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I followed from a distant walk,
In footsteps one by one,
Listened to the love you talk,
My heart you now have won.
We'll stroll together hand in hand,
But stop for warm embrace,
For with our hearts we'll walk this land,
And our love will set the pace.


Love is when the world shrinks,
and the two of us are alone,
there is no existence of the one,
only of the union,
Our new love is better than the last,
the greatest ever to come,
Who knows love,
It is no trap,
no constriction,
just pure,
no strings,
no effort,
just love,
In essence,
a magnificent singularity,
a bright existence,
Always give our love freely,
for it can never run out,
We lose nothing,
but gain everything,
in the end,
only happiness waits,
We can reach no higher plateau,
to love is to soar,
free and untethered,
To face the world together,
We can never lose,
We always have each other,
And our love will conquer all.

True Love

The experience of True Love comes
only to those who accept Its possibility
and are willing to use mind and body
for Its purposes.

Love’s Awareness

Love is infinitely varied
and divinely simple.
Like the ocean
it rises in complexity and difference
and settles in sublime assurance.
The root of love rests
in our definition and decision,
in our courage and intention.
We exclude and include
at the accord of Greater Will
giving promise
or distraction
to our human condition.
Exclusive love,
burdened by weight of contrition
and world morality,
burns itself out
in the crucible of appearances
by owning and owing.
Realizing this,
my love for you is inclusive,
knowing only
the boundaries that we set,
the completeness that we feel.
And when I catch your smile
it is in our souls that we meet
and are complete.
For I am your love and you are mine.


Why do I love you so much?
Is it your soft and gentle touch?
Is it the way you whisper in my ear?
Your love is something I will never fear.
Your sweet lips and to die for eyes,
I never want to say good-bye.
Your sweet lips makes my heart melt,
When I touch you I know love is what I felt.
I love you Greg with all of my heart,
And I knew we'd be together right from the start.
The first time I saw you
my heart beat faster than before,
Though I had never met you
it made me want you more.
The way you listen to me
and the cute things you say,
Every little thing you do
makes me love you more each day.
When you put your arms around me
and kiss me on the cheek,
When you play with my hair
my heart skips a beat.
Greg I love you and I know you love me too,
I'm the luckiest person in the world,
I'm lucky because
I have You!


You're lovable and sweet;
You thrill me every minute,
And sweep me off my feet.
You're charming and disarming,
Desirable and true.
You inspire and impress me,
And that's why I love you!


When I saw you,
I knew in my heart
That I will always love you
And we'll never part
You are the love of my life
And the soul of my soul
Our love will never fail,
This you probably know.


Once shrouded in darkness
Now covered in light.
Once blinded by depression
You returned my sight.
Once I was empty
Now I am whole
Once hatred filled me
Now love is all I know
My heart rejoices
My soul shines bright
The love you gave me
Is the eternal light


Love is like the burning candle,
Kindled by two hearts;
Hearts that find their fullness,
In oneness.
Hearts that are bound
By the golden threads of love,
Are hearts that are inseparable;
Pining for each other in separation.
Love illuminates the way ahead of you,
Rendering true worth to every moment of your life
Imparting warmth in the chilly winter of your life.
Love is the sun that melts the snow,
To reveal the beauty of the snow-clad mountains;
Love is the rock that smashes the shell,
To reveal the precious pearl that lies within.


Love is caring
and sharing
and crying
and trying
to be the best person you can be.
Love is hoping
and coping
and living
and forgiving
the little things we don't seem to see.
Love is wishing
and missing
and lending
and spending
my very last penny on you.
Love is lasting
and asking
and complicating
and obligating
and hoping our dreams will come true.


Bright light surrounds me,
Blissfully bright, I can't see.
Your voice I hear all day,
Never waning, or going away.
Happiness I've never known,
With you is much better than alone.
You brought light, into my life,
Leaving behind all my strife.
You seem to want nothing from me,
Except my love, and eternity.
This is all, and nothing more,
For you I'll always open my door.
My poems I write, just for you,
They aren't perfect, but always true.
My love for you will last forever,
A truly honest, caring endeavor.
I know it isn't much to give,
But its only for you, that I live.
Its silly I know, but please hear,
All my love for you my dear.


Love takes time, It needs a history of giving and
receiving, laughing and crying.
Love never promises instant gratification,
only ultimate fulfillment.
Love means believing in someone, in something.
It supposes a willingness to struggle,
to work, to suffer and to rejoice.
Love belongs only to those who
can reach beyond themselves: to whom giving
is more important then receiving.
Love is doing everything you can to help others
build whatever dreams they have.
Love is on a constant journey to what others need.
It must be attentive, caring and open,
both to what others say and to what others cannot say.
Love says no with empathy and great compassion.
Love is firm, but when needed it must be tender.
Love is reliable
Love is a choice and commitment to other's
true and lasting happiness. It is dedicated to
growth and fulfillment.
Love is not selfish.
Love does not attach conditions.
Genuine love is always a free gift.
Love encourages freedom of self.
Love, intimated love, will never reject others.
It is the first to encourage and the last to condemn.
Love is a commitment to growth, happiness,
and fulfillment of one.


What is love?
A feeling? An emotion?
A fantasy? A dream?
Oh, not these,
Or others.
Love is an eternal bond
Between a soul with another,
Which sweeps the other away...
Like waves, on an ocean’s beach,
Though they part,
They are not complete...
Without the other's presence.
And soon are joined together...
Love is not a word,
But an action,
Which selflessly gives,
Never takes.
A sincere desire
To see happiness
Within another's eyes.
And, if in turn,
You are made happy,
So be it.
...But if not,
Your sorrow has its joy,
For that sorrow is drowned
By the other with their smile.
The two of you are one,
In mind, in heart, in spirit,

My Dream of Love

Lying close beside you
Only dreaming one dream
Very lasting, very true
Every time I know the theme
Living inside my dream
On a journey through time
Viewing life from above
Enveloped in a cloud
Long nights of blissful harmony
Of moments that only we share
Visiting a place where there will be
Everlasting ecstasy

For My Love

When I think of love
I think of rosebuds
and red hearts,
Quiet walks in the park,
And sweet smiles from you.
I see an eagle take flight
on a crisp fall morning.
The first snowflake in the winter,
and the first robin in the spring.
I see the clouds burst open
to reveal the glorious sun.
I see a spectacular rainbow
after the raining is done.
I see the stars twinkle brightly
on sweet summer nights,
And finally I see you
and my heart takes flight.
Your sweet arms around me
make me feel so warm
Your kindness and strength
shelter me from the storm.
The feelings I get
from your soft gentle kiss,
Are of an indescribable bliss.
I hope that we will never part
For this love I feel
is down deep in my heart.

April 15, 1997


I smile whenever I recall
The special moments we have had;
Walking always hand in hand
Through the good times and the bad.
Sometimes, I think it is a dream --
The Love you give me could not be;
But then when you are in my arms
There's no mistake in its purity.
Whether I'm with you or far away,
My thoughts are always drawn to you
Like a compass needle pointing North
To a Love much more than true.
Of all the people on this Earth --
How lucky can a person be;
To have found the likes of you, my Love,
With whom to share eternity!

True Love

Sometimes you wish upon a star
And hope that wish comes true.
If I had one wish to wish
I would wish that wish were you.
For I know that I will always smile
Whenever your around.
You make my heart go crazy
It flutters, leaps, and bounds.
You banish all my deepest worries
All which make me fret.
Its all the warmth from your kind heart
That helps me to forget.
Sometimes it’s hard to share my thoughts
Your understanding makes it easy.
When you gaze deep into my eyes
You make my stomach queasy.
With you I feel at one with myself
My life finally has meaning.
If you were to go I'd make you stay
With all my begging, pleading.
At times we have our disagreements
And more are still to come.
But I want to be right there beside you
To work them out one by one.
We have changed each others lives day by day
And eventually year by year.
I hope always to my heart
That you will remain this dear.
There are more than two words that can explain the above;
The best two words are the words True Love!

To Love

To Love, is like nothing ever before,
Like nothing ever felt or ever touched.
It reaches out with the tender hand,
And caresses you with the gentlest ease.
To Love, is a feeling you never forget,
A feeling that is too strange to detail.
Yet simple enough to wreath one's face in smiles,
And eccentric enough to make one's skin tremble.
To Love, is something that cannot be seen,
It cloaks itself like the incandescent sun in the moonlight hours.
Then it unveils itself to you when you least anticipate it,
And then, like the gentle breeze, you cannot run away from it.
It is like nothing imagined, nor imaginable.
It is Love.

The Love We Share

Love has been compared
To all of nature's wonders,
To the gentle caress of the sun,
To the dramatic boom of thunder.
But nothing can compare
To the love we share.
Love has been compared
To the budding of a rose,
To the moon that shines at night,
To the stars' unending glow.
But nothing can compare
To the love we share
Love has been compared
To the freshness of the spring,
To the angels up above,
To a golden wedding ring.
But nothing can compare
To the love we share.
Love has been compared
To all that is pure,
To all that is beautiful
But of this you can be sure.
Nothing can compare
To the love we share.


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