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Karen Worley's Genealogy Database

This is not an attempt to publish any completed research. I am just posting my personal research database periodically as I update it, in hopes that it will help others and also attract comments from those who might have information for me. Please Email me if you have questions or can add information that I do not have. Thanks! I'm trying to find as many ancestors as I can for my husband and myself. When I find one, I obtain the bith/marriage/death information for them if possible and then try to fill in their whole family, parents, children and siblings. I normally do not research the descendants of the siblings, or family of the spouses of siblings. At this point there are so many ancestors still to work on that I'll never get to all of them much less collateral lines. Some of the source information is more complete than others, and some of the families are better documented than others. I've tried to document things as completely as possible in recent years, but families that I filled in early in my research have pretty sketchy documentation. I keep planning to go back and redo all those early ones, but doing new research is much more fun. A large number of families, particularly in Massachusetts, are those researched by my mother, Gladys Reynolds. She began her research when Family Tree Maker didn't have a place for sources, so most of her sources are in a filing cabinet in her home. I went to visit her last year and copied hundreds of pages of documentation, which I will be adding at some point. If you want documentation for families where I reference her name, just write me. In genealogy, not everything is certain. I present the best information I have and tell you where I got it or why I came to the conclusion I did, so you can decide for yourself. If I find better information, some of the relationships as presented may change You are welcome to copy any of my information, but if you publish it on a website, I ask that you cite me as your source so others who get data from YOUR website will be able to check my sources and how sure I am of my facts.

Karen Reynolds Worley
Wilkesboro, NC

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