a listing of some of the specific lines and origins from which participants are sought to the Coursey/DeCoursey DNA project. The lines listed here qualify for free and rebated Y-DNA tests. Lines marked "free test" will receive a free 37-marker test, the rest receive a $100 rebate on a test of at least 37 markers. First come first serve! To be eligible you must be a male carrying any variant of the Coursey/de Courcy surname whose direct unbroken male line (father's father's father, etc) fits one of the criteria listed below. If you qualify for a free or rebated test contact me before you order (courseydna "at"

The project is open to all males with any variation of the Coursey/de Courcy surname, so you are of course welcome to join even if your line isn't listed here. If you would like to have a line added to this list send me an email!

Examples of surname variations included in the project:
Coursey, Courcey, Courcy, Courci, Corsey, Course, Corse, Courson
DeCoursey, de Courcey, de Courcy, DeCorsey, DeCourcey, DeCourcy, DeCourse

Project Website
The project has its own website here:
It contains the results so far and more information about the project and DNA testing.

Testing Fund
The price of DNA testing can be a major deterrent to project participation. A testing fund has been set up in order to make it possible for individuals to participate that are either unable or unwilling to pay the full price. The fund offers rebates to prospective participants who belong to key lines. If you would like to help the DNA project recruit more participants by contributing to the testing fund, please contact me at: courseydna "at"


  • Any Courci, Courcy or de/dit Courcy line of French or French-Canadian origin. **FREE TEST!**


  • Any line with a documented connection to the de Courcy Barony of Kinsale, County Cork. **FREE TEST!**
  • Any line that has been traced to a specific county.
  • Any line that has remained in Ireland.


  • Any line that has lived in England since before 1850.
  • Documented descendant of the de Courcys of Stoke Courcy (Stogursey), Somerset **FREE TEST!**


  • A descendant of the following Corse/Cross family of Glasgow, Scotland: **FREE TEST!**
    1. John CORSE (b. abt 1575-of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. (?) GRYES/GRAY (m. 27 Feb 1601)
    • 2. John CORSE (b: abt 1601-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. Margaret JACK (b: abt 1605-of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; m. 26 Jul 1627)
      • 3. James CROSS (c: 3 Mar 1631-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
      • 3. John CROSS (c: 28 Jul 1635-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
      • 3. Robert CROSS (c: 8 May 1640-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d. 4 Apr 1705-Glasgow, Scotland) m. Joanet PEDIE/PEADIE (c: 22 Sep 1643-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland; m. 23 Oct 1663-Glasgow; d. 28 May 1687-Glasgow) [Dean of Guild and Bailie of Glasgow, 1682-85]
      • 3. Thomas CROSS (c. 19 Feb 1643-Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland)

Australia/New Zealand

  • Any line that emigrated to Australia or New Zealand pre-1900.


  • Any line of French-Canadian origin. **FREE TEST!**
  • A descendant of brothers John and Thomas Coursey/de Coursey of County Tipperary, Ireland who settled in Biddulph Township, Huron/Middlesex County, Ontario in the 1830's. **FREE TEST!**


  • William COURSEY (b. abt 1729-Maryland) m1. unknown, m2. Elizabeth "Fannie" ADCOCK/ACOCK
    • Allan COURSEY (b. bef 1771) **FREE TEST!**
    • Robert COURSEY (b. 1774-Kentucky or Virginia) m. Mary ANDERSON (1799-Logan Co, KY) (Participant C-20)
    • Charles COURSEY (b. abt 1780-South Carolina or Virginia), m. Isabella ANDERSON (1799-Logan Co, KY) (Participant C-27)
    • William COURSEY (b. 1783-Virginia) m. Pheobe MASON (abt 1802-GA) (Participant C-3)
  • Henry COURSEY (b.1596-Dublin, Ireland; d.1664-Finglass Parish, Dublin, Ireland) m. unknown
    • Colonel Henry [2] Coursey (b.1628-Dublin,Ireland; d.1695-Talbot County, Maryland) m1. Mary (m.1658; d.1668-Talbot Co, MD), m2. Elizabeth Smith (b.1640-Talbot County, MD; m.1671; d.1702-Talbot, MD) **FREE TEST!**
    • Major William [1] Coursey (b.1632-Dublin, Ireland; d.1684-Talbot County, MD) m1. Juliana Thomas (b.1626-Orpington Parish, Kent, England; m.1662; d.1678-Talbot, MD), m2. Elizabeth (m.1680; d.1690-Queen Anne's Co, MD)
    • James Coursey/Corse (b.1640-Dublin, Ireland; d.1720-Kent County, Maryland) m. Rachel (Participants C-15 & 18)
  • Any line found living in Maryland pre-1750.

Rhode Island

  • Descendant of the line of Michael/Miles de Courcy who m. Abigail Williams 1716. His son "rope maker" John de Courcy became the 18th Lord Kingsale against the protest of the 17th Lord's daughters.

Lines with earliest known origins in the upper South:
  • Captain James COURSEY (b. ca 1730 - Orange County, Virginia) m. Winifred RIDDLE/RIDDELL
    • James COURSEY (b. ca 1761) m. Mary FRAZER/FRAIZER (bef 1803) **FREE TEST!**
    This line has an oral history of being descended from the Maryland Courseys.

  • James COURSEY (b. ca 1748 - Granville Co, North Carolina; d. 1840 - Tennessee) m. Susannah BENNETT (1777) **FREE TEST!**
    • Charles COURSEY (b. 1780 - Henry County, Virginia) m. Susannah TOMBS/TOOMBS (1807 - Virginia)
    James fought in the Revolutionary War.

  • Joseph COURSEY (b. ca 1832 - Tennessee) m. Amanda M. LAMB (1856 - Rutherford Co, TN)
    Thought to be "one of the five sons of John Coursey" according to History of Rover and the 10 District of Bedford County, Vol II. May also be a son of Charles and Susanah Tombs (above).
    Found in Coffee Co, Tennessee in 1860, 1870 and 1880

  • William M. COURSEY (b. ca 1816 - Tennessee) m. Catherine GREGORY (1835 - Rutherford Co, TN)
    Son of Charles Coursey and Susannah Tombs? Found in 1850 in Rutherford Co, TN, 1860 in Henry Co, TN.

  • Charles COURSEY (b. ca 1813 - Tennessee) m. Matilda MANIER (1832 - Williamson Co, TN)
    Found in 1840: Bedford Co, TN; 1850 and 1860: Calloway Co, Kentucky
    Probably brother of James below.

  • James Riley COURSEY (b. ca 1812 - Tennessee) m. Malinda MANIER (1833 - Williamson Co, TN)
    Found in 1840: Williamson Co, TN; 1850: Calloway Co, KY; 1860-1870: Missouri
    One known son Joshua (b. abt 1836-TN), might not have male descendants.

  • David COURSEY (b. abt 1811 - Georgia or Tennessee) m. Elizabeth PAGE
    Found in Humphreys County, TN and Marshall County, KY. May be closely related to the line of participant C-16 in Group 2.

South Carolina, Edgefield District
  • Wiley COSEY/COURSEY (b. Bet. 1810-1820; d. bef 1850), m. Nancy
    • John Henry COSEY/COURSEY (b. 1842-South Carolina; d. 1912-Edgefield Co, SC) m. Hester Elizabeth MATHIS (1867)
  • Capt. James COURSEY (b: ca 1750; d: 1799 in Old Edgefield Dist, SC) m. Elizabeth (bef. 1774) (m. 2d James TUTT)
    • James COURSEY Jr. (b: bef. 1774)
    • Lewis COURSEY (b: bet. 1774-1790 d: bef. 1828)
    • Simpson COURSEY (b: bet. 1774-1790 d: bef. 1828)
    • William COURSEY b: bet. 1774-1790 [possibly the one who married Susannah Hill]
    • John COURSEY (b: 1774-1790; d: 1830-1840 Probably in Claiborne Co, MS) m. Elizabeth (DUNCAN) BLAND (m. 1823-Claiborne Co, MS)

    Anyone who desc. from Capt James Coursey who died 1799 in Old Edgefield dist. md Elizabeth who married 2nd a James Tutt. Children: William, John, James, Simpson, Lewis, and daughter Matilda Coursey md. John W. Davis and removed to LA. Son William remained in Old Edgefield dist, and both John and William were involved in a lawsuit against James Tutt and lawyers for mismanagement of their fathers' estate in 1824, probably when their mother Elizabeth Coursey Tutt died in GA.
  • [John Coursey] (b: ca 1760 d: 1812) [Will in my possession] m. Elizabeth [Partain]
    • William Coursey (b: Bet. 1765 - 1784 ?)
    • John Coursey (b: ca 1785 in Mt. Creek, Edgefield Co, SC; d: Aft. 1860) possibly the one who married Lavicy BEASLEY (m: 1811 in Mt. Creek, Edgefield Co, SC)
    • Pertain Coursey
    • Charles Coursey
    • William Coursey (b: Bet. 1780 - 1790 ?)

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