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August 8, 2008

That's right you read it correctly, I received an email from Chris Odell grandson of Minnie Moss. Minnie's family lives in Utah and I can only say that when I received the email I fell out of my chair. WOW !!!!!! With Chris finding me it has picked me up to get back into our family genealogy. Everyone stay tuned there is more to come. Chris - I'm so glad you found us.

March 3, 2003

Is the long wait Over ?

In June of 2002 I sent for the death certificates of Paul and Mary Krause. In hopes that Paulís would lead me further into finding our Krause roots.

Our wait has ended the certificates have finally arrived. Filled with enthusiasm I ripped open the envelope. Six months of waiting and the name of Paulís parents were to be revealed.

As I have found with Krause Genealogy nothing ever comes easily. The names of his parents are Not Known Krause. Imagine the way I felt. Good news still comes from the death certificates. It does give me the providence in which he immigrated from. We were lead to believe he came from Schoenberg: however, Paul comes from Posen. In looking for a map of Germany in 1866 when Paul was born I have found the area. Located at the top of Germany and straight above Berlin.

I am in the process of finding out if this area still exist or if it has been renamed.

Paul passed away from Organic Heart Failure as his son Walter, my grandfather did. He lived at 111 E 109th Street, Chicago, Illinois for over 20 years.

As for Maryís certificate her fatherís name did appear. His name was August Brandenberg his birth place was not on the certificate. Maryís birthplace was Chicago, Illinois. After Paul had died she moved to 128 E 103rd Street in Chicago and lived there for 12 years until she passed away from Uterus Cancer.

Strangely the person who signed her death certificate has me hoping to locate more Krause family. A Henry Krause of 10658 Michigan Ave signed the paper on July 22, 1938.

Peter Krause Marries

Once upon a time there was a prince and a princess who fell in LoveÖ On October 19, 2002 Peter Martin Krause and Jaclyn Victoria Truppa were married at The Church of Holy Spirit in Schaumburg, Illinois. Peter is the son of Paul F. Krause Sr. and Eva M. McDonald-Witting. Jaclyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Truppa Jr. May the two of them endure many years of happiness.

Immigration News

Paul immigrated from Germany in 1883 per the 1920 census.

Current Research

Only four of Paul and Maryís kids have been found. There are still four missing branches they are Theodore, Anton (Tony), Karl (Charles), and Minnie. Minnie had four children James Moss, Elizabeth Livingston, Ethel and Dorothy. Minnie married a Moss and resided in Chicago Illinois. Ethel has a son named Ronnie who we believe died in the Armed Services. Elizabeth had four children three of their names being April, Elizabeth and Kevin. Source: Marge Blahetka Lessman.

I am also searching for the spouse of Carl Huberts, Mary Lou Huberts, her last residence was Clearwater, Florida.

Anne Krause Blahetka had a daughter named Mary Krause. Mary married a gentleman named Frank McCann. They had four children Jackie, George, Frank, and Robert. Their last residence was also Chicago, Illinois.

As per Theodore and Karl (Charles) sources tell me they had no children. Theodore died a year after his mother Mary by a pitch fork accident.

Clueless I am regarding Anton (Tony ) Krause.

My search is nowhere near the end. I am very determined to locate and united with all our missing family members. Time, research and money holds the key to unlocking the mystery and let us not forget patience. I have over 300 names between James Moss and the McCann boys to mail letters to. With a prayer and a bit of luck we may find another missing branch.

Personal Notes

I just wanted to say thank you to all that have helped me bring Krause Genealogy where it is today. Years ago it was just a mere thought. This project has taken a great deal of time and money to do. My reward has been joy beyond belief. Finding and speaking to relatives that I did not even now existed but only dreamed of. For everyone that has helped me build the family tree and sent photographs I thank you.

I would like to take a moment to give a special thanks to a few. Judith Krause Mewes, Paul Krause Sr., Elaine Boeckmann-Frenk, Russell Blahetka, Marge Blahetka-Lessman, Irene Boeckmann-Utley, Marcella Boeckmann- Schwartz, Cheri Boeckmann-Weirich. Lori Huberts-Connolly, and Joseph Huberts.

Special thanks to all of you for your knowledge, photographs, and most of all your patience. For I ask a lot of questions and surely, I can be a pain.

Until next time, Take care,

December 20, 2002

Let me start my wishing all far and near a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Latest research I am involved in. I am still searching for further roots of Paul Krause and Mary Branderberg. I am searching for living relatives of Minnie Krause Moss. She has a son named James Moss, and a daughter names Elizabeth Livingston I am to believe they both still reside in Illinois. Elizabeth goes by the name of Betty. Minnie also has two other daughters Ethel and Dorothy. Ethel has a son named Ronnie who we believed was killed in the services. Elizabeth we believe had four children three of their names being April, Elizabeth, and Kevin. I am also searching for the spouse of Carl Huberts, Mary Lou Huberts her last residence was in Clearwater, Florida. Anna Blahetka had a daughter named Mary Krause. Mary married a man named Frank McAnn. They had four children Jakie, George, Frank and Robert. Last known residence of Mary was in Illinois. Please email me should you have any information concerning the family members named above.

I am still waiting on death certificates on both Paul Krause and Mary Branderberg. It has been several months since I first reguested them. I have since sent two more reguest. Hopefully they will arrive soon.

July 1, 2002

Just wanted to bring everyone up-to-date on a few things. I recently have located a branch off of the Krause Tree. Anna Krause daughter of Paul and Mary Krause. Her branch is under Blahetka. I would like to offically welcome the Blahetka's to Krause Genealogy. I have spoken to Anna's grandson Russell. He lives in California with his wife. He was very helpful in giving information in possibly locating other descendant of the Krause Branch.

A special thanks goes out to my aunt Judy Krause-Mewes. Blahetka is not an easy name to spell since I am an awful speller. She was able to research and come up with the correct spelling which led me to California.

Thanks a million again Aunt Judy.

I have contacted and sent away for the death certificates of Paul and Mary Krause, in hopes of finishing their entries as well as locating missing Krause Branches.

At this time, I will be dedicating myself to find Anna Krause - Blahetka's daughter, Mary Krause, her children are Jackie, George, Frank and Robert McAnn.

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