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Descendants of Fredrich Rasche

First Generation

1. Fredrich Rasche 1 was born 1725.

                                                           ON THE RASCHE FARM
                                                       FRIEDERIKE  RASCHE LUETTGE

At the north edge of the Harz Mountains, in the outermost corner of the County Wernigerode is located the little village of Stapelburg. The red roofs shine cheerfully in the noonday sun. Farm adjoins farm. On the right, the way leads gently upwards to the village church and then rises steeply to the top of the mountain upon which at one time a proud castle, with high towers, stood; the Stapelburg, which had already been built before 1300. Its name signifies boundary castle or stronghold. Today only a few, old remnants of walls, a half tumbled down palace and a triple rampart ditch speak of bygone times. But the enchanted view, today, as at that time fans out to the green Harz mountains, to the forests and valleys up to Father Brocken, the highest mountain of North Germany.

But it also sweeps over to the turnpike, which here right at the edge of the village since 1945, on this side and the other commands an inexorable halt. A beautiful, old linden invites one to rest on the castle lawn, and at the foot of the mountain extends a wide, level plain with fertile acres and meadows, on which at all times of the day busy hands are active, which already gave many Rasche Farmers through the centuries their daily bread, for the name Rasche has been represented in the village as long as there is any record of names and even today is so widely spread that in almost every home there lives a descendant of the family.

All the Rasches, without exception, belong, and belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran  Church. For had not Martin Luther, himself, preached in the neighboring monastery of Himmelsforte.
The Rasche were always farmers. They had land and stock and sometimes on the side carried on some other trade, handicraft or calling.

Their language was and is Low German. (North German)

The designation "Reihemann" which is to be found no place else probably originated during the years 1550-1556 when a Herr von Bila settled a row of 58 farm families here at the foot of The Stapelburg. He divided the little community into "Reiheleute" and "Hintersassen"; small farmers or tenants, and gave each six acres of land. But  at the same time he demanded the written promise of comparatively high taxes and tributes.

In 1722 the Count of Wernigerode bought back the village, but the taxes remained  as forced service.

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i Johann Georg Christoph Fredrich Rasche was born 17 Mar 1751 and died 4 Feb 1841.

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